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<ul><li><p> Online House Renter Compnay </p><p>Information Systems </p><p>Transforming into Business </p><p>Model </p><p>DEPARTMENT OF Business </p><p>Administration </p><p> SUBMITTED TO: </p><p>Bushra Humyra Esha SUBMITTED BY </p><p>Abdullah Al Maruf 113-11-2295 Nahid Jahan Tondra 133-11-3488 </p><p>Israt Khodokar Raka 141-11-3600 Arif Shahriar 132-11-122 Sohana Akter 131-11-3183 </p></li><li><p> Online Home Renter Company </p><p>Abstract </p><p>The business model concept is becoming increasingly popular within </p><p>Information Systems, management and strategy literature in an organization </p><p>level. It is used within many fields of research, including both traditional </p><p>strategy theory and in the emergent body of literature on e-business. However, </p><p>starting new business and innovative initiatives every decision makers have </p><p>considered business model as their ideal path. A business model is a concise </p><p>description of how a company will generate sales and earn a profit -- the </p><p>companys formula for success. The model is included in the companys </p><p>business plan. An entrepreneur should be able to clearly explain the companys </p><p>model in a few sentences. Investors regard the business model as one of the </p><p>most critical factors in their judgment of whether a company will succeed. The </p><p>business model describes how the company is positioned within its industry's </p><p>value chain, and how it organizes its relations with its suppliers, clients, and </p><p>partners in order to generate profits. In a business model elements are correlated </p><p>for making profit of the company whereas information systems evolve these </p><p>components more efficient way, especially in present era reaching customer and </p><p>get touch with theirs demands information systems brings a lot of positive </p><p>change than earlier time. </p><p>Executive Summary </p><p> is web based home rent for owner/renter online business </p><p>company. was formed in July 2015 of Tollabag, Dhanmondi-</p><p>1207, Dhaka by highly knowledgeable and experience team of five students in </p><p>response to what they believe to be an attractive online home rent business </p><p>opportunity created by the following conditions </p></li><li><p> Internet has vast arena to serve every peoples complex life cycle into a </p><p>simple life rather than manual demand. </p><p> Present situation of using online business has increasing day by day </p><p>which makes decreasing lead time than any other traditional business. </p><p> Online business increasing gradually but maximum initiative falls for </p><p>lack of proper vision where we have taken our vision in different level, </p><p>different customer and demands are different. </p><p> Innovative online business through Information Systems and organized it </p><p>in a manner way. </p><p> proposes to provide a facility where large online company or </p><p>bricks and clicks companies and locally individual could hold home rent, house </p><p>fare plus or newspaper home rent agencies or locally published on the wall. </p><p> would coordinate all areas to customer who seeks a house for </p><p>rent in their own choice and price demand in Dhaka City (Primarily) and so on </p><p>for the clients at substantial savings in time, effort and money. All aspects of </p><p>renal affairs would be subcontracted at various price ranges along with both </p><p>parties respectively house owner and customer. </p><p>Basavara.coms target market will be mainly students, bachelors and family in </p><p>Dhaka city. Our marketing plan will include advertisements in locally and </p><p>sports news zone of the reputed newspaper along with this our huge range of </p><p>house owner networks helps us to get each of the customer. The size of the </p><p>market we are targeting is increasing with the rapid growth of Dhaka. Potential </p><p>individual clients will be from the bachelors and students, which compose a </p><p>high percentage of the rental information in our serving area. Because of the </p><p>complexity and lack of information on this industry trends at this time, it is </p><p>difficult to estimate sales volume. Each functions depend on the person or their </p><p>demand variation of what types of house or room they were seeking or how </p><p>many price range they are preferred to get in a new house. Besides house owner </p><p>has some specific demands regarding customer because of security and risk of </p><p>taking responsibility of tenant. Our large number of information about house, </p><p>home or flat is key resource and strong point by using of information systems, </p><p>monitoring it more viable so that we can anticipate 100% market share </p><p>regarding this arena of business because