buy back of shares or other specified securities

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Section 68 of 2013 Buy Back of Shares or Other Specified Securities

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  • Buy Back of Shares or Other Specified Securities
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  • Private Companies Unlisted Public Companies
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  • out of a) Free reserves b) Securities Premium Account or a) Proceeds of issue of any shares No buy-back - out of proceeds of an earlier issue of same kind of shares Free Reserves includes Securities Premium Account.
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  • Buy-back is authorized by its articles Board Resolution If 10% or less of total paid-up equity capital and free reserves Special Resolution - More than 10% of total paid-up equity capital and free reserves **Paid-up equity capital of that FY in which buy back is made and not in totality
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  • Existing shareholders/security holders on a proportionate basis; Open market; By purchasing securities issued to employees pursuant to scheme of stock option or sweat equity.
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  • Maximum Buy-back - 25% or less of aggregate of paid-up capital and free reserves **If buy-back of equity shares - 25% of total paid-up equity capital
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  • Ratio of secured and unsecured debts after buy-back - not more than twice paid-up capital and its free reserves All shares are fully paid-up Subsequent offer of buy back after 1 year from date of closure of preceding offer of buy-back
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  • Hold BM and Pass resolution if less than 10% Hold GM and Pass Special Resolution if more than 10% File Form No. MGT 14 File with ROC a declaration of solvency with an affidavit Form SH-9
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  • File letter of offer with ROC Form No. SH.8 Dispatch Letter of offer to shareholders/security holders within 20 days from filing with ROC. Offer remain open for 15 to 30 days from date of dispatch of letter of offer. Immediately after closure of offer - open a separate bank account and deposit such sum, as would make up entire sum due and payable as consideration for shares tendered
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  • complete verifications of offers received within 15 days from date of closure of offer shares lodged shall be deemed to be accepted unless a communication of rejection is made within 21 days from date of closure of offer. within 7 days after end of 21 days - Make payment and Return share certificates
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  • Extinguish & physically destroy shares so bought back within 7 days Make entries in Register of Buy Back - Form No. SH.10 File return of buy-back within 30 days of completion - Form No. SH.11 along with a certificate in Form No. SH.15
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  • After BM obtain Report addressed to BOD by companys auditors To be annexed with Notice stating that- a) They have inquired into companys state of affairs; b) Amount of permissible capital payment for securities in question is in their view properly determined; c) Audited accounts on the basis of which calculation with reference to buy back is done is not more than 6 months old from date of offer document; and d) BOD have formed opinion as specified in clause 17(1)(m) of Rules and company shall not be rendered insolvent within a period of 1 year from that date
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  • Transfer sum equal to nominal value of shares so purchased and details of such transfer disclose in Balance Sheet. CRRA may applied, in paying up unissued shares to be issued as fully paid bonus shares. Company shall not utilize any money borrowed from banks/FI for buying back its shares
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  • Through any subsidiary including its own subsidiary companies Through any investment /group of investment companies or if a default, is made in repayment of deposits accepted & interest payment thereon, redemption of debentures/preference shares/payment of dividend /repayment of any term loan/interest payable thereon to any FI or banking company NA above if default is remedied and 3 years has lapsed after such default ceased to subsist.
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  • No company shall, directly/indirectly, purchase its own shares if not complied with : a) Section 92 - Annual Return b) Section 23 - Declaration of dividend c) Section 127 - Punishment for failure to distribute dividends and d) Section 129 - Financial Statement
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  • No further issue of same kind of shares including allotment of new shares u/s 62(1) (a) - for 6 months of completion-u/s 62(1) (a) - Except bonus issue/in discharge of subsisting obligations such as conversion Not issue new shares/bonus shares from passing resolution till date of closure of offer- - Except those arising out of any outstanding convertible instruments;
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  • Accompanied by an explanatory statement u/s. 102 stating- a full and complete disclosure of all material facts; the necessity for the buy-back;
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  • the class of shares or securities intended to be purchased under the buy-back; the amount to be invested under the buy- back; and the time-limit for completion of buy-back.
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  • within a period of 1 year from date of passing of special resolution/passed by Board
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  • If a company makes default - punishable with fine Rs.1,00,000/- to Rs. 3,00,000/- Every officer who is in default - punishable with imprisonment for term up to 3 years or fine Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. 3,00,000/- or with both.
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  • Form No. MGT 14- Special Resolution Form No. SH- 9- declaration of solvency Form No. SH- 8- Letter of Offer Form No. SH- 10 Format of Buy Back Register Form No. SH- 11- Return of Buy Back