byte me: turning data into dollars

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Data & Analytics

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Presented by Mack Campbell & Cathy Sheehy


  • 1. Byte Me
  • 2. About Cathy & Mack
  • 3. Agenda Groundbreaking Best Practices Case Studies Big Data Obstacles
  • 4. Groundbreaking Best Practices
  • 5. Groundbreakin g Best Practice #1 Collect Data
  • 6. Best Practices Collect Areas of collection Challenge of Events Relationship Manager Info Form design Store Knowing Your System Accuracy/Consistency (turnover) Good P&P What not to collect List dumping - plan to use Knowing the Output Plan Maintain NCOA Deceased records Duplicate Email Role of the Gift Officer Use Wealth screenings Segmentation (Dear Friend) The Informed Ask
  • 7. Case Studies Resource Center Wealth Screening Collected, Not Stored, but Used PC&S Bereavement List Collected, Stored & Not Used Jonathans Place Newsletter
  • 8. Big Data You are not an individual, you are a data cluster. Using data that is available to you. Facebook advertising Not necessarily fundraising, but program support Google ads
  • 9. Obstacles Cost ROI Data management wealth screenings technology Staffing Bandwidth Excel
  • 10. Recap Your database will never be perfect. It can be good