only we make and starts it as market </p><p>niche. </p><p>We will offer flexible price and commission based price by providing proper </p><p>house or room as per customer demands through online which makes us more </p><p>advantage as innovative business initiatives. Our client will be able to select a </p><p>room or house visual picture, price range, area of house even home district of </p></li><li><p>house owner which helps them to take decision whether they will take it or </p><p>avoid away. </p><p>Because of varied types of services offered by our company and as new </p><p>enterprise online business gross margin may fluctuate in primary stage between </p><p>20 and 30 percentage depending upon the time involved in providing a </p><p>particular service and proper information besides customer trust side by side </p><p>house owners expectation about customers are also key points for influencing </p><p>our income. During night customer can also find their expected room or house </p><p>in our website. Emergency time can arise anyone in any time here we also </p><p>provide some address near of their where they can stay or leave in that place </p><p>after certain time later but that would also be our one of price feature service. </p><p>Team </p><p>Name Position Educational </p><p>Qualificatio</p><p>n &amp; Work </p><p>Experience </p><p>Mobile Email </p><p>Abdullah Al Maruf CEO BBA/ 3 </p><p>years </p><p>01916626446 arno.ban@ </p><p> </p><p>Nahid Jahan Tondra Director of </p><p>Accounts </p><p>and Finance </p><p>BBA/ 1 </p><p>years </p><p>01684083368 </p><p>njtondra@ </p><p> </p><p>Israt Khodokar Raka Director as </p><p>Operation </p><p>and </p><p>Customer </p><p>Relationship </p><p>BBA/ 1 </p><p>years </p><p>01680427922 raka.3600</p><p>@ </p><p> </p><p>Arif Shahriar Director of </p><p>IT </p><p>Department </p><p>BBA/ 6 </p><p>months </p><p>01750022160 shahriarash</p><p>u@ </p><p> </p><p>Sohana Akter Director of </p><p>Supply </p><p>Chain </p><p>Management </p><p>BBA/ 6 </p><p>months </p><p>01953598548 </p><p>sohana-</p><p>3183@ </p><p> </p><p>Team formed 5 key and predominant person where all are vaery </p><p>known to each other and have faith to mates besides we are young and </p><p>energetic, we are those person who are founded such a different level online </p><p>business. Because we faced it and have experienced how suffers to get a new </p><p>house or room for family or bachelors especially in a student stage where </p></li><li><p>maximum students comes Dhaka from remote distance. In maximum cases they </p><p>dont have any relative who can support them at emergency moment. </p><p>Every members of our teams lives different arrears in Dhaka city thats why it is </p><p>more easier to us to collect information and keep update through modern </p><p>information systems. </p><p>Target Customer. Issue/pain point </p><p>Our customers get us touch with through online in a particular domain name </p><p>website where we only facilitate home seeker people for rents in Dhaka City. A </p><p>huge number students stay Dhaka for education purpose but scarcity of house </p><p>and lack of proper allocation of these limited house make them maximum time </p><p>in trouble situation. Its an awkward moment for every students seeking rental </p><p>home and spending on it more than study make hamper in their students life. </p><p>Family members are also seeking safe and security house to live peacefully with </p><p>fare price at comfortable zone. In that fact they give importance near children </p><p>school and office or business places. </p><p>In website every customer can get visual picture of house/room, price rate, </p><p>numbers of rooms, kitchen facility, bathroom quantity, balcony condition etc. </p><p>even customer would know home district of house owner. They can register in </p><p>our website in free of cost and they need proper legal information by that house </p><p>owner can also check out who are going to their next tenant. </p><p>Issues: </p><p>For House Owner view </p><p> Better client as per their required </p><p> Customer variation bachelors/family </p><p> Psychological assurance of customer and their details information </p><p>For Customer view </p><p> House visual picture </p><p> House location, number of rooms, bathrooms. Kitchen etc </p><p> Information about rent rate, gas, electricity, security etc </p><p> Internet facility </p></li><li><p>Market size/opportunity </p><p>The market size for the city of Dhaka is estimated to be 50 lakhs per year </p><p>primarily. The figure represents combination of both family and bachelors </p><p>customer. Though number of students and bachelors more than our estimation </p><p>in Dhaka city but we have consider a certain amount from them because of </p><p>public students and govt. employees families. But this market size is estimated </p><p>to increase by 10 percent per year. Of this market, one third is estimated to be </p><p>direct consultation while two-third is estimated to be facility rental. Since we </p><p>will provide information after getting registration freely in the website primarily </p><p>and later on we will change this free facility into paid registration system. After </p><p>choosing a house or room customer only can communicate with us to get rent to </p><p>their expected room/house and total agreement between customer and house </p><p>owner can be accomplish only giving charge a certain amount of money. </p><p>Searching website and click on advertisement is also a source of our income </p><p>while 25% rate of one month rent rate will be our charge at a time for one </p><p>customer or family. We will collect money from house owner as our contract </p><p>with them and let them assurance safety and security about renter for 1 year. </p><p>Competition </p><p>Our competition is limited. No one provides such facility in the country except </p><p>us. Our only competitors are house owner own self by provide TO-Let hanging </p><p>on wall but gradually this culture is fade away while development of </p><p>information technology and demand of easier and comfortable life. </p><p>Service </p><p>We are service based company. Our main area to get touch with customer is </p><p>online based and website login. We provide 24 hours emergency renter related </p><p>facility and ensured maximum level satisfaction quality and proper information. </p><p>Our automated server and website can track and find out what customer want to. </p><p>Searching as per their demand we can bring best location house address which </p><p>reduce a lot of pressure and risk situation of human life. We also provide </p></li><li><p>guideline pdf book from website and our representative for help to get accurate </p><p>house address appropriately. </p><p>SWOT Analysis </p><p>The following SWOT Analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses of </p><p> and identifies the opportunities and threats... </p><p>Strengths... </p><p> The in-Deep knowledge and insigths of the founders </p><p> High credible and a sound value system </p><p> Both prospects customer and House owner oriented </p><p> First mover company at the house rent zone </p><p> Strong Information Systems technology which storage huge information </p><p>Weaknesses </p><p> Low capital base </p><p> Lack of experience of house renter arena </p><p> Only short range of service (Dhaka City only) </p><p>Opportunities </p><p> Huge number of customers registration </p><p> Can be a model for upcoming new company </p><p> Growing pressure on financial investment agencies for accountability and </p><p>effective and efficient delivery. </p><p>Threats </p><p> Upcming new big companies </p><p> Political pressure on house owner </p><p> Experienced employee can establish by knowing information differently </p><p> </p><p>website </p><p>Search Options </p><p>(Dhanmondi, </p><p>Bachelor) </p><p>House Picture </p><p>Road Name Customer </p></li><li><p>Positioning </p><p> will position itself as an ethical, social support, competent and </p><p>compassionate development management facilitator. It would like to be known </p><p>for its: </p><p> Creative learning approcah </p><p> Integrity </p><p> Reliability and responsiveness as a partner </p><p>Marketing Program </p><p>Pricing: will offer free registration on its website, It only pay </p><p>charge after choose any house or room 25% of its one month rate at a time. </p><p>Distribution: The distribution will aim at providing convenient access to client </p><p>with our company through phone or live chat by using Altra Visual Chat </p><p>Systems. </p><p>Promotion: Personal selling comission and promoting 10 persons for a </p><p>particular registared customer. Other cost efficient poromotion will be used. The </p><p>internet, social media and tv commercial wiil also be leveraged. </p><p>Service/Product: Our service will 24 hours and we can provide in emergency </p><p>moment for customer. </p><p>Financial Data </p><p>Profit and Loss forecast: </p><p>Assumptions- will only collect charge after choosing any house </p><p>or rent. Rate defined is 25% of one month rent rate and thats only for onetime. </p><p>Risks and Sensitivity: We have taken into consideration seasonal trends and </p><p>forecasted accordingly. We have tried to reduce sesonal loss of revenue and </p><p>smooth cash flows during nonseasonal periods. </p></li><li><p>Capital Collection </p><p>We collects our total capital near 20, 00, 000 taka where 10, 00, 000 were </p><p>collected from personal from all director and another 10,00,000 were collects </p><p>from bank as company loan. </p></li></ul>


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