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  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan



    Nazzir Hussain Bin Haji Mydeen (814066)Nazzir Hussain Bin Haji Mydeen (814066)


    Prof. Dr. Abdul Moqim RahmanzaiProf. Dr. Abdul Moqim Rahmanzai

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan


    Table of Content:

    1. Project Name 3

    2. Institutional Background 3

    3. Ineffiencies Within The Management Of PKG Beruas. 6

    4. Project Aim and Objectives 7

    5. Implementation Strategies 7

    6. Activities Implementation Schedule 8

    7. Gantt chart: Project Activity Implementation 9

    8. Project Evaluation 10

    9. Shopping List 11

    10. Bibliography 12

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan



    Proaktif Ke arah Gemilang. (Proactive Towards Excellence).


    The Pusat Kegiatan Guru (PKG), the Teachers Activity Centre was formed

    to act as a catalyst to stimulate professional development of teachers,

    particularly to enhance the knowledge and acculturation of Education

    Technology in the teaching and learning process and promote the use of

    the School library. The PKG would also become the center for professional

    development of local teachers and the local community.

    The PKG Management Committee consists of the head teachers of the

    schools in the respective PKG zones and are responsible for planning the

    activities to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning and

    technology-based education and in the development of more efficient

    school library.

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan


    PKG Beruas was commissioned in 1990 and was temporarily housed in SK

    Ganga, Beruas and was responsible for nine local schools. In the year

    2008, BTPN Perak channeled some allocation refurbish an old unused

    teachers quarters in SMK Raja Shahriman, Beruas to house the new PKG

    Beruas offices and started operations at the new premises since January

    2009. During restructring of the district school boundaries in the same

    year, the number of schools in the zone was increased from nine to

    seventeen schools.

    PKG Beruas is under the administration of the BTP (Education Technology

    Division) and BTPN Perak (Perak State Education Technology Division). The

    day to day operations is managed by a team of four consisting of :

    i. Education Technology Officer 1 (DGA-32)

    ii. Education Technology Officer 2 (DGA-29)

    iii. Administrative Assistant (N-17)

    iv. Computer Technician (FT-17)

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan




    School No. of


    1 SMK Raja Shahriman

    Beruas 69

    2 SMK Changkat Beruas 50

    3 SK Dendang 18

    4 SK Beruas 36

    5 SK Gangga 27

    6 SK Kg Kota 18

    7 SK Gelong Gajah 35

    8 SK Changkat Chermin 16

    9 SK Ayer Tawar 38

    10 SK Telaga Nenas 14

    11 SJK C Pei Ching 14

    12 SJK C Kg Merbau 15

    13 SJK C Pei Min Kg Raja

    Hitam 11

    14 SJK C Kg Jering 17

    15 SJK T Beruas 15

    16 SJK T Kg Tun Sambathan 11

    17 SJK T Ladang Cashwood


    Total Number of


    ble 1

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan



    On the 1st August 2012, a invigilating team consisting of En. Megat Azizan

    Megat Ibrahim, En. Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin and En. Mohd Nor Beg kept their

    appointment with PKG Beruas.

    In their effort to improve the management and day to day running of PKG

    Beruas, the invigilating team had identified several aspects that did not

    measure up to the level set by the upper management. Th aspects are :

    1. Nilam Data Management

    2. Library Data Management

    3. ICT Aid Service

    4. Media Aid Service

    5. Library Programs

    6. Education Technology Programs

    7. Non Printed Material

    8. Public Examinations

    9. Media Invigilation Management

    10. Library Automation Systems

    11. Borrowing and Usage Rules

    12. Books Borrowing Records

    13. Non-Books Borrowing Records14. Books Collection

    15. Non Books Collection

    16. Newspaper and Magazine Purchasing Records

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan


    The invigilating team out-lined the following aspects that need to be

    rectified as well as the recomended steps to be taken, in order to

    achieve the standards set the upper management of the BTP

    1. Nilam Data Management

    a. Analyze Nilam data.

    b. Display the analyzed data.

    2. Library Data Management

    a. Send reminder letters to schools to complete the IQ-PSS.

    b. Display the analyzed data.

    3. ICT Aid Service

    a. Prepare the working paper and report.

    4. Media Aid Service

    a. Prepare the working paper and report.

    5. Library Programs

    a. Prepare the working paper and report.

    6. Education Technology Programs

    a. Prepare the working paper and report

    7. Non Printed Material

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan


    a. Produce a minimum of one Non-Printed Material.

    b. Display and Distribute to the local schools.

    8. Public Examinations

    a. Organize an Academic Enhancement Assistance Program in local


    b. Write the program report

    9. Media Invigilation Management

    a. Prepare the working paper and report.

    10.Library Automation System

    a. Procure and Install a Library Automation System

    11.Library Books Borrowing and Usage Rules

    a. Display Library Books Borrowing and Usage Rules.

    b. Distribute the Library Books Borrowing and Usage Rules to the local


  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan


    12.Library Books Borrowing Records

    a. Analyze the records.

    b. Display the Data.

    13.Non-Books Borrowing Records

    a. Analyze the records.

    b. Display the Data.

    14.Books Collection

    a. Analyze the book collections.

    b. Prepare the book collections index.

    15.Non Books Collection

    a. Record and print the purchases in a systematic method.

    b. Analyze the records.

    c. Display the Data.

    d. Prepare the book collections index.

    16.Newspaper and Magazine Purchasing Records

    a. Record and print the purchases in a systematic method.

    b. Analyze the records.

    c. Display the Data.

    d. Prepare the collections index.

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan


    After having learned our weaknesses and shortcomings in our day to day

    running following the invigilating teams report, we decided to look within

    ourselves, re-examining our procedures and workmanship. Holding true to

    the KAIZEN concept of eliminating weaknesses and wastages and continually

    trying to improve ourselves, we held post mortem, planning and KAIZEN

    meeting to map out a route to improve our performance.

    We procured the help from the local schools. The schools were kind enough

    to offer help in the form School Computer Technicians to assist in preparing

    working papers, reports and data displays to comply with the invigilating

    teams recommendations.

    Kaizen involves every member of the organization, compelling and

    encouraging them to make changes, in most cases small, incremental

    changes. It focuses on:

    1. Identifying and solving problems at their source

    2. Changing standards to ensure the problem stays solved.

    Traditional Kaizen is, by definition, long term, a gradual incremental change

    results in small improvements throughout the organisation. A Kaizen Blitz or

    Kaizen Event is fast and furious: it rapidly implement workcells, improves

    setups or streamlines processes. These methods plan ahead and then

    execute a process improvement over a period of days.

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan


    Kaizen activities that address issues over a period of one week had become

    the industry norm and they had been named as Kaizen events. These small

    models are used to understand problems and issues in the processes, arrive

    at solutions, and apply them to improve the processes and eliminate wastes

    What we have planned here is a Kaizen event, to rectify all the shortcomings

    identified by the invigilating team, fill every gap and correct every mistake in

    the event over a period of one month. The Nilam coordinators and librarians

    in each school should also finish and hand in their respective reports to be

    analyzed and put on display.

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    v. Project Aim and Objectives

    Project Aim:

    Improve the level of excellence in the management of PKG Beruas

    Project Objectives :

    i. Improve evaluation percentage points from 65.95 % to 80 % in two a

    month period after the invigilation.

    ii. Improve the estatic beauty in and around PKG Beruas.

    iii. Establish a unique for PKG Beruas.

    v. Implementation Strategies

    The program would be called Proaktif Ke arah Gemilang. Smart

    Partnerships would be formed with the BTPN Perak, and the local

    schools. BTPN Perak would be the main source of funds and material

    in this project.

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan


    vii. Activities Implementation Schedule

    (Cost Projection, Responsibility Matrix and Indicators.)


    Date Cost/

    ResourceResponsibility Indicator

    Start End

    A Post Mortem,Planning andKAIZEN Meetings

    1/8/ 2012 29/9/2012

    PKG Beruas 100 %Attendance



    LibraryManagementBriefing for School

    Senior Assistants

    6/9/2012 6/9/2012 RM 100School Senior Assistants inthe PKG Beruas Zone

    100 %Attendance

    2School Computer




    RM 480School Computer Technicianin the PKG Beruas Zone

    100 %Attendance


    LibraryManagementBriefing for SchoolLibrarians



    RM 380School Librarians in the PKGBeruas Zone

    100 %Attendance

    4 Nilam Workshop24/9/2012


    RM 380School Librarians in the PKGBeruas Zone

    100 %Attendance


    1 Test Run 20/9/2012


    PKG Beruas 75 %

    Achievement2 Post Test 27/9/201


    BTPN Perak InvigilatingTeam

    80 %Achievement

    3 Post Test PostMortem



    PKG Beruas

    Jumlah RM1,340

    Table 2

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    viii. Gantt Chart : Project Activity Implementation

    Chart 1

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan


    vi. Project Evaluation

    This project will be evaluated with a follow-up monitoring schedueled for 27

    September 2012 by the same team as before.

    The Post Mortem will highlight any weaknesses and failures in the

    implementation of project planning. The findings from the Post Mortem will

    help in learning from mistakes and improvements in running future projects.

    Post Test will help assess the effectiveness of the project in achieving the set

    objectives and standards. If standards are not met, further action should be

    taken to address the problems mentioned above.

  • 7/28/2019 Cadangan Penambahbaikan Pengurusan


    vii. Shopping List

    No Item Total1. Multi Colored Polisterine 10 Pieces2. Laminating film 5 Boxes3. Binding Comb Large - 10, Small -

    104. White A4 Paper 5 Rims5. Colored A4 Paper 5 Rims6. Colored Push Pins 10 Boxes7. Soft board 4 x 208. Table Cloth 15 pieces x 2 meter

    Table 3

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