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<ul><li> 1. FinanseKsiki anglojzyczne | Nowoci Zamwienia mona skada: Lista Przedstawicieli Handlowych znajduje si na ostatniej stronieCeny podane w PLN s cenami brutto i zawieraj 5% podatek</li></ul><p> 2. FinanseBasel III Credit Rating Systems: An Applied Guide toQuantitative and Qualitative ModelsLuisa IzziPalgrave MacmillanThe market turmoil and the new Basel III credit risk management published sincecapital requirements are re-shaping thethe competitive landscape. Morethan ever, banking competition is basedon the ability to assess, to price and tomanage the cost of credit risk. Bankersare increasingly called to manage aprocess of analysis of the customer in a9780230294240 more structured way. This book is acomprehensive guide to quantitative and16.12.2011qualitative credit rating models andOprawa: twardacovers all loan portfolios (Corporate, 708 z Retail,Banks,Sovereign andSpecialized Lending).The credit ratingmodels are illustrated in great detail andare based on the best practicescurrently in use in large internationalbanking groups. The book also containspricing tools for liquid and non-liquidmarkets and is one of the first books onCommercial and Investment Banking and theInternational Credit and Capital MarketsBrian Scott-QuinnPalgrave MacmillanThis book by a former practitioner-turned-academic fills a clear gap in thecurrent literature for a practice-focusedtext that brings together organisationalstructure, strategy, business models,regulation and governance of the financeindustry with its products and services,including financing978023037047001.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 156 z2 3. FinanseConquering Global Markets: Secrets from ZAPOthe Worlds Most Successful Multinationals WIEDNancy A. HubbardPalgrave MacmillanConquering Global Markets offersassessments of the issues, statistics,cases, and best practices of mergers,acquisitions, joint ventures and alliancesthroughout the world. Using informationgleaned interviews with CEOs, the bookprovides insights into making globalM&amp;As successful.978023029355712.03.2013Oprawa: twarda 137 zCreating Good Work: The Worlds Leading ZAPOSocial EntrepreneursW IEDRon SchultzPalgrave MacmillanWhile social entrepreneurship continues impact on the world they grow by leaps and bounds over theIncluding contributions from leadinglast decade, practitioners have begun tonames at such social ventures asrealize that no one model can be used Benetech, Brac-USA, KivaRoot Capital,for every type of social venture. Be it a Skoll Foundation, 7th Generation, andstart-up for enhancing the educationalYouthBuild, many of whom have beenopportunities a community has accessrecognized by organizations like theto or a program to address theSkollFoundationandAshoka:9780230372030 sustainability of a regions environment, Innovators for the Public as beingeach type of social venture comes withamong the worlds best. The lessons19.03.2013its own hardships and pitfalls on its paththese leaders share contained in thisOprawa: twardato creating a better tomorrow. Creating volume are an asset to any social 120 z Good Work is a practical resource thatentrepreneur looking for new andgoes beyond storytelling. It is a richinnovative ways to have a positiveguide book recounts the stories of some impact on change the world aroundofthe most successfulsocial them, be they at their initial conceptentrepreneurial programs operatingphase or a successful venture looking totoday, with real life examples of and how expand their sphere of influence.they overcame both physical andsocietal barriers to create a 4. FinanseCredit Portfolio Management ZAPOW IEDMichael Hunseler Palgrave MacmillanCredit Portfolio Management is an derivatives. The author delves deep intoexcellent book on the modern credit the mechanics of Credit Default Swaps,value chain of banks. With the bankingusing case studies such as the Greekindustry in general overhaul and credit default event to uncover built in flaws ofbusiness at the core of it, this book this most frequently used product forprovides a timely and practical guidancecredit risk mitigation. Other hedgeon how to successfully manage a creditinstruments and strategies, includingportfolio in light of a challenging marketsub-participations, swaptions, baskets,9780230391499 environment and increased regulatorytranches and macro hedges, arescrutiny. A focus is placed on theexplained in detail. The book concludes29.03.2013development of a risk strategy with with a very topical discussion on bankOprawa: twardacorresponding risk limits and stressregulatory capital optimisation through 313 z tests. This book outlines the key credit risk transfer techniques.ingredients of fit for purpose businessmodels for Active Credit PortfolioManagement. Ever more importantregulatory and accounting aspects ofhedging are discussed and solutionsprovided for the accounting mismatcharising from hedging loans with creditCredit Treasury: