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<p> Business Plan 10 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis business plan includes the fundamental for the introduction of childcare service via online as well as the strategies that been outlined in order to attract clientele in Malaysia. The analysis of competitive environment and opportunity as well as strength and weakness of the industry and the company enable the management team to propose dynamic and constructive strategies for childcare services product to be introduced in the market as well as to fulfil companys objectives and strategic mission. will be the pioneer company that provide babysitter services information database via online in the childcare sector. Moreover, the business plan also includes information on the analysis of the market and the trend that aid the company to select the targeted clientele and devise plans to attract and penetrate the market more tactically and well planned. The business plan also outlines the product description and competitive advantage that the company posses for them to penetrate the childcare service sectors. Other than that, the management team expecting productive revenue from the business.</p> <p>1.1. Objective 1</p> <p> Business Plan1.1.1.Providing comprehensive and competitive range of babysitter and nannies services</p> <p>to the clients. 1.1.2.To ensure and assist our customers to find exceptional domestic personnel with peace of mind and true value.1.1.3. To customize the babysitter services according to the clients needs preference and</p> <p>wants. 1.1.4.To ensure that the entire process of acquiring babysitter services via online is safe and professional.1.1.5.To ensure that every client is provided with professional babysitters or nannies that</p> <p>been thoroughly screened and personally hand-picked by our professionals and ease parents mind on the safety and care of their children.</p> <p>1.2.Mission1.2.1.To become the pioneer in providing childcare service via online 1.2.2.To establish as the market leader in childcare service form can be a trendsetting firm in providing childcare service</p> <p>in Malaysia.</p> <p>1.3.Key to SuccessOther than that, the accomplishment and prosperity development of our company is dependent on our ability to:1.3.1.To identity the fine details of client requirements in acquiring babysitter services</p> <p>such as special skills, experiences with children, background of the babysitter and others in order for them to select the right babysitter for their children.1.3.2.To ensure that the babysitters database is on par and been updated with all the</p> <p>required information about the babysitter and nannies that available and the process of choosing the help that the parents need is1.3.3.To indentify the market and profiling the type of client that needs babysitter</p> <p>services.</p> <p>20 COMPANY SUMMARY2</p> <p> Business is an innovative online enterprise that involved in providing babysitter services database for the clients. The enterprise is mainly focused on providing range of babysitter services and extra help in adding the modern parents in looking after their children. Moreover, we are specialized in customized the services according to the clients needs and wants as well as proving exclusive and excellent babysitter database to our clients. Other than that, we also mobilized our whole management and operation to be on par with moving technology in order to provide our customers with latest updated and expedient ways to search and hire a babysitter for their children. Furthermore, we also emphasize in offering high quality service to our clients as well. The is also solely dedicated and empowered in providing quality information regarding professional babysitters, babysitter services and ways to hire suitable help for the parents. The website for this firm is registered under</p> <p>2.1.Start-up SummaryThe enterprise is a new venture and pioneer in Malaysia in providing babysitter services via online. Therefore, the cost and expenses of starting the company includes rentals, utility deposits, telecommunication costs, furniture cost, cost of designing website and maintenance, the advertisement cost that includes placing advertisement in electronic media and mass media, printing business cards, flyers, stationery and equipments, and other relevant expenses is total sum of RM509, 418.00. Moreover, our company also planned to about RM15, 750 for marketing and advertisement. This is because the company is pioneer in online services for babysitter in Malaysia and therefore the establishment need to create massive awareness among the consumers regarding the business. Other than that, the firm also needs to invest in gaining competitive technology in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in maintaining the online site as well as the database. This is to ensure that our targeted clients will not be facing technical problems and difficulties when they are surfing our website. This is important because the business main operation is conducted via online even though the firm is brick and clicks business model. These cost and expenses will be financed by the financial loan that the enterprise gaining from Public Bank Berhad. The following Chart 1 is showing the start up cost for</p> <p>3</p> <p> Business Plan</p> <p>ExpensesRental Deposit for Utilities Fixtures and Fittings Communication Cost</p> <p>(RM (RM ) )28000 1500 75,000 4,800</p> <p>Adminstration CostLegal fees Association Fees Licence Fees Signboard Licences Fees Seasonal Parking Fees Professional Accountant Insurance Safety Building Inspection Fees Stationary 2500 500 700 1250 1200 1200 6000 1200 3,000</p> <p>Technology CostSetting up Website Domain Maintenance Fee Web Hosting IPS Fees 3500 500 800 1200 4800 500 1,300 1,050 140500</p> <p>Software CostMYOB SQL Server MS Professional 2007</p> <p>Sales and Marketing CostAdvertising Printing Cost distrubution fees Marketing materials Data gathering cost 4500 3550 1,000 4,000 2,700 15750</p> <p>Salary and Benefits Cost2 admin clerk 1 infant and Adolesent therapist 4 customer service 1 receiptionist 1 managers 2 assustant manager EPF payment 24000 30000 57600 9000 36,000 36000 24,618</p> <p>373,468 Fixed Assets Computers (+Softwares) Vehicle Photocopiers Fax Machine Furnitures Other Hardware Telephones Estimated Useful Life 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 135,950 Total 509,418 509,418 Depreciation % 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Total charge p.a. Monthly charge Depreciation (RM) 11,400 13,000 250 200 700 1,500 140 27,190 2,265.83</p> <p>57,000 65,000 1,250 1,000 3,500 7,500 700</p> <p>4</p> <p> Business Plan</p> <p>2.2.Company Locations And FacilitiesThe main office of is situated in Dana 1 Commercial Centre in Kelana Jaya, Selangor. The office occupied the entire 2nd floor and consists of 2,500 square feet. The monthly rental is RM2000.00 per month. The location is ideal because there are housing areas and various shops surrounding the centre. Moreover, the location also equipped with easy access to public transportation, parking space and other facilities that is useful for customers.</p> <p>5</p> <p> Business Plan</p> <p>30 PRODUCTS AND SERVICES3.1.Product and Service is mainly service provider establishment that specialized in providing babysitter and nanny services to our customers. The firm is responsible in collecting and creating comprehensive database of babysitter and nannies that available in Malaysia. However, we are also focused in only recruiting babysitter and nannies that is legal, without any criminal records, experience and other qualities that needed in babysitter. The parents and potential clients that want to access our database via online need to register and become member. We are imposing yearly membership fee on the clients. The clients can register online as well as walk into our office. After the registration and purchasing membership is completed, the clients can access our user friendly webpage and search for the potential babysitters for their children. 3.1.1.Type of Membership</p> <p>6</p> <p> Business PlanThere are 3 type of membership that the firm is offering to the clientele comprises of Gold Membership, Silver Membership and Basic Membership. As for Gold Membership, the client will have pay RM 120 yearly to gain access to all the benefit and advantages from our website. The membership is valid for 1 year and clients can opt out to renew or cancel their subscription when the membership expires. For the clients benefit, our team will be efficiently keep up to date with the members and automatic email will be sent to our clients as friendly reminder regarding the subscription status and provide our clients with option either renew or cancel the membership. Other than that, the Gold Membership package includes advantages such as full access to all the database of available babysitters and nannies, complete criminal background check report will shown on as part of information on the babysitter profile, previous employers report on the babysitter also can be viewed and other benefits. Furthermore, Silver Membership is a 6 month subscription whereby the clients will have to purchase by paying RM 95.00 only. The clients can gain access to our database for 6 months. The clients can gain access to the babysitter and hired helps database and obtain all the relevant information. The clients can use this information to contact and set up interview with the chosen babysitters. The clients also had given benefits such as preliminary background check on the babysitter, full access to all the babysitters that available in the system and other benefits. Other than that, our third membership type is Basic Membership whereby the clients pay RM 65.00 as subscription fee and the membership is valid for 1 month only. This is membership offers our clients access to babysitter and nanny information database.</p> <p>7</p> <p> Business Plan</p> <p>Table 1 shows summary of types of Membership available in No 1 Membership Type Gold Membership</p> <p>Benefits and Advantages </p> <p>Subscription Fee: RM 120.00 per year Validity: One year Full Access to the babysitters database Criminal background check on the babysitter will be shown to assure the parent about their childs safety with the babysitter Report of previous employer regarding the services provided by the babysitter also be shown Our team will arrange the interview or babysitting for the clients who want us to do with the chosen babysitter Recommendation by our child therapist regarding the babysitter also is shown on the babysitter profile. Counselling services and advise for parents and guardian that seek help regarding their children problems Child monitoring service also provided (nanny webcam) for parents whom want to monitor the babysitter with their children via webcam</p> <p>2</p> <p>Silver Membership</p> <p>Subscription Fee : RM 95.00 Validity : 6 months only Full Access to available babysitter in the system8</p> <p> Business Plan</p> <p>Preliminary Background check on the babysitter is shown to assure the parents regarding the safety on the children with the babysitter.</p> <p>Recommendation by our child therapist regarding the babysitter also is shown on the babysitter profile. Counselling services and advise for parents and guardian that seek help regarding their children problems Subscription Fee: RM 65.00 Validity : 1 month only Full Access to the information of babysitter that available in the system</p> <p>3</p> <p>Basic Membership</p> <p>1.1.1.Counselling and advise for child care</p> <p>Other than that, our firm also offering counselling and parental advice for our clients regarding problems and issues their children. The firm had employed full time child therapist that responsible for offering advices and guidance such as facing tantrums, eating disorder, behavioural problems, special needs and cares and others. Moreover, our clients can post questions and emails to our child therapist and she will be corresponding with them by offering advice, guidance and materials that is suitable for their child. This guidance is available for all our clients that become member of our essential service. 1.1.2.Specialized in providing child care for special children Furthermore, our firm also aims to be specialized in providing child care for special children. The parents and guardians that have children that need special attention and care can contact our establishment and we will find the particular babysitter or hired help that can manage and care for these children. For example, if our client has children that been diagnosed with autism syndrome, they may contact our customer service or drop an email, the customer service team will cooperate with the child therapist and try to compile list of babysitters or nannies that has experience in caring for these children. This is because as for today, there are not many daycares centres that can manage children with special needs9</p> <p> Business Planand this cause the parent a lot of hindrances in their quest to provide their child with best care when they are at work. When their child is in the hand of responsible caretaker, the parents can concentrate more comprehensively in their work. Other than that, we also created database for all the new mothers that need help in looking after their new born baby as well as themselves. We have managed compile database consist of midwifes that can cater to the new mothers.</p> <p>20 SITUATION ANALYSIS2.1.Swot Analysis2.1.1.Strength</p> <p>One of the most competitive advantage that has is that the firm is the pioneer in Malaysia to operate as babysitter service provider via online and therefore there is no direct competitors currently. Currently most agencies are adapted to brick and mortar business model concept and offering their service from offices. However, our firm is based on brick and click business concept whereby most of our operation is based via online. Other than that, our company also has efficient human resources and child therapist that can aid our customers regarding their request and needs related to the babysitter that they want for their children. This is one of the advantages that the company has over other competitors. Moreover, our firm also striving in creating brand and image as the best service provider for customers in helping them to locate the best babysitter service. This is achieved by providing updated database of information regarding the babysitters that available in all the locations. Moreover, our price for obtaining babysitter is comparatively cost effective than other agencies and independence babysitters. Other than that, our service also considered fast, reliable and efficient whereby the clients do not face problems such as...</p>