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<ol><li> 1. Online Art Gallery in Kolkata, India and its contribution Buying Indian Art &amp; Paintings By Indian artists </li><li> 2. Lets Talk About Online Art Gallery Which Has Bridged the gap Between eminent, emerging and upcoming artists and Buyers in love with art and painting. Being the cradle of fine forms of arts over the centuries India has influenced culturally and historically many eras and nations. From Pre-independence to post-independence , we have witnessed famous bards and artists like Jamini Roy, Abanindranath Tagore and M.F.Hussain. A brief dig into the history of Art primarily in India and that too in some pure forms such as modern art, contemporary art, original art, abstract art, surrealism, etc can be pointed over. Buying Indian original art was always and would always be one of the major fetish of art lovers around the globe. The Essence of Indian Art &amp; Artists </li><li> 3. The Mughal Empire that one observes emperors with a patronage for the fine arts. Emperor Humayun, during his reestablishment of the Delhi Sultanate in 1555, brought with him Mir Sayyid Ali and Abd al- Samad, two of the finest painters from Persian Shah Tahmasp's renowned atelier. Source: WIKI The Chalukya Dynasty and Pal Dynasty of Bengal has been forerunner in this act of patronage. In our history we have heard Kings and Shahs giving valuable gifts to fine artists for their contribution in this niche. From high position in royal court to setting up Kala Ashrama, it has always been in India that artists were taken in highest regards. The History of Patronage of Indian Art &amp; Artists </li><li> 4. With the passage of time the term patronage turned into art lovers and admirers. With the advent of internet and popularity of ecommerce most of the eminent art galleries of India and world has turned their attention towards getting the attention of massed through their online presence which more importantly is referred as online art gallery. The benefit has been its wide reach and maintaining the interest over the subject in this post modern era too. Aligning it with home interior has been another achievement of such portals. The growth has been really impressive with tons of galleries following this trend. From Indian sculpture, painting, art to any other art form everything has been started to be showcased in here. The Arts Journey in Digital World </li><li> 5. By now you must have got the best of this write-up. Lets go towards the core of the subject. Many kind of mannerism is often visible in the line of fine arts too. But, a very basic thing that needs to be kept in mind while looking to buy something Indian when it comes to art is that, only am Indian artist or painter has the ability to deliver Buying Indian Artists Art The reason being, only they are totally soaked in the culture of this grand nation and knows the folklores, mythology, culture and heritage to list a few. How do you find the right place and the right artist to making PURCHASE? </li><li> 6. To begin with lets share with you the name of few of the most notable Indian artists of present time. Prashanta Nayak, Somnath Bothe, Dinkar Jadhav, Ajay De and many more eminent, emerging and upcoming artists from India Buy Indian art right way. For Full List You Can Have A Look HERE Want to see some of the arts by these artists before PURCHASE? </li><li> 7. Prashanta Nayak : A prime name in the Kolkata artists forum and a regular contributor of My Indian Art Online Gallery. Paintings by Indian Artists </li><li> 8. Somnath Bothe: A prime name in the Kolkata artists forum and popularly known for his contribution towards Indian contemporary . </li><li> 9. Dinkar Jadhav : An artist who is known to be a huge follower of M.F.Hussain and his art form. Abstract is his power. He produced some of the best paintings by indian artists. </li><li> 10. Ajay De: An artist who has added value to the Indian contemporary art niche and is known for creating some of the most brilliant Indian art of this time. </li><li> 11. Come Visit Us For buying Indian art and paintings by Indian artists Art Gallery in Kolkata, India Masters Collection Art Gallery, G-7, Malayalay Apts., (Ground Floor) 3, Woodburn Park Road, Kolkata-700020. India. Call : W : +91-33-30534053 M : +91 9830-845-845 Online art gallery in Kolkata , India Email : </li></ol>