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  • Issue No. 15June 2013

    Free Publication.Community magazine for Katameya and New Cairo

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    There is someThing abouT Phaedra

    Sleep DiSorDerS

    Your guide To summer essenTials

  • Dear Reader,

    The promise of summer is here, its what weve been looking forward to, the moment of feeling the sea salt drying on our skin in the sun, to wearing our favorite summer clothes, to not having to wear much make-up and wondering if its not too late to take up tennis again, its these things that make the promise of summer so resonant. Ultimately our yearning for summer shows how much were all craving freedom, warmth, and a simpler life. Its moments we connect with in summer, our ideas of holidays, of stepping away from school, work, and our lives. There have been so far, five perfect summers in my life:

    1. The summer of 1987 in Holland, with my parents, living in a cottage in the middle of a Maastricht forest, playing board games in the attic, and picking strawberries from fields with my sister. 2. The summer of 2001. I had just moved to Munich to commence my university internship, I spent that entire summer hiking the mountains of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and swimming in the lakes nearby with new found friends. 3. The summer of 2003 while on my honeymoon in Greece. Wed booked one of those packages where the hotel was included for free. We ditched the hotel, hired a scooter, discovered beaches, lay in the sun, me blissfully ignorant of the gravitational pull that would come in the years ahead. How I regret not wearing a bikini for the entire year I was 24! 4. The summer of 2009, it was the last summer I had spent with my mother in London before she passed away. We spent our weekends having picnics in the Fulham parks, I still remember her laughing and the tears that came with that laughter. 5. The summer of 2011, yes I know it was the year of the revolution and it was a tough year for most, yet I had the luxury of being able to escape and spend three months in El-Gouna with my son. For the first time in years I got to read books from cover to cover without being disturbed, watching my son turn a deep chocolate brown from the corner of my eye. Happy Days.

    This month, with the end of the school year comes a lot more down time for the kids, for those of you still planning what to do to keep your children busy this summer or what items you need to get, weve compiled an essentials feature for you from camps abroad, and in Cairo, to what summer items should be on your list. Also, catch up with this summer essential fashion and beauty products. Dont miss our interview with Phaedra, on her upcoming series and her passion for advocating animal rights. There is so much more in our June issue.

    Our cover image this month may be the best reflection of the broad appeal our magazine has in Cairo. The cover artwork Care To Explain, is the work of competition winner Farah Wali, a student at the British International School in Cairo.

    As Evelyn Waugh wrote in his masterpiece Brideshead Revisited, I should like to bury something precious in every place where Ive been happy and then, when Im old and ugly and miserable, I could come back and dig it up and remember. Waugh understood summer, how precious it was, how much fun you could have in it, and how important it was to make those memories last.

    Cover CreditFarahWali - Care to Explain


    Editors Note

    Lyd ia Schoonderbeek

  • Editors Noteby

    Theme: Draw a gardenParticipants age: 4-7 years oldSubmit the drawing, your childs photo, name and age to:Email: info@landmastersegypt.comOur facebook page: LANDMASTERS (Like our page to see if your child is among the winners.)Post: 7 Ahmed Orabi St., Mohandiseen, Cairo

    Materials: A4 size paper, colors. We will receive your childs drawings till June 20, 2013

    Be one of the three winners who will be rewarded:gift vouchers from Hallmark

    The winners will have their drawings and photos published on our press ad in Cairo East Magazines July Issue.

    Our contacts:7 Ahmed Orabi St., Mohandiseen, Cairo, EgyptTel: 0102 6644384 Fax:

    Beauty Lies in the

    simplest things


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    24 Summer Essentials for Kids

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    Oh La LaA new look and

    Ramadan Lounge







    La Gourmandise, The First Mall35 Giza Street, Giza, Cairo, Egypt 12311 Tel: (02) 3776 5955 / 3569 2557 / 3567 2090

    Ramadan Lounge: Open daily from 9 pm - 3 am (Last order at 2 am)La Gourmandise in Ramadan: Open daily from 11 am - 5 pmThe First Mall: Open daily from 10 am - 3 am


    ThEREs somEThINg AbouT PhAEdRA

    on the set of her new Ramadan series

    On a quiet Thursday afternoon in Sheikh Zayed, a small collection of villas behind Hyper One is buzzing with activity. Electric cables are quickly being strewn across gardens, running from large trucks into a rented-out home that has been temporarily transformed into a set of one of Egypts latest Ramadan series. Down the street, a mirror surrounded by lights is thrown onto a bedroom table and the second floor of another home turns into a makeup studio where actress/director Phaedra is preparing to go in front of the camera.

    Phaedra has developed an impressive career, starting with modeling and costume design in the late 90s and working her way into acting and directing. Outside of the world of media, she is also a staunch advocate of animal rights and is one of the more active actors working to defend the rights of animals and their keepers. In the middle of discussions about

    hair extensions, eye shadow, and production assistants setting the schedule for the day, Cairo East Magazine sat with Phaedra to find out more about her career and her life outside.

    Cem: What drew you into the acting world?Pm: When I was 18/19 I was in medical school but was not sure that this should be my career and wanted to do something different. I left college and, with the complete support of my family, started doing odd jobs and exploring different fields. It was during this time that I met my husband, who is a director, and he is the one who introduced me to the whole field of art. I moved to New York and got my BA in design and did some modeling on the side, then eventually returned to Egypt and started working as a designer focusing on costumes and sets.

    By Brian Wright

    6 7

  • At one point I was doing a model shoot for Nina Ricci, and the director of my first film saw me in the ad and called me to do a screen test. It worked out and I moved into acting.

    but you have also moved towards directing. how has that been different from acting?When I was a designer I worked very closely with the rest of the staff and particularly the directors. Through this experience I began to design sets and costumes according to camera angles and not simply what I thought looked good naturally. Eventually directors started to rely upon me to handle editing, coloring, and take on more responsibilities on the production side. One day, I was working on a set and the director didnt appear so I took his place for a day, and this is how I moved into directing.

    Personally, I feel much more comfortable behind the scenes. Production, whether it is a film or a television series, is an extremely stressful venture for everyone involved. I like being the director because you are on top of the entire process and the stress is actually a bit less. You get to deal with everybody and obviously have the most direct impact on the final product. Every aspect of production has its beautiful sides and its challenges, but I love the challenges of being a director the most.

    You are currently working on a series for ramadan. Can you tell us a bit about it?It is a social drama that is unique in that it is not pretentious. The characters are much more normal, and the things that you will see in the series are exactly what you would see in real life, which is what gives us an edge. There is so much in our society that happens behind closed doors, and the goal of this series is to open those doors and show what is really happening.

    In this series I am working with Rania Farid, Gamal Soliman, Iman Hegazy, Tarek Ebbiary, Farial, Samia Youssef, and a whole list of other great names, from actors all the way to the behind the scenes group. This is a really great team, which makes the whole process easier.

    how has the production process been with the team?Firstly the producers (the Sabbah brothers from Lebanon) are great, because in an environment where everybody is waiting until the last minute or afraid to put something together because of the political and security situation, they decided to immediately move forward and get to work. On set, we all know each other very well and therefore whatever problems arise in the process we are able to handle them internally very quickly and get on with our work.

    I love people-watching and feel that each person is so unique that they are a drama case study in themselves.


  • In general, you can tell immediately when looking at a series or a film whether there was positive or negative energy behind the scenes. It shows very prominently and can make or break a work.

    What is your dream role?Honestly I really dont have one. I love people-watching and feel that each person is so unique that they are a drama case study in themselves. I would however like to get into more ethnic roles in the future. People think it is easy but actually it is the exact opposite. With modern characters you have so much to work with but when you do someone more ethnic or historical you have to think about everything differently. Clothes, accents, relationships, and mindsets are completely different, and this has to be taken into account in order to get the character right.

    What are your passions outside of filming?I love animals and am a very strong advocate of animal rights. As a Muslim I believe that Islam is the only religion that specifically speaks about animal rights, and the fact that Arab societies in general are so negative towards them is extremely sad. I work directly with the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals all the time.

    One project that I worked on previously was Bad El Mawqa, which focused on the infamous Battle of the Camel that was completely misunderstood in society. The people who live in Nazlet Es Seman have had their livelihoods completely destroyed and after the revolution ESMA has provided food and support for the animals and families in the area. I provided information and documentation on the condition of the animals and their owners and was assisted by fellow actor Bassem Samra in relaying this to the director, Yousry Nasrallah. At first he wanted to show this as an example of how the regime attacked innocent protestors, but after seeing the area and what has happened as a result of the Revolution the whole team realized that these are just people trying to earn a living, and they went to Tahrir without violent intentions and simply wanted to express their anger about what has happened to them.

    Where is your favorite chill-out spot?

    Anywhere with a high altitude, whether it is on a roof of a building, a mountain, or anywhere where I can get closer to the sky

    Favorite food:

    Lebanese and Italian. I am also a very strict vegetarian and have the exact same diet as a goat: lots of green things.

    books read recently:

    Azazeel and Al Nabati by Youssef Zidan, Mohammed by Tawfiq Al Hakeem, and Sufi Poetry by Al Hallaj

    Favorite actors:

    Locally, Yehia Fakharani and internationally, Robert Downey Jr., Daniel Day Lewis, and Meryl Streep

    Favorite Films:

    Crash, The Usual Suspects, The Untouchables, 4 Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, and Marly & Me

    Favorite Character:

    Dory from Finding Nemo


    8 9

  • for egyptian Heritage

    A New Voice

    Dina El Wedidi molds Egyptian folklore into modern stylesBy Brian Wright

    ising in the ranks of Egyptian stardom is Dina El Wedidi who combines traditional words including poetry and the Sira Hilaliyya from Upper Egypt with modern styles such as Jazz and Bossanova. El Wedidi first began to hone her musical career when she was

    studying Eastern Languages at Cairo University, with a focus on Turkish and Persian linguistics. She joined El Warsha Troupe and delved into the depths of traditional Egyptian music, learning a whole range of local styles and musical forms.

    In the last few weeks, El Wedidi has appeared on El Bernameg with Bassem Youssef, in the Culture Wheel and at the closing concert of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival. At D-CAF, she performed on the stage of the Qasr El Nil Theatre, which in the past served as the platform for some of the Arab worlds most popular classical artists including Umm Kalthoum, Farid El Attrache, and Abdel Halim Hafez. As she was preparing for the D-CAF concert, Cairo East Magazine sat with El Wedidi to find out more about her emerging musical career.



    10 11

  • Cem: how did working with el Warsha help develop your music?

    dW: When I was in college I used to compose songs for myself and give them to friends in the underground scene who would take them out to the public. When I started working with El Warsha, it opened a lot of doors to artistic outlets. In El Warsha, you get to sing, dance, act, and learn a lot about traditional culture. It is also very intense in that you have rehearsals every day and are therefore forced to take everything very seriously. I spent a total of three years with them honing my skills. I focused most of my time on the stage, which allowed me to discover my love for music.

    how would you describe your music?

    I dont like the idea of classifications or genres, because it limits me to a particular style and I feel that as I continue to develop and change my music could become very different. Its also not my job to determine what kind of music I am producing. I just produce it! If you want to know what style I am singing you should ask a critic or a specialist who classifies music and can tell me who I am at this point!

    For your d-CaF performance, you performed on the same stage as umm Kalthoum. how has this experience been for you?

    I was very excited and even scared about performing in this place. It is an awesome idea because in our society today we are always looking for new, modern places to visit and venues to perform in which disconnects us from our history. But to see a place like Qasr El Nil, where so many famous voices have been, the soul and spirit of the place itself is so powerful that it completely changed the experience.

