calentamiento (“warm-up”) be seated, silent and on-task before the bell

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CALENTAMIENTO (Warm-up) Be seated, silent and on-task before the bell. On your notecard , write: Your name and age With whom you live (parents, grandma, etc.) Something unique about yourself If you have ever studied Spanish and for how long - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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CALENTAMIENTO (Warm-up)Be seated, silent and on-task before the bell.On your notecard, write:Your name and ageWith whom you live (parents, grandma, etc.)Something unique about yourselfIf you have ever studied Spanish and for how longOptional: What excites you about learning Spanish? What worries you?

You have five minutes.

CALENTAMIENTO (Warm-up)Sra. Amy DeanI live with my husband, daughter and cats.I like yoga and sewing. I first learned Spanish in the 7th grade. I like to learn Spanish because I like to travel, be independent and meet new people. I used to worry that people wouldnt understand me.TAREA (Homework)Go to and download the syllabus from 2013-2014 Course Documents. You and your parents must read it and sign it by Wednesday. This is worth 3 points. Complete the first page of the vocabulary list per the directions.Study your vocabulary for 15 minutes.

Leccin: Introducciones

Cmo te llamas? Me llamo Seora Dean.


Make a nametag in Spanish introducing yourself. If you prefer a Spanish name, please write both your English name and your Spanish name. I need to know both!In Spanish, find out your partners name and then introduce yourself.

Cmo te llamas?

Anybody? Anybody? Hmmm? *crickets*LibrosWrite your name IN INK inside the textbook. On the sign-out sheet, write your name, the book number, and the SPECIFIC condition of the book.

My contact and tutoring info:Seora Amy Dean(773) 722-4600 ext. 5091 deana@psmnow.comsradeanspanish.wikispaces.comTutoring by appointment on Thursdays from 3:15-3:45 and 3:50-4:20

Bring the following materials every day. You will lose participation points if you do not have them.Avancemos!, Nivel 1 (McDougal Littell) TextThree-ring binder or spiral notebook used only for this classCollege-ruled looseleaf paper Pens (black and red)Printouts and homework from WikiOur grading system:The standard PSM grading scale is used in this class. You can earn up to three participation points a day for following classroom rules, procedures and actively participating.

I strictly adhere to the Consequence Continuum. Our rules are: You are respectful of yourself, your professor and your colleagues.You follow your professors directions.You come to class prepared, both in attitude and in materials.You are seated and on-task BEFORE the bell. Our classroom procedures:

You take care of personal needs before entering the classroom.You greet the professor in Spanish and enter the classroom quietly.You are seated, silent and doing the arrival activity before the bell.Your homework is on your desk and ready to be collected or revised.You raise your hand to speak. You are on-task during group work.Your classroom interaction is conducted entirely in Spanish.You wait to be dismissed by the professor. Our late work policy:

Your assignment is late if it is not turned in at the time of collection or if it is completed unsatisfactorily. You will receive 50% credit for late work. Late work must be submitted in the Tarde o ausente bin on the following day for credit.

Strategies for success

Hit the ground running! Study your vocabulary 10-15 minutes a nightstarting tonight.Study from English to Spanish.See it say it write it.


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