canada in 2008 jurisdictions bring canadian culture into the digital age. produce digital cultural...

Download CANADA in 2008 JURISDICTIONS Bring Canadian culture into the digital age. Produce digital cultural content reflecting Canadas diversity of cultures

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Slide 2 CANADA in 2008 Slide 3 JURISDICTIONS Slide 4 Bring Canadian culture into the digital age. Produce digital cultural content reflecting Canadas diversity of cultures and heritage. Make French content available on the web. Facilitate access to online cultural content. Facilitate the sustainability of the new media cultural sector. 2000: Canadian Culture Online Strategy Slide 5 We are wired. We can sleep with the elephant. Access to trustworthy information is key. Intellectual Property issues remain. Francophone content still under-represented. Have we helped resolve the Canadian identity debate? Use? What Have We Achieved? Slide 6 Image "Hydra" created on 08 June 1997; ogy/europe/greek_people/hydra.html MCMXCV - MMVI Encyclopedia Mythica. All rights reserved. Resource Discovery Canadian Style Slide 7 Alouette Canada Slide 8 Government Online Metadata Forum CanEdCore metadata for educational resources DOCAM documenting digital art CHIN Communities of Practice International Projects Standards Initiatives Slide 9 Libraries, Archives, and Museums Slide 10 National database of museum objects 3.5 million records 340 museums and galleries contributing High quantity of data Non-prescriptive approach for standards Problems with resource discovery Artefacts Canada Slide 11 Use of enhanced Art & Architecture Thesaurus as a bilingual search tool Planned implementation of other thesauri as search assistants Custom, Faceted Taxonomy sorting data into standardized categories Enforced data standards for funded projects Planned implementation of commercial search solution AC CHIN Enhancements Slide 12 High-profile portal to museum content Online exhibits created by museums and other heritage institutions More than 13 million visits per year. Web pages, unstructured text, some database content, images various methods used for resource discovery Virtual Museum of Canada Slide 13 Build It and They Will Come? CHIN Survey of Teachers, 2008 Question: What internet resources do you use for teaching? "I usually start with a Google search" (elementary school teacher/Ontario) Slide 14 Source of Traffic Search engines are the most important sources of traffic to a website Search engines Prospects coming from search engines. Browser Prospects know your brand (domain name) Referrals Prospects coming from the same community of Web sites. Virtual exhibit visitors Bookmark Prospects liked their experience. Few text Content Rich text content MetadataSEO SEM Advertising User optimisation Useroptimisation Link building Slide 15 75% 25% SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS SELECTED Web pages on your Web site Top 5 Top 30 results Top 10 results Web pages indexed on SE YOUR WEB PAGES ON A SEARCH ENGINE Search Engine Visitors Behaviour Slide 16 CHIN strategy for SEO knowledge dissemination Copyright Thierry Arsenault CHIN provides structured SEO training class. CHIN provides expertise at museum associations conferences. CHIN will provide structured online training on KX. CHIN included SEO in its new content writing guidelines, marketing activities and Web site redesign approach. CHIN and the museum community knowledge in SEO Visibility and use of Canadian museum heritage content. - Public engagement with museums - Virtual, Walking visits and revenue. CHIN Strategy Slide 17 Shifting policy focus Technology-enhanced standards development A presence on social networks Centre of Excellence Active in international networks New online presence A Renewed CHIN