    When I first agreed to perform and they told me that it would be at the Qasr El Nil Theatre I was actually afraid. This is not only an important place historically but is also [a performance] for 1,000 people, that is massive! However, as soon as I got on stage I saw the crowds of people who had come from afar to see me and immediately felt that this was amazing. I really love Egyptian audiences; it seems that they are one of the few in the world that can warm a place up and let us just have fun with the music.

    The famous brazilian singer gilberto gil chose to mentor you. how did this happen?

    Rolex, in addition to their business, also have a number of projects where they support emerging artists around the world. I found out that I had been nominated for the program and went to perform in front of the selection committee where Gilberto was. I had no idea that he was going to be there. He saw me perform and chose me as his student to mentor. Since then I have toured with him in the United States and spent a lot of time with him as my mentor.

    What does gilberto gil provide as a mentor?

    This is not a technical mentorship like where he is going to help develop my talent, but most importantly it is developing a personal relationship and he makes me stronger as a person. You sometimes just need somebody there to support you while you are trying to find out what to do in your life and he has done that for me. Also, when I toured with him it opened my eyes to a whole other world of people, ideas, and styles that I had never experienced before. Any type of travel will do this to a person; so to have it in my field with one of the top singers in the world was truly amazing.

    Dina El Wedidi on stage


  • tradition of music and up until the 1960s we were the leaders in developing the Arab worlds music scene and need to return to that today. For example, back in the 70s there were hundreds of maqamat or scales that musicians used, but now that number has disappeared and almost all of the songs that you hear only work on 20. In all, there have been no major developments in the music scene in the last 40 years, and this is what really needs to change.

    We also need to start to see much more support of independent music in Egypt and need to have more involvement from the community. The new festivals that have appeared on the scene are great and are helping us reach larger audiences and provide an outlet for growth and change, but I would like to see a real jump in the music scene in Egypt as a whole. Maybe even have independent artists start appearing on the radio?

    When can we expect your upcoming album? Will it focus on your current style of music or something new?

    Up until this point I have been working on an album that should come out at the end of the year or the beginning of next year. It is really the same style that you hear in the concerts, but who knows, maybe I will start to work on a few new things and they can be the surprise of the album!

    how do you think the egyptian music scene is changing post-revolution?

    Before the Revolution there were a lot of bands such as Wust El Balad, Hazem Namira, and others who crossed-over from the underground scene to the mainstream, and this has continued since the Revolution happened so this is not new. What you have seen are major developments in three areas: graffiti or street art, music, and poetry. The music scene in Egypt now is living off of major developments in the field of poetry, because this is where we get our words. There is a new generation that is finally coming into its own after the Revolution that has seen a lot of major changes and these are the people who are really coming up with the latest in poetry.

    That said; there are a lot of positive movements in music that I see happening right now. Audiences are growing, and beginning to ask for something new. They dont want the same types of music that they have been hearing for the last twenty years, and they are starting to flock in greater numbers to new and emerging artists. In the past it would have been impossible to imagine filling a venue with 1,000 people to see an alternative performance, but now this is becoming easier.

    What do you feel is the most difficult part about developing egyptian music?

    I feel that technically we are still not experimenting to the level that we should. Egypt has a very deep


    12 13

    Dina El Wedidi in studio

  • Dina El Wedidi in studio

  • One of my absolute favorite pieces this summer is this gorgeous dress from Egyptian designer YASMINE. This dress is dead on when it comes to the White Out trend this summer and left us wondering what shenanigans the model was up to in it.

    Go retro chic in an outfit sure to be turning heads while embracing the white out trend in this gorge Zara twofer. I simply cannot get over how sophisticated the model looks. So chic. Oh mon dieu!

    While many will be rocking the white dress this season, only a few will have it in them to brave summers most daunting garb: the white bikini. Head down to H&M to pick up what is sure to be a statement on the beach this summer! Paired with gold accessories and maybe a fierce headpiece!

    Keep it hip in this beautiful tie-dye H&M bikini. Looking good there, sexy!

    Make a SplaSh thiS SuMMer with theSe wardrobe eSSentialS!This summer, the trends have taken a daring turn unlike any weve ever seen before. With the cuts more sophisticated & the colors bolder, this summer its all about making your own mark on fashion. This month, weve compiled a list of gorgeous items from the most exclusive Egyptian designers & boutiques as well as the hottest international stores!

    By Menna El Kady


    14 15

  • Embrace the neon trend with this stunning number from Mona 3eni that looks both regal & lethal. I love the playfulness of the colors as well as the daring neck detail. Bravo, Mona, bravo!

    Another eye-catching item from Mona 3eni is this beautiful kaftan with black & white ghutra trimming. I love the colors, the versatility as well as the agelessness of this piece. For a more subtle look, check out the black one.

    Another must have this summer is this ber sexy damask patterned skirt, found at Suite Blanco. You can pair it with simply anything and still give off a killer vibe.

    Wreak havoc on your summer vacation in this darling little number available from Amina K. The dashingly sexy vibe the skirt gives off is sure to ensure your vacation is sizzling! I think Ill pair mine with some killer heels and a bandeau top.

    Go big or go home! Rock this top from Simply Moka this summer paired with some deadly heels and a pair of almost-painted-on-skinnys and youre all set! Love the detailing on the sleeves. So daring!

    This strong piece from Essentials makes it easy to pack light because you can wear it with sandals, pumps, wedges, or whatever you please! I love the vibrant color, and whats cooler is that it also comes in super sexy purple and gorgeous beige. Love!

    Go neon in this lush maxi skirt, sure to turn heads, found at Boho Gallery. Dress it up with a pair of wedges, or down with a simple bandeau top and flip-flops. You cant go wrong with it!


  • Essentials has also made it easier to go out on those sunny mornings in Egypt without looking too hooch with their beautiful outerwear. This cardigan is one of the few pieces worn out in my wardrobe because Im always in it!

    Itching for pink? Go for this fierce dress found at Villa Baboushka and make jaws drop everywhere! Be careful, this dress is for the most daring of you! Accessorize carefully!

    Pair your favorite outfit with this stunning purse from Js. Dressed up or down, this accessory will look beautiful and is a must have! I have it in two colors and Im pretty sure my collection wont end there!

    A necessary accessory to give you a push over the edge is this pretty dangerous purse available at Boho Gallery, designed by the genius that is Lina Maklad. Love the pink trim. So chic!

    Add a killer pop of color to your wardrobe with this gorge necklace. Straying from the overhyped neon trend, Js managed to deliver a chic neck piece that will transform an outfit, or ten! This statement piece is as eye catching as its beautiful! Love it! Ill be wearing mine with white skinnies and a subtle top.

    Want to look effortlessly chic while rocking a new trend? Go for Amina Ks beautiful skirt and I promise you, the only thing anyone will be thinking will be Whos that girl?!

    For the lady in you, look no further than Camici. When you want to go out in a sophisticated top throw on your Camici shirt and thats all you need!

    Need a daring pair of pants? Amna Amer has that covered! Though the harem trend has long faded elsewhere, many are embracing it in Egypt. I personally love me a good pair of harem pants, because theyre chic, comfy and versatile!


    16 17

  • Add a killer pop of color to your wardrobe with this gorge necklace. Straying from the overhyped neon trend, Js managed to deliver a chic neck piece that will transform an outfit, or ten! This statement piece is as eye catching as its beautiful! Love it! Ill be wearing mine with white skinnies and a subtle top.

    During summer, one of the most essential, yet most overlooked accessory is the flip-flop. The great people over at Shibshibi have come such a long way since coming up with the genius idea. Theyve made beautiful, original sandals youre sure to love!

    One of my absolute favorite pieces this summer is this stunning cuff from Tash by Celine and Tina Antaki. I love the effortless vibe

    it gives off and I know that Ill pair this with any dress in my closet and still look lethal. Uber sexy!

    Running an errand but still want to look dashingly chic nonetheless? Grab this coffee cup sleeve from Double Nooun and make a statement. I love how the designers went the unconventional route and started a new chic trend. Girls, take note. This is how you look good running around all day!

    Need a stunning bangle to turn your outfit up a notch? Look no further than Js! I have one of these gorgeous bracelets adorned with the Arabic proverb, 3adet Assad Walla Nazrret Hassad! Love the attitude they possess! Also available are other proverbs. Pick one up before theyre all gone!

    I love Nada Akrams wacky flair and unique designs, rocked by everyone, even celebrities! My favorite piece from her summer collection is this Khamas Khamsat top featuring the most darling bow. Pick this one up before it runs out and be sure to minimize the accessories as the top is eye catching enough.

    amina KDegla Shopping Center, 11 Hassan Sabry Street, Zamalek Facebook:

    amna amerFacebook:

    boho galleryLina Maklad6 Ein El Sayed Zakareya Khalil, Masaken SheratonTel: 02 2268 8888 / 0100 606 0174 E-mail:


    double noounFacebook:


    h&mCity Center - Dandy Mall - City Stars - Downtown Mall

    JsTel: 0100 1371387E-mail: jays.designs3@hotmail.comFacebook:

    mona 3eniFacebook:

    nada akram Facebook:


    simply mokaFacebook Group: Simply MokaMobile: 01222 248 555E-mail:

    suite blancoCity Stars - Mall of Arabia

    TashFacebook: Tash by Celine and Tina AntakiEmail: celinantaki@yahoo.comShops: Mohamed Sagheer Boutique, ZamalekMounaya Gallery, Zamalek Asfour El Nil, Zamalek Hebz Boutique, First Mall Giza Hop and shop 6th of OctoberOnline:

    Villa baboushka31 Ismaiel Mohamed St., ZamalekTel: 02 2735 0654

    -Yasmine-Tel: 0109 5455706Email: info@yasmineonline.comwww.yasmineonline.comFacebook:

    ZaraCity Center - Mall of Arabia - City Stars


  • Editors summEr Picks!

    Ghazl Banat - Beaded Gillet 4,350 egP

    Ghazl Banat - Riccardo Forconi Leather belt with Coloured studs 2650 egP

    Ghazl Banat - Elliott Mann Indie Bag 3,900 egP

    Ghazl Banat - Elliott Mann Hand-knotted Fringe 3,900 egP

    Pull & Bear - Beaded Sandals 499 egP

    Pull & Bear - Fringed Necklace 169 egP

    Ghazl Banat - Melissa Womens Papel II Red Glitter Shoes 700 egP

    Stradivarius - Shirt with Tuck Detail 259 egP

    Oysho - Palm Tree Print Swimsuit 379 egP

    Oysho - Bikini Top 199 egPBikini Bottom 149 egP

    ghazl banat boutique2nd Floor, Degla Shopping Center11 Hassan Sabry Street, Zamalek Mobile: 01115301926

    oyshoMall of Arabia

    Pull & bearMall of Arabia, City Stars

    stradivarious Mall of Arabia


    18 19

  • Ghazl Banat - Riccardo Forconi Leather belt with Coloured studs 2650 egP

    Ghazl Banat - Elliott Mann Indie Bag 3,900 egP

    Pull & Bear - Fringed Necklace 169 egP

    Oysho - Bikini Top 199 egPBikini Bottom 149 egP

    stradivarious Mall of Arabia

  • 20 21


    young people who are attracted to my designs. So its appropriate for all ages.

    #2Floral Tote: These totes are from my latest collection, I made them when I was pregnant. At the time I had many friends who were pregnant who had asked me to make diaper bags. This was the idea behind it. For new moms its practical, otherwise it also serves as a great beach bag, or travel bag. The base is leather so that it doesnt get dirty if you place it on the floor or beach.

    #3oversized leather Clutch: This clutch is made of genuine leather. I usually design what I would like, what I would carry. I love clutches, especially oversized clutches. I went for leather so it doesnt look cheap, and I love this camel color in leather because it goes with everything, whether youre wearing black or any other color. The large size makes it more youthful, it makes a statement.

    #4Waist bag: The idea behind these bags is practicality, for people on the go, it also makes a statement. Its practical for moms, or people running the track. As a mom I always have a waist bag on.

