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Lee R. AllmanRichard P. Allman (Emeritus)

David BaruchPeter A. Benoliel (Emeritus)

Walter “Buck” W. Buckley, IIIWalter W. Buckley, Jr. (Emeritus)

Rhett ChilibertiJames L. Crawford, Jr. (Emeritus)

David P. Delaney, Jr.Michael Gerber

Robert L. Gray, IVJames B. Gribbell

Samuel GriffinWilliam G. Hamilton (Emeritus)Henry P. Haunss, Jr. (Emeritus)

Michael KainWilliam W. Keffer

Charles Kurz, II (Emeritus)John T. LawtonDaniel LeibovitzCampbell Levy

Brian McCloskeyJoseph P. McGrath, Jr.

Cornelius MerliniPeter Shoemaker

Peter G. Stanley (Emeritus)Greg SummersHall Vetterlein

Robert Zullinger

DEAR CAMP TECUMSEH,Thank you for your commitment and loyalty to Camp Tecumseh! We are coming to the close of a tumultuous year by all accounts and are certainly looking forward to 2021. Through this long and difficult year, my spirits have been lifted repeatedly by the kindness and generosity of our community. Thank you, always, for your terrific support of Camp Tecumseh!

Another bright spot for Tecumseh this year is welcoming Billy Kampmann back as our new Head of Community Impact. Billy and his family have been connected to Camp Tecumseh dating back to his grandfather’s attendance as a camper in 1934. Billy’s oldest brother, Chris, was a camper in 1982 while his brothers, Woody and Mikey were on staff in the early 2000s. Billy, himself, was on staff from 2004 – 2008 as the Head of Baseball and was the recipient of the Outstanding Coach Award. His wife, Katie, and two boys, Sammy (5) and Teddy (6), are looking forward to spending their summers at the lake. Billy is extremely excited to be back at Tecumseh and I hope that you will take the time to reach out to him directly.

Camp Tecumseh has always thrived with the backing of a terrific Board of Trustees, alumni, and parent base. During this past year, our community came together more than ever to provide a commitment to keeping Tecumseh the most beautiful place on Earth. When you give to Camp Tecumseh, you are strengthening and endorsing Tecumseh by providing an opportunity for campers to experience the timeless tradition of Making Good Boys Better.

We will be back better than ever in 2021 and look forward to an exciting 118th summer on the lake! Thank you for helping us continue to prosper, we sincerely appreciate your generosity!

Be Safe & Happy New Year,

Douglas Knight Director | Camp Tecumseh (610) 513-8564 [email protected]


* = 5 YEARS OF GIVINGFOUNDERS $25,000+AnonymousAnonymousForrest L. Gager Jr.******

MUNGER $10,000 - $24,999Peter Christoduolo*The Delaney Family*****John & Kristin Lawton***Mark C. Luff*******Mary McGinley****Joseph & Christine McGrath*****Paul MoorePancho Mazza FundGreg Summers*The Gribbell Family*****

FRASER AND GLASCOTT $5,000 - $9,999AnonymousClark Hooper Baruch*Mike & Jessica Gerber**Robert Gray IV*****Jim & Victoria Gribbell*****William Lilley III*****Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. McNeil*Cornelius & Carolyn Merlini*****Jim & Terry Ruddy*Peter Shoemaker**William & Stephanie Stabert*****Stuart L. West****Fraser Golf Outing

THE HAT $2,500 - $4,999David G. Baruch**Peter & Willo Benoliel******Ted & Laurin Bloom***Richard GiesenMr. & Mrs. William G. Hamilton*****Henry Haunss, Jr.*****Michael S. Kain****Charles Kurz II*****Frank & Maureen Previti*****Peter Stanley*****The Steve Crawford Family*****Charles H. Vetterlein, Jr.*****

GILBERT AND SULLIVAN $1,000 - $2,499Scott F. Addis****Richard P. Allman****Robert Buckley**Rhett Chiliberti**Chris & Allie Dougherty****The Earp Family***Ian GardinerHoward Goodwin**Robert L. Gray III*****Peter B. & Elizabeth Hamilton*****Robert & Nancy Hearne****Robert & Cynthia Hillas****Charles T. Hinckle**Wendy Hubbell

In honor of Jamie HubbellSteve & Nadia Jannetta****Robert D. Kain***Bill & Alison Keffer****Doug & Jill Knight*Charles Kurz III***Stephen Lamberton***Dan & Nancy Leibovitz***Campbell & Jenny Levy****Mr. and Mrs. Burton Lohoff-GaidaJoanne McBride***

In memory of Don McBrideMichael MooreRichard & Carol Ober*****David J. Shaw*****The McLane Family

via The Grey Rocks Foundation, Inc.Jay & McCartney Wilkins*M. Curtis Young*****Young Alumni Super Bowl SquaresRobert Zullinger***

THE LODGE $500 - $999Lee R. Allman*****Bruce & Kerrie Ballentine*****Ann R. Baruch

In memory of Mark KentChris Bassett*William & Melanie Camp****James L. Crawford, Jr.*****Charlie & Heather Erwin***Lynn Fiske*Graham J. Harkins****Peter Hearne**Robert B. Hearne IIIJohn C. Hoof III*Roy & Gretchen Jackson****Stephen Kain*Tucker Levy***Mr. & Mrs. William K. Marimow****Christie McBride*

In honor of Don McBrideHunter Brooke McMullin, Jr.*****James O’BrienBrian & Kristi O’ConnorRobert Previti*Stephen Stulb*

