by: cameron jajonie. no one knows this, but there is a planet called bomban. a bunch of bombanains...

Download By: Cameron Jajonie. No one knows this, but there is a planet called Bomban. A bunch of Bombanains are living on that planet right now! They look a lot

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  • By: Cameron Jajonie

  • No one knows this, but there is a planet called Bomban. A bunch of Bombanains are living on that planet right now! They look a lot like us but they can live in different conditions. Thats why they are living far away from the sun. There are different kinds of Bombanains. There is one Mr. King, and a bunch of Mr. Olds, Mr.Youngs, Ms.Youngs, and Mr.Slaves. Mr.King Mr. OldMr. YoungMrs. Young Mr. Slave

  • One day (as usual) Mr. King made all of the Mr. Slaves grow all the food he wanted and none of the food the Bombanains wanted. The slaves went into the T-a-porter (a teleporter) then ended up in Marmadarm (one of the continents). The whole entire Marmadarm is their farm, and the Bombanains have a seed for everything. So lets say I wanted a cheese burger, I could just get a cheeseburger seed, grow one thats clean and eat it. All Bombanains liked to eat healthy things expect for Mr. King. All the Mr. Slaves grabbed the seeds they needed and grew Mr. Kings junk food. T-a-porter

  • Once the slaves came back from Marmadarm they gave the king his food. Mr. King took the food and said I just thought of something, wouldnt it be cool if I had a bunch of statues of me? Yes, it would, but can we go now? That food was heavy and we want to rest. said the Mr. Slaves. No said the king I want 100 statues of me built out of Kadarmin! But Mr. King, Kadarmin is the rarest mineral in Bomban and we are tired! I dont care, now go build! So the Mr. Slaves went off looking for Kadarmin.

  • All the Mr. Olds came together and had a meeting. One Mr. Old said Mr. King is being way to mean to the Mr. Slaves, well meaner than usual. Yeah said another Mr. Old we should do some thing about it. All the Mr. Olds went to Mr. Kings castle. One of the Mr. Olds said Mr. King can you be a little bit nicer to the Mr. Slaves? No yelled Mr. King just because you said that I am going to make a law that states you have to pay 1,000 galbars (their money) a day to me! But Mr. King! No buts, gather everyone in Bomban and form a line starting at my castle. Also tell them they have to bring their galbars with them! But leave the Mr. Slaves alone they are making my statues and they dont have galbars. Yes Mr. King said all the Mr. Olds, then they walked away.

  • Once the Mr. Slaves were finished building they put his statues all over Bomban. The Bombanains (not Mr. King) got mad. Another rule was they could not leave their narms (houses) so they cant make plans to over throw Mr. King. Only Mr. Slaves could leave there narm because they cant over throw Mr. King. One of the Ms. Youngs was very creative. She was the one that built the T-a-porter and the seeds that can grow anything. After hours of thinking she finally thought of something. What if she made something she could write with. She could make up a writing system then throw the letter into the T-a-porter. The T-a-porter could send the letter to what ever Bombanain she wanted. She made a pencil and started writing the system she made was called English. After that she made something called a teacher. It is a helmet that you put on and it will teach you English in a second, Ms. Young attached the teacher and the pencil to the paper. Then she threw the letter in the T-a-porter.

  • Once Mr. Young got the letter he did not know what it was. Then he saw the teacher. He thought it was a helmet so he put it on. A second later he was reading the letter. Oh my gosh he said I have to send this to other Bombanains until everyone gets it expect Mr. King and we can all communicate! He took the pencil and wrote: Send this message to everyone and once you got this message put your name on it so we know you already got this letter. Since Ms. Young did not put her name he put it one for her. Names: Ms. Young and Mr. Young.Names: Ms. Young and Mr. Young.

  • Once every Bombanain got the message and knew how to write English Ms. Young sent every one lots of paper, pencils, and one electronic pencil sharpener that she made, the sharpener sharpens pencils so you can write. After a bunch of secret messages going back and forth about the king being mean they finally had a plan. A bunch of Ms. Youngs were sending out some prototypes of their invention and finally they have their finished one. Before the Bombanains took off they went through their plan one more time. 1. Everyone run to the front of the castle. 2. Mr. Youngs smash down door. 3. Get out your beggar devices if everyone uses their devices at Mr. King he might get hypnotized and do what ever we say. 4. Celebrate victory! Mr.OldMr.YoungMs.Young

  • Everyone ran out of their narms, with the beggar devices. They burst down the door and ran into the castle. The king said why are you in my castle and not in your narms! Now yelled the Ms.Youngs, everyone brought out their beggar devices and turned them on. Ms.Young said you will now obey us and there will be no king! Yes Ms.Young said Mr. King. Everyone got happy and they threw a party in Mr. kings castle they invited the slaves. They were happy just to see the inside of Mr. Kings castle. Also they were happy to be outside of their narms, they were in there for so long. After the party everyone cleaned up, Mr. King helped. After they were done Mr. King said shouldnt there still be a Mr. King or someone to worship? For once everyone agreed. Who will we worship if we pick someone alive then they would go crazy with power like Mr. King did. I know said Mr. Old we can worship someone dead like Jesus! Yeah said Mr. Young then he cant go crazy with power! Everyone agreed to worship Jesus.

  • We could make the castle the place to worship Jesus said Mr. Slave. Also we could take the Mr. King statues and make it into Jesus statues. I dont like the sound of castle, we should rename it church said Ms. Young. After they were done building Mr. Old said I feel bad for Mr. King, he is just standing there! We need some on to control the church. Lets bring Mr. King back to normal then make him run the church, we can name him a priest. If his bad we will put him back. Everyone agreed to bring Mr. King back. Once Mr. King came back they explained everything and showed him everything. All he did was apologize he said sorry over and over again. Once Mr. King was done with his tour around he asked were he was going to live he used to live in the castle. Him and everyone else made a narm for Mr. King. Once it was night everyone read their plups (books) and went to bed. They all lived happily ever after .

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