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1. Cameron Barke The Anatomy of A Landing Page The best landing pages out there speak directly to the audience. They are clean, concise, neat, and designed for your visitor to answer the question that is on their mind of, whats in it for me? I have a guide from FormStack that will aid you in designing the perfect landing page for your business! Give it a look, and implement them into your business. Also, keep scrolling below for a bonus video regarding further optimization strategies! The Anatomy of A Landing Page . 2. If you would like to implement these strategies, and cannot code, do not worry... Although, coding is a great skill-set to be equipped with, it is not 110% necessary for the creation of landing pages. The amazing individuals over at did all the heavy lifting for you... They will give you the ability to create some really beautiful, high converting landing pages, without having to code! Check it out. Also, give the video below a watch for some awesome bonus material on further optimization on your pages. Optimizing Your Form Buttons. Take it and run with it...