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Under The Hood. PC. BY: Nick Cortes 2 Period. Places To Save Files. You can save your files to my computer You can save In your Documents You can save it to Desk top You can also save to your music And lastly you can save it to your network places. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • BY: Nick Cortes 2 Period PC

  • You can save your files to my computerYou can save In your DocumentsYou can save it to Desk topYou can also save to your musicAnd lastly you can save it to your network places.You can save your stuff at school in a document.

  • The hard drive is really important because u can save all your stuff to it and make sure I doesnt get deleted.The mother board is like the skeleton of the computer it connects to your processor ,your USB and any other component in your computer.Ram Is very important it is the speed performance of programs. It gathers random access memory to have your computer to be working rapidly.

  • Modem ,monitor, Hard disk driveVideo Card, Power SupplyModem: It translates digital signals into an analogue noise, and transmits it down a telephone line.Monitor: They are made of plastic, Glass, Metal. Some contain lead, from color cathode ray tube witch creates the images on the screen.Hard disk drive: They contain platters that rotate at speeds, like 5400rpm. It is basically another hard drive and internal disk drive.Video Card: The video card makes your computer run faster and can let you play more games that are in better quality.Power supply: The power supply powers the computer it self. It powers the fans the ram the hard drive , every thing.

  • RAM MEMORY: RAM is the most important thing to a computer. RAM lets you have more than one window open, The more ram them more programs you can have open. SOUND CARD: A sound card is a peace of your hardware. It generates the sound through your speakers. The sound can be music or special effects.

    CPU : The cpu is every thing for you computer. If you dont have it you dont have a computer. GRAPHICS CARD : you need it so u can see things on your computer like games or projects.

    MOTHER BOARD : with out it your computer can not function. The mother board connects to every thing like your charger.

  • 1950: The First electronic computer is created in Japan By Hideo Yamachito.1951: Raymond Thomson and John Simmons made the first business computer.1960: The common business Oriented Language Programming language is invented.1961: General motors puts the first industrial robot.1970: Intel introduces the worlds first available dynamic RAM chip.1971: E-Mail was invented1980: Pual Allan and Bill gates make the first PC Computer.1981: MS-DOS Computer operating system increases Its Success1990: Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau propose a hypertext system.2006: Skype announces that it has over 100 million registered users

  • Hektobyte: Hundred Kilobyte: ThousandMegabyte: Million Gigabyte: BillionTerabyte: TrillionPetabyte: QuadrillionExabyte: QuintillionZettabyte: Sextillion Yottabyte: Septillion

    RAM: A type of memory that lets you access any type of byte without touching any preceding bytes.