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  • By: Myron Zhang Evan Ye Sankash Shankar
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  • ArtsLiterature ReligionPoliticsMisc. 11111 22222 33333 44444 55555
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  • The Arts
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  • Who was the artist that sculpted the David and painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Correct! It is Michelangelo Question:
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  • Who is the architect that designed and built the dome on the cathedral of Florence? Correct! His name is Brunelleschi Question:
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  • Which Flemish painter was famous for painting realistic scenes from the lives of ordinary people? Correct! His name is Pieter Bruegel the Elder Question:
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  • Name the German artist who traveled to Italy in 1494 and specialized in religious woodcuts and engravings. Correct! His name is Albrecht Durer Question:
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  • In which year was Leonardo da Vinci born? State 3 skills of this Renaissance Man. Year of birth: 1452 3 skills: painter, sculptor, scientist Question:
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  • Literature Questions
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  • During the Elizabethan Age, which English playwright could be found writing such plays as Othello and King Lear to be performed at the Globe Theatre? William Shakespeare Question:
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  • This Italian writer and political thinker believed in the theory the ends justify the means. He wrote a book advising rulers on how to govern. Name both the author and the books name. Machiavelli; The Prince Question:
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  • Which English author created Utopia, a book describing a perfect society where greed, corruption, and war are nonexistent? What happened to him after he opposed Henry VIII in his attempt to create the Church of England? Thomas More; he was imprisoned in the Tower of London and executed for treason Question:
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  • Which Christian humanist wrote The Praise of Folly, which poked fun at merchants, lovers, scholars, and priests? Desiderius Erasmus Question:
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  • Following the example of the medieval writer Dante, many writers began writing in the language of their specific nation or country. What is the term used for these native languages? Vernacular Question:
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  • Religion Questions
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  • What action started the Reformation, and in which country did it begin? Martin Luther posting the 95 Theses on a church, and it began in Germany Question:
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  • Under which king did England become Protestant. Why did this happen? Henry VIII, he wanted his marriage annulled so he can remarry and try to get a son to inherit the throne. Question:
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  • Calvinists believed in which religious theory that claimed that God has known since the beginning of time which individuals will be presented with salvation? Predestination Question:
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  • What practice of the Roman Catholic Church did Luther criticize, and from which two prominent catholic figures make threats against him? the sale of indulgences, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Pope Leo X Question:
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  • In which year did Elizabeth I of England establish the Anglican Church? 1559 Question:
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  • Politics Questions
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  • Describe feudalism as seen during the Middle Ages in Europe A social order in which a lesser noble or commoner swears fealty to a lord in return for military protection. Question:
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  • Which powerful Italian banking family known as Gods Bankers came to power in Florence in the 15 th century? The Medici Question:
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  • Why did the Pope refuse to annul Henry VIIIs marriage to Catherine of Aragon? He did not want to offend Catherines nephew, Charles V Question:
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  • Give the dates of Elizabeth Is reign. Which state (as in United States) was named after her? 1558-1603; Virginia Question:
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  • Charles V, one of Europes most powerful monarchs in the 16 th century and a dedicated enemy of the Protestants, ruled over a vast domain, including what empire in central Europe that covers much of modern-day Germany, Switzerland, and northern Italy? The Holy Roman Empire Question:
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  • Miscellaneous Questions
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  • Which intellectual movement focused on human potential and achievements? Humanism Question:
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  • The bubonic plague killed what percentage of Europes population? 30% Question:
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  • Name the trade federation, comprised of over a hundred cities, which controlled trade across most of Germany, France, England, Scandinavia, and the Baltic region? Where was its mother city, or headquarters, located? The Hanseatic League; Lbeck, in Germany Question:
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  • Which invention developed by Johann Gutenberg in around 1440 revolutionized the spread of information and ideas across Europe? Why did the printing press have such a profound effect? Printing press; the press allowed for the mass production of written material, which had previously been exceedingly rare and copied by hand, a painstakingly slow process. Written material, in turn, was a very efficient way of spreading ideas and information. Question:
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  • How many wives did Henry VIII have, and what were their names? (In chronological order) Six; Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr Question:

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