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  • Credentials

    May 27, 2015

  • Simple Truth + Creativity

    Bobs Your Uncle304A - 219 Dufferin St.Toronto, ON M6K

    Bob Froese CEO416.506.9930 x222416.451.6912


  • We change the conversation in yourcategory so you canlead it.Purpose | Culture | Evangelism | Bravery | Leadership

    We change the conversation in yourcategory so you canlead it.Purpose | Culture | Evangelism | Bravery | Leadership

  • Contents

    1. Rebrands with Complex Challenges Open Solutions Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital Oakleaf Waste Management One Call Care Management Leisureworld Senior Care

    2. Bobs Your Uncle 3. Our Rebranding Process 4. How We Change the Conversation


  • Open Solutions


    Helping a category-changing upstart gain the confidence of customers and prospects.

  • Open Solutions

    Open Solutions provides major technology solutions for community banks and credit unions in the United States. In the midst of the financial market crisis Open Solutions invested heavily in new product development. This led to a unique, open source platform that allowed customers greater control over future product development. Open Solutions needed a brand strategy to reposition the company to leverage its revamped product offering.

    Simple TruthNo trust, no business Replacing a core system is a game changing operation for a financial institution. Open Solutions was asking customers and prospects to stake the present and future success of their business on this relationship, and their perception of the brand. They have every reason to avoid risk, especially in times of economic upheaval and uncertainty. Without deep trust of customers and prospects deals will not be closed.


  • Open Solutions

    + CreativityTheres Power in Community Community is the heart of everything Open Solutions clients and prospects represent - their raison dtre. The community enables their success and guides their behaviour; it is the source of their power and wealth. Our new positioning leveraged a mutual interest and belief to position Open Solutions as the best-fit partner with a solution that was born and continuously improved from its community of users. = ResultThe new branding was quickly and enthusiastically embraced by Open Solutions employees and customers. It facilitated rapid growth in closing large deals and contributed significantly to the successful sale of Open Solutions to global competitor FiServ.


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  • Bobs Your Uncle exceeded our expectations and created a positioning and brand identity that serves as a catalyst to our vision to become the largest global provider of technology solutions to the financial services industry. The rebranding has been enthusiastically received by our employees and clients re-energizing our company at this pivotal time.


    David Mitchell,Chief Marketing Officer

  • Returning an ailing hospital to vibrant health.


    Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital

  • Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital

    Joseph Brant Memorial Hospitals reputation was reeling from national publicity for the nations longest emergency wait times and a c-difficile outbreak with the nations most fatalities (97 in 12 months). Under new management and undergoing a 6-year redevelopment and expansion they required a platform to restore community trust.

    Simple TruthBroken Trust Our extensive research with key stakeholders, staff and the community uncovered this key consumer insight. Patients and community residents felt a sense of ownership and responsibility, magnifying their feeling of betrayal and failure. Yet from this feeling of ownership emerged a desire to forgive and a reason to believe in the hospitals future - if we could help them look forward instead of back.

  • Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital

    + CreativityOur New Era We dropped Memorial from the hospitals name and created a modern and optimistic visual identity. We developed a tightly integrated internal and external campaign that demonstrated tangible improvements for Quality Care, Safety and Customer Service.

    = Result A complex stakeholder group embraced the rebranding: Hospital Board,

    Foundation Board, Government, Executive Dramatic improvement realized in the communitys faith in, and use of, the hospital Significantly improved employee morale (they no longer hid their staff badges) and

    community pride

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  • Hospitals are complex organizations that require the involvement and approval of many key stakeholders. Bobs Your Uncle was able to garner insights from many individuals and ultimately develop a brand positioning, logo and tagline that are embraced by the Hospital Board, Foundation Board, Cabinet and Community.


    Mario JoannetteVP Public Affairs & Communication Joseph Brant Hospital

  • Oakleaf Waste Management


    Competing against a dominant category leader whose name IS the category.

  • Oakleaf Waste Management

    Despite success gaining significant national customers with their unique waste management offering, Oakleaf suffered from low awareness and poor differentiation. Employees had poor understanding of the companys vision and the brand appeared dated and unapproachable. Complicating their messaging, Oakleaf restricted use of the words waste management from its corporate identity and sales language to avoid referring to their dominant competitor, global giant Waste Management.

    Simple TruthBroken Trust In a category with no differentiated competition, Oakleafs unique offering could be compelling.


  • Oakleaf

    + CreativityIntelligent Waste Management Bobs Your Uncle rebranded Oakleaf around a positioning that not only restored waste management to their vocabulary, but also visibly elevated above their dominant competitor. If effect we created a new category within Waste Management, positioning the CEO and the business as an industry thought-leader.

    = Result Oakleaf quickly expanded market share throughout the US with major companies Oakleaf was acquired by Waste Management - the rebrand played a significant role

    attracting Waste Managements attention and positively impacting the purchase price


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  • Macys

    A milestone victory convincing a large customer to endorse Oakleaf

    Dorothy insert key visual with link to macys video

    Link to Macys Flower Show is hEps://

  • CEO Steve Preston on CNBC

    A milestone victory thought leadership for high profile CEO Steve Preston (former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development)

    Link to Steve Prestons interview on CNBC Rising price of garbage is hEps://

  • Bobs Your Uncle delivered a brilliant strategy through our rebrand and found a way to propelOakleafbeyond category expectations we really became the talk of the category. The rebrand was so effective our largest competitor, a global giant, ultimately acquiredOakleafand the rebrand contributed significantly to the acquisition cost.


    Steve PrestonCEO, Oakleaf

  • One Call Care Management


    Uniting multiple acquisitions under one identity

  • One Call Care Management

    Through acquisition including MSC Care Management, its largest competitor, One Call Medical became Americas largest provider of workers compensation services. A unified company rebrand needed to reflect this leadership and leverage tremendous brand equities from multiple companies.

    Simple TruthA Single Solution By vertically integrating best of the best companies and expertise, One Call Medical simplified and transformed the way injured workers received the care they needed from the point of injury to recovery.

  • One Call Care Management

    + CreativityOne Call Care Management We created a new company name to marry the brand equities and communicate powerful new simplicity. A significant digital presence was enabled through a website we designed with improved user experience and transactional capability.

    = ResultsThe new brand successfully communicated value and momentum as the workers compensation industrys broadest portfolio of services and expertise One Call Care Management continues to grow, lead the category and increase its value

  • Brand Family and Hierarchy

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  • Leisureworld Senior Care


    Bringing new life to senior care

  • Leisureworld Senior Care

    Through acquisition, Leisureworld became one of the nations largest providers of residences and care for seniors. In a dynamic regulatory environment, with media attention focused on abusive staff behavior towards residents, they needed to establish a common vision and culture across highly divided staff and set themselves apart in a competitive category. Simple TruthThe relationships residents have with individual staff members transcends everything almost even death In extensive research we discovered a surprising truth: des