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Behind the Curtain: Games Service Providers PlayChris Crosby, CEO, Compass Datacenters

About Us2Compass Datacenters provides dedicated data centers Built using our patented architectureUptime Institute Tier III certified design and constructedLEED certifiedWherever you want itControlled by youOwnership or leaseOperations and securityExpansionSimplify Capacity PlanningGrowth in 1.2MW IncrementsThe building is the standard unit

Everything you want in your next data center. Its in here

Fast and Loose

3Tier CertificationPower GuaranteesPUE claimsSLAsCodes and ComplianceOSHANational Electrical CodeNFPA 75 (Fire Protection, ITE)NFPA 70E (Workplace Electrical Safety)Commissioned Data Center

Its a Tier III facilityOnly 0.3% of service provider facilities in U.S. are UI constructed facility certifiedTiny little delta between fact and fictionBrian Williams has a certified data center tooAmericas new number one fun game: Find the single point of failurePhysicalLogical

4Source: UI Website, 451 Research

Degrading a StandardIssues:Many use the terminology; few actually obtain certificationDesign certification isnt equivalent to constructed facilityIf its not constructed certified its not a Tier III or Tier IV facilityLooking good on paper isnt good enough5

Everyone Cant Have 200w/sfOversubscription of powerRenders the concept of guaranteed power null and voidThe amount of power is fixedCan live on the float for only so longHow do you cool it?Show me the CFD and commissioning resultsHow is it managed?6

Guaranteed PUE7

Our 100% Uptime SLA8

Sure You Can Tour the Electrical RoomMight want to check with OSHANFPA 75 exists for a reasonNFPA 70E (Workplace Electrical Safety)Arc FlashPPELabelingCalculating


If You Want a Tour10Limited Approach BoundaryShock protection boundary to be crossedby only qualified persons which is not to be crossed by unqualified persons unless escorted by a qualified personRestricted Approach BoundaryShock protection boundary to be crossed by only qualified persons which, due to its proximity to a shock hazard, requires the use of shock protection techniques and equipment when crossedProhibited Approach BoundaryShock protection boundary to be crossed by only qualified which, when crossed by a body part or object, requires the same protection as if direct contact is made with a live part

480v 30 Amp Disconnect Arc Flash11

UPS Arc Flash12

What to Do13Many data centers will require significant upgradesThis will cost a lot of service providersSome may elect to take their chancesRisks:Down timeSafety breachPoor publicityIncreased regulatory scrutiny/finesWorseCustomers will begin to require compliance assuranceCertificationsInspection certificates

The Multi-Tier Dilemma14Just add capacity laterUPS, generators, breakers, etc.No hot workBusiness reasons dont countRequired shut downs for maintenanceN and N+1 electrical schemes could mean that your data centerturns off more than just when there is an outage

CommissioningIf it hasnt completed Level 5 IST, it aint commissioned15

Level 5 CommissioningThere are five levels of commissioningLevel 5 tests the interoperation of all systems under full load and failure scenariosCommissioned facility shouldnt be subject to liberal interpretationsPhased build-outs cant meet the testCommon backplanes dont support failure scenario testingThere are ways to do it Expensive, so most providers dont do it


SummaryTime to grow upIf you say it, certify itStandards adherence builds industry credibilityIt only takes a fewFalse claims, bad customer experiences impact us allTime to decideDo we want a few used car salesmen to define us?17



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