Thomas Umstatter**Rob & Eileen Waters*

BLUE GRAY $250 - $499David & Mary BengstonNolan BurkeMatthew BurkeBarbara Young Camp****Fred G. Clark****Whitney M. Cook*William G. Crockett**CT Alumni Football Pickem*William S. Flippin*****William A. GallagherThacher C. Goodwin**Jonathan GriffisAlexander Hearne****Phil Heaver*Eugene H. Kain****Zandra Maffett*****Wendy Masse*Brian McCloskey***Louis MerliniMark Merlini, Jr.**Britton H. Murdoch*Hench Murray***Richard M. Plusch*Mr. & Mrs. William H. Pope, Jr.*****William Roberts*Cynthia Rugart, Michael & Gregory Maicher****

In memory of Dr. Karl RugartBlake & Chigusa Stabert***Robert & Bonnie Stapleton**Alexander StarkmanErik Strid***James & Nina Talbot***United WayYourCause LLC*Karl & Shannon Zeller*

In memory of Don McBride

THE WATERFRONT $100 - $249Jonathan & Lynne AaronsJarred & Ashleigh Abney*


Joseph (JT) CollinsTheodore S. Coxe, Jr.*****Zachary Crump*Bo & Ann Dixon***Michael R. Dougherty*Chris Furgiuele*G. Stuart GieselChristopher Hearne**Daniel Herr**Timothy Hillas*The Huber FamilyEileen Isdaner**Mac Roy Jackson, Jr.****Michael JameisonKenneth L. Jones*****Patrick Keating*Edward B. Keffer, III***Glenn M. Lonnquist****Edward McDevitt*Andrew Nassau**William Nord*Tim O’Shea**Nathan OlesonBarry E. Pinheiro*Paul & Carolynn Poiesz**Andrew R. Supplee*****Henderson Supplee, III*****The Triolo Family***The Weinstein Family

FRIENDS OF TECUMSEH$25 - $100AmazonSmileAnonymousAnonymousDean AlexandrouWilliam Bender**Dr. & Mrs. John W. Bender**Joshua Benn*Laura BlackistonKim Blass & Gray KellyWatson F. Bosler*****Richard Bixby Bush, Sr.*Jon C. Butler****James Butler*Evan Coughenour*Liam Crenny*Kiera Crenny*Lt. Col. William A. Dampman*****Brian ErtelChristian Frank*Dr. Peter Gehret, MD***

Melbourne F. Giberson**Pete & Kate Gillin***Squinchy Goodwin**Gregg HagueBruce A. Hauptfuhrer*Thomsen Hearne*Thomas & Carol HeatonJoseph Hennelly*Jeffrey HoisingtonAlbert W. James, Jr.*****Joyce JohnsonKathleen Powell KnightFranklin Maxwell*****Garrett McCloskeyBrian McGrath**Carl J. Meister, Jr.***Brian MurphyJohn NorthrupJeffrey O’ConnorJeff O’Connor*Michael R. O’Shea, Jr.**Charles Ogelsby*****William Osgood**Paul A. Pearson***Alexander G. Piper**Matt Poiesz*David Preston*****Caleb & Jonathan ReynoldsLuke RoeFlynn RoeMatthew SchuhJohn & Ellie Smith*Butler Smythe*Clayton Stabert**Edward & Jill Steidle*Ralph TerkowitzThe Blass FamilyThe Mayer FamilyRichard D. Trimpi*****James & Susan Tryforos*****Edwin Van Dusen*****Ellen Weihenmayer*Roxanne Diaz Weiss*Kathleen Whiteman

2020 SUMMER TUITION DONATIONSThe Abronski & Campbell FamilyThe Acchione FamilyThe Ackermann FamilyThe Aisner Family

The Alpers & Jannetta FamilyThe Arfield FamilyThe Avicolli FamilyThe Baltuch & Wasmuht-Perroud FamilyThe Bancone FamilyThe Bates FamilyThe Bloch FamilyThe Bloom FamilyThe Briddell FamilyThe Calhoun & Forbes FamilyThe Campbell FamilyThe Carney FamilyThe Casey FamilyThe Connelly FamilyThe Crowley FamilyThe Cutler FamilyThe De Bernadis & Chiese FamilyThe DeMilt FamilyThe Dische FamilyThe DiLella FamilyThe Falk FamilyThe Feeney FamilyThe Finnerty III FamilyThe Frank Family & Leslie HurstThe Frekko FamilyThe French FamilyThe Froeb FamilyThe Goodwin FamilyThe Hagberg FamilyThe Halper FamilyThe Hickey FamilyThe Hogshire FamilyThe Hornbaker FamilyThe Jannetta FamilyThe Jodz FamilyThe Jordan FamilyThe Kasselakis FamilyThe Leininger FamilyThe Madden FamilyThe Masiiwa FamilyThe McDonough FamilyThe McGuigan FamilyThe McLane FamilyThe McMullin FamilyThe Melchionni FamilyThe Michelson FamilyThe Morris FamilyThe Murray & Kagan FamilyThe O’Connor Family (Edwin & Suzanne)The O’Connor Family (Brian & Kristin)The Pirtle FamilyThe Pope FamilyThe Price FamilyThe Ramsey FamilyThe Germishuizen & Reed FamilyThe Lilley & Reifsnyder FamilyThe Rooney FamilyThe Ruiz FamilyThe Sfreddo FamilyThe Strid FamilyThe Stroebel FamilyThe Tullo FamilyThe Veneri FamilyThe Vieser FamilyThe Walsh FamilyThe Wilkins FamilyThe Willsey FamilyThe Wolfington FamilyThe Yoon Family