Bylaws of the Crossroad Football League (Updated March 2014)

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This is the governing document for the Crossroads Football League.


<ul><li><p>Crossroads Football League Bylaws Amended March 2014 </p><p>Article I. NAME The Name of this organization will be the Crossroads Football League (heretofore to be known as The CRFL,CRFL, or the league) </p><p>Article II. PURPOSE The purpose of the CRFL will be to promote and govern the highest possible level of adult amateur football </p><p>among its league members for the benefit of its members and their respective communities. </p><p>Article III. ORGANIZATION 1. NON-PROFIT - The CRFL will be organized as a non-profit domestic corporation under the laws of the State </p><p>of Indiana. </p><p>2. BY-LAWS- All league members will abide by the by-laws set forth heretofore. These by-laws will be </p><p>recognized as the governing document of the CRFL and will be held in force until either the dissolution of the </p><p>CRFL, or such time as an individual article is amended, or deleted as voted into effect by a simple majority of </p><p>all CRFL voting members. </p><p>3. DISSOLUTION In the event that dissolution becomes necessary, any league debts will be paid first and </p><p>any remaining assets will be donated to a charitable entity at the sole discretion of, and as voted on by, the </p><p>Members of the board of directors (BOD). The members of the BOD will determine whether or not to </p><p>dissolve the CRFL at its sole discretion by at least two-thirds (2/3rds) majority vote of all members of the </p><p>BOD. In the event of a tie vote, the Commissioner will break the tie at his or her sole discretion. </p><p>4. MEETINGS </p><p>A. Annual Meetings - CRFL will hold no fewer than two (2) meetings per annum for official league </p><p>business. At least one of these meetings shall be a formal round table style following parliamentary </p><p>procedure. Other meetings may be held by teleconference but will be at the discretion of the majority </p><p>of the members as to how it is to be conducted. </p><p>B. Agenda - The agenda for the annual meeting will be determined by the Commissioner and approved </p><p>with revisions by BOD. CRFL members teams wishing to discuss a particular issue should request in </p><p>writing to the Commissioner the opportunity to be placed on the agenda. All requests must be </p><p>submitted (1) one week prior to the start of the meeting. Approval to speak will be issued as time </p><p>permits. Final meeting agendas will be determined by the BOD in its sole discretion. Agendas will be </p><p>made available to member teams prior to the annual meeting. </p><p>C. Special Meetings - It is understood that there may be a need for special league meetings at other </p><p>times during the year. Special meetings will be held at the sole discretion of the BOD. </p><p>D. Location - Meeting locations will be determined at the sole discretion of the BOD members </p><p>E. Attendance - Attendance is mandatory. There must be a team representative present and no more </p><p>than two representatives present, at the annual meeting. In the event a representative is not in </p><p>attendance, it is the responsibility of that team to obtain information regarding any decisions made at </p><p>such meetings. If, however, a team does not attend a given meeting and has not cast a vote or voted </p><p>by proxy, said team will be considered to have cast no vote and will be forced to honor the majority </p><p>vote of the remaining members. </p><p>F. Quorum - The presence of a two-thirds (2/3rds) majority of CRFL team representatives will be </p><p>necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of league business. Except in the matter of </p><p>removal of officers when full attendance is required. Proxies may be used with written notice to the </p><p>BOD </p><p>G. BOD Meetings - The BOD may have separate meetings at is sole discretion if matters arise that </p><p>require immediate attention and a quorum meeting is not needed or possible. </p></li><li><p>Article IV. OFFICERS, BOARD MEMBERS, &amp; COMMITTEES 1. INITIAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS </p><p>A. Board of Directors- CRFL will have BOD consisting of </p><p>i. Commissioner </p><p>ii. Assistant Commissioner </p><p>B. Duties of the BOD- will be determined by resolutions executed by a simple majority vote of all league </p><p>members in good standing. Duties shall be listed within the bylaws in Article IV Section 2. </p><p>C. Compensation- There is no Compensation for any BOD or member. </p><p>D. Nomination - Nomination from 1 voting member with second from a separate voting member </p><p>E. Confirmation Commissioner and Officers must be confirmed by simple majority vote of all league </p><p>members in good standing. </p><p>F. Term All officers shall hold the office for a one (1) year calendar term. Commissioners and Officers </p><p>may be re-elected when nomination protocol is followed at the conclusion of term. </p><p>G. Removal from the BOD Members of the BOD may be removed from the BOD through written </p><p>resignation or a two-thirds (2/3rds) vote from all league members. In the event of a tie vote, the </p><p>Commissioner will cast the deciding vote. </p><p>2. DEFINITIONS AND DUTIES FOR BOD </p><p>A. Commissioner </p><p>i. Qualifications - Should not be a primary (voting) member for any team. If all avenues have </p><p>been exhausted and no individual fitting said criteria can be elected, the CRFL shall vacate the </p><p>office of commissioner and the duly elected president shall assume responsibilities of the </p><p>commissioners office. </p><p>i. Duties - The Commissioner will facilitate and preside over league meetings, enforce league </p><p>rules as designated by resolution of BOD, take primary role in setting an effective operating </p><p>budget and timely game schedule. Will act in concert with Head of Officials in establishing and </p><p>enforcing rules governing game day play and expected and acceptable conduct during the </p><p>normal course of game day activities. If the Commissioner is unavailable or unable to carry </p><p>out the duties for any reason the Assistant Commissioner will, on either a temporary or </p><p>permanent basis, or for special purposes, assume responsibility of commissioner. </p><p>B. Assistant Commissioner - Shall assist the Commissioner as directed by the Commissioner to help in </p><p>is duties. He shall act as the secondary contact in the event the commissioner cannot be reached. </p><p>Article V. MEMBERSHIP, FRANCHISE &amp; FEES 1. LEAGUE STRUCTURE </p><p>A. Division - There may be conferences and/or divisions at the sole discretion of the BOD depending on </p><p>number of teams, geographic distances, or various other criteria as deemed necessary for such action. </p><p>B. Member Teams - Each member team will have 1(one) primary representative to make decisions on </p><p>behalf of their respective team and 1(one) secondary representative who may hold a binding vote in </p><p>the absence of said teams primary representative and 1(one) alternative representative who may </p><p>attend league meetings in the absence of the primary or secondary representative who may cast a </p><p>vote in the absence of both. </p><p>2. MINIMUM CRITERIA FOR CRFL ADMISSION </p><p>A. Minimum Qualification - Teams must provide: (i) evidence of financial stability, (ii) evidence of </p><p>operational stability, (iii) evidence of ability to be competitive, (iv) evidence of ownership and proof of </p><p>corporate structure and; (v) be of the highest moral character and deemed an overall good fit for the </p><p>image and structure of the CRFL </p><p>i. Threshold - The threshold as to whether these basic requirements are met will be at the sole </p><p>discretion of the BOD. </p><p>3. NEW MEMBERS </p><p>A. Procedure for League Admission </p><p>i. Application - Those wishing to be considered for admission into the league must complete an </p><p>application for admission. </p><p>ii. Presentation - The CRFL will request that a formal presentation be made to existing </p><p>members at an annual meeting by any applicant to the league. </p></li><li><p>iii. Majority Vote - A simple majority vote of the existing member team representatives must </p><p>approve the applicant for league membership. Existing member teams representatives may </p><p>cast their vote in person at the annual meeting or by other means acceptable to the BOD </p><p>including the use of email, telephone, or the league website/message board. </p><p>B. Acknowledgement: New member teams will be required to expressly be bound by the rules and </p><p>regulations of the CRFL including these by laws and will be required to complete a CRFL membership </p><p>application. </p><p>4. EXISTING TEAMS </p><p>A. Annual Review: Existing member teams will be subject to an annual review by the Rules and Ethics </p><p>Committee and Commissioner. Member teams should be prepared to provide any information </p><p>requested by the BOD or Commissioner to assist in evaluating the existing members compliance with </p><p>league rules and regulations. Any member of the Rules and Ethics Committee may not participate in </p><p>the review of their own team </p><p>B. Removal from CRFL: Should the League determine by two-thirds (2/3rds) majority vote of existing </p><p>League members that an existing team is not in compliance with CRFL rules and regulations or for any </p><p>other reason the existing team will be removed from the CRFL or be given a specific amount of time to </p><p>rectify the situation to the satisfaction of the BOD. </p><p>C. Fines: All league fines are nonrefundable and will be considered owing as regular fees and subject to </p><p>any penalties associated with unpaid fees. </p><p>5. ANNUAL FEES </p><p>A. Non Refundable: All league fees and fines paid to CRFL are non-refundable. </p><p>B. Annual Fees: New members and existing members of the CRFL will pay an annual entry fee. </p><p>i. League fees will be voted on as a part of the annual budget prepared by the BOD at the </p><p>beginning of each year by the League Members </p><p>C. Fee Schedule: BOD will issue a schedule of fees (Fee Schedule) each year. </p><p>D. Voting Rights: Payment in full of annual entry fee or current with the issued fee schedule will entitle </p><p>each team to one (1) vote on CRFL operating issues designated for member voting by the BOD. </p><p>E. Payment Method: All league fees must be made payable to Crossroads Football League by money </p><p>order, check, PayPal, or cash. </p><p>F. Payment Date: All league fees must be paid in full by a date elected by the BOD </p><p>G. Failure to pay fees: Failure to pay fees or fines may result in expulsion from CRFL. Expulsion