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Brigham Young University presented "Let the Conferencing Continue – Even After National Conference is Over" for their Chapter Development Session at the PRSSA 2012 National Conference in San Francisco. This is an online version of the presentation.


  • 1. +Let the Conferencing Continue! Brigham Young University PRSSA Chapter Jared Gay, Alyssa Call, Amy Harrison

2. How did YOU get to National Conference?Did you receive financial help?Catch a ride?Come because of your leadership position?What if the reason you got to National Conference went away?This is the reality for many PRSSA members, they cannot make it to NationalConference and enjoy the experience here.BUT they can attend a REGIONAL CONFERENCE!Help your members find the value in attending a RegionalConference! 3. +BYU PRSSA - Regional Conference Check out this short video highlighting just some of the things that make going to Regional Conference so special 4. + Top Five - WHY to Attend a Regional Conference1.PR Skills2.Networking (Professional and Peer)3.Professional Advice4.Industry Information5.PR High 5. +WHY - PR Skills MediaPitching Public Speaking Research Social Media 6. +WHY - NetworkingPeer-to-Peer Professional 7. +WHY - Professional Advice Get a job.-Mickey Nall, Director ofCommunications for Ogilvy Find a way to differentiateyourself in the field.-Adam Denison, GM Make connections with yourpeers. Theyll be your biggestallies in the professional world. -Dave Allred, CR England Trucking You have to love news.-Tom Goodman, Goodman Media 8. +WHY - Industry Information Crisis Challenge Students work on responses to a mockcrisis situation in groups with several twists as the crisisdeveloped. Crisis communications expert, Chris Thomas, thenaddressed students. Get creative & practice your skills! 9. +WHY - PR High Get excited about YOUR career! Share your experience Find your niche Bounce ideas off other PR students and leaders 10. +Top Five HOW to Prepare forRegional Conference1. Build Excitement2. Communicate3. Register4. Get a Room Find a Place to Stay5. Prepare to Network 11. +PREPARE Build Excitement Social media Share yourexperience Build YOUR chapter 12. +PREPARE - Communicate Connect on social media Ask the host chapterquestions Get involved before youarrive 13. +PREPARE - Register Be aware ofregistration deadlines Get online to register Knowwhat is includedin your registration 14. +PREPARE Get a Room Find aPlace to Stay Ask the host chapterStay close to the conferencelocationKnow where main streets are incase you get lost Find restaurants ahead of time 15. +PREPARE -Networking 16. +PREPARE - Networking Create personal business cards Prepare your elevator pitch Dont take too much of their time Senda follow-up email 17. +Interested in Hosting? Contactthe National vice president of Regional Conferences click here for contact info. Submit a bid form by the deadline. Bid Form Includes: Logistics Theme Professionals Schedule Budget Promotions PRSSA National Resources (Regional Conferences handbook) 18. +YOU CAN DO IT!

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