by: yann martel a powerpoint by jake wightman yann martel yann martel was born in salamanca, spain....

Life Of Pi By: Yann Martel A PowerPoint by Jake Wightman

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Slide 2 By: Yann Martel A PowerPoint by Jake Wightman Slide 3 Yann Martel Yann Martel was born in Salamanca, Spain. He published Life of Pi in 2002 He was the winner of the 2002 Man Booker Prize for fiction He studied philosophy at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario Canada. Slide 4 The story is set around the 1970s It also takes place around the time India becomes communist and is ruled by a dictator. Slide 5 Most of the story takes place on an orange life boat in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, which was very hot and very dry since it was Summer. A secondary location that the story takes place in is in Pondicherry India, a city in southeastern India. Slide 6 The overall mood of the story is hope. The part that says Hope to me is the times when Pi looks into the horizon just hoping and longing for rescue. Slide 7 Pi is the protagonist because he is working to stay alive through all of the obstacles that our antagonist, which well get to next, throws at him in the life boat. Pi is a very smart 17 year old boy who is very involved and interested in religions. Pi in his childhood was a Hindu, Muslim, and Christian at the same time. People think Pi is very very intelligent. Slide 8 The antagonist is Richard Parker the 300 pound Bengal tiger that some how ended up in the life boat with Pi when the boat sank. Richard Parker represents the variable between life and death on the boat. Richard is a real tiger, but he wasnt really there he was just an idea that was going on in Pis head, Richard Parker was a figment on Pis imagination representing his fear. Slide 9 The main conflict of the story was Pi trying to stay alive on the life boat all alone with limited resources such as his dwindling supply of food, exposure to the elements, and his hope for rescue. Slide 10 The ultimate climax of the story was when Pi conquered Richard Parker, the tiger, and showed him who is boss and to obey him. By doing so Pi conquered his fear of being all alone and was not afraid to face his fears anymore. Slide 11 The resolution occurred when Pi finally hit landfall on the coast of Mexico and was rescued. When Pi hit landfall after 200 something days he was interviewed by two representatives from the shipping company that owned the boat that sunk with Pis family was on and tried to figure out Pis story. Slide 12 The theme in Life of Pi is Survival. It is Survival because Pi spent so many days surviving off of the ocean and the rations in the boat. Not to mention his genius work in making a raft out of floatable oars and Buoys. Pi also used a lot of things in the boat to make other useful things like the anchor made out of the tarpaulin and the metal rungs. He also found out the things he could eat in many kinds of fish. Slide 13 Life of Pi by Yann Martel pictures courtesy of Google Images Images collected from the movie Life Of Pi. Slide 14 I myself thought Life Of Pi was an absolutely excellent story of survival and courage. Another reason I thought Life Of Pi was a great book was because of the descriptive details Yann Martel used when he wrote the book. Yann Martel also went into deep discussions about religions in which he described every one he talked about in a positive way and then a negative way based on his opinion of the religion. He also spoke a lot about the little things going on during major events in the story. That is why I thought Life Of Pi was an absolutely tremendous book.