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impaginato.indd55049 - Viareggio - Italy
Staten Island, 10302
New York - USA
CAEN Communication Office - © CAEN S.p.A.
The quality of CAEN products is constantly monitored by the application of
the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. CAEN is ISO 9001 certified since 1996.
CAEN Headquarters, Viareggio - Italy
View of Viareggio - Italy
President’s Foreword
When we founded CAEN in 1979, we did not know the path in which our
ventures would take us. Our enthusiasm was driving us and was mainly
derived from our experience in the field of “design and construction of
electronic instrumentation for Nuclear Physics Research”.
That world allowed us to thrive in a magical time of electronic history as
protagonists, starting from the first transistors to microprocessors. What
was impossible yesterday became reality day after day. Experimental
apparatuses were of modest dimensions and the first Personal Computer
was just appearing over the horizon.
Today, 25 years later, after a constant growth, the enthusiasm of that small
group has not changed and has been passed on to new teams of experts
who allow CAEN to be one of the most important companies in this field
all over the world. The acquired experience has allowed CAEN to face new
challenges and new sectors as Microelectronics, Aerospace, and the latest
emerging RFID technology.
Our ambition is to go on down this path with continuous energy to live
the new electronics reality and to offer the best technical support to the
researchers of the new century.
With endless gratitude to the world of research.
Marcello Givoletti
CAEN know-how has been acquired by working side by side in daily
collaboration with research groups. This has allowed us to maintain the
constantly improving technology of our products, and also to develop and
consolidate a whole range of new innovations.
• The CAEN Staff @ Q4 2004: 120 employees
(*) CAEN Maintenance Team supports customers all over the world. (**)All outsourcing Partners are ISO 9001:2000 certified.
Test and Maintenance(*) 29
CAEN Viareggio Staff
The CAEN Nuclear Division is acknowledged as the only company in the
world providing a complete range of High/Low Voltage Power Supply
systems and Front-End/Data Acquisition modules which meet IEEE
Standards for Nuclear and Particle Physics.
Extensive Research and Development capabilities have allowed CAEN to play
an important, long term role in this fi eld. Our activities have always been at
the forefront of technology, thanks to years of intensive collaborations with
the major Research Centres of the world.
Our products appeal to a wide range of customers including engineers,
scientists and technical professionals who all trust them to help achieve
their goals faster and more effectively.
Our Mission is not only to provide innovative products that give our
customers access to improved scientifi c results, but also to offer effective
sales and after-sales support that represents real added value to our
products and services.
Our objective is to give our customers better solutions to measure,
research and test the world around them. Our strategy is to constantly
improve and deliver a steady stream of new products and ideas that
allow a greater productivity to our customers whilst increasing our own
business opportunities.
Nuclear Physics
Our catalog includes more than 250 products ranging from Power Supplies to Front End and
Acquisition modules, in NIM, CAMAC and VME standards.
Power Supply for Silicon Detectors Board
with the most important HEP experiments
worldwide: almost 40% of our production is
custom design.
The CAEN Aerospace Division R&D activity has led to the implementation
of HV/MV/LV Power Supplies and Linear Regulators, HV Dividers, TDC
boards and Multichannel ADCs. CAEN is fully equipped with state-of-the-
art facilities for electronics design, testing and manufacturing (including
thermal and vacuum chamber and a class 100,000 clean room).
Offi cial ESA/NASA standard certifi cations have been obtained in order to
guarantee high-quality production.
The CAEN Aerospace Division has successfully taken part in many
international projects (WIZARD, AMS1 and INTEGRAL/JEM-X) and is
currently involved in other international projects and missions such as
Moreover CAEN is developing, in the framework of several ESA projects, the
Field Emission Electric Propulsion Power Supply System for the MICROSCOPE
experiment and the Central Payload Power Supply for compact instruments
that will supply all future ESA small satellite missions.
The strong expertise acquired in the aerospace fi eld allows the Aerospace
Division to develop electronic devices for any high reliability applications
such as the under-ice HV Power Supply System for the Icecube experiment
at the South Pole .
Low Cost, Mission Tailored Space Electronics is CAEN signature. Component
selection, assembly procedure, test activities, everything tailored to the
mission in order to fullfil the requests without waste.
High Voltage Power Supply System for Photomultipliers
The CAEN Microelectronics Division provides a complete design service for:
digital, analog, mixed signal ASICs and complex FPGA designs.
Its activities range over many fi elds: from the design of integrated circuits
for Nuclear Physics applications, to the development of ASICs used for the
monitoring of electrocardiographic and other human vital parameters.
In addition, radiation tolerant circuits (hardened by design) for space
applications and dedicated boards for on-Earth RADAR applications are
within its activities.
Its own dedicated R&D program provides innovative solutions for
both the industrial and the academic market. Microelectronics Division
accomplishments have been published in the most worldwide prestigious
scientifi c reviews.
• Standard cells and gate array ASIC design
• Fitting on complex FPGA
• Feasibility studies, circuit specification definition and cost estimation
• Choice of and interaction with Silicon Foundries, Test and Assembly Houses
• Design capture of the circuit using HDL, schematic entry or layout Editor
• System prototyping including embedded software
• Management of low volume ASICs production
Multi-Chip Module
CAEN is the fi rst company in Europe to manufacture and supply UHF long
range systems.
As a member of EPCglobal, CAEN is committed to provide our customers
with readers and tags that meet EPC/ISO requirements and ETSI/FCC
The use of RFID technology, which exploits magnetic fi eld coupling to
transfer energy and data, began in the 90’s to increase the performance
of the optical identifi cation techniques (barcodes). This led to the
development of applications such as car key immobilizers, identifi cation
badges and animal identifi cation.
These RFID applications using Low Frequency (LF RFID) proved to have
some limitations in the military, industrial, and transportation fi elds.
The UHF RFID systems today use electromagnetic waves at Ultra High
Frequency, which are much more effective in the energy and data transfer
than the inductive coupling used in the LF RFID.
In response to national and international demands, including agreements
that recommend auxiliary systems to improve security in item management,
CAEN is pleased to offer Long Range UHF RFID systems to the following
• Transportation
Viareggio, CAEN Headquarters
San Francisco
New York
CAEN Communication Office - © CAEN S.p.A.
The quality of CAEN products is constantly monitored by the application of
the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. CAEN is ISO 9001 certified since 1996.
CAEN Headquarters, Viareggio - Italy
View of Viareggio - Italy
55049 - Viareggio - Italy
Staten Island, 10302
New York - USA