    #5silk Floral Clutch: This clutch is designed with multipurpose in mind. Its made of silk, so you can hold it at night, and the vibrant summer colors allow you to carry it in the morning as well. It is a clutch, and at the same time an over the shoulder bag with a detachable chain.

    #6indian sari Clutch: This series is made of original Indian Sari silk. The accessories are vintage silver pieces from Egypt. They are evening clutches from my first collection, I used vintage pieces to give the clutches more value and depth.

    #7Pom-pom Clutch and Peace sign Clutch: The peace sign clutches are made with tulle accents. The two designs are made for girls in their 20s, but eventually I realized that they appeal to teens and preteens.

    Who doesnt strive to be original in thought, spirit, and look? Being original sets us apart, and screams, Im Special!! Well this month Cairo East Magazine dug up two very original ways guaranteed not only to make you feel special, but to add that extra oomph to your wardrobe and funk to your home!

    dAzz bAgsTwenty-eight year-old Nermine El Shishiny divides her time between being a new mom to a six-month-old baby, and being a bag designer extraordinaire! Making her mark on Egyptian design in the summer of 2011, El Shishiny named her line Dazz Bags, short for Dazzle or Dazzling.

    El Shishiny designs statement pieces mainly for the summer season, and finds inspiration on her travels abroad where she often buys fabric for her designs. The AUC Marketing graduate left a five-year career in marketing to pursue a passion for design. The true genius of Dazz Bags lies in the fact that each bag is designed with practicality in mind, The bags are often multipurpose, but are also statement bags, says El Shishiny, I make a very limited number of pieces from each design, this way the bag is more exclusive, less commercial.

    Each Dazz Bag makes a statement. Put on a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans, and your Dazz Bag will stand out as the edgy statement piece that will make the outfit!

    #1burlap bag: This bag is made of burlap, leather and chains. It meets tastes of all ages, probably because of the subdued color. I had a 70 year-old buy this bag, although it is mostly

    drumsTiCK design and daZZ bagsunique & edgY summer addiTions To Your home & Wardrobe! By Nahla Samaha

  • 22 23


    #3drumstick Key holder: This key holder, (and wallet holder) is made solely of re-purposed empty ink cartilages and wood (and three nails). The idea behind it, as the rest of Drumstick accessories, is reusing waste in an innovative and sustainable way to make it useful again.

    #4bottle-Cap Table: The main inspiration behind this line of tables is the bottle caps built into the pavements surrounding snack kiosks. Although the photos here are of unpaved tables, the rest of this collection is made with gravel and black paste to give the pavement effect.

    #5The ink blot Test: This is a series of 20x20 graphic pieces that was exhibited in Leipzig- Germany as part of an Anti Islamophobia exhibition. The point of this series is to prove that most presumptions are based on partial or full psychological discrimination, thus the connotation of the Ink Blot test (The Rorschach Test) and the ink blot being the Veil.

    dRumsTIck Sherine Abdel Rassoul first launched Drumstick products in December 2009, A product design unit that aims to have your boring everyday belongings smile at you. Thirty-year-old Abdel Rassoul tells us about her beginnings, There was no plan to make a company and conquer the world and be famous. I just liked the idea of making tile stickers, and just wanted to do what I need to do to get it done. The Egyptian designer studied Entrepreneurship at AUB, Lebanon, where she grew up, You dont realize theres a need for things until you actually make the thing, she says of her products. After moving back to Egypt in 2004, Abdel Rassoul worked in publishing for four years, until she switched gears in 2008 to focus on her passion for product design. Her often quirky and offbeat products serve practical purposes, add originality and edge to the space they occupy, and are also designed with a green consciousness, The environmentally friendly side of my products comes from my eight years of working with Greenpeace in Beirut. All of my furniture pieces and accessories are made of recycled materials.

    #1drumstick Tile stickers: These tile stickers are designed to be the same exact size, texture, and shine of bathroom and kitchen tiles to give people the liberty to control the look of their spaces easily and affordably.

    #2drumstick socket Covers: This is from the Islamic collection, the socket covers are sturdy, heavy duty, and handmade.

    #6Tarbouche lamp: The Tarbouche (Fez) has to be one of my favorite clothing items in our cultural wardrobe. So I decided to honor it by blowing it up into the size of a stand lamp and by keeping loyal to the exact dimensions and materials used in your regular Tarbouche.

    dazz bagsFacebook:


  • opening soonat the Dusit

    Dusit Thani LakeView - Cairo, El-Tesseen St., New Cairo Tel.: +202 26140000

  • Kids summer essentials!Summer is here! Are you ready? How about your kids? Its time to stock up on the seasons essentials, like summer shoes, shorts, t-shirts, toys and more. But how to get started? What to get? And where can you find it? Whether youre jetting off somewhere abroad or spending summer in Egypt by the sea, make sure the kids are well equipped. Weve put together an essential list for you to make sure your little ones are sorted for the summer months and beyond!

    By Lydia Schoonderbeek

    24 25


  • By Lydia Schoonderbeek


    H&M - Girls Bib Shorts 199 egP

    H&M - Straw Hat 79 egP

    Ghazl Banat/Mini Melissa - Campana Zig Zag 390 egP

    ZARA - Brocade Pants 219 egP

    ZARA - Striped Flip Flops 149 egP

    Sherwal/ Style Treasure - The Hippie Harems Pant in Citrus 190 egP

    Kids Avenue/Agatha Ruiz De La Prada - Under The Deep Blue Stripe: 530 egP / Cinnamon Hearts Bikini: 470 egP / Blue Rain Stripes: 450 egP

    H&M - Girls Dress 149 egP


  • BOYs

    H&M - Boys Swim Short 49 egP

    Crocs - Boys Crocband Toe Bumper Flip (Navy/Red) 209 egP

    ZARA - Boys Striped Commander T-shirt 89 egP

    Kids Avenues - Beach Rays 400 egP

    Gymboree - Lizard Shortie Two-Piece Pajamas Set 250 egP

    H&M - Boys Shoes 99 egP

    ZARA - Distressed Denim Bermudas With Braces 249 egP

    26 27


    ZARA - Girls Beach Jelly Sandals 149 egP

    ZARA - Boys Tropical Print Bermudas 119 egP

  • H&M - Boys Swim Short 49 egP

    Gymboree - Lizard Shortie Two-Piece Pajamas Set 250 egP


    H&M - Boys UV-protective T-shirt 99 egP



    - Girls F

    lower T-sh

    irt 59


    ZARA - Boys Straw Hat With Ribbon 119 egP

    ZARA - Girls Leopard Print Plimsoll 199 egP

    ZARA - Girls Shorts With Star Belt 169 egP

    ZARA - Girls Beach Jelly Sandals 149 egP

    ZARA - Boys Tropical Print Bermudas 119 egP

    ZARA - Girls Striped Swimsuit 149 egP

    ZARA - Girls Block Color Fisherman Hat 69 egP

    ZARA - Boys Denim Bermudas With Belt 199 egPZARA - Girls Star Print Jumpsuit 199 egPCAIROEASTMAG.COM

  • Kids Avenues/ Envirosax - Beach Bags 150 egP

    Kids Avenues - My Carry Potty 365 egP

    Kids Avenues/Itzy Ritzy - Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag 185 egP

    The Little Shop/The Plush Pad -Portable Changing Matt 250 egP

    The Little Shop/Stacrobats - Magnetic Stacking Acrobats 480 egP

    The Little Shop - 3-in-1 Mini Micro Scooter 975 egP

    The Little Shop - Mini Micro Scooter 700 egP

    The Little Shop/Kushies Swim Diapers 150 egP


    28 29


    Bioderma - Photoderm Kid SPF 50 213 egP

    JUMIA - MV Hedstrom 8632 Trampoline 10 Feet + 8637 Enclosures 3,400 egP

  • Kids Avenues/Itzy Ritzy - Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag 185 egP

    The Little Shop/The Plush Pad -Portable Changing Matt 250 egP

    The Little Shop/Stacrobats - Magnetic Stacking Acrobats 480 egP

    Hedeya - Flip-Up Sunglasses 90 egP

    Hedeya - Giant Trampoline 500 egP

    Hedeya - Dinosaur Twisty Tube 50 egP each

    Bioderma - Photoderm Kid SPF 50 213 egP

    Petit Phyto - Detangling Spray for Children 160 egP

    BunglowH - Olive & Moss Michael the Monkey Blanket 400 egP

    JUMIA - MV Hedstrom 8632 Trampoline 10 Feet + 8637 Enclosures 3,400 egP

    JUMIA - Cool Kids Ck13B Ride on Car 2,444 egP


    Crocs6th of October - Dandy MallAddress: Cairo / Alex RoadTel: 010 122 204 26 6th of October - Mall of ArabiaAddress: Mall of ArabiaTel: 010 122 204 12

    Maadi - Maadi DeglaAddress: St. 233 with St. 199, DeglaTel: 010 122 204 18

    Nasr City - City StarsAddress: City Stars, Phase 2, store 1215Tel: 010 122 204 19

    ghazl banat2nd floor, Degla Shopping Center, 11 Hassan Sabry Street, ZamalekTel: 0111 530 1926

    h&mCity Center - Dandy Mall - City Stars -Downtown Mall

    hedeya13 Nady El Seid St. (Shooting Club Street), Dokki in front of CIB building

    54 El Manial St. (Reception of El Nada Hospital)

    Kids avenueswww.kidsavenues.comTel: 0122 360 1513


    The little shop 11 El Gezira El Wusta St., Zamalek. Tel: 0100 106 0492 Email:

    ZaraCity Center - Mall of Arabia - City Stars



  • 15 SuMMer beauty

    essentials!1. KrasTase elixir ulTime 125ml 325 egPThe secret of magnificent hair is revealed with Krastase Elixir Ultime! Uniquely versatile, this fantastic beautifying treatment enriched with a complex for four precious oils combine to create a luxurious Elixir for all hair types, a legend is born.

    4. baTh & bodY WorKs - CoConuT lime breeZe bodY misT 195 egPBath & Body Works Coconut Lime Breeze Body mist features seriously yummy smelling and shimmer mist. Your new summer scent is in here!

    5. Clarins aFTer sun moisTuriZer ulTra-hYdraTing 460 egPThe ultimate in targeted, post-sun skin care, this moisture-rich cream delivers an intense beauty treatment every time you use it.

    3. bodY shoP long handed bodY brush 149 egP

    Make body brushing a daily habit. Work in long, sweeping motions towards the heart to stimulate circulation,

    eliminate toxins and give you smoother, brighter,

    bikini-ready skin.

    6. lanCasTer sun beauTY Care high ProTeCTion 270 egPThe consistency is more like a lotion than a thick cream. It feels absolutely gorgeous on the skin and isnt sticky and horrible like a lot of sun creams can be. I would use this if I were you... forever!

    2. PhYTo Plage ProTeCTiVe beaCh sPraY 110 egPBefore basking in the sunshine, spritz this water-resistant, lightweight, UV mist over hair to prevent it from drying out and the color from fading.

    7. bodY shoP liP/CheeK sTain 125 egP Cant live without this product. I use it daily in the summer.

    By Lydia Schoonderbeek


    30 31

  • 10. rimmel sCandal eYes masCara 112 egPMascara doesnt know when to stop. With Rimmels oversized brush and innovative formula, be prepared to say hello to lashes you never knew you had.

    8. Palmers CoCoa buTTer Formula 24 egPCocoa Butter, helps smooth and blend unattractive marks, scars and tones skin. An excellent all-over-the-body moisturizer and after tanning butter.

    9. bodY shoP buTTer - mango 170 egP I am a huge fan of The Body Shops body butters, Ive been using them for years, and I wanted to share one of my favourites with you! Hello summer mangoes.

