Can I Make My Ad Go Viral?

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<ul><li><p>What We Do</p><p>Who We Are</p><p>Our Thinking</p><p>Join Our Team</p><p>Get In Touch</p><p>Marketing Knowledge PointsMarketing Knowledge PointsOur marketing knowledge points are based on information from our global databases. They cover a range of topics on advertising,media and brands.</p><p>Celebrity-based Ad Campaigns:What are the pros and cons?The right celebrity, used in the right way, canundoubtedly be a powerful asset for a brand.But using a celebrity doesnt guaranteeeffective advertising. Overall, theres very littledifference between the performance of ads withcelebrities versus those without.</p><p>MB Global </p></li><li><p>Driving Brand GrowthSuccessful brands have many characteristics,but there are three things that lead to increasedand faster growth: being different, beingmeaningful and being salient. Strong marketingactivity can help brands grow across all three ofthese measures. Coca-Cola and Apple aregood examples of this. Learn why these threebrand characteristics matter.</p><p>How Do I Use Online VideoEffectively in My Campaign?Paid online video is growing rapidly as aneffective marketing tool. One of its keystrengths is in generating reach among light TVviewers. But in planning the online videocomponent of a campaign, its important torealize that the online setting is very differentthan the TV setting, and there are newconsiderations. Whether to use repurposed TVads or original material will depend on yourobjectives: While successful online video adsshare some characteristics with successful TVads, in other respects they are very different.</p></li><li><p>The Value of Advertising a LaunchMost successful launches are supported bystrong advertising. The quality of launchadvertising can affect the development of bothbrand awareness and trial. And, as with allgood advertising, it must clearly communicate amotivating message and focus on brandedmemorability.</p><p> Privacy &amp;Terms Get In Touch</p><p> Millward Brown</p><p>2016</p><p>Marketing Knowledge PointsCelebrity-based Ad Campaigns: What are the pros and cons?Make the Most of Marketing on Mobile DevicesDriving Brand GrowthAdvertising a Sub Brand EffectivelyWhat Makes an Ad Persuasive?How Do I Use Online Video Effectively in My Campaign?Does Humor Make Ads More Effective?How Should Voiceovers Be Used in Ads?How to Make the Best Use of Music in an AdDo TV Ads Wear Out?The Value of Advertising a Launch</p></li></ul>