bylaws of the crossroad football league (updated march 2014)

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This is the governing document for the Crossroads Football League.


  • Crossroads Football League Bylaws Amended March 2014

    Article I. NAME The Name of this organization will be the Crossroads Football League (heretofore to be known as The CRFL,CRFL, or the league)

    Article II. PURPOSE The purpose of the CRFL will be to promote and govern the highest possible level of adult amateur football

    among its league members for the benefit of its members and their respective communities.

    Article III. ORGANIZATION 1. NON-PROFIT - The CRFL will be organized as a non-profit domestic corporation under the laws of the State

    of Indiana.

    2. BY-LAWS- All league members will abide by the by-laws set forth heretofore. These by-laws will be

    recognized as the governing document of the CRFL and will be held in force until either the dissolution of the

    CRFL, or such time as an individual article is amended, or deleted as voted into effect by a simple majority of

    all CRFL voting members.

    3. DISSOLUTION In the event that dissolution becomes necessary, any league debts will be paid first and

    any remaining assets will be donated to a charitable entity at the sole discretion of, and as voted on by, the

    Members of the board of directors (BOD). The members of the BOD will determine whether or not to

    dissolve the CRFL at its sole discretion by at least two-thirds (2/3rds) majority vote of all members of the

    BOD. In the event of a tie vote, the Commissioner will break the tie at his or her sole discretion.


    A. Annual Meetings - CRFL will hold no fewer than two (2) meetings per annum for official league

    business. At least one of these meetings shall be a formal round table style following parliamentary

    procedure. Other meetings may be held by teleconference but will be at the discretion of the majority

    of the members as to how it is to be conducted.

    B. Agenda - The agenda for the annual meeting will be determined by the Commissioner and approved

    with revisions by BOD. CRFL members teams wishing to discuss a particular issue should request in

    writing to the Commissioner the opportunity to be placed on the agenda. All requests must be

    submitted (1) one week prior to the start of the meeting. Approval to speak will be issued as time

    permits. Final meeting agendas will be determined by the BOD in its sole discretion. Agendas will be

    made available to member teams prior to the annual meeting.

    C. Special Meetings - It is understood that there may be a need for special league meetings at other

    times during the year. Special meetings will be held at the sole discretion of the BOD.

    D. Location - Meeting locations will be determined at the sole discretion of the BOD members

    E. Attendance - Attendance is mandatory. There must be a team representative present and no more

    than two representatives present, at the annual meeting. In the event a representative is not in

    attendance, it is the responsibility of that team to obtain information regarding any decisions made at

    such meetings. If, however, a team does not attend a given meeting and has not cast a vote or voted

    by proxy, said team will be considered to have cast no vote and will be forced to honor the majority

    vote of the remaining members.

    F. Quorum - The presence of a two-thirds (2/3rds) majority of CRFL team representatives will be

    necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of league business. Except in the matter of

    removal of officers when full attendance is required. Proxies may be used with written notice to the


    G. BOD Meetings - The BOD may have separate meetings at is sole discretion if matters arise that

    require immediate attention and a quorum meeting is not needed or possible.


    A. Board of Directors- CRFL will have BOD consisting of

    i. Commissioner

    ii. Assistant Commissioner

    B. Duties of the BOD- will be determined by resolutions executed by a simple majority vote of all league

    members in good standing. Duties shall be listed within the bylaws in Article IV Section 2.

    C. Compensation- There is no Compensation for any BOD or member.

    D. Nomination - Nomination from 1 voting member with second from a separate voting member

    E. Confirmation Commissioner and Officers must be confirmed by simple majority vote of all league

    members in good standing.

    F. Term All officers shall hold the office for a one (1) year calendar term. Commissioners and Officers

    may be re-elected when nomination protocol is followed at the conclusion of term.

    G. Removal from the BOD Members of the BOD may be removed from the BOD through written

    resignation or a two-thirds (2/3rds) vote from all league members. In the event of a tie vote, the

    Commissioner will cast the deciding vote.


    A. Commissioner

    i. Qualifications - Should not be a primary (voting) member for any team. If all avenues have

    been exhausted and no individual fitting said criteria can be elected, the CRFL shall vacate the

    office of commissioner and the duly elected president shall assume responsibilities of the

    commissioners office.

    i. Duties - The Commissioner will facilitate and preside over league meetings, enforce league

    rules as designated by resolution of BOD, take primary role in setting an effective operating

    budget and timely game schedule. Will act in concert with Head of Officials in establishing and

    enforcing rules governing game day play and expected and acceptable conduct during the

    normal course of game day activities. If the Commissioner is unavailable or unable to carry

    out the duties for any reason the Assistant Commissioner will, on either a temporary or

    permanent basis, or for special purposes, assume responsibility of commissioner.

    B. Assistant Commissioner - Shall assist the Commissioner as directed by the Commissioner to help in

    is duties. He shall act as the secondary contact in the event the commissioner cannot be reached.


    A. Division - There may be conferences and/or divisions at the sole discretion of the BOD depending on

    number of teams, geographic distances, or various other criteria as deemed necessary for such action.

    B. Member Teams - Each member team will have 1(one) primary representative to make decisions on

    behalf of their respective team and 1(one) secondary representative who may hold a binding vote in

    the absence of said teams primary representative and 1(one) alternative representative who may

    attend league meetings in the absence of the primary or secondary representative who may cast a

    vote in the absence of both.


    A. Minimum Qualification - Teams must provide: (i) evidence of financial stability, (ii) evidence of

    operational stability, (iii) evidence of ability to be competitive, (iv) evidence of ownership and proof of

    corporate structure and; (v) be of the highest moral character and deemed an overall good fit for the

    image and structure of the CRFL

    i. Threshold - The threshold as to whether these basic requirements are met will be at the sole

    discretion of the BOD.


    A. Procedure for League Admission

    i. Application - Those wishing to be considered for admission into the league must complete an

    application for admission.

    ii. Presentation - The CRFL will request that a formal presentation be made to existing

    members at an annual meeting by any applicant to the league.

  • iii. Majority Vote - A simple majority vote of the existing member team representatives must

    approve the applicant for league membership. Existing member teams representatives may

    cast their vote in person at the annual meeting or by other means acceptable to the BOD

    including the use of email, telephone, or the league website/message board.

    B. Acknowledgement: New member teams will be required to expressly be bound by the rules and

    regulations of the CRFL including these by laws and will be required to complete a CRFL membership



    A. Annual Review: Existing member teams will be subject to an annual review by the Rules and Ethics

    Committee and Commissioner. Member teams should be prepared to provide any information

    requested by the BOD or Commissioner to assist in evaluating the existing members compliance with

    league rules and regulations. Any member of the Rules and Ethics Committee may not participate in

    the review of their own team

    B. Removal from CRFL: Should the League determine by two-thirds (2/3rds) majority vote of existing

    League members that an existing team is not in compliance with CRFL rules and regulations or for any

    other reason the existing team will be removed from the CRFL or be given a specific amount of time to

    rectify the situation to the satisfaction of the BOD.

    C. Fines: All league fines are nonrefundable and will be considered owing as regular fees and subject to

    any penalties associated with unpaid fees.


    A. Non Refundable: All league fees and fines paid to CRFL are non-refundable.

    B. Annual Fees: New members and existing members of the CRFL will pay an annual entry fee.

    i. League fees will be voted on as a part of the annual budge