    13. guerlain TerraCoTTa sun sCrub Tan-enhanCing sCrub FaCe and bodY 475 egPThis luscious exfoliator nourishes, smoothes, and exfoliates the skin. An oily gel formula moisturizes dry skin and leaves a subtle scent of a tropical escape.

    12. guerlain TerraCoTTa bronZing PoWder 375 egPThe mythical Terracotta bronzing ultra natural, luminous and sun kissed with a moisturizing and long lasting effect.

    15. Flora bY guCCi gorgeous gardenia PerFume 860 egPIf you could capture summer in a bottle, it would surely smell like this. Flora by Gucci in Gorgeous Gardenia is a sparkling, floral fragrance with a hint of fruit that evokes the scent of lazy summer days in the English countryside.

    11. rimmel hide The blemish ConCealer 77 egPCamouflage any imperfection with this concealer stick by Rimmel.

    all products are available at:Major pharmacies (Ezzaby, Hindam & Seif)

    Faces: Maadi-City Centre, Nasr City-City Stars, Mall of Arabia-6th of OctoberBody Shop: Maadi-City Centre, Nasr City-City Stars

    Bath & Body Works: Maadi-City Centre & Nasr City-City Stars

    14. Clarins ToniC Firming TreaTmenT oil 275 egPApplied either directly onto damp skin or mixed in with body lotion, this invigorating mix of pure essential and natural oils really works to de-puff and tone.


  • ThE gREAT ouTdooR sElEcTIoNThe Best of Summer 2013 Trends

    Whether you are blessed with a rambling estate, a pocket-handkerchief-sized back yard, a roof terrace or even the tiniest balcony, summer is the season for getting outdoors and making the most of sunny days, and balmy evening breezes. So, you wonder, how can you transform your space into a personal nirvana?

    By Hilary Diack

    Brank Boskke Sky Gardens from Wild Green: EGP 300-400


    32 33

  • Brank Boskke Sky Gardens from Wild Green: EGP 300-400 Cairo East Magazine to the rescue, we have tracked down some great items to help you breathe new life into your outdoor space. We love the new wall gardens that seem to be a hot trend these days, they are a great way to transform even the most cramped areas. Available from Wild green, this is the opportunity for inner city dwellers to discover their green thumb! For less enterprising souls the huge spherical and geometric planters we found at Jawhara and Wild green would give an instant edge of sophistication to any space.

    Styles this year range from basic neutrals, (white and natural canvas still hold their place in our hearts), to funky and ethnic pieces that have bowled us over with their originality and pizzazz. There is something out there for all tastes and budgets.


    Wild Green

    Green Walls available at Wild Green: Prices on request

    Plant pots available at Wild Green: Prices available on request

    Jawhara: From EGP 680


    34 35


    Chairs by emu, available at alchemy in bold basic colors have a retro appeal, and are built for comfort and durability. We also love their pergola and loungers for pool-side chilling. geneena, part of the alamein group, have some delightfully basic natural canvas deck chairs, easy to fold away and absolutely timeless. Their wooden storage box is a practical gem, a place to keep cushions when not in use, doubling as a handy seat, all in one an attractive package. Kian also has a similar storage solution, in a woven rattan effect.

    Chairs By EMU - at Alchemy: EGP 1,320

    Pergola by EMU at Alchemy: EGP 20,000

  • Chairs By EMU - at Alchemy: EGP 1,320

    ethnic Pieces

    Jawhara inspired us with her signature ethnic pieces, we fell in love with her bar stools, solid and comfortable for even the most ample derrires. Who would guess that the design dates back to the 1920s? Browsing through a collection of massive wooden day beds, weaving tables and chairs we came across a simple seat, understated in style, but vibrant with bold stripes that make an eclectic statement. Dare to stand out from the crowd! Her range of cushions and throws in riotous jewel-like tones are perfect for spicing up any corner that needs a punch of energy. Prices for these range from 120 EGP upwards, so you can create a contemporary look without breaking the bank.

    Bar stools by Jawhara: EGP 1,600

    Hand-painted Bench from Jawhara: EGP 6,000 approx.


  • shade lovers

    If swinging is your thing, a hammock is a garden must, the best we found was at Kian. Supported by a sturdy wooden frame it can be placed in the perfect shady spot, and can easily be moved around to your hearts content. For garden umbrellas you really dont need to look much further than Tagourys house, they have a huge range in all sizes, shapes and colors. daghash is also worth a visit, not only for umbrellas, but also their large variety of tents and pergolas, just what is needed for some vital shade when you throw a garden party to remember.

    Kian 2,900 EGP


    46 4736 37

    Chairs By EMU - at Alchemy: Prices available on request

  • Chairs By EMU - at Alchemy: Prices available on request


    Top Tip

    For beanbags we think that Ticas is hard to beat, they have bright, practical bags in a selection of styles and sizes that would stand up to all the rough and tumble your kids can throw at them. A handy hint, they have some rath-er nice monogrammed towels and robes as well, perfect for an after-noons poolside relaxation.

    Strapped for cash? A great way to re-invent your garden seating is as easy as a quick coat of paint or wood stain, and a few meters of fabulous fabric from the Print shop. Cover drab or tired seat cushions with some of their up-to-the minute designs, and if you are brave enough, mix and match as well. Fabric starts from EGP 40 a meter, it is amazing how quickly and inexpensively you can turn your old tat into a design delight.

    Bean Bag by Ticas EGP 450


    alchemy design studioAddress: 15A, Road 6 Maadi,Cairo- EgyptTel: 02 2751 4137Fax: 02 2359 7774Website:

    greenlineAddress: Shop S128, Km.38 Cairo / Alex. Desert Road., DesignopolisTel: 02 3345 4630/0100 049 606Website:

    KianCity Stars, Dandy Mall, Mall of Arabia and moreHead Office Tel: 02 2735 5758

    JawharaTel: 0122 313 7649

    Tagourys houseAddress: 5 Orouba St, Next to Baron Palace, HeliopolisTel: 02 2415 3179 2417 8914 2414 3720Website:

    Ticas - The nestAddress: 17 Abdel Moneim Riad, MohandeseenFacebook: 02 3336 9477

    Print shopAddress: New Maadi 11/2 El-Nasr St.Tel: 02 2754 7452 ( Several Branches)Website:

    Wild greenAddress: 4 El Sheikh El Marsfi St, Zamalek 11211Tel: 02 2736 0770Mob: 0122 315 5051Email: niazi@wildgreenco.comWebsite:

  • Winner of the Cairo East Magazine Art Competition, Farah Wali shares her work with us, as we learn more about her art, her method, and her cover-winning artwork.

    Born in 1995, Farah Wali exhibited artistic tendencies from a young age. Wali spent the first half of her life in the U.A.E, and upon moving to Egypt, began exploring her talents through several different art forms like dance, fashion design, and mixed media art.

    Wali is mainly interested in the manipulation of everyday, recycled, materials; her art is based on weaving unconventional elements thereby producing striking and controversial pieces that nevertheless, always convey a personal message. Defying the obstacles presented to her by her young age, and the challenge of proving herself amidst the competitive and maturing Egyptian art scene, Farah still succeeded in presenting her work in the prestigious Youth Salon 2012 at the Cairo Opera House as the youngest artist of only 17.

    Walis work successfully marries traditional artistic technique with experimental methods and unconventional ideas. Wali credits her art education for her constant self-challenging. She studied things like Higher Level Art and Design while obtaining her International Baccalaureate, and took a vigorous summer course in Fashion Design at the renowned Polimoda University in Florence, Italy; alongside having a vested interest in drawing inspiration from artists on the fringe such as Scott Blake, Nick Gentry, and Zac Freeman.

    The cover-winning artwork is called, Care To Explain? and Wali dedicates it to her art mentor and teacher at the British International School, Peter Jenkinson, as well as to her sister, Ghada Wali.

    Farah waliCover-art winner

    38 39


    Re-charge me 2011 Re-charging/top up cards and acrylics

    Stop and Stare 2012 Video Cassettes, Mod Rock, newspaper, tape and acrylics

    POP Code 2012 Acrylics, stencils and block printing ink

    Scream my value 2012 Price tags, tissues, tape and acrylics

    Am I still here? 2013 Pencil on newspaper

    A-symmetrical 2012 Cloth, balloons, safety pins, and feathers

    Bits and pieces of me 2013 Sellotape, cling film and magazines

  • Bits and pieces of me 2013 Sellotape, cling film and magazines

    Call 16116

    Emaar Misr Sales Centers: Uptown Cairo | Heliopolis: 40, Thawra St. Mohandiseen: 16, Ministry of Agriculture St. (Beginning of El Batal Ahmed Abdel-Aziz St.)

    For more information visit:

    6 Year payment plan without interest - Select your unit now and move into your new home this summer.

    Marassi... A One of a Kind ExperienceExperience the enchantment of Marassi's 6.5km beachfront along the Mediterranean, where the sea, sand & sun create vistas of exquisite beauty. In Marassi you live in a natural environment, with all the comforts of modern life. With its extraordinary fusion of beaches, greenery and lagoons and unique cosmopolitan ambiance, Marassi is truly somewhere else.

    Hundreds of families moved into their new homes since 2010 and now enjoy an array of world-class facilities and services alongside the natural beauty of this one of a kind destination.

    Beach Clubhouse

    Golf Course & Academy



    Marassi Beach












    Feeding Party Health Play Time Gear Rooms Clothes School

    C o n t a c t U s : I n f o @ k i d s a v e n u e s . c o m 0 1 2 2 3 6 0 1 5 1 3

    F o l l o w U s : @ k i d s a v e n u e s L i k e U s : K i d s A v e n u e sGolden Award Winner For The Best Website In The Pan Arab Region

    Featuring More Than 100 Brands



    42 43



    Exams are over, bringing the school year to a close. This means your children are left with a great deal of leisure time to spend on their favorite activity, or perhaps to spend learning something new, or even both! Cairo East Magazine has compiled some of the best summer activities Cairo has to offer, on the east and west sides of town, making for an unforgettable summer for you and your children!

    West side

    adrenalin Park

    One of the most exciting activities for your kids this summer! It promises an active and exhilarating day. Located opposite Beverly Hills, Adrenalin Park has three different fields and is renowned as Egypts biggest paintball field.Address: 4,5 Km along Agyadd St., after Juhayna Square (Beverly Hills direction) then left in Gate 1, 6th Oct Agrico, then 3rd St on the left.

    Facebook page: Adrenalin Paintball, EgyptReservation & Inquiries: 01110014177 / 01225001008info@adrenalinegypt.comWebsite:

    billy beez

    Billy Beez is an indoor soft-play adventure park for children themed around honeybees that live in the rainforest. With colorful murals, three dimensional thematic elements and giant play structures built around a maze of dizzyingly high and wildly twisting slides. Your children will experience dozens of activities inside the center that encourage physical, mental and social development through play while challenging themselves physically and getting the exercise they need to be healthy.

    Juhaina Sq.6th Of October, GizaInside Mall Of ArabiaTel: +202 38210500 / 38210391Website:

    busy bees

    Busy Bees preschool promises a unique experience for your children this summer. For children aged 2 to 9 years old, the program promotes adventure and exploration with fun and engaging activities. With the collaboration of Stars Tennis Academy and Zumb Atomic, your children are sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

    Karma 2 Mall, Sheikh Zayed, Entrance 1, 6th of October CityTel: +23851 8538 & 010 189 44 220Email:

    hewaya art Center

    With a vast green area also available for birthdays and parties, Hewaya Art Center will be back this summer with a program full of fun and engaging activities centering around arts and crafts and integrating them into fun activities such as stories, music and dancing.

