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C++ in Windows Phone Apps

C++ in Windows Phone AppsMirco Vanini Microsoft MVP Windows Embeddedwww.italiancpp.orgItalian C++ CommunityAgendaThe New Old PlatformHow & where C++ is supportedWhen and why to use C++Introduction to the Windows (Phone) RuntimeSharing C++ code (demo)

i=2Italian C++ CommunityThe New Old Platformi=3

Italian C++ CommunityHow: Windows Phone C++ SupportCan be used in any Windows Phone AppVisual Studio Express 2012/3/(5) for Windows PhoneSame C++ compiler & CRT used in Windows 8Subset of C++ 11 standard features

i=4Italian C++ CommunitySampling of C++ 11 Standard Featuresi=5RValue referencesForward declared enumsBidirectional fencesstatic_assertAlignmentData-dependency orderingAutoStandard-layout and trivial typesexception_ptrTrailing return typesExtended friend declarationsThread-local storageLambdasLocal and unnamed types as template arguments__func__DecltypeRange-based for-loopC99 preprocessorRight angle bracketsoverride and finallong longextern templatesMinimal GC supportStrongly typed enumsnullptrAtomicsC++11 Features in Visual C++ 11

Announcing the Visual C++ Compiler November 2013Italian C++ CommunityWhy use C++Reusability: You have some legacy code around that you really don't want to rewrite but still use in your appPortability: You want to use the code you're about to write on multiple platformsPerformance: You really are in need for these last bits of performance benefits and know what you're doingPersonal Preference: You are a developer who really favors C++ over e.g. C# or you have significantly better skills in C++

i=6Italian C++ CommunityWhere you can use C++All Windows Phone 8 apps can use native codeXAML apps (8.1)XAML apps mixed with D3D and WinRTPure native D3D apps/gamesC++ libraries: Dynamic Link Libraries, Static LibsWinRT C++ Components...not all apps need to use native code

i=7Italian C++ CommunityWhy stay on Windows Phone Silverlight?Existing Code InvestmentExisting Install BaseNot yet convergedCamera LensesVoIPLock Screen Wallpaper.Clipboard APISimple Sound Effects (XNA)Run Under Lock Screen

i=8Italian C++ CommunityWhy Retarget to Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1?Access to SD CardsGeofencingApp to App SSO (Single Sign-On)App to App sharingAnd much more

i=9Italian C++ CommunityWindows Phone RuntimeWhy learn about WinRT?WinRT is used in the application modelC++ code called from XAML uses WinRTPhone Platform APIs are built using WinRTMore ConvergenceLatest ToolingNew ControlsFuture Investment

Same ECMA-335 standard as .NETType-System ProjectionsCLR ProjectionFramework Projection


Italian C++ CommunityA Closer Look at What's Availablei=11

Direct3D with XAML" C++ application actually creates a C# main project and a separate Windows Runtime Component in C++.

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