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The Hobbit. By: J.R.R Tolkien. Rewritten by Trang. Chapter 1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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By: J.R.R TolkienThe Hobbit

Rewritten by Trang

Somewhere in The Hill, in a beautiful and rich hole lived a hobbit named Bilbo Baggin. Bilbo Baggin spend most of his time in his home everyday because hobbit dont travel. One morning, Bilbo was sitting on his chair like the normal days but there was a wizard standing. His name is Gandalf and he asked Bilbo to go on an adventure with him but Bilbo said: No.

1 Chapter 1


. The dwarves all show up at his house one by one and have a feast there. They were all there because of the adventure that Gandalf said before. Bilbo get crazy and tired so he went to bed early. But before going to bed, he read the Deed paper for the adventure and he still said: No! He went to bed without changing his mind

Chapter 2

Bilbo run to the dwarves to join the adventure with the Deed paper in his hand and give it to them. He get to go with them on the adventure. Bilbo was given a pony to ride and start his first adventure in his life. He wasnt use to do these thing but still follows them.

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They rode the pony but then lost their baggage because of a river, they saw a red light and asked Bilbo to go and find out. It turn out that trolls are there and Bilbo was about to steal their thing. The trolls captured him and the dwarves tried to rescue Bilbo but they were captured as well but not Gandalf. Gandalf saved them using his wand and separate the tree for the sunlight to come in and the sunlight had turned them into stone.

Chapter 3


They went to Rivendell, Gandalfs friend house Elrond. Elrond is an elf and he is a close friend to Gandalf. No evil had went to Rivendell ever because Elrond is a very special elf that can make evil stay away from him and Rivendell. They found out about the Moon letter on the map that they have. Moon letter is shown only by the moon light and it said on the map is Stand next to the grey stone and the sunlight of the Durins day will shine at the key-hole. Then Thorin can open the hidden door with his key.

Chapter 4

6After they left Rivendell, they went through a storm and had to find a cave to spend a night. Fili and Kili found a cave nearby and they move into there and stay there for the night. But something had woke them up the middle of the night. It was a tunnel to a Goblins cave. The Goblin-king was about to kill them when Gandalf come to rescue them, he was carrying two swords that goblins are afraid of the most. He rescue them but while they were running, Dorin dropped Bilbo.

Chapter 5


Bilbo woke up in the dark and stand up in pain of the drop by Dori. It was dark but he had sword to light it up and use it for the light. Bilbo also found a ring on the ground and pick it up. He decided to put it into his pocket. The ring will make the person who is wearing it invisible. Bilbo saw Gollum and they started to fight and Gollum said let play a game of riddles and Bilbo won. But Gollum tried to cheat and failed because Bilbo wear the ring in his finger already so Gollum cant see Bilbo and find him. Bilbo ran out of the cave and ran to find the dwarves. He found them.

Chapter 68

They were chased by the goblins and had to climb onto a tree. But soon, the tree kept falling down and down. Gandalf fight back and also the dwarves, but the goblins and also the Wrags were too many. The eagles were sent to help them and they were saved. The eagles rescue them and flew to a mountain for them to be safe. They stayed there for the night and in the morning, the eagles pick them up and flew down and out of the mountain.

8Chapter 7

They were at the forest when Gandalf said: Good bye and went on his own out of the forest. They were unhappy about Gandalf leaving them but what can they do. They go into the forest and found a light but then it was pitch dark and they went missing. Bilbo woke up and found a giant spider. He pulled out the sword and cut the rope. He ran and go save the dwarves. The walked out of there safely thanks to Bilbo and the ring. Later, they remember that Thorin was missing.

9 Chapter 8

The rest of the dwarves were captured by the elves, but not Bilbo because now he wearing the ring already. He saw the wood-elves king and all the dwarves. He rescued them at the right time and all of them ran out of the castle with each other and were all safe again. After they had ran out of the castle, they continue going to the Lonely Mountain to find the treasure. Thorin said to go to the Lake-town near there for some rest and food.

10 Chapter 9

11They found the secret door into the Smaugs place. They sit there and try to find out how to open it. At night, a moon light shine in and Bilbo remember about the Moon Letter and open it with the help of the dwarves and the key. They found Lake-town and the people there welcome them because they had make the Lake-town happy about taking the treasure and killing Smaug. They stay there for two days and left to the Lonely Mountain not far from there . The Lake-town hope them to kill the dragon and bring happiness.

Chapter 10 12

The hidden door is next to Smaug and the treasure. Smaug is in the mountain protecting the treasure by lying on it and count it one by one gold coins so that if someone stole anything, Smaug would know. Bilbo wore the ring on and went down for the dwarves who were afraid of the dragon. He saw the huge pile of treasure and Smaug sleeping. Bilbo dug his hand into the treasure and pulled out a golden cup and hand it to the dwarves when he went out. But Bilbo doesnt know that Smaug count every single things and already know that someone had stole something.

Chapter 11


Smaug fly to Lake-town to find out who is Bilbo. Bilbo and the dwarves went into the cave and take the treasure with them. They hide in a small cave beside the mountain and stay there but Smaug is not coming back. Smaug knows there is a thief and he want to find out who. Smaug gets up and talk to Bilbo but cant see Bilbo because he was wearing the ring. Bilbo play riddles with Smaug and Bilbo see Smaug weakness and also Smaug find out that Bilbo had been in Lake-town.

Chapter 12

The hero who shot Smaug is Bard, the captain of the arrow team who is very brave. He is not afraid of Smaug and try to shoot him. A bird flew to him and told him Smaugs weakness and Bard shot it with the black arrow. Smaug die and fell onto Lake-town. They went to the Lonely Mountain for the treasure. Thorin doesnt want to share anything treasure and war started. Thorin called other dwarves to join them in the war. The Lake-town people also are already for the war with the help of elves and other creatures.

14Chapter 13

15Goblins and Wrags join in the war and they fight. Gandalf is in the fight too and he is with Lake-town and he fight with them. All of his friend help him fight and at last, Lke-town won the fight and get some of the treasure but Kili, Fili and Thorin die. Bilbo went back home with some treasure. Bilbo doesnt want war so he gave Bard and the Elven-king who is helping Lake-town the Arkenstone, which Thorin like more than gold and treasure. But that doesnt stop the war because the war has already started.

Chapter 14

16Months later, Balin and Gandalf visit Bilbo home and Bilbo was very happy. Balin and Gandalf said that Lake-town now is very rich and everyone were all n peace. No war and dwarves and people are all live in Lake-town and all of them are very happy. Bilbo is happy and everyone is happy. Chapter 1517The End