    Tara Compound, Sheikh Zayed St.,Entrance one, Hyper OneTel: +02 38504601 & 0100 1031870Website:

    By Soraia Zohdi

    Adrenalin Park

  • Kidzone academy

    With qualified English and French teachers, KidZone is an international Montessori nursery designed to help children reach their fullest potential in a nurturing and simulating environment. With a spacious outdoor area and a swimming pool, children will learn while having fun through both outdoor and indoor activities this summer centering around time travel. Children aged 2 to 8 years will go on an exciting journey exploring different cultures, food and arts of our time. Transportation is also available.

    190 Sameh Gado St., 6th Touristic Zone In Front of Entrance 2, 6th of October Mall of ArabiaTel: +20 38250 719, 0102 0769 222 & 0102 0769 333

    The little gym

    With professionally developed, non-competitive programs at The Little Gym, students learn at an age-appropriate pace while fostering enhanced emotional, intellectual and social skills. With such an ideal atmosphere in which to learn, children are surely to have a great time, make new friends, as well as participate in gymnastics, dance and more. They are also running a great Summer Camp with a fun-packed program, from June 9th to August 23rd.

    Arkan Mall, 2nd exit, Sheikh ZayedMob: 0111 1115 702 & 0111 0102 803Website:

    east side

    aFCa for arts and Culture

    This summer at AFCA for Arts and Culture, your children will go on an adventurous journey exploring one of the most beloved and enduring of Jules Vernes novels of imaginative escapades, Around the World in 80 Days. For children aged from 4 to 12, the activities include theater, visual arts, singing and cooking and more. Not to mention a mini-camp of two days in the North Coast.

    27 Mohamed Youssef El Kadi St., Mirghany, HeliopolisTel: +2 02 2415 65 02 & +2 0122 467 34 35E-mail: info@afca-arts.comWebsite:

    auC school of Continuing education

    The Youth Summer Program offers educational, recreational and cultural programs for young learners aged 6-15 years old enrolled in grades from first primary to first secondary. The programs are annual in June and July at both the New Cairo and the Heliopolis facility. They offer a wide variety of activities that include Model United Nations, Seven Habits for Teenagers, theater, sports and dance and are offered according to age and location.

    AUC New CairoDr. and Mrs. Elias Hebeka BuildingEntrance Gate 1 (Visitors Gate)

    Heliopolis Facility2B El-Khalifa El-Hadi St., off El-Emam Ali St., (near Ismailia Square), Heliopolis AUC Tahrir Square24 El Falaki St.,Bab El Louk,

    Hotline: 16723Website:

    JW marriott

    If you want to experience the sea in the city, then JW Marriott will not disappoint you or your children! With a sandy shore and a wave pool surrounded by cliff-like rock fixtures and a sloping, sand-covered landscape makes the scenario complete.

    Ring Road, Mirage City, HeliopolisTel: 02 24115588Website:

    The Little Gym

    JW Marriott wave pool



    44 45

    Play school

    An international nursery integrating the renowned Montessori approach has a vast range of activities ready for your children this summer. From cooking where children will experience preparing their own food to pottery and science experiments as well as sports and Olympics events.

    6/12 Third District 5th Settlement New CairoMob: 01000231333 & 01000232333 Website: Email:

    sarahs Kindergarten (Treasure island)

    A German and English kindergarten based in Maadi focusing on the Montessori methods and learning through play as well as increasing and enhancing the childs social skills. Their curriculum includes learning by doing, touching, smelling and hearing, and is given by native speaking instructors. Their summer camp is for children aging from 5 to 7 years old and includes craft activities as well as sports, storytelling, science projects and music-based activities. Villa 3, Street 1, MaadiTel: +2 23801881 & 0100 6217819Email: Website:

    xd dark ride

    One of the worlds fastest targeting systems, XD Dark Ride promises a one in a lifetime experience with its real time 3D stereoscopic graphics and 360 Surround sound environment providing the best immersive experience. This interactive experience for a group of up to eight players in a private theatre takes game-playing to a whole new level.

    InterContinental Cairo CityStarsOm Ibn El Khattab St., Off El Nasr RoadHeliopolis, CairoTel: 02-24800100

    nutty scientists

    The European leader in fun educational activities for children 4 to 12 years old and one of the first of its kind in Egypt, Nutty Scientists bases its activities on real hands-on experience, teaching science as well as environmental and health issues in a different, entertaining and leisurely way.

    The Science Museum, Building 8, Square # 1169, Sheraton Buildings, HeliopolisMob: 0114 5332 288 & 011 2323 9999Email: ns@cdf-egypt.comWebsite:

    ClC nursery and Preschool

    An award winning life skills program aiming at nourishing your child psychologically and culturally, it is designed and revised by Dr. Mona Youssri. The program is offered to children ages 4 to 10 years old and will give children the basic knowledge and skills they need to increase self-responsibility and to reach their full potential. With activities such as creative writing, drama and trips, your children will develop self-esteem and self-responsibility as well as a lifetime enthusiasm for learning.

    Maadi Branch: 14 Al Sharifa Dina St., Maadi Mob: 01000 31 32 33 & 01000 16 15 484

    5th Settlement Branch: Villa 161, Choueifat/Akhnaton intersection, New Cairo Mob: 0166 547 132 & 0100 666 0829 Website:

    Play School

    Sarahs Kindergarten (Treasure Island)

    CLC Nursery and Preschool

  • CLC Nursery and Preschool

  • english language & Tennis - london, united Kingdom

    Perfect for girls and boys aged 8 to 18 years who are passionate about tennis and who want to improve their English language skills.Venue: Bradfield College near LondonAges: 8 - 18, girls and boysExcursions: 1. Wimbledon Stadium Tour & 2. The Royal Tennis Courts and Hampton Court Palace 3. London Tour (excursions are subject to availability and may change due to circumstances beyond our control)Dates: July 7th 20th/ July 21st- August 3rd

    Abroad For Kids

    ummer is here with nearly two monthsoff during the hottest time of the year.Attending a camp is a great way forchildren to get outside and enjoy the

    fresh air, while learning new skills and mingling with kids outside their immediate circle. Its a growing experience that will make children better grown-ups one day, with brighter memories of their school holidays.

    SBy Lydia Schoonderbeek

    Medi Travel -LIBERTY EGYPTOutbound and Luxury Travelling1 Mohamed Khairy St. ( off Wadi El Nil ), Mohandessin , Giza Phone: 02 330 37789, 334 47611, 334 73974 Fax: 02 330 52310

    Summer Camps

    english language & academy of Creative arts - london, united Kingdom

    A chance for students to develop English language learning alongside high-quality arts and performing arts experiences.Venue: Bradfield College near LondonAges: 12 to 17, girls and boysExcursions: 1. Harry Potter Studio Tour & 2. Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeares birth place 3. London South Bank + ticket to The Lion King (excursions are subject to availability and may change due to circumstances beyond our control)Dates: July 7th 20th/ July 21st- August 3rd / August 4th- 17th


    46 47

  • let your kids experience the international soccer Camp of a lifetime:manchester united soccer schools in england

    Manchester United Soccer Schools in England, 5 nights accommodation in Manchester United Soccer Schools on full board basis. A coaching program delivered by Manchester United Soccer Schools trained, UEFA qualified coaches using the -Manchester United Soccer Schools development model.Venue: Manchester United Soccer SchoolsLocation: Denstone College (Closest Airport: Manchester then Heathrow)Ages: 08-18 yearsExcursions: Visit to Old Trafford, including Megastore

    Groups:Juniors: 8-11 year olds, boys onlySenior: 12-16 year olds, boys onlyYouth: 17-18 year olds, boys only

    Girls: 8-16 year old, girls only

    Camp Dates at Denstone College: 1100.00 07 July to 12 July 14 July to 19 July 21 July to 26 July 28 July to 02 August 04 August to 09 August 11 August to 16 August 18 August to 23 August

    Weekend stay (5 nights + 2 nights) Transport back to Denstone College from Old Trafford after the presentation on Friday 2 nights accommodation for the Friday and Saturday nights 3 meals each day A trip to a local adventure park (Alton Towers) on the Saturday 24 hour supervision by camp staff. The cost of the weekend stay is 245 per player.

    germany - Klub group adventure 8 days/7nights

    For the first time, a camp in the heart ofGermany! This European Camp is a very specialone, with a lake and a boathouse on-site allowinga numerous number of water sports and fun. Thesurroundings will surely impress you, withgreenery and mountains all around.

    Age: 12-16 yearsRate: starting from EGP 12,400 per person (Excluding airline taxes, approximately EGP 1,785 per person)

    Package Include: Accommodation on full board basis. Round trip economy class airline ticket on EgyptAir. Round trip transfers from and to Frankfurt Airport.Sports, leisure program, Arts, crafts, and entertainment. Visit to Movie Park Amusement park and shopping trip. Complimentary CIB Thomas Cook Prepaid Master Card.

    Thomas CookCall:

    Medi Travel -LIBERTY EGYPTOutbound and Luxury Travelling1 Mohamed Khairy St. ( off Wadi El Nil ), Mohandessin , Giza Phone: 02 330 37789, 334 47611, 334 73974 Fax: 02 330 52310


  • spain (amposta) - Klub group adventure 8days/7 nights

    Hola.. Its time to go to a Spanish Camp!This special camp has the privilege of beautifulbeaches nearby where you can enjoy watersports, water games, and mingle with the locals!Not only that, but you will have the chance to visitthe dream city of Barcelona, and do some shopping.

    Age: 10-17 yearsRate starting from EGP 13,300 per person (Excluding airline taxes, approximately EGP 1,450 per person)Package Include: Accommodation on full board basis. Round trip economy class airline ticket on EgyptAir. Round trip transfers from and to Barcelona Airport. Language classes, Sports, leisure program, Arts, crafts, and entertainment. A trip to the city of Barcelona. Complimentary CIB Thomas Cook Prepaid Master Card.

    usa - Teens Program orlando & miami 13days/12 nights

    You can finally send your kids on a USA trip! And guess what? You can send them to two of the most fun cities for teens; Orlando and Miami. With a full program every day as shown below, they will see and enjoy all the major attractions that theyhave always dreamt of visiting, like Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Miami beach. Besides having meals in a different place every day and shopping in more than one mall inthe USA, the capital of shopping!

    Age: 14-18 yearsRate starting from EGP 25,200 per person (Excluding airline taxes, approximately EGP 4,515 per person)Package Include: 6 nights accommodation in Orlando at Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort 3*. 6 nights accommodation in Miami at Comfort Suite Hotel 3*. Accommodation is based on full board basis.Round-trip economy class airline ticket on Lufthansa. Round-trip transfers from and to Airports. Transfer from Orlando to Miami by bus. Visits in Orlando: Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios Orlando, The Mall at Millenia. Visits in Miami: Everglades National Park (including air boats, kayaking, canoeing), Sawgrass Mall, Coconut Grove, Bayside shopping. Complimentary CIB Thomas Cook Prepaid Master Card. (for more details please check our home page) Travel insurance coverage for the package duration. (classic coverage)Terms and Conditions apply

    Thomas CookCall:

    48 49


  • The First Mall, 35 Giza street, Four Seasons Hotel at the First Residence, Cairo, Egypt Tel: 202-35717806/3

    The First Mall @firstmall

    The First Mall Cairo offers over 300 international brands.



