by: matt delello, tucker deluca, and paige culp. government president: pranab kumar mukherjee prime...

Download By: Matt DeLello, Tucker DeLuca, and Paige Culp. Government President: Pranab Kumar Mukherjee Prime Minister Manmohan Singh president's duties are mostly

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By: Matt DeLello, Tucker DeLuca, and Paige Culp Slide 2 Government President: Pranab Kumar Mukherjee Prime Minister Manmohan Singh president's duties are mostly ceremonial like in England president serves a 5-year term president appoint a prime minister Slide 3 Geograph y Capital: New Delhi India has 28 states and 7 unions Bordering Countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, Nepal, and Pakistan India is the seventh largest country in the world India covers 3.28 million square kilometers The Tropic of Cancer runs down the middle of India almost dividing the country into 2 The River Ganga is the longest river in India The highest point in India is Kanchenjunga standing at 28,169 ft. above sea level India can be divided into 5 physical units: The Great Mountains of the North The North Indian PLain The Peninsula Plateau The Coastal Plains The Islands Slide 4 Climate India has 4 seasons: Winter: months of January and February Summer (pre monsoon season): months of March to May Monsoon (rainy) season: June to September A post-monsoon period: October to December India is classified as a hot tropical country except for the northern states India has 4 climate zone: The Aw: the west coast, hot and tropical where all months are above 18 degrees Celsius The Am: the southern tip of India, hot rainforest, all months above 18 degrees Celsius The BSh: central and northwest india, dry Steppe climate, and the average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius The Cfa: the north mountainous region, humid with the warmest month can get to over 22 degrees Celsius Slide 5 Holiday: Makar Sankranti Makar Sankranti is a Hindu holiday that will be celebrated on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014. This holiday is one of the most important in the hindu calendar and celebrates the suns journey to the north hemisphere. This holiday is celebrated differently throughout India; some make bonfires, some fly very colorful kites while others take three days to thank and sacrifice to the gods. Slide 6 Culture National Language: Hindi and English Major Religions: Buddhism and Hinduism Hindu symbol Indian food is very flavorful due to many spices growing there Indians have many cultural dances Slide 7 Culture Video Slide 8 Economy India is the poorest country in the world Their currency is the Indian Rupee India Is one of the most diversified economies Indian GDP: $4.761 trillion India is developing into an open-market economy Slide 9 Tourist Attractions 1: Virupaksha Temple 2: Kanha National Park 3: Harmandir Sahib 4: Ajanta Caves 5: Taj Mahal 4 3 2 1 5 Slide 10 Virupaksha Temple The Virupaksha Temple was built in the seventh century The main creator of the temple was Chalukyas The Temple was built in Hampi, India map of location It is the main center of pilgramage in India The temple is 160 feet tall Slide 11 Kanha National Park Kanha National Park is a great place for a safari It includes a giant tiger reserve its distance is 81 kilometers The park has a total of 22 different mammals every year from july 1st to september 30th it is closed because of monsoon Map of location Slide 12 Harmandir Sahib Harmandir Sahib was opened August 1604 The architectural designer was Guru Ram Das Known as the Golden Temple Map of location Slide 13 Ajanta Caves These caves were discovered in 1819 It was discovered by the British army The paintings in the cave are stories of the life of Buddha Slide 14 Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal is 71 years old finished 1654 The Taj Mahal is built out of marble The Taj Mahal took 22 years to build 1632-1654 located in western Uttar Pradesh, India map of location Slide 15 THE END


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