A Credit Pricing Guide in Liquidand Non-Liquid MarketsGianluca OricchioPalgrave MacmillanThe recent financial crisis found its roots within the contemporary global bankingwithin the credit market and quicklyand financial industry and is based onbroadened to all other asset classes. Itthe experience of one of the largestrapidly became a crisis of the real banks worldwide.economy and has caused a deeprecession. We have learnt that healthycredit markets play a fundamental role inthe efficient functioning of global9780230279667 financial markets. Proper credit riskevaluation and pricing are crucial29.03.2011elements for the stability of theOprawa: twardaeconomic system. At the same time, 734 z markets have become ever morecomplex, comprising not only theexchange of illiquid goods but also liquidand hybrid products. The managementof credit portfolios has never been sotricky and yet so important. This bookpresents the state of the art with respectto credit risk evaluation and 5. FinanseDark Pools: The Structure and Future of Off-ExchangeTrading and LiquidityErik BanksPalgrave MacmillanDark Pools is a practical text dealing then turns to the architecture of a typicalwith the increasingly important topic of dark pool, and how orders are routed todark pools, or non-displayed, off- capture dimensions of non-displayedexchange trading and liquidity. Aliquidity. This is followed by an analysisgrowing amount of institutional tradingof the pricing and economics of darkoccurs away from exchanges and liquidity and common trading strategiesexpansion in this little understood sector employed by institutions - including darkof the market is set to continue. Thealgorithms, high frequency trading and9780230238107 book is organized in three parts: Market thecontroversialmechanismofStructure, Micro Issues,andgaming. The final chapters analyze the09.04.2010Environment of the Future. The first regulatory and control framework andOprawa: twardachapters consider the development andconsider how dark pools may evolve in a 680 z evolution of the equity tradingpost-financial crisis world.marketplace over the past two decades,including the creation of dedicated darkpool platforms, and introduce theconcept of market liquidity, theformation of displayed and non-displayed orders, and the operation andstructure of key dark pools. AttentionDiscounting, Libor, CVA and Funding: Interest Rateand Credit PricingChris KenyonPalgrave MacmillanThe credit and sovereign debt crises defaults: my CVA is your DVA. Evenhave fundamentally changed the way collateralization does not remove pricingparticipants in the global financial problems: when you post collateral howmarkets perceive credit risk. In marketmuch do you have to pay for it? Thispractice this is most directly visible fromFVA is not symmetric in many ways:significant bases throughout the interestwhatever it costs you to source it, yourrate world, especially tenor bases, crosscounterparty will only pay you OIS. Even-currency bases, and bond-CDS bases. worse is that your funding costs are9781137268518 This means that the curve used for unlikely to be the same as those of alldiscounting is no longer the curve usedyourcounterparties. Discounting,01.08.2012for LIBOR (aka Fixing Curve or LIBOR, CVA and Funding: Interest RateOprawa: twardaForwarding Curve). In the last two years and Credit Pricing is the first book to 209 z a consensus has emerged that this multiillustrate new ways of pricing interest-curve pricing is now standard. Therate and credit products in the post-crises have also altered the perceptioncrisis markets. Written by two seasonedof banks and governments - they are no practitioners, it will enable the readers tolongerregardedas zero-risk understand the many different versionscounterparties. Now both sides of an of credit and basis spreads, and to builduncollateralized trade need to consider, the appropriate discount curves thatand price in, the risk that the othertake these spreads into account so that5 6. FinanseLuxury Talent Management: ZAPOLeading and Managing a Luxury Brand W IEDMichel Gutsatz Palgrave MacmillanWhen people wish to enter a specificof luxury competencies, and gives realindustry they are rarely given thelife examples and cases studies thatopportunity to understand how itallow the reader to understand what arefunctions,what sort of critical the key requirements to work in thiscompetencies are looked for, and howindustry. It also explores the leadershipto build a career within this industry. The challenges that this industry now faces:luxury industry is quite unique and has to replicate and cultivate talents, updatemajor differences with other brand- customer service in a rapidly changing9781137270665 centered industries that one has to digitalmarketplace,hireAsianunderstand and master: family businessmanagers, andunderstandthe05.03.2013heritage, role of creation, and existence intricacies of family businesses. To thisOprawa: twardaof key populations.This book introduces day, such people change issues have 137 z us to the specific challenges faced bybeen tackled intuitively, onanthose working in the luxury industry andexperience-basis most of the time: manywhat it takes to succeed, as well asexecutivesactupon previouswhat luxury brands must do to ensureexperiences they have gone through -they are retaining and recruiting the right mostly in marketing, finance, orpeople who will go on to shape theirdistribution. They often lack expertise incompanies in the future. It provides awhat the future is about: creation, retail,concrete and comprehensive frameworkinternet, customer experience. ThisPrivate Company Valuation: How Credit Risk ReshapedEquity Markets and Corporate Finance Valuation ToolsGianluca OricchioPalgrave MacmillanThe recent crisis in financial markets hasFixed Income Approach (FIA). The bookseen a gradual erosion of the begins by introducing the changingboundaries of asset classes previouslylandscape of financial markets postregarded as risk-free. We have gone crisis, discussing the notion of risk freefrom a world mostly free of default riskasset classes and how equity valuationto one where credit risk is largely methods are changing in the light ofreflected in equity prices. Traditional credit risk. Oricchio then goes on tovaluation methods now need to beillustrate the limitations of traditional9780230291447 integrated to take into account a methods for estimating the economicscenario in which expectations of valueofnon-listed companies,01.11.2012growth are considerably reduced, anddemonstrating that methods such as theOprawa: twardacredit risk is increased to levelsCapital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), 313 z previously unheard of. But as the which are market-based, cannotmajority of private companies are sub-effectively capture credit risk in sub-investment grade, Valuing Private investment grade companies. TheCompanies: How Credit Risk Reshaped author advocates the use of a newEquity Markets and Corporate Financemodel to estimate the cost of equity -Valuation Tools sets out an innovativethe Integrated Pricing Model (IPM). Thisnew method for estimating private new model combines CAPM with acompanies cost of equity based on asecond method based on fixed 7. FinanseProfiting from Monetary Policy:Investing Through the Business CycleThomas AubreyPalgrave MacmillanThe Financial Crisis has brought the Friedrich Hayek and Gunnar Myrdal.pensions time bomb centre stage due to Credit-based frameworks can measurea decade of low returns increasing the extent of disequilibrium in anunfunded pension liabilities and loweringeconomy signaling to investors when tofuture retirement incomes. This is switch from equities to bonds and vicebecause most investors have been versa, thus preserving capital as theunable to avoid the substantial volatility business cycle shifts. Empirical analysisin asset prices and capital destructionon multiple countries demonstrates that9781137289698 that has accompanied the businessinvestment strategies that track thecycle. Until investors reject the prevailing business cycle generate equity like01.11.2012monetary policy consensus as anreturns with bond-like volatility. TheOprawa: twardainvestment framework based on priceprovision of business cycle tracking 104 z stability and general equilibrium, pension funds will therefore at least go some wayschemes will continue to suffer poor to defusing the shortfall in pensionreturns due to periodic downturns. provision. Profiting from Monetary PolicyAlternative credit-based disequilibriumis a highly innovative book that providesframeworks exist, originating with the new insights on the business cycle andwork of Knut Wicksell that was exposes the flaws in current monetarysubsequently developed by the jointpolicy. It advocates a new, credit-basedwinners of the 1974 Nobel Prize, framework which can provide investorsRisk Culture: A Practical Guide to Building andStrengthening the Fabric of Risk ManagementErik BanksPalgrave MacmillanRisk, or the uncertainty regarding a field of risk management. Risk Culture isfuture event or outcome, characterizes a practical volume devoted to themuch of what banks, industrial qualitative aspects of risk management,corporations,andgovernmental including those that should be firmlyagencies must deal with on a daily embedded in the corporate culture.basis. Failure to recognize, quantify andThrough descriptions, examples andmanage risk can lead to significantcase studies, the book analyzes weakproblems. The very fact that risk exists and strong cultures and proposes a9781137263711 and has the potential to create negative series of structural and behavioralresults means that it has to be actively actions that can lead to the01.09.2012managed. And, while the quantitative strengthening of a companys culture. InOprawa: twardamodels and governance frameworks a 21st century business world 183 z used to manage risks are by now well characterizedby volatility andestab...</p>