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The Role of the Islamic Development Bank in Financing Transport Infrastructure and Improving Road Safety. Cairo, Egypt. ‘together we build a better future’. Presentation Outline. Snapshot on IDB Volume and distribution of IDB financing Transport Strategy New Commitment to Road Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Cairo, EgyptThe Role of the Islamic Development Bank in Financing Transport Infrastructure and Improving Road Safety

together we build a better future24 October 2011

Islamic Development BanK#Presentation OutlineSnapshot on IDBVolume and distribution of IDB financingTransport StrategyNew Commitment to Road SafetyAvailable windows for financing road safety1Islamic Development BanK#Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group

Islamic Development Bank (IDB)Foster the economic development and social progress of MCs and Muslim communities.

International Islamic Trade Financing Corporation (ITFC)Promote and enhances intra-trade and trade cooperation through trade finance and promotion programs

Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD)Promote development of private sector development. Islamic Research & Training Institute (IRTI)Undertake applied & basic research in Islamic Economics and Finance. Islamic Corporation for Insurance of Investment & Export Credit (ICIEC)Provide Shariah-compatible export credit insurance, political risk insurance, technical assistance. The IDB GroupShariah Compliance19751981199419992008Islamic Development BanK#Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaRegional Offices: Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Morocco and Senegal Field Representatives in several Member CountriesAAA Rating by Moodys, Fitch, and S&P. Zero-Risk Rating by the European Commission

We are committed to alleviating poverty; promoting human development, science & technology, Islamic banking & finance; and enhancing cooperation amongst member countries, in collaboration with our development partners

Human DevelopmentAgricultural Development & Food SecurityInfrastructure DevelopmentPrivate Sector DevelopmentIntra-Trade among Member CountriesR&D in Islamic Banking & FinanceAs of 17 December 2009Authorised Capital : US$ 46.0 bnRated : Aaa/AAA/AAAPaid up capital of US$5.5 bn*Member Countries : 56 Total Employees : 1,014Total Assets : US$ 13.1 bnSub-Saharan Africa 22 Middle-East & North-Africa 19South & South-East Asia 8Central Asia 7Paid-up Capital : US$ 5.5 bnISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT BANKSnapshotMission StatementIDB ScorecardPriority AreasIslamic Development BanK#* Excluding operations of ICIEC & ICDAggregate IDB Group Financing (1975- 2010)Net Approved IDB Financing: US$ 63.9 bn * Cumulative Sectoral Distribution

Islamic Development BanK#Trends in OCR Approvals 1396H-1431H

5Islamic Development BanK#

Aggregate Infrastructure Financing (1975-2010):Sectoral DistributionUS$ 15,520 m Net Approved Financing** Total Approvals less CancellationsIslamic Development BanK#

Aggregate Infrastructure Financing (1975-2010): Geographic DistributionUS$ 15,520 m Net Approved Financing** Total Approvals less CancellationsIslamic Development BanK#IDB and Transport Projects Financing

Islamic Development BanK#Transports Projects Operations CountryNo. OperationsAmount ($, mi.)% of total PortfolioBahrain3144.716Egypt225.63Iraq000Jordan10194.424Kuwait000Lebanon611016Oman8147.428Palestine156Qatar000Saudi Arabia110516Sudan10203.121Syria000UAE16042Yemen769229Islamic Development BanK#IDBs Transport Strategy A comprehensive strategy implementation framework for the period 1431H-1433H has been prepared by IDB with a focus on:

Financing of Regional Infrastructure Projects.

Promotion of Trade among member countries.

Promotion of Cross-Border investment and flow of investment among MCs.

Capacity Building for Economic Integration Infrastructure.

Islamic Development BanK#Road Safety in IDB Financings

Historically: Minimum consideration as part of Road Project Financing (safe road design).November 2009: Commitment along with 6 others MDBs (WB, ADB, AfDB, IaDB, EIB & EBRD) on a Shared Approach to Managing Road Safety:Improving road safety is a development priority in developing and emerging countries.Scale up global, regional and country responses to bring the growing numbers of road deaths and injuries toll under control.

11Islamic Development BanK#MDBs Shared Approach to Managing Road SafetyThe measures to be carried out fall into four broad categories:Strengthening road safety management capacity;Implementing safety approaches in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of road infrastructure projects;Improving safety performance measures (data, indicators, analyses, etc.); andMobilizing more and new resources for road safety.

12Islamic Development BanK#IDBs Action Plan on Road SafetyBuild internal capacity and awareness.Coordinate interventions and share experience with the other MDBs.Propose to include road safety in Policy Dialogue with Member Countries & in Country Programming.Include Road Safety audits as part of road development projects.Propose TAs to focus on institutional arrangements and capacity building in MC.

13Islamic Development BanK#Available Windows for Road Safety FinancingRegular Project FinancingTechnical AssistanceTechnical Cooperation ProgramNon-Government Organizations (NGO)14Islamic Development BanK#Project FinancingAs part of the formulation of a road project to be financed, may include road safety components:Road Safety AuditTraining Sensitization Campaign15Islamic Development BanK#Technical AssistanceInstitutional Arrangements including diagnosis of country conditions in terms of existing responsible agencies, legislation, road safety strategies and programs, funding, monitoring and evaluation of safety performance, etc. Capacity Building in terms of road safety data collection and analysis, research and awareness campaigns.16Islamic Development BanK#Technical Cooperation ProgramTripartite scheme: Beneficiary Country, Donor Country (Expertise) and IDB as Facilitator/FinancierGrant financingRecently, annual budget of $5 million3 vehicles:Provision of an Expert (maximum of 6 months, $25,000)On the Job Training / Study Visit (max. 4 months, $25,000)Conference & Seminar (max. 5 days, $60,000)

17Islamic Development BanK#NGOsMake funds directly available to Road Safety NGOs (Grant)Capacity Building operations: training, equipment, support to activities (maximum $100,000)18Islamic Development BanK#THANK YOUFor your attention!

Islamic Development BanK#Chart1501102017112153500

IDB Operations in the Transport Sector (US$ mn)

Sheet1IDB Operations in the Transport Sector (US$ mn)Airports501Ports1020Multimod171Railway1215Roads & Highway3500To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.


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