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Business Bristol Post, Special Report. Take-off for Airbus. Company enjoys its best ever performance at the UK's biggest trade airshow as sector soars - see page 11.


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    Company enjoys its best ever performance at theUKs biggest trade airshow as sector soars



    see page 11



    SMEs chance to apply for shareof 5m in LEP funding p2


    Time-lapse photography firmcaptures key patent p5


    Marina transformationpowers town growth p8&9

    Airbus graduate Zainab Hassan isexcited about the new A350 XWB

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    2 We d n e s d a y, July 23, 2014 3We d n e s d a y, July 23, 2014 w w w. b r i s t o l p o s t w w. b r i s t o l p o s t

    Technology firm XMOS makes multi-core processor chips

    AFIRM that designs micropro-cessors has secured morethan $26 million (15 million)of investment from somemajor technology players in-cluding Bosch and Huawei.XMOS was originally a spin-off

    from Bristol University and now em-ploys about 40 people at its WineStreet headquarters and another 30around the globe.The company designs multi-core

    microprocessors used in devices ran-ging from headphones to lawn-m owe r s.This big investment will allow the

    firm to develop future generations ofits processors, which it hopes will beused in even more devices.XMOS chief operating officer Mark

    Lippett said the firm made platfor mtechnolog y.He said: Sony has been using our

    technology in the audio space; wealso have customers using the samechips in laser etching devices androbotic spiders.

    These are very flexible processorsand have a breadth of reach acrossmultiple markets.

    Our strategy to build on thatbroad base and we are very am-b i t i o u s. He said the company would be

    taking on staff, but would not besplashing its cash recklessly.Mark said aside from the cash, the

    investment was a great signal toother potential customers.

    These [investors] are three im-portant companies which feel con-fident enough to put money behindu s, he said.Both Huawei and Bosch Group are

    both potential customers for XMOS.The former is a Chinese-based ITsolutions firm which recently an-nounced plans for a research centrein Bristol. The latter is best knownfor its sound equipment from hi-fis toheadphones but is also a leading sup-plier of technology for the automot-ive, building and energy industries.The third new investor is Xilinx

    Technology Ventures, the investmentarm of Silicon Valley-based Xilinx,which works in a similar sphere toXMOS.

    VWV managing partner Simon Heald and Midas executive director Derek Quinn at Narrow Quay House

    D eve l o p m e n t Te c h n o l o g y

    Midas touch as buildinggets dramatic new lookA CITY centre office building isundergoing a dramatic 7.3 millionre f u r b i s h m e n t .Bristol-based building firm Midas

    is undertaking the overhaul of Nar-row Quay House, which was sittingempty in Bristols Harbourside.The plans involve expanding and

    modernising the building, creating aglazed atrium.The building, which spans 58,000

    sq ft, is owned by investment firmStandard Life Heritage With ProfitsFund but it isVeale Wasborough Vis-ards which will be leasing most ofthe space once it is finished.The law firm has outgrown its city

    centre spot and will be moving its 250staff in, plus have room to grow.Managing partner Simon Heald

    said: Narrow Quay House willprovide the space we need to supportour future growth. Whilst support-ing our objectives of retaining a citycentre location, a great working en-vironment on the waterfront, andbeing accessible to staff and cli-e n t s. Work began in May and is due to

    finish in spring 2015.

    G row t h

    SMEs chance to apply for share of5m in fresh round of LEP funding

    SMALL and medium sized busi-ness in Bristol can apply for ashare of 5 million for projectsthat will create jobs... but theyneed to be quick as the cashhas to be spent by April next year.The money is available from the

    West of England Local EnterprisePar tnerships Growth Fund.More than 300 companies have

    already successfully applied forgrants in the first two rounds of fund-ing, the first of which was supportingby the Bristol Post Going for Growthcampaign.But with around 5 million of the

    original 25 million pot still available,new applications are being accepted.

    Funding manager Antony Corfieldsaid: The first two rounds of the Westof England Growth Fund have en-abled us to award funding to a wholerange of businesses to help with cap-ital investment, job creation and re-search & development.

    The 25 million has to be spent byApril 2015 otherwise it goes back tothe Government, so weve launched athird round to make sure we get asmuch out to local companies as pos-sible before then.The Growth Fund aims to bring

    about new jobs and to lever privatesector investment with the promise ofmatch funding. The fund is itself fin-anced from the Governments Re-gional Growth Fund, designed to kickstart projects to boost the economyacross the UK.The money is for schemes that

    would not otherwise have been pos-sible, or would have taken longer to

    come about.Grants of 10,000 to 80,000 in this

    latest round can be used by small andmedium sized firms towards capitalinvestment such as new premises orequipment; research and develop-ment; training; employing disabledor disadvantaged workers; and sup-

    porting women entrepreneurs tostart a business.But as the money has to be used on

    projects in this financial year, theclock is ticking.Antony said: We re into the last

    nine months of this particular fundnow, so were keen to get fundingallocated to businesses as soon aspossible, to ensure they have time tospend it before April 2015.

    We have a funding team here tohelp companies with both the ap-plication and the claims process. Ifyou have a project that you thinkmight be eligible for funding, pleaseget in touch with us.Businesses can email the funding

    team on or call them on 0117 9036207.Or visit the website w w w. w e s t - gfr3 wh i chgoes live today for more details.

    Film production

    Company that recycles film sets moves into city site

    Hackathon looks toimprove takeaway app AN online takeaway service isgiving people access to itstechnology to play around and see ifthey come up with any great ideas.Just Eat, which is opening a

    research centre in the city, is holdinga hackathon at the Engine Shed allday Saturday