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<ol><li> 1. Camera Movements </li><li> 2. This is atracking inshot. As the man is standing there talking to someone opposite him, the camera is slowlyzoomingin towards him, giving all the focus of the audience on him. It is amedium , meaning it is taken just above his knees. If a shot is taken below a persons knees, it doesnt look right, so the camera usually captures either just above the persons knees or so they can see the whole body. The video clip I watched to do my analysis on any important/significant camera movements was a short clip on the American TV drama calledThe Sopranos.This shot is aside tracking shot(also known as acrab shot ). It is following the actors round as they move watching where they go. It is amid shot , meaning its close up but can still see the persons shoulders. </li><li> 3. This is also amid-shot , because you can see her shoulders, and it islevelwith her eyes. This is aside panning shotas the camera was stable but was moving towards the left. The angle islevelbut slightly higher than the last one.</li></ol>


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