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<ul><li> 1. Year: 2000 Who: Ted Harrison What: Walking Alone With: Oil Paint</li></ul> <p> 2. Walking Alone Walking Alone by Ted Harrison is a painting I find very interesting. This painting is very cool because of the colours. This painting is nice because of how the colours are cool in the foreground but warm in the background. I like this style of painting because the colours are not the real colours of what this landscape would be like. I like this painting because if you went to this place it would look this except for the colours. If this painting wasnt painted in these colours, the painting would be boring. I also like this photo because you can tell there are very many layers because of the shading. To me this painting looks happy because of the colours but sad because the person is by himself. I really like this painting. The texture is not very detailed in this painting because of all the different colours. I like the shapes in this photo because they are all not very sophisticated. The value in this painting in great because you can tell the background and foreground apart. Every shape is 3-D which makes the value look good. 3. Flight South This painting by Ted Harrison is a very nice painting. It is painting that I like because of the Colour and how there are lots of things happening. The colours in this picture go well together I think because of the bright orange sky or sea. In many other paintings of his there is usually one little thing in a part of the painting but in this one, there is a house, a sunset, people, and birds in it. Another thing about this painting is that many of things in this picture is outlined in pink. In almost all other painting things are outlined in black but this one is in pink which I think makes the painting for interesting. This painting does not have very great texture because the photo is not meant to be very realistic because of the colours I think. I like it with not very detailed objects though because it makes it look better with bright colours. The shapes in this photo are nice because they would look real but because of the colours they dont. This painting has nice lines that are both strait and curved. These lines help outline. The space in this painting is used well because the whole painting is filled with important objects. 4. Siberian Tiger This piece of art is a piece of art that I really like. This piece of art is very cool because of how real it is. This piece of art has so many details and looks as if it took a very long time. Also this type of of art has so many different colours blended together to make the art look more realistic. The best part of this piece of art to me is the texture because there are so many lines and shapes together which makes it look like you could reach out and feel what the animals fir feels like. This piece of art is very interesting because it has so many real looking things in it. I really like this piece of art. This painting has amazing lines in it. There are so many, I think that the whole painting is made up of small lines. This painting has one animals in a great shape that looks very close to what a normal tiger looks like. This space in this painting could have been used better because in lots of the space is just ice an snow and twigs. 5. Sheer Drop This piece of art is one that I really like for many different reasons. I like this one because it teaches you things about other places a how animals live. It is good because the rocks and water are so realistic because of the texture and the blending of colour If the waterfall or the rocks were just one colour then they would look very boring because they would be so dull. The last reason why I like this painting is because it has so many different lines in every part of it which makes it look so realistic. This painting had a lot of different lines and shading which makes the texture very good. Also each shape in the picture is exactly what it would look like in real life. The space was used very nicely because it had a lot of landscape and a small part of animals but the animals were the part that draws attention. 6. Eagle Totem This painting is a painting that makes me feel sad because of the very cool colours. In this painting there is only cool colours which I dont really like. The part that I do like is that there is one large totem pole in the middle of the painting with different colours that the back ground. This totem draws your attention. This painting to me is a boring painting because of the colours and because there is nothing that big happening. This painting has a lot o different lines such as zigzag lines and curly lines. This painting is cool because you can see that the totem pole is close and some of the trees are in the background. The shapes of the totem pole like what a real one would look like, but the trees in the background are not as much like what normal trees would look like. The texture in this painting is not that good but you can tell what is smooth for example the totem looks smooth. This painting has good value because on the totem it is round and you can see that. This painting also has a good use of space because the totem takes up the whole painting along with some bushes. 7. McCaulay Point This painting by Emily Carr is a great painting because of many things. I like this painting because it makes you feel like you are there because of the wind and the movement in the picture. This painting is one that I like because it has nice colours and is on a nice beach. The texture in this painting is good because you can tell that there is sand and tree bark. Also the the shapes are realistic because the trees are what normal trees look like. Also the value is not that good because there are no part were you can see 3-D. This painting has cool lines in the trees. The use of space in this picture because the whole picture is taken up. </p>