from </p><p>CRFL due to failure of paying fee is at the sole discretion of the BOD. While any fines or fees are </p><p>outstanding, a team will receive an automatic forfeit score regardless if the game is played or not. </p><p>Article VI. Voting 1. VOTING MEMBERS - Each member team will hold 1(one) vote in all matters regardless of whether a member </p><p>from that team holds an elected position. </p><p>2. MAJORITY VOTE All votes will be held to a majority vote, except in particular instances listed in these </p><p>bylaws where a 2/3 vote is required. A simple majority vote passes with greater than 50% of the teams in </p><p>attendance. Quorum must be reached in order to hold a majority vote </p><p>3. ABSTANTEE VOTING </p><p>A. Secondary or Alternative Representative - If that teams primary representative is not present when </p><p>ballots are cast, the teams secondary contact or alternative representative may then cast a binding vote. </p><p>B. Time limit - If a team cannot attend a meeting and wants the opportunity to review the matter being voted </p><p>on, they can request in writing (using one of the methods previously described) that the matter be </p><p>continued and a vote be cast within 48 hours of the vote taking place. The team will then have another 48 </p><p>hours to review the matter, ask questions, and cast their vote. However, if a team cannot/ does not attend a </p><p>meeting or ask in writing (using one of the methods previously specified) that a specific matter be </p><p>continued for review, the vote taken at the meeting will be binding and the team will be officially </p><p>considered to have abstained in voting on the matter. </p><p>4. LOSS OF VOTING RIGHTS u </p><p>A. Unpaid Fees A team cannot vote if they have outstanding fees or fines as listed in Article IV Section 6 </p></li><li><p>B. Probation A team placed on probation may lose their voting rights as a part of their probation. The </p><p>decision on whether a team loses their voting rights and length of probation will be decided by the </p><p>Commissioner at the time the Probation is announced. </p><p>5. VOTING OUTSIDE OF A MEETING </p><p>A. Call to Question Only the League Commissioner or Board Member acting on behalf or in place of the </p><p>Commissioner can call a vote outside of the League Meeting. </p><p>B. Announcement and Posting of Question The question must be posted on the league message board. </p><p>An e-mail will be sent out to inform all team representatives of the posting of the question. If within 24 </p><p>hours a response from a team has not be received, the team representatives will be contacted though a </p><p>second form of communication. If within 48 hours, a response from a team has not been received, both </p><p>methods of communication will be tried again and a third one attempted. </p><p>C. Quorum 2/3 of the league members must vote in order to valid the vote. If the quorum is not reached </p><p>by the allowed time limit, the vote will be null and the question retracted. </p><p>D. Method of Voting A team may cast their vote via the message board, which is preferred, or through the </p><p>following forms of written communication with the commissioners office, text message or email, which </p><p>will be forwarded to the entire board for verification. </p><p>E. Time Limit From the time of the first notification, teams will have 72 hours (3 days) to cast their vote </p><p>(by the method(s) prescribed above). The Commissioner has the opportunity to extend the vote after 72 </p><p>hours by another 48 hours (2 days). If quorum is not reached, or a majority vote not achieved within the </p><p>established timeline, the vote will be null and the question retracted. </p><p>6. TIE BREAKER - The commissioner will cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie. </p><p>Article VII. Awards The CRFL will award a trophy to the league champion and a trophy to its runner up. Any other awards will be </p><p>given at the discretion of the BOD </p><p>Article VIII. GRIEVANCES 1. REPORTING - All CRFL grievances must be submitted within forty-eight (48) hours after the incident in </p><p>question by telephone or email to CRFL Commissioner. A written copy of the grievance must be filed with the </p><p>Commissioner within one (1) week from the time of the alleged infraction. The Commissioner will notify all </p><p>members of the pending complaint and assign the grievance to the appropriate BOD members. </p><p>2. HEARING - The Commissioner may elect to conduct hearings in person or by conference call. </p><p>3. DECISION - Any decision rendered on a grievance will be released and announced to CRFL membership </p><p>within seven (7) days via letter, email, or league website. </p><p>4. APPEAL - Any member team can appeal any grievance to the BOD within seven (7) days of a decision. </p><p>Requests for appeal will be acknowledged via telephone or in person. However, a written copy of the appeal </p><p>request must be received by the BOD within seven (7) days of the initial decision. </p><p>5. DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY - Any infraction that involves a CRFL board member affiliated team will be </p><p>handled by the Commissioner and other CRFL board members not involved with the infraction. In addition, </p><p>CRFL BOD member must excuse himself from voting on the final disposition of the grievance. </p><p>6...</p></li></ul>