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Restructuring businesses to increase efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction.


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2. Cross-Rhodes is a small focused firm of senior business operations consultants.We help companies rethink how work gets done, and put people & technology on the road to results ... leading to better experiences for the company, employees, and customers.For 20 years and over 100 projects we have partnered with client teams to cut costs and cut cycle time. We simultaneously improve quality, delivery, and customer experience and employees experience.Rethinking how work gets done 3. Specifically:We can helpinvestigate & resolve work process problems. Design new ways for work to get done. Assess the staffing and cost impact of changing work flows, Transfer our skills to your people.Rethinking how work gets done 4. Our projects have encompassed:All core business processes. New product development & introduction. Software development/enhancement/support. Customer acquisition & service. Product order-to-delivery, service/support/customer care. Rethinking how work gets done 5. Our projects have encompassed:We bring experience and expertise from our work with nearly 100 companies in nearly all industries, within a wide variety of sectors:Financial Services (Life Insurance. P&C Insurance. Health Insurance & HMOs, Banks).Technology (Software, Hardware, Internet); Telecommunications (Telecoms, Cable, Wireless), and Manufacturing.From the Fortune 100 to mid-sized companies, as well as start- ups.Rethinking how work gets done 6. Expertise & experience Senior workflow experts & facilitators w/decades of experienceProven methods Supported by pragmatic and effective tools and techniques.Cost effective We know what we are looking for and how to go about getting it.Low maintenance No annoyance or intrusion of many high-paid junior consultants.Collaborative We partner with your people so they are part of the analysis andcommitted to action.Rethinking how work gets done 7. Examples:Increased capacity do do software change requests by 50% and cut cycle time for requests by 70%.Cut response time by 90% and cut labor costs by ~35% for a medical devices manufacturers customer inquiry and complaint process.For a banks credit applications process, helped cut the backlog of unprocessed applications by 80% and freed up ~30% of the labor, primarily by eliminating duplicates, escalations and unnecessary steps. Rethinking how work gets done 8. Examples:For an HMO, demonstrated a productivity gain of 82% in the claims department and the call center due to: a reduction in duplicate and extraneous claims (20% fewer claims), 35% fewer suspended claims, and 32% fewer problem related phone calls.Where software/system installations were taking too long with key resources, we redesigned the customer launch process for a technology firm. The elapsed time to install was cut from 60 to 32 calendar days, and the labor content reduced from 1000+ hours to ~250 hours. Rethinking how work gets done 9. Rapid Work Process Assessments - in as little as one weekWe develop a detailed process map and quantify the workflows, allowing us to identify and prioritize key opportunities for improvement. We then model the impacts of those improvements and quantify the benefits.Rethinking how work gets done 10. Getting to the crux of the problemA customers call for assistance frequently represents an encounter of last resort, mostly because the product or service did not perform as expected in the first place. We listen to calls, identify the root causes, define solutions and implement a small-scale proof-of-concept, all within a few weeks.In the insurance business, suspended claims, and manual intervention, in most cases should not occur. Again, we seek to identify the root causes, define solutions and implement a small- scale proof-of-concept, all within a few weeks. Rethinking how work gets done 11. Solution Value Assessmentquot;What impact will an outsourcing and/or technology solution have on day-to-day work and results?quot; We have answered this question for both sellers (to assist the sale) and buyers (to get an objective view of a particular solution).Our assessment consists of developing a detailed process map of the impacted process and then quantifying the workflows. We then identify the activities impacted, and model the staffing and related cost reduction potential of a proposed solution. This can be done in as little as 1 week.Rethinking how work gets done 12. SystemWorksThe success of a new system in day-to-day operation depends upon new workflows, job design, and a workforce motivated to make it work.We audit and quantify the impact of a new system on workflow and workforce performance well before implementation, and suggest corrective actions to help insure success.Rethinking how work gets done 13. Business Process Analysis & Redesigns (2 to 9 months)We work with a client's team leader and a 4-8 person cross- functional team to assess customer requirements, the current process, workload characteristics.Then we develop clear design specifications, design options, and convey the principles of good business process & customer experience design. This leads into the high level design session, followed by detail design of the new way work will be done. Rethinking how work gets done 14. Brand New Process Designs (2 to 6 months)Similar to the description above, except a new design project skips some of the assessment effort required in the redesign of an existing process.Changing how work gets done 15. Business Transformation Planning (4 to 6 months)We facilitate executive teams to develop a common vision of the future, with a clear transformation plan to make it happen.Rethinking how work gets done 16. Publications: Rethinking how work gets done 17. Next Steps: Call/meet and have a no-obligation discussion and then receive a written proposal. 206 605 7709 Rethinking how work gets done


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