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By: Zachary Nunn. Aflac History. John, Paul and William Amos Founded in 1955 in Columbus, Georgia Originally named American Family Life Insurance Company. 1958-Developed Groundbreaking Cancer Policy 1974-Obtained License to sell in Japan 1974-officially listed on NYSE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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By: Zachary Nunn

Aflac History

John, Paul and William AmosFounded in 1955 in Columbus, GeorgiaOriginally named American Family Life Insurance Company

1958-Developed Groundbreaking Cancer Policy

1974-Obtained License to sell in Japan

1974-officially listed on NYSE

1989-Adopts the name Aflac, which stands for American Family Life Assurance Company

1990-Dan Amos becomes CEO


PoliciesAccidentCancer/Specified DiseaseCritical Care and RecoveryDentalHospital Confinement IndemnityHospital Confinement Sickness IndemnityHospital Intensive CareJuvenile LifeLifeLump Sum CancerLump Some Critical IllnessSubsidiaries American Family Life Assurance Company of ColumbusAmerican Family Life Assurance Company of New YorkCommunicorp, IncAflac Information Technology, IncAflac Insurance Services Company, LimitedAflac Payment Services Company, LimitedAflac Technology Services Company, LimitedAflac Heartful Services Company, Limited

Aflac in Japan

Began selling insurance in 1974

One out of every four households in Japan

140,000 small businesses

Over 75 percent of revenue

Aflac in the United StatesHas presence in all 50 statesEmploys more than 4,500 peopleAflac is the Number 1 provider of guaranteed-renewable insurance in the United StatesMore than 74,000 independent sales agents

StrategiesExpansion of product lineMain focus is to provide policies that can be used to help out-of-pocket expenses that are not covered by existing major medical coverage Growing distribution system of independent insurance agents and brokers.Aflac focuses its products on the worksite market because that is where most Americans buy health insurance. Many of the workers we insure are employed by small businesses. MarketingWorksite MarketingThe DuckJanuary 1, 2000Name recognition grew from 11% to 94%Commercials, Billboards, Newspaper, Magazines etc.Marketing and Sales into one DepartmentCreating a team focused on brand and customer experience

Social Responsibility & ContributionsDonated millions to American Red Cross for disaster reliefDonated $3 million to establish the Aflac Cancer Center at Egleston Children's Hospital.Joined with the Children's Cancer Association of Japan to build the Aflac Parents House.Social Media donations and fundraisers to help fund cancer researchSWOT AnalysisStrength1. Focus on niche helping defend global market leadership in supplemental health insurance2. Long standing relationships with banks continue contributing to recurring sales3. Strong balance sheet providing financial strength4. Unique products with high customer loyaltyWeakness1. Increasing concentration in Japan increases business risk2. Losses on perpetual debentures likely to continue3.Brand equity not strong enough compared to competitorsOpportunity1. Launch of new products likely to generate higher returns2. Launch of new initiatives to enhance sales3. Increasing natural calamities in Japan likely to enhance life insurance market growth potentialThreats1. Increasing competition in supplemental in health insurance sector2. Increasing incidence and severity of natural disasters in Japan could affect underwriting profitsStock Chart

Financial OverviewAflac Inc. (AFL)-NYSE 62.21Revenues (millions):22,171.0-6.9% increase from 2010Profits (millions): 1,964.0-down 16.9% from 2010Assets (millions): 117,102.0Stockholders' equity (millions): 13,506.0