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INDRODUCTIONPage | 1 1.0 INDRODUCTIONWe named our company as Missy Murukku.The choosing of this name as symboic ofour first product is !murukku". Missy stands for our partners are a adies and murukku as because our product is murukku. We aso make a product that is #aa and good for heath. Missy Murukku is a company reated to the production of traditiona snacks. We $ary the production of !murukku" by difference taste of fa$or. The aim for creating this business is to promote and de$eop the market of traditiona snacks in Maaysia country. This business is based on partnership %hich is consisted of fi$e members. The members consist of C&O' (dministration Manager' Operationa Manager' Marketing and (dmin manager' and )inancia Manager. There are a ot of ad$antages of partnership business. (s there is more than one o%ner' a ot of idea taents and ski can be pooed together for better management( partners had agreed to commence the business at *uy +,-.. /efore date of commencement' each partner aready does research for production !murukku". This is to ensure that the partners ha$e enough kno%edge about this product and ha$e idea or effort to de$eop this company.1.1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARYPage | 2 Missy Murukku is a traditiona snacks company positioned as an internationa franchise through our creati$e approach to the company"s image and detai presentation. Our Missy Murukku %i pro$ide traditiona snacks at $aue pricing %ith attracti$e packaging.No% days it is becoming increasingy difficut to find a *ob. 0ince %e are fresh graduate %e has panned and %e has responsibiity to create *ob opportunities. Our company is ocated at No. +-1 2aan Tun 0ambathan' /rieckfieds' Wiayah 3ersekutuan' .,45, 6uaa 7umpur. We choose this ocation because %e %ant to de$eop and gi$e more opportunity to community in this area.This business is based on partnership %hen it consists of fi$e members. The members consists 8C&O9 :ignes%ari ;anesan' 8Marketing Manager9 Tei$istri 3aaniandy' 8Operation Manager9 Rathina 3aramasi$am' 8)inancia Manager9 3re$ina Mahes%araraue and 8(dmin Manager9 0aras%athy Nagara*an. /esides that %e aso ha$e one %orker in our company. Our business %i be eDeepa$ai@ ' >#ari Raya(idifitri@ Page | 24 and >Christmas@ so that %e can pro$ide target market. This tabe beo% sho% the percentagesfor each of customer outet.Customer Outlet Percentages (%)Re-a./e*, a01 %2)/e,a/e*, 50I01.3.14a/, 50Total 1003.3 MARKET SI$E Market siGe is the potentia purchase that is e