    50 51

    for the SummerTravel Packages

    Local and AbroadBali 7 nights/ 8 days Package for 2 adults 2 economy class tickets 2 adults Accommodation at 4 * hotel based on 7

    nights on Bed and Breakfast . Total for the whole package EGP 17,500

    Packages Abroad:

    Phuket 7 nights/ 8 days Package for 2 adults 2 economy class tickets 2 adults Accommodation at 4 * hotel based on 7

    nights on Bed and Breakfast . Total for the whole package EGP 14,500

    London 7 nights/ 8 days Package for 2 adults 2 economy class tickets 2 adults Accommodation at 4 * hotel based on 7

    nights on Bed and Breakfast . Total for the whole package EGP 13,500




    medi Travel

    medi Travel

    medi Travel


    Greece 5 Nights/ 6 days Package for 2 adults 2 economy class tickets 2 adults Accommodation at 4 * hotel based on 5 nights on Bed and Breakfast . Total for the whole package EGP 12,500

    Istanbul 7 nights/ 8 daysEnjoy with us to spend a full week in Istanbul the following comprehensive

    The accommodation of 8 days Including breakfast and transfers Airline ticket round trip A trip to the Bosphorus Strait



    Phuket 7 nights/ 8 days Package for 2 adults 2 economy class tickets 2 adults Accommodation at 4 * hotel based on 7

    nights on Bed and Breakfast . Total for the whole package EGP 14,500

    Antalya 7 nights/ 8 days It is time to relax and spend a wonderful vacation. A full week of fun.

    The establishment of 8 days Comprehensive breakfast and dinner Comprehensive transfer Airline ticket to go and return A trip to arch Falls

    DOTC Travelwww.dotctravel.comBooking Now0111009500601122988779

    Medi Travel 1 Mohamed Khairy St. (off Wadi El Nil), Mohandessin, Giza Phone: +(202) 330 37789, 334 47611, 334 73974, 0122 188 5317

    medi Travel

    medi Travel

    doTC Travel

    doTC Travel




    52 53

    3. Kempinski Soma BayDates: 15 May - 30 September 2013 (Excluding the period from 07 August - 10 August 2013)Lagoon View Room: Single at EGP 1,000 / Double at EGP 1,200Sea View Room: Single at EGP 1,200 / Double at EGP 1,400

    1. Breakers Soma BayBeginner Course (Level 1+2 2 days): 270,00

    Promoter Course (Level 3+4 2 days): 270,00

    Package: Kitesurfer in 4 Days (Levels 1 - 4) plus 2 days rental afterwards for practicing: 590,00

    Egyptians and expats can pay in either Euros or EGP

    2. La Residence Des Cascades Soma Bay From EGP 400.00 per person in a double room per night

    Package Includes:

    Buffet breakfast & dinner. Free pick up and drop from/to Hurghada airport. Free upgrade to front Sea View room. Free usage of the heated Jacuzzi, Sauna and Gym. Early check in and late checkout, till 16:00. 10 % discount on A La Carte Spa and Thalasso

    treatments. All children under the age of 7 are free of charge. All children from 7 till 12 will be charged EGP 110 per


    Maximum two children sharing parents room / Baby cots available on request.

    Soft All Inclusive supplement is EGP 250.00 per person. Children from 7 till 12 supplement EGP 100.00 per night.

    Single room rate starting from EGP 640.00 per room per night.

    Rate is valid till September 30th, 2013, supplement of EGP 300 per person will be applied during the official and religious vacations.

    For reservations call +2065-3562600 Email:


    Local Packages:

    soma bay



    Valid till 30/09/13

    From 26/05/13 till 05/08/13 From 01/09/13 till 30/09/13 Single: EGP 700/night P/P in Double: EGP 450/night P/P in Triple: EGP 410/night

    From 06/08/13 till 30/08/2013Single: EGP 1,120/nightP/P in Double: EGP 700/nightP/P in Triple: EGP 660/night

    The rates are for standard rooms on half board basis, inclusive of 12% service charge, and 10% sales tax. In case the government increases or ap-ply additional taxes, the hotel reserves the right to add the new taxes without prior notice.

    Include unlimited free mineral water at every outlet as well as free tea & coffee tray in the room.

    Direct Sea View Room Supplement: EGP 300 per room per night

    Executive Suite Supplement: EGP 1,000 per suite per night on top of standard room rate

    Beach Front Suite Supplement: EGP 2,000 per suite per night on top of standard room rate

    Royal Suite Supplement: EGP 4,000 per suite per night on top of standard room rate

    New Soma Beach Villas Supplement: EGP 2,500 per suite per night on top of standard room rate

    The Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge:Tel: +20 653 562 641 Website:

    Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay Safaga, Red Sea Tel: +20 65 3561500Website:

    Sheraton Soma Bay ResortHurghada Red Sea Egypt Tel: +2 065 356 258 4/9 Website:

    5. The Family Vacation The Family Vacation by Hyatt is alive and well with an offer that makes it easier than ever to experience everything youve always loved about getting away together.

    Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Full Board 495 EGPper person per night

    Hyatt Regency Taba HeightsFull Board 250 EGPper person per night

    Offer valid from 8 June 2013 to 8 July 2013. Reservations subject to availability and must be made in advance. Offer may not be combined with other promotional offers.

    Rate is per person per night; based on double occupancy including tax and breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets along with soft drinks during meals. Additional charges apply to room-type upgrades.

    sharm el sheikh

    Taba Heights

  • From Sleep Walking to

    insomniaExploring Sleep Disorders with Dr. Shahira Loza

    By Hilary Diack



    Sleep difficulties have become a common syndrome that ails modern society. Rather than simply suggesting counting sheep when sleep evades you Cairo East Magazine went to the countrys leading expert on sleep disorders to learn how to get that much needed deep nights sleep.


    54 55

  • From Sleep Walking to


    r. Shahira Fathi Loza received her MB BCh from Cairo University Medical School in 1979 and started basic training in Psychiatry at the Behman Hospital after graduating. During this time she received her Diploma in Psychiatry and Neurology. In 1996 her interest in Sleep Medicine led her to further her studies at the

    Cleveland Clinic, Ohio and Stanford, California. In 1997 she successfully completed the course of Sleep Medicine at Stanford School of Sleep Medicine and received the Diploma of Sleep Medicine from French University, Montpellier, France. Currently, Dr. Loza holds the position of Director of the Cairo Center for Sleep Disorders and the Neurophysiology unit at the Behman Hospital.

    Cem: an increasing number of people seem to be experiencing sleep disorders, what do you attribute this to?

    sl: Recently, a lot of this can be attributed to the invasion of technology and change of our lifestyles. People often have to work varying shifts, suffer jet-lag from high levels of travel, and of course, our growing addiction to computers, Internet surfing, and television. These stimulate our senses, especially late at night when our bodies should be winding down. We also have anxiety and stress, but these have always been issues to contend with.

    how would you classify and describe the main types of sleep disorders?

    Although this is a relatively new speciality, there are actually 84 various disorders that have been identified. The main characteristics are defined as sleeping too little (insomnia), sleeping too much (hypersomnia), or experiencing disturbances and abnormal activity like sleepwalking.

    What causes the various sleep disorders?

    Though most causes of insomnia are due to psychological causes, 90% of excessive sleepiness is caused by organic or medical problems. The most common are sleep related breathing disorders, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, where the patient has respiratory pauses lasting for 10 seconds or longer followed by loud snoring. The cause is a mechanical obstruction in the upper airway that only occurs during sleep. Typically, patients are unaware of these pauses and snoring, symptoms reported are excessive daytime sleepiness, irritability, and associated hypertension among others.

    There can also be a disturbance to the natural Circadian rhythm, (Circa = approximate, dian= 24 hrs). The Circadian rhythm, present in humans and most other animals, is an internal clock that is synchronized to light-dark cycles and other cues in an organisms environment. This internal clock accounts for waking up at the same time every day even without an alarm clock. It is important to note that Circadian rhythms can be disrupted by external causes such as jet lag or working night shifts and physiological causes such as age related rhythm disorders.

    Strange things that can occur during sleep are called parasomnias of which somnambulism, or sleepwalking and nightmares are the most common. The first occurs during deep sleep, the latter occurs during Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM sleep) of the sleep cycle, and a person can actually carry out quite normal routine activities. Sleep walking episodes can range from around a minute up to half an hour or more, and the sleepwalker rarely has any memory of what happened. It tends to be more prevalent in children, but decreases with entry into adolescence. It is important to keep any objects that could cause harm well locked away if you have a child with this condition. As sleep deprivation can exacerbate this it is important to ensure that the sufferer gets enough quality rest. Nightmares are usually associated with psychological problems.

    Allowing too much light in your surroundings when you need to get to sleep is another factor in creating insomnia. Hypersomnia, or excessive sleeping, is a condition that presents another set of problems, the inability to stay awake during normal waking hours can be dangerous, especially when driving or using machinery, apart from the general inconvenience of dropping off unexpectedly.



  • dr. shahira Fathy loza, mb bCh, dPm&nAddress: The Behman Hospital, 32 El-Marsad St., HelwanTel: 02 2555 7551 2555 9602 - 2555 7894 - 2555 9603Website: www.behman.comEmail:

    how do you conduct tests for disorders?

    We use a sleep lab, basically a laboratory where the patient spends the night. We closely monitor brain activity, breathing, heart rate and any muscular movements. This gives us insight into probable causes, so we can decide how to proceed with treatment.

    What is the normal healthy pattern of sleep, or does this have a natural and acceptable variation?

    This is often influenced by genetic factors; number of hours required can range between 5-11 hours, although 8 hours is the average. Your body should let you know; when you have had enough you should wake up feeling rested. As you age you may experience a condition known as greying of sleep, wanting to go to bed earlier, and waking up at dawn, more in line with natural light patterns actually.

    Sleep normally occurs in four stages, repeated in cycles throughout the night. Starting with the transition phase, the lightest stage of sleep, where you feel yourself drifting off. It is typically 5 to 10 minutes, just enough to allow your body to slow down and your muscles to relax. The second stage of sleep is still considered light sleep. Your brain activity starts to slow down, as well as your heart rate and breathing. Your body temperature falls a little and youre beginning to reach a state of total relaxation in preparation for the deeper sleep to come.

    This is followed by the start of deep sleep, also known as slow wave sleep. During stage 3, your brain waves are slow Delta Waves. This is when you experience your deepest sleep of the night and its difficult to wake someone up. Stage 3 occurs in cycles, almost 20% of the total sleep time, the deep sleep of the first cycle being the longest. This is the time when the body does most of its repair work and regeneration.

    The fourth stage is referred to as Paradoxical Sleep or REM sleep, which stands for the rapid eye movements that characterize it. During REM sleep, your blood flow, breathing, and brain activity increases. It is the stage during which we dream. An EEG would show that your brain is about as active as it is when youre awake. Another aspect of REM sleep is that the muscles of the body loosen to the point where they are almost paralysed. Scientists theorize that this may be natures way of protecting us from acting out our dreams.

    The first period of REM sleep of the night usually begins about 90 minutes after you start drifting off, and lasts for about a few minutes. As the night passes, the periods of REM sleep become longer.

    What issues can impact normal sleep?

    Pain is a factor, as well as heart problems, or digestive reflux. You should avoid eating heavy or spicy food late at night, but equally, going to bed on an empty stomach can keep you awake as well. Fruit or dairy products are light and digestible. Stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine, alcohol and even chocolate can cause insomnia. The current trend of working out in the gym in the evenings is one culprit; it increases the adrenalin in the system, which then takes time to wind down. And I must mention that addiction to television and Internet until late at night affects normal sleep. This amount of light and mental activity keeps the brain alert, just when it needs to relax.

    how can disorders be treated?

    We must conduct a full study, looking at family history, life-style, physical examination and lab tests with polysomnography, before making our diagnosis. We recommend behavioural and life-style changes, along with surgery or treatment with medications in cases that require further steps.

    do you see an increase in people turning to medication for sleep disorders?

    Unfortunately yes, and people must be aware of the dangers especially with self-medicating. Sleeping pills should only be used under close medical supervision. As people become more aware that there are other ways of approaching the problem, hopefully we will see less use, and even abuse of these medications.

    What natural methods can be used to improve sleep?

    It is a great help if you can maintain a regular schedule, with small meals at specific times. Try to sleep and wake at the same time each day, rather than pushing yourself during the week then catching up on week-ends. Even with the hectic lives we lead at times these simple steps can make all the difference.


