cafta and neo-imerialism

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  • Central America Free Trade Agreement and Neo-ImperialismCalvin DutcherDr. CarterU.S. Foreign Policy Making

  • Occasion for Decision1994- North America Free Trade Act2001- President Bush- expand free trade to Central and South America

  • ActorsPresidents of Nicaragua and El SalvadorUS. Trade Representatives-Robert Zoellick/Regina VargoThe White House- Trade Promotion Authority (2002)

    -President Bush-Condoleezza Rice (NSA)-Colin Powell (Secretary of State)Bill Frenzel (Chairman of Advisory Committee for Trade and Policy Negotiations)

  • Election of 2004Opposed by the Democrats- Joe Biden and Nancy PelosiFlip in Majority in the House- Republicans now controlled House, Senate, and White HouseRichard Lugar (R-Indiana)- Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Affairs CommitteeTim Delay (R-TX)- House Majority Leader

  • CAFTAFast-tracked through the Senate and House 54-46 in SenateVoting process-violation271-215 in HouseSigned into

    law August 2, 2005

  • Skepticism of Neo-imperialismWinners: U.S. businesses Losers:

    - U.S. American publicCentral/South AmericaLessons

    Impact on future trade agreements- Trans-Pacific PartnershipInternational community skeptical of U.S. motives- Results undermine U.S. authority