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CAN WE MAKE OUR LIVES BETTER? Dr.T.V.Rao. MD It is human nature as everyone wish to have better tomorrow than what they are today. If I compare my self-way back in 1970 the things were cool no hurry to do things that we are all relaxed and delaying the matters was the part of the life. Today the life is full of challenges matters cannot be delayed, if we delay the matters the matters rebound on us so we have no options except to change, can we start do something better is the only option for every one Learn Something New Today, Stay open to learning. Be accepting of growth and change. There is something to learn every day. From an experience, a person you know, a book, a course, a film, your child, your parentsstay open. Life is about growth and learning. Growth and change bring us life. The more we learn, the more alive we are. And remember, your mind is like a parachute, it functions better when open. (Elizabeth McCollum). Stay connected with world of change, the near and best options may be your internet connected knowledge or any current periodical in our library. Do not forget the world around is expressing something listen to the voices surrounding you, Listen to Understanding order to make life better today, keep your opinions to yourself. Dont necessarily agree or disagree with another, but listen intently. Allowing others to confide in you or even vent can pave the way for future friendships. At the very least, you will gain the trust of another and even an ally when it is most needed. (John R. Fritts) Appreciate the world around you Show Your Appreciation Let no one be invisible, some people spend their lives searching to be heard, appreciated, and valued. Sometimes it just takes 5 seconds to make someones day brighter. Whether it is asking how a persons family is, or complimenting someone on their new dress one is wearing. Try not to let anyone go without stopping and showing interest in them. (Hannah Smith) Dont forget to remember the world is made by many, we are comfortable, as many work selflessly Become Selfless Take I and Me out of your vocabulary, and watch how your life will reward you. Watch how your anxieties wither away while your determination hits overdrive. If your character is defined by what you do for yourself, its worthless. Let the life you breathe into others define your character, and watch your life soar. (Matt Priddle). Adopt a Positive Perspective View everyone and everything as being supportive of you. This simple shift of viewpoint can create miracles. When I first started this practice, my mind was sure these people were criticizing and not supporting me. When I thanked them for being so supportive, walls broke down and all my major relationships shifted. (Barbara Kantor) Live a Fruitful Life See every challenge as an opportunity for growth. Things in life can make us bitter or betterchoose to let your life be lived out by lessons that lead to the strengthening of your character. So much of the battle is in our minds that we need to take captive every wrong thought, bad attitude, and defeated outlook and replace it with what will bring life to usand by life I meanjoy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. (Jessica Smith)The news channels are distorting and focusing the negative aspect of the society try to get away from these channels Go on a Low Information Diet If, by listening to the daily news, reading the newspaper, or listening to radio, you get the feeling that the sky is falling, quit! As long as you take in this negative information, thats what you will dwell on, and thats what you will create in your life. Remember, only take in information that is helping you reach your goals! (Michael Lindsay) be a man of positively informed on many achievements in the area of the work place, Negative thinking causes fear psychosis Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Fear is the most debilitating thing in the universe. It prevents us from living the life we want. I encourage everyone to think about this: What would you do if you knew you would not fail? Just imagine what you could do. (Ritchie Lucas) Never forget

that most important word in our lives remain with WHAT NEXT. Just Do It! Theres one way to improve your life now.Live It! dont be afraid of taking a flight, boarding a ship, riding a train. Live your life as if your life has meaning. (Barbara Vidal) as we cannot escape our responsibilities Face Challenges with Courage as Life is full of challenges, but how you face these challenges defines your journey. Do not try hiding you mistakes, View your mistakes as learning experiences. In new activities, its rare that we get it right the first time. Evaluating our results and adjusting our approach is how we learn. The better we get at this process the quicker we will produce our intended result. The most arduous and dangerous part of the journey for a caterpillar is its emergence from the chrysalis to become a butterfly. Choose to be happy! Choose to be optimistic! These choices will allow you to emerge as the amazing butterfly that you were destined to be! (Angelina Ghrist) Act with Purpose Know why you do what you do. It will enable you to lead with passion. It will lift you when you fall. It will inspire others to join you. (Don Yoakum) Today many societies are engulfed by gossip mongers and time wasters live away from them or you become one tomorrow Eliminate time wasters from your life. We all want more time, and yet we all waste time on meaningless pursuits. Get rid of them and you will have the time you wished for. Try moving in life Believe in yourself. You really are capable of amazing things. The only thing that can get between you and your dreams is self-doubt. Dont let that happen! Believe in yourself, and surround yourself with others who believe in you. Today people discuss God and spend little on moral values created by religious scriptures be aware of your spiritual need. Whether you are willing to acknowledge it or not, we all have a spiritual need. Taking steps to fill that need will add a vital dimension to your life. Think of creative ideas and propagate to many is the best way to live and make you importance felt by many, Be creative. This would be a good place to add your own tip for improving your life right now. Go ahead, be creative! Never forget to appreciate the efforts of many. Actively show appreciation. When someone does something nice for you, show them some appreciation. Acts of kindness, large and small, deserve recognition, today the society is engulfed by selfish attitude Strive to be a create value. The more value you create the more valuable you become to the world around you. Many people are only concerned about creating value for themselves, this is a selfish reality. Contribute the abundance around you and you will experience real abundance in return. Our future and recognition by society by our selfless acts.

Ref Many contribution from Todd Smith Founder of Little Things Matter Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology, Freelance writer