    56 57

  • The Feel Good FactorMind Body Greenre tasks and responsibilities piling up on top of you? Do you feel drained and out of sorts? It can help to go online and seek tips and advice on how to get back on track.

    There is no end of information out there, but it can take some sifting through. To make things easier Cairo East Magazine now dedicates a monthly page to the best website links we have found to help you maintain your physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

    One of our favourite websites has to be Mind Body Green, they have a great selection of topics each day covering Happiness, Relationships, Meditation, Personal Growth, Yoga, Recipes, Body Image, Healing, Superfoods, Weight Loss, Beauty and Home.

    Our staff picks of the best of recent posts include:

    To read the full articles please go to their website you will find a treasure trove of wonderful information to enhance your life.

    Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Words, Change your Life! By Trevor BlakeMost of us can recall a time when we were feeling perfectly fine, and then a colleague at work says, Are you feeling okay? You look tired. Suddenly, you see an image of yourself with bags under your eyes. You remember that you went to bed late last night, and although you had not felt tired until this moment, it makes sense that you should. Very quickly, those thoughts change into their material equivalent: your shoulders droop and you feel exhausted. The words you say to yourself and others, as well as those you hear, generate thoughts, and these are quickly transformed into behaviour patterns and emotional states. Here are seven ways to use your own words to generate positive outcomes. (The remainder of the post is available online).

    Dont Get Sucked into a Negativity Whirlpool! By Aimee HoeflerNegativity is like a whirlpool: itll spin you around and around. If you dont have the strength to get out, you get sucked down with it. When this happens, its time to find the power in positivity. This doesnt mean being naive or ignoring issues that need your serious attention. It means re-focusing your energy on finding the good within a situation. Heres how! (The remainder of the post is available online)..

    Five Foods to Promote Detoxification in Your Body. By Margaret WertheimWere all exposed to many environmental toxins on a daily basisfrom the air we breathe, food we eat, and water we drinkto the products we put on our bodies and in our homes. To achieve optimal health, its best to limit your exposure to toxins and to eat foods to strengthen your bodys detoxification pathways. Research suggests that these foods may help support liver detoxification by altering levels of liver enzymes involved in deactivating and clearing toxic compounds from your body. (The remainder of the post is available online).

    ABy Hilary Diack


  • Getting it Right!Lebanese Dining at Tamara

    By Hilary Diack


    58 59

  • labneh TamTam:


    (Recipe makes 6 servings)

    5 liters of milk50 grams of salt


    1. Blend the milk and salt and stir them in a cloth bag. 2. Preserve the mix in the bag for a day3. Roll the mix into small balls and make a rounded indentation in the center of each ball 4. Fill each indentation with some green thyme

    Garnish the plate with some cherry tomatoes, black olives and olive oil.

    ChiCKen liVer WiTh PomegranaTe diP: ingredients:

    20 grams of chicken liver (make sure you wash it)3 spoons of pomegranate dip2 grams white flour 1 bay leaf chili pepper green chili pepper


    1. Fry the chicken liver over high heat 2. Add chili pepper, 1 bay leaf and green chili pepper 3. Add salt and pepper 4. Mix 3 spoons of pomegranate dip and 2 grams of white flour 5. Pour the sauce mix

    Its all about the ingredients. And how you combine them. Sister outlet of the already popular Tamara restaurant in City Stars, the recently opened branch in Tivoli Dome, Sheikh Zayed gets it spot on. Although it has obviously benefited from the excellent reputation garnered by the Cairo flagship branch in City Stars, launched last year by four savvy young entrepreneurs, the steady stream of diners flowing into this gem of a place means it has already made its mark with the locals.

    Cairo East Magazine was not going to be left out; we like to know where the best eats in the area are, so off we went. The restaurant has prime positioning on the first floor of this lovely new mall, wrapping itself around the strikingly landscaped courtyard. The floor-to-ceiling windows all around give a perfect view of the numerous water features below as well, you get a great indoors- outdoors feel, which suits the fresh, contemporary and eclectic decor. The restaurant is arranged in a flow of separate rooms with varying levels, making the dining experience more intimate than you would expect of a restaurant that can easily cater to 100 patrons at once. Traditional elements abound, mashrabeya screens and hand blown glass lanterns are there, but with a light and colourful twist that sets off the funky cushions scattered along the banquettes lining the walls. And you certainly cannot miss the splashes of the signature fuchsia throughout, very on trend!

    It came as no surprise to discover that the menu had been put together just as cleverly. Sipping our jallab, that sweet date and rose water based nectar crammed with sultanas and roasted pine nuts, we browsed through a treasure trove of a menu, before placing the choice in the hands of our capable waiter. A brilliant decision! Delivering homage to the very best of traditional Lebanese cuisine, presented with care and obvious attention to detail, Tamara blew us away with an assortment of dishes that kept us dipping and dunking.

    Created for sharing, and an accompaniment for sociable conversation, the creamy, light hummus and eggplant muttabal disappeared quickly, it must have been the delicious homemade bread that helped. A plate of stuffed vine leaves and stuffed seasonal vegetables soon followed, delivering citrusy perfection. Remarkably seasoned kibbeh kept us nibbling while we speculated on what treats were still in store, a bit like a magical mystery tour...

    Well worth the wait, a heap of dainty mini- shawerma, crammed with tasty fillings of veal liver, beef, chicken and chicken liver proved to be irresistible, so when a huge platter of mixed grilled meats and chicken suddenly appeared before us we found ourselves truly challenged. But how can you say no to such succulent and wonderfully seasoned delights? We couldnt. And then there was a house speciality, liver cooked with lemon, chilli and celery. Any sour notes to mar the experience you ask? For me it was only the pickled cabbage, just too salty and loaded with chilli. An acquired taste I am sure, its Asian equivalent Korean kimchi never won me over either.

    To round off the evening we could have enjoyed a nicotine-free shisha, an obviously popular item, but opted for a decadent dessert and a glass of mint tea instead. The creamy-cheesiness of outhmaliya bathed in fragrantly sweet rose water syrup defies description, but that in itself has guaranteed a return visit to Tamara in the very near future.

    Tamara lebanese bistroOpen daily from 12.00 to 24.00 hrs.Address: Tivoli Dome, Sheikh Zayed, 6th October CityTel: 012 000 06065Facebook: @TamaraBistro


  • hoT sPiCY ChiCKen Wings

    ingredients:1 kilo chicken wings washed and dried with a kitchen towel cup chili sauce (or Tabasco)2 tablespoons honey3 tablespoons Thai sweet chili sauce2 tablespoons ketchup1 tablespoon vinegarOil for deep frying

    blue cheese dip:180 gm. blue cheese1 tablespoon sour creamOne tablespoon yogurt(Blend all ingredients in the blender and pour into a dipping plate, keep cold in refrigerator)

    method:Fry the wings in oil and drain. Mix the rest of the ingredients in a deep saucepan on the stove a heat on medium heat until evenly combined. Dip the fried wings in the sauce and arrange them on a baking plate, drizzle the rest of the sauce on the wings and bake in a 250c oven for 35 min or until golden brown. Arrange the baked wings on a serving plate along with the dip; relax and enjoy.

    : :

    ) ( 1

    ) ( 3

    3 2



    : -

    -) 7 5 (


    250 - -

    QuIck & dElIcIous summER REcIPEs!

    By Dalia El Kady

    Who wouldnt love to enjoy summer without having to spend half the day in the kitchen? Here are two recipes that are both time-saving and mouth-watering! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


    60 61

  • summer all-in-one salad:

    ingredients:Half a leafy lettuceHalf a Romaine lettuce2 cucumbers1 Bell pepper1 Red pepperCorn (can use canned)Heart of palm (can use canned)1 AvocadoArugula

    dressing:1 cup yogurt1 lemon1 garlic clove finely chopped1 tablespoon blue cheese1 tablespoon sour creamOlive oil (enough to blend ingredients)1 tablespoon vinegarSalt and pepper

    method:Wash and dry all vegetables.Cut and arrange in a salad bowl, add the corn and heart of palm.Cut avocado just before serving.Mix the dressing in a blender and drizzle over the salad ten minutes before eating.

    : :

    ) (

    ) (

    : 1




    : -

    10 -



    By Salma Shaaban

    his summer keep up with the music trends. We have prepared a list of the hottest soundtracks everyone is listening to Or should be! T


    1) get lucky- daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams:This lead single from Daft Punks fourth studio album Random Access Memories is proving to be a pop hit. Perfect to listen to on a hot summer day while chilling on the beach or maybe for the long car-ride up to the North Coast!

    3) Just give me a reason- Pink ft nate ruessThis duet with Ruess (lead singer of Fun) hit the Billboard Top 100 as soon as it was released. It is well written, sung with force, and a good example of what pop music should be. It earns a definite spot in this years summer playlist!

    5) i Could be the one- avicii ft. nicky romeroAvicii has done it again! The Swedish DJ everyone has grown to love has just released his latest track which quickly hit the charts. This electro house-friendly banger is perfect for the summer.

    7) Cant hold us- macklemore ft. ryan lewisFor the follow-up to their smash hit Thrift Shop, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis combine the handclapping, foot-stomping rhythms with an uplifting chorus. This motivational number makes you want to get up and dance wherever you are. A perfect addition to the summer playlist.

    9) dark doo Wop- ms mrWhen I listened to this track I was blown away! The combination of haunting vocals accompanied by slowly building instrumental layers is unbelievable. It leaves you with chills and goose bumps. Well be hearing a lot of this song throughout the summer, thats for sure.

    2) mirrors- Justin TimberlakeThis hit sensation has officially marked the return of our beloved Justin Timberlake. With a combination of his signature urban beats along with pop melodies, it has appealed to a wide audience. I guarantee youll be hearing this track everywhere this summer.

    4) radioactive- imagine dragons:This sensational soundtrack incorporates dub-step and dance-oriented music creating an emotional, mid-tempo anthem, which quickly caught on with popular taste. This soundtrack will surely survive throughout the summer.

    6) Waiting all night- rudimental ft. ella eyreA fusion of soul, drum and bass, along with a catchy chorus, which seems to have no end, has made this number a summer hit. Look out for Rudimentals new album. Definitely worth a listen!

    8) Pour it up- rihannaIts back to basics for Rihanna as she returns to familiar territory with the club anthem, Pour It Up! This is a really fun, easy-to-listen-to jam making it a massive hit for the summer.

    album review

    An Awesome Wave by Alt-J ( )Using creativity, great innovation and variation, An Awesome Wave quickly hit the UK charts as soon as it was released in May 2012. The British indie rock band has become one to watch! Their single Fitzpleasure gets you hooked instantly! It goes from tribal chants to dubstep to electrobeats, providing you with a palette of musical madness. This, coupled with Joe Newmans nasal vocals uttering lyrics that are virtually indecipherable further complements the soundtrack. In all its mystery and passionate rage, it is likely to be the best song youll hear all year.

    Another one that stands out is Tessellate for its smooth seductive sound and carefully hidden meanings that hint to how the band came up with their name. The infamous delta triangle, which appears on the screen once you hit alt-j. is among the many gems in An Awesome Wave. Each song on its own is a piece of brilliance!

    62 63


    Events of the Month1) Cairo- alex desert road exhibitionDazzle your senses by attending this contemporary art exhibition featuring tens of up and coming Egyptian artists. Dont miss this cultural experience in support of our local talents.

    3) r&b night at o barHad a tiring week? Dont worry, its not over yet! O Bars legendary R&B night every Friday is a must for your June calendar. With Dj Hook and Freedo spinning the latest hip-hop and R&B hit, it will surely keep you dancing all night!

    4) dikotomous exhibitonThis contemporary art exhibition held at Al Kahila gallery is a necessary addition to your June calendar. The Egyptian raised artists Kenzie Kingman and Dominique Mahoney showcase their exceptional artwork, which both appeals to your senses and will leave you glaring at their pieces for hours. They started out as the online art Project XX, a 30-day virtual art diary, then due to very positive feed back, they continued working but this time aimed higher. Here we are, presenting their very first solo exhibition that will surely blow your mind.

    The inspiration behind their work is derived from classical stories, fairytales and legends making their material familiar to the audience. They combine distortion and surrealism with pop art using only four colors; black, white, red and gold as a representation of the Egyptian flag. Its simply remarkable!

    The exhibition will be on until the 10th of June. Furthermore, Dikotomous will be collaborating with Graffiti Club (Four Seasons Nile Plaza) where they will be exhibiting their paintings as well.

    For more information on events held in June log onto and check out their monthly calendar

    Address: MO4, 4 Ibn Katheer Street, Off Corniche Giza, Suez Canal Building, 23rd Floor, Apartment 1Tel: 2(02) 37 49 61 62 Email:

    2) amiciThe hangout we all know and love has created a series of themes to make your weeks in June full of excitement!

    They kick off the week with Karaoke Night held every Sunday in Amici Zamlek allowing you to channel your inner diva.. An awesome start to the week!

    On Mondays comes Ladies Night! Held at Amici Heliopolis. Put your heels on ladies and prepare yourselves for a fabulous night.

    On Wednesdays Amici takes a different direction by presenting Deep House Night. Held at Amici Heliopolis. Get ready to lose yourselves to the sensual house beats!

    If your more of a morning person then dont miss Ami cis Breakfast every Saturday morning. Held at Amici Heliopolis. Indulge your senses with their delicious breakfast menu ranging from omelets to waffles.

    Finally, to complete your perfect week, Amici presents Cheese Fondue Night at Amici Zamalek. Serving up beautiful hot, melted cheese that you would end up craving all week.

    Date: From: 11/05/2013 - To: 11/06/2013Time: 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.Place: Dandy Mega MallArea: 6th OctoberAddress: Km 28, Cairo-Alex Desert Rd.,Phone: 02-35390932

    Date: Every FridayTime: 10 p.m. - 3 a.m.Place: ObarArea: BeaulacAddress: Fairmont Nile City HotelHotline: 02-37496162

    Al Kahila Art GalleryArea: Mohandessin, GizaAddress: 15, El Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz St.

    Amici Zamalek:Place: AmiciArea: ZamalekAddress: 20 Dr. Taha Hussein St., Inside New Pres

    Amici Heliopolis:Place: Amici Bar & Restaurant HeliopolisArea: HeliopolisAddress: 100 El Hegaz St., Hotel Heliopark

    Hotline: 02-37496162

    By Salma Shaaban

  • uKanDanZuKanDanZ is an unusual meeting between an electric quartet and Asnake Guebreyes, charismatic lead singer from the vibrant music scene in Addis Abeba. Inspired by traditional popular Ethiopian songs, uKanDanZ music is characterized by the originality of the compositions, the arrangements and a unique energy. The quartet plays very subtle groove and powerful rock music, in which Guebreyess voice displays a delicate virtuosity.

    The band was introduced to the music scene by the French label Buda Musique, and since their debut havent stopped surprising us with their Ethiopian Crunch Music. This French band, backing the Ethiopian lead singer Guebreyes, plays superb Ethiojazz with rocknroll energy, big guitar riffs, a transcendental rhythm, ranging from screaming to emotional saxophone, all reinforced by the majestic voice of Guebreyes. A new Ethiopic golden nugget is born.

    uKanDanZ has a real crunch energy. Between rock, jazz, noise... With impertinence, they rock it wildly. Without compromise, guitar, saxophone, keyboards, drums and vocals shuffle our bearings. What a pleasure! The stage presence of uKanDanZ alternates with swings between energy and emotion. Then the public, transcends, dances and shivers.

    Bomb energy, that brings a healthy dose of new blood to the Ethiogrooves scene. Thanks to the Ethiojazz flexibility to marry other genres, such as rock, this is the case with uKanDanZ. Four musicians (battery, sax, guitar and keyboards) and the traditional chants of Guebreyes are sufficient to deliver an awesome live show, sometimes in line with Ethiojazz golden times, from back in the seventies. Sometimes getting close to hard rock, but still in a trance mood.

    Unscrupulously, now You Can Dance (uKanDanZ)! discography 2012 : Yeshalal (Yetchalal)2013: Yeshalal (Yetchalal) - Live

    Ethiopian Crunch MusicBy Salma Karim


    64 65

  • WH


    S N



    Le Collezioni Flower Power

    Le Collezioni offers more than 20 brands by the worlds top designers. Dont miss out on a luxurious shopping experience at Downtown Katameya, building 9 by Road 90.

    Flower Power is a Cairo-based floral design company dedicated to providing innovative floral designs to every occassion. Come visit their store in Downtown Katameya, building S1, ground floor.

    neW oPenings in doWnToWn mall:

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    Entertainment & lifestyle? Well-established and experienced Real Estate Agency

    Offers individual and professional services for Expatriates, Egyptian citizens and other clients.

    We assist you to find your new home in the best location in and around Cairo, all over Egypt and abroad from our selection of

    properties (Rent/Sale). Check now availabilities in compounds across Egypt!


    Expat-Egypt Real Estate & Tourism Consultant

    19 Hassan Assem St, Zamalek, Cairo/Egypt Email: Tel./ Fax: (+202) 27 36 45 48 Mobile: (+2) 0122 33 93 544

  • Are you looking for...A place at the sea, A home with tranquillity, luxury & aesthetics,

    Entertainment & lifestyle? Well-established and experienced Real Estate Agency

    Offers individual and professional services for Expatriates, Egyptian citizens and other clients.

    We assist you to find your new home in the best location in and around Cairo, all over Egypt and abroad from our selection of

    properties (Rent/Sale). Check now availabilities in compounds across Egypt!


    Expat-Egypt Real Estate & Tourism Consultant

    19 Hassan Assem St, Zamalek, Cairo/Egypt Email: Tel./ Fax: (+202) 27 36 45 48 Mobile: (+2) 0122 33 93 544







    68 69

    The 2013 CARAVAN Festival of the Arts had the theme In Peace and with CompassionThe Way Forward. Sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland in Egypt, and supported by the British Council, in association with Four Seasons Hotels Cairo at The First Residence and Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the Nile Plaza, the festival was held from 9-16 May and focused on visual public art, literature, film and music.

    The CARAVAN Festival of the Arts was founded with the objective of building bridges of understanding, respect and friendship between East and West, and between Muslims and Christians, through the Arts.

    The heart of the 2013 CARAVAN festival is the visual public art exhibition. This year more than 45 premier Egyptian and Western visual artists were invited to participate in what was a truly unique public art-oriented exhibition in Cairo. The art exhibition concept was inspired by public art that features painted animals. The subject at this years festival was the donkey. The donkey also represents the poor as it is an animal of burden. Each participating artist painted and decorated two fiberglass donkeys (one that

    FouR sEAsoNs hoTEls cAIRo AT ThE FIRsT REsIdENcE ANd FouR sEAsoNs hoTEl


    ARTs9-16 mAY 2013was life-size and one that was 1/4th life-size) that were sculpted specifically for this years exhibition.The donkey sculptures were created by the noted Egyptian artist Reda Abdel Rahman. 20% of all art sales will go to Egyptian charities assisting the poor.

    Officially inaugurated on May 9 by Muslim and Christian dignitaries, all 90 painted fiberglass donkeys were displayed at St. Johns Church in Maadi, Cairo following which a selected number of life-size painted fiberglass donkeys are now on display at both Four Seasons Cairo properties. We are delighted that both our Four Seasons Cairo properties are associated with this worthwhile event and that we could be a relevant part of this creative and artistic dialogue, said Cesare Rouchdy, Senior Director of Marketing, Four Seasons Hotels Egypt. The donkeys are on display in the public areas throughout the hotels and at Cairos prestigious First Mall. In addition, Four Seasons Hotels Cairo at The First Residence will be hosting a book signing event in June. The annual week-long festival attracts thousands of visitors from around Egypt and the world.


    gRoWTh AWARd FoR 2012!

  • EA





    Over 80 General Managers (GMs) and key executives of Dusit Internationals hotels and resorts participated in the annual GMs Conference, held 24 & 25 April. The years theme was Play to Win, a light-hearted take on the companys approach to what they have termed their Year of Expansion.Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo has been awarded in recognition of attaining the Highest Revenue Growth Year on Year 2012. Mr. Hady, General Manager of Dusit Thani LakeView commenting on the award This accolade and significant achievement for our hotel that sets a great basis for us to work from and further improve our guests experience, and colleagues quality of service. The Hotel invests in its people and puts the supports in place to deliver. In the picture Mr. Ahmed El Hady, General Manager of Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo recevies the award by Mr. Giovanni Angelini, Vice Chairman, Dusit International and Mr. Jiri Kobos Vice President of Operations, Dusit International.

    On our visit to Sokhna during the spring break we attended Inspire Spring Festival, one of the largest of its kind in Egypt.

    The event took place on the 3rd and 4th of May at El Wadi Resort, Ein Sokhna. The meticulous organization, the pleasant weather, and the great location made this unique event the great success that it was. The event started with the arrival of various groups of bikers. The view of over 100 bikes parked next to each other in perfect formation in front of the festival main gate impressed the guests.

    There were five main activities within the festival. The color festival was the activity to start with, since it was very compatible with the theme of the event in particular, and of spring in general. Guests enjoyed playing with colors, as well as dancing to their favorite spring tunes.

    Over 100 participants competed in a Go-karting tournament in which Egyptian driving champion Tamer Bashir also took part. Guests also assembled teams that competed in a thrilling paintball tournament.

    A fantastic kids area entertained the little ones with 9 different games and activities to choose from. Several popular local bands kept guests on their feet, celebrating spring with upbeat, joyfull music. Bands such as Taxi, Asfalt, and Karar Ezala performed. Individual musicians such as Karim Mohsen, Mohamed Kilany, and Marwa Nasr also performed for the crowds. The Festival was covered by networks such as Rotanna, Mehwar, Sada Elbalad, Nile Family, as well as the Doos Banzeen Program.

    Thanks to the organizers, the partners, and the crowd without whom the festival would not have been a success. See you at our next event!



    gRoWTh AWARd FoR 2012!


    MARATHON 2013


    70 71

    On Friday the 10th of May, 2013, Cairenes enjoyed a wonderful, bright, and sunny morning as they gathered up for Egypts First 21 KM Half Marathon held in the streets of Heliopolis by Egypts first running troupe Cairo Runners. Cairo Runners, Egypts First Running Troupe, started as an initiative in December of 2012 to promote running in the streets of beautiful Cairo and to increase health awareness through exercising for fun. A series of 15 short runs help build up to a 21 KM half marathon as a big, annual event, held this year on the 10th of May, 2013 in Heliopolis. Participants paid a small registration fee and 50% of the proceeds went to charities (The National Liver Institute and the Special Olympics).

    On the day of the marathon, around 2000 runners gathered at the meeting point in the gardens of Almaza in Heliopolis for Cairos first Half Marathon at exactly 06:00 AM. The mens 21 KM Half Marathon winner Hassan Marzouk clocked in at 01:22:32 while Said Marzouk arrived one second after. The womens 21 KM Half Marathon winner, Egyptian, Hadeel, managed a time of 01:43:08 while Madhu from India finished second with a time of 01:46:00. The winners from both the 21 KM and 7K races were handed valuable prizes from various entities while participants received their certificates as the MC, Nile FMs Safi, entertained the crowd. Cairo Runners First Half Marathon 2013 ended up on a very positive note that should become the start of a safe, healthy and enriching experience for people in Egypt. Cairo Runners - promoting health awareness, safety, tourism and a BETTER EGYPT.

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