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Cairo-The Best Tourist Attraction in Egypt!

Cairo is a city which is full of tourist attractions. The beauty of the place is awe-inspiring. The land of pharaohs still attracts a lot of tourists despite its tensed atmosphere. Cairo tops the popularity chart among the places that are worth a visit in Egypt. It is best to hire a tour guide when making a trip of Cairo. They are a great help in travelling being Egyptian translators once a holiday-maker arrives in the city. Besides being accommodating, they are relatively inexpensive too. They do everything to make a tourists visit easier right from transportation to booking of hotel, to arranging tickets for monuments and events. They also help with the further reservation for the tourist attractions in Egypt one intends to visit.

2The largest pyramid can be found at Giza among various tourist attractions in Egypt. The place is also home to the Sphinx. The place is not so clean as people here can be seen selling all sorts of things. Saqqara which is few miles away from Cairo has the oldest stone monument in the world-the Step Pyramid. Not many people can be seen visiting this site. Next is Dahshur which is half an hour away from Saqqara and is home to the Bent Pyramid and Red Pyramid. Memphis is famous for its ruins. This ancient Egyptian capital has a gigantic toppled statue of Ramses II apart from some other smaller statues. When at Dahshur, Necropolis ruins can be explored. The sculptures that weathered thousands of years and still standing intact can amaze anyone.

3All the pyramid sites have ruins of pharaonic temples. All these sites are worth a visit however, an additional fee is to be paid to see them. The underground museum of Serapeum which opened sometime back and lies between Saqqara and Dahshur is home to sarcophagi of sacrificed bulls. Cairo has many religious sites. Just near the University of Cairo is located Coptic Cairo which houses gorgeous Coptic (Christian) Seven Churches. They are free for public viewing. Tourists looking to spend some peaceful time must not miss the Mosque of Ibn Tulun-the worlds largest and oldest mosque. At the same time, The Mosque of Mohammed Ali must also not be left unvisited being so much close to it when one is visiting the area.


A beautiful building, this mosque is also known as the Cairo Citadel. People other than acrophobics can make a trip to the Cairo Tower. Climbing to the top, one can have a breathtaking view of the whole city and dinner in the restaurant there. A tourist attraction that is not much known is Khan el Khalili market which has all sorts of products. A visitor will find scarves, carvings from camel bone as well as alabaster, spices, traditional Egyptian clothing and much more. Nile, the lifeblood of Egypt can be visited on a barge or local sailboat. People passionate about water sports will find Ain Sokhana, a small city located along the Red Sea cheap for scuba trips. One can view magical sandstone structures at the White Desert located a few hours from Cairo.


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