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<p> 1. Get a Honda really cheap at a police auction! Buy Used Cars Online David WilsonLooking at buying a used car online, but arent sure where to look? The Internet is a big place,and has numerous resources for used car buyers, but you need to know where to look to find thebest deals.First of all, you can find used car listings on your local newspapers website. These are nice,because they are all typically sellers in your local area which makes it easy to stop by and take atest drive, which is critical for getting the best possible deal on a used car.Stepping out a little more, you can check online classifieds sites, such as Craigslist, which willexpose you to a broad range of sellers, many of whom will be near you, though not to quite thesame extent as a news paper might. These sites can be gold mines, though, so be sure to givethem a look.If youre looking to broaden your scope further, try sites like eBay Motors, which brings sellersfrom all over the country into one convenient location. These listings are both auction format andfixed price, so you have multiple buying options. These sellers will be located all over thecountry, but you can search for listings that are in your area. Whats more, eBay offers somebasic protection for its buyers, which helps prevent major rip-offs. Definitely worth checkinginto.If youre looking at a very specific model of car, try search on car enthusiast forums. Forexample, if you want to buy a late 80s Nissan Z car, then visit some Z car forums to find sellers.Buying from these sorts of sellers can be great, because they are often very knowledgeable andpassionate about the cars. You will be able to get a really good idea as to the condition of the carif you go with a seller like this.There are many other places to find used cars online. In fact, there are many other car listingspecific sites you can buy from. However, the places Ive listed above have the highest amount oflistings, and are thus the most "bang for your buck" locations for buying a used car online.As always, be careful when shopping online. Dont throw away your common sense, and makesure that youre getting a good car at a fair price. If you do your research, check multiple sourcesfor pricing, and check the car over thoroughly for buying, you can certainly buy used cars onlineand get great deals for it. David Wilson is the owner of Cheap Used Cars Central, a site devoted to bringing you qualityused cars listings, all under $20,000. Visit today, and find used Hondas and more at great prices!Article Source: http://www.artipot.comPage 1 of 2 2. Get a Honda really cheap at a police auction! 2 of 2</p>