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  • Lucas Hauchard is a very famous YouTuber. His nickname is “Squeezie”. With over 6 million of subscribers, he makes videos on gaming and sometimes he makes vlogs.

    Lucas was born on 27th January 1996 in Vitry-sur-Seine. His brother is called Florent Hauchard.

    In 2011, he created his YouTube channel when he was 17 years old and he got more

    than 1 million subscribers.

    In April 2013, he partnered with Cyprien, another French podcaster to create the “CyprienGaming” channel.

    He dubbed the seagull in “Sponge Bob: The Movie “, released in 2015 and Ratchet in “Ratchet and Clank” released in 2016.

    Now see if you can answer this quiz about Squeezie!

    1) When was he born? a. On 27th January 1996 b. On 9th July 1996 c. On 27th January 1994

    2) Lucas Hauchard is…

    a. A very famous singer b. A very famous YouTuber c. A very famous juggler

    3) In April 2013... a. He partnered with Norman b. He partnered with Natoo c. He partnered with Cyprien

    4) He created his YouTube channel…

    a. In 2011 b. In an airplane c. When he was eating a kebab

    GRAMMAR BOX We use the Present Simple to talk about things that are known to be true. - Lucas Hauchard is a very famous youtuber.

    We use the Past Simple to talk about an event that took place at a specific moment in the past. - He created his youtube channel when he was 17 years old.

    By Kimberly and Pauline

  • By Santiago

    Eva Longoria is an American actress, producer, director and screenwriter of Mexican descent. She was born on March 15, 1975 in Corpus Christi. She played in “Desperate Housewives”, “John Wick”, “Lowriders” and in “Devious Maids”.

    She married José Baston in 2016 and they came to Mauritius for their Honeymoon. They are married in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. José Baston is Eva Longoria’s third husband. Before him there was Tony Parker and Tyler Christopher. Now Eva Longoria lives with José Baston in Valle de Bravo.








    1. The past participle of the verb FORGET 2. The past simple of the verb FLY 3. The past participle of the verb UNDERSTAND 4. The base form of BECAME 5. The past simple of the verb TAKE 6. The past participle of the verb MAKE 7. The past participle of the verb BEGIN

    GRAMMAR BOX The past simple is easy!

    Regular verbs: Verb -ed Irregular verbs: Learn by heart!

  • Sia Kate Isobelle Furler (but her stage name is Sia, was born on 18th December 1975 at Adelaide.

    She started her career in an Australian group in the 1980s. And after 1997 she started a solo career.

    She studied at North Adelaide Primary school. Her father is Phil.B Colson, was a musician in many musical groups like Rum Jungle and Jump Back Jack. Her mother, Leone Furler, was singer, song writer and musician.

    Sia was famous in Britain. Her first single “Taken for Granted” was edited in June 2000.

    Sia hid her face to protect her privacy. In her video for “Chandelier”, it is Maddie Ziegler who does the extraordinary choreography. She wears a wig, to look like Sia and represent the singer in her video.

    Overview: The rules of gymnastics

    There are 8 events in gymnastics: the beam, the asymmetric bars, the feasible (ground exercises), the rings, the parallel bars, the vault, the fixed bars and the pommel horse.

    Gymnasts perform stunts and jumps… their concatenation must last at least 60 seconds. It can exceed this time, but there is a time limit they are forbidden to exceed.

    For the rings, the gymnast has to alternately perform many exercises, one forcefully and the other with a run-up. For the vault, the gymnast has to do jumping series, one imposed and the other free. And finally, for the asymmetric bars, the gymnast must use the two bars to have momentum and perform tricks. The gymnast must be precise and should not fall. Reception must be perfect.

    By Sibani and Perrine

  • GRAMMAR BOX We use the Present Simple to describe people. - He wears glasses.

    The story begins with Red, an often angry bird, running like hell to make a delivery in a family of birds. It gives them a cake made by himself, but an accident occurs: Red accidentally breaks an egg. Red goes on trial and must undergo therapy to soothe his anger. He meets Mathilda, a female bird that sends explosive eggs; Chuck, a yellow bird known for its speed; Bomb, a large black bird which explodes as soon a gets angry; and Terence, a big red bird. One day, green pigs land on the island. Leonardo, head of pigs, claims to come in peace, but Red is not fooled and thinks there is something fishy. He tries in vain to warn his fellows, but they do not want to hear anything. He searches the boat with the help of Chuck and Bomb, and discovers that there are other green pigs on board. Then, Red surprises them stealing the bird eggs, and is unable to stop them. Red, Chuck, Bomb and Terence use the slingshot offered by the pigs to attack their enemies’ island. Leonardo is the king of explosions and blows up the castle. The birds think that Red is dead, but then he reappears unhurt and returns the last egg to the anxious parents. Red, becomes a hero.

    Still in the film industry…

    Can you guess who it is? He is a little boy, he is 11 years old, he lives in a little house with his uncle, and his cousins. He is a wizard, like his parents were. He has white skin, short dark brown hair and blue eyes. He wears glasses. His dad and mum are dead. He has very good friends; their names are Ron and Hermione. He has a lighting scar on his forehead. His worst enemies are Voldemort and Drago Malfoy. His girlfriend is Ginny.

    By Pierre and Florian

  • In the high school “Jules Ferry”, there is a student. His name is Boulard. Boulard is stupid and he has repeated 3

    classes! Jules Ferry has the worst results in France. Some teachers come to save the school. Their names are Eric (the Sports teacher), Antoine Polauchon (the History teacher), Gladisse (The English teacher), Serge Cutiro (the Maths teacher), Amina (the French teacher), Albert (the Chemistry teacher), Maurice (the Philosophy teacher). They are the worst teachers in France!

    They like the film because it is funny and there are a lot of jokes.

    Y A B Z M J L F I K H G U Q T S M E R P N H C R T U S F O U G H T D R X B W J F G H B F D V Q X W R E N I O N T C H E E H I J I E G B Y A M G M W Q I Z H M G Y C O I L R W A S Z T Z O L E B P C U T B Z D A G V Q P O T L P Y T X N D E J K T L F B F M Q Q R S M U K U W V T Y R Q M C N R C A U E D S S A N C O K H D V T E B K S O A V S U A P W O X M N D R E A M T F E D Z U T N Z S F O U N D X W J K H I L J G C E D Z C A

    Fought forgot cut was dreamt became beat went found froze


    - What about doing a “baccalaureate” with your friends? - Why don’t you do a “questions and answers” game? - What about doing a “hangman”? - Why don’t you read a book? - What about doing a “Pictionary”? -> Why don’t you try drawing with your eyes closed?

    By Kimberly and Pauline

    By Ilyas and Alexandre GRAMMAR BOX To make suggestions you can use these expressions:

    - Why don’t we/you + Base form? - Why don’t you + Base form? - What about + noun? - Let’s + Base form! - Shall we + Base form? - Would you like to + Base form?

    Remember! The Base form is when the verb is not conjugated.

  • The story of the hippo In the village where we were in South Africa, the hippos are free to walk around. On the road, we saw a lot of signs “Beware of hippos at night” because the hippo is very dangerous.

    One day, when my family and I finished eating at the restaurant we went to the car. We were very curious about the hippos, so we went to the beach to look for them when the storm broke out. It was a good thing because hippos like storms and it makes them come out.

    My dad was driving when we saw two big hippos in a parking lot. When one of them saw us, it got so scared that it ran away really fast and broke the fence. My dad stopped the car and the other one was angry because we were on its territory.

    It stepped back, looked left, looked right, hesitated and charged at us. We were panicked so my dad drove off very fast. But

    not fast enough and the hippo caught up with us. It broke the car and we had a terrible accident.

    The ambulance came and we went to hospital. My parents and my brother were not hurt. I was the only one to be hurt. My brain was dead, so they had to give me a new brain. The only brain available was the hippo’s brain.

    This is the reason why I am strange and when I get angry I am very dangerous.

    CAPE TOWN Cape Town is a beautiful city in South Africa where there are lots of things. First, there is the Table Mountain, where there is lots of greenery. There is a cable car to go up. At the top there are some shops where you can buy some gifts. In the area, there are lots of harbours where you can see some sea lions and some penguins walking on the beach. If you are hungry, you can have excellent fish and chip in any restaurant. There are lots of townships and lots of poverty. It is the native town of Nelson Mandela.

    By Marie, Iléana and Roxane