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Mario Kart 64 episode 1: Luigi Raceway. By: (Samurai) Johnny Casullo. Hello everybody! We’re here live at Luigi Raceway!. I’m Bowser. I’m Toad. I’m Wario. I’m Mario. I’m Luigi. I’m Peach. I’m Yoshi. I’m DK. Now, let’s meet everybody who will - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • By: (Samurai) Johnny CasulloMario Kart 64 episode 1: Luigi Raceway

  • Hello everybody! Were here live at Luigi Raceway!

  • Now, lets meet everybody who will be racing in this beautiful weatherIm WarioIm ToadIm BowserIm PeachIm YoshiIm DK.Im LuigiIm Mario

  • And theyre off!

  • Theyre off on the straightaway!

  • Uh oh! The first corner is coming up and theyre not slowing down!

  • Oh my! They made it!

  • Here we go!

  • Theyre going through the boxes

  • It looks like Bowser is catching up!

  • Bowser throws his banana he got from the box!

  • Now its Bowser vs. Mario! Who will win?!I will!No I will!

  • Were down to the finish line folks!

  • Mario wins the race!Thank you everybody! Thank you!!

  • On the next episode of Mario Kart 64, the course is at the Moo Moo Farm. Will the racers be able to get through the farm without getting hit by anything? Dont miss the next thrilling episode of Mario Kart 64!