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AS English 10-Cusick Database Scavenger Hunt-Day 2 Name: ____________________________________ _ General Topic Overview : What did you learn about your topic yesterday? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ Opposing Viewpoints Now that you have read about your topic in SIRS it is time to look at another database. Go back to the Research Page on the LSW Media Center Website and click on the Opposing Viewpoints in Context link (found under hot topics.) 1) Find your topic among those listed under the “Issues” tab. If your topic is not listed, choose one that most relates to your topic. Top Results Top Results Topic Overview Topic Overview Source Source Types Types

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  • 1. AS English 10-Cusick Name: _____________________________________Database Scavenger Hunt-Day 2General Topic Overview: What did you learn about your topic yesterday?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Opposing ViewpointsNow that you have read about your topic in SIRS it is time to look at another database. Go back tothe Research Page on the LSW Media Center Website and click on the Opposing Viewpoints inContext link (found under hot topics.)1) Find your topic among those listed under the Issues tab. If your topic is not listed, choose one that most relates to your topic. Topic OverviewSourceTypes Top ResultsAll of the information found for your topic is organized by their source types which are listed on theright. The Topic Overview is a good place to go to read some information before you begin.2) Click on source type and list the first resource found under that tab. If there are no resources fora particular tab list N/A. Viewpoints

2. News Magazines AcademicJournals Reference Statistics Websites VideosImages3) Was the same resource listed first under each source type?YESNO4) Which source type(s) would be best for finding current articles which describe public opinion? ____________________________________________________________________________ _________5) Which source type(s) would be best for finding a brief general description of your topic? _____________________________________________________________________________________Now we are going to open one of the resources and look at some to the options available forreviewing it. Skim the list of resources found in the results section of the pages under theViewpoint or News sections and choose one that would be helpful for your research.6) List that resource here, then click on it. ____________________________________________________________________________ ________ 3. Your screen should now look something like this.7) First, lets add this source to your works cited. Click on the Citation Tools link. In the pop-up box make sure MLA is selected and then click Save. In the File Download box choose Open. Then copyand paste the citation to your already created WorksCited page. Remember youll need to change thespacing and indentions to meet MLA guidelines. 4. 8) After reading your article find two important facts you could use in your paper and paraphrasethem. Remember to include the paragraph number.1.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________9) After reading your article find one direct quote you could use in your paper. Remember toinclude the paragraph number.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________10) Next, look at the right side of the screen. Once viewing an article it should list Related Topicsthat you can click on to fin more information. List the topics named here.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________11) Now, select one of the related topics and open an article from the results. Scan the article.Would this be relevant for your research. Why or why not?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Lets say you need to figure out a way to view this article again in future. Youhave several options: 5. You can bookmark the article-You can Download the articleYou can share the article viagiving an url address to copyas a .pdf and save to you your social media taggingand paste into your own word h:drive or flash drive. application of your choice.document.You can e-mail the article to Finally, if you must print your school e-mail to access at make sure to click on the printa later date from school or button to get a printer friendlyhome. version of the article.Select one of the methods above (except printing) and save the article for later reference.Which method did you choose?_______________________________________________________________Now that you have looked at two databases, what have you learned about your topic?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________List two questions you still have?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Write your own Essential Question about your topic.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________