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  • 1. Government Programs and Regulations EnerGuide for Houses Retrofit Grant Natural Resources Canada provides a grant to furnaces, have an annual fuel utilization effi- Natural Resources homeowners who undertake renovations that ciency rating of at least 85 percent) qualify for improve the energy efficiency rating of their an additional $100. This additional incentive Canada provides homes. will be available until March 31, 2006. a grant to Before undertaking any renovations, homeown- Additional rebates or incentives are available to homeowners who ers must first have an EnerGuide for Houses sub- supplement the grant sidized evaluation (see posting on TorontoMLS undertake for link to info) undertaken by a licensed service In Ontario, Enbridge Gas Distribution provides organization. The evaluation report will provide a $50 rebate to its customers who complete the renovations that second evaluation (see posting on TorontoMLS an EnerGuide for Houses energy efficiency rating for link to info). improve the and customized recommendations for renova- tions, which may range from simple measures The federal government has also announced energy efficiency like caulking and weatherstripping around win- dows and doors, to installing a new high-efficien- the EnerGuide for Low-Income Households rating of their program due to start in January 2006, through cy heating system or adding insulation in the which low-income households will be able to homes. basement or attic. Once the homeowner has benefit from $1,000 to $5,000 of assistance per completed the renovations, a second evaluation household for energy-saving renovations (see must be undertaken within 18 months of the first posting on TorontoMLS for link to info). one to determine the change in the home's EnerGuide for Houses rating. For more information The grant is available for homes that: Website: ( are low-rise, detached, semi-detached or row home-improvement/grant/grants.cfm) houses no more than three and a half stories high and have a footprint of no more than 600 Phone number for ordering free publications: square metres; or mobile homes on a permanent 613-995-2943, or 800-387-2000 outside the foundation National Capital Region. must be capable of receiving an EnerGuide for Website explaining ENERGY STAR guidelines: Houses rating ( english/consumers/) must not be a vacation property or a cottage. How to obtain this incentive The amount of the grant is $750 on average, but depends on the amount by which the Following the second evaluation, the licensed home's energy rating improves as a result of EnerGuide for Houses service organization the renovations. The rating must improve by a makes the application for the grant on behalf of minimum amount for the homeowner to quali- the homeowner. A list of service organizations is fy for a grant. In addition, homeowners who provided here ( install furnaces and boilers that are ENERGY residential/personal/home-improvement/ STAR qualified (or, in the case of oil-fired service/contact-advisors.cfm) Make the Right Move. Consult a Toronto Real Estate Board REALTOR. 1400 Don Mills Road, Toronto, Ontario M3B 3N1 Tel: (416) 443-8100 Fax: (416) 443-8129 03/06