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<ul><li><p>7/28/2019 Call for Entries 2011</p><p> 1/2</p><p>DMYINTERNATIONAL DESIGN FESTIVALBerlin, 01.05. June 2011</p><p>CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS</p><p>With a vast exhibition and numerous events showcasing the latest in-</p><p>ventions and current developments in contemporary product design, the</p><p>DMY International Design Festival 2011 will anew take place from June</p><p>1 to 5. Designers, companies and design schools can apply to participateuntil February 14, 2011.</p><p>This years DMY International Design Festival puts a spotlight on the</p><p>cultural impact o design with a central exhibition o pioneering products</p><p>by more than 400 designers, as well as a symposium, a series o open</p><p>design workshops, an award ceremony and satellite exhibitions. With</p><p>exhibitors and institutions rom more than 30 nations participating, the</p><p>estival is a truly international event and there's still an opportunity</p><p>or you to join.</p><p>Designers, companies and brands, design schools and institutions are</p><p>welcome to apply as exhibitors or the next estival edition. The appli-</p><p>cation deadline is Monday, February 14, 2011. Download the application</p><p>orm on</p><p>Designers, companies, brands and institutions register under the ca-</p><p>tegory Exhibitors. Young designers (up to three years ater graduation</p><p>or not older than 30 years old), students and design schools can apply</p><p>as New Talents/Youngsters. As a subsidized module, the New Talents/</p><p>Youngsterssection supports young talents and enables the presentation</p><p>o pioneering, research-driven projects.</p><p>Berlin-based galleries, design studios, shops, showrooms and museum</p><p>spaces can apply within the module Extended/SatelliteExhibitionsto</p><p>host sel-initiated exhibitions and events that will take place during the</p><p>estival period and will be communicated within the estival program.</p><p>Details on ees, conditions and services are included in the application</p><p>orms. The application orms, urther inormation on the admission pro-</p><p>cess and estival program are available at:</p><p>DMY is looking orward to your submissions and resourceul project</p><p>Address Main Venue:</p><p>Flughaen Berlin TempelhoPlatz der Lutbrcke 5</p><p>12101 Berlin</p><p>Plus numerous satellite exhibitions andopen studios</p><p>throughout the city!</p><p>above: Taelstukken by Daphna Isaacsbelow: For use / Numen, Tape Installation</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 Call for Entries 2011</p><p> 2/2</p><p>proposals!</p><p>About DMY Berlin</p><p>DMY Berlin is an international platorm or contemporary product design,</p><p>ounded in 2003 by a network o leading creative thinkers rom the</p><p>Berlin design scene. Annually, DMY presents the DMY International</p><p>Design Festival in Berlin. As a breeding ground or young designers and</p><p>a unique business platorm or proessional designers and companies,</p><p>the estival has organically grown into a key event or contemporary and</p><p>conceptual design and is the largest o its kind in Germany.</p><p>Contact:</p><p>DMY Berlin GmbH &amp; Co. KG</p><p>Am Flutgraben 3</p><p>D-12435 Berlin</p><p>phone: +49 (0)30.53014888</p><p>ax: +49.(0)30.53213128</p><p></p><p></p><p>above: Myon by FrackenpohlPoulheim, frst modularhumanoid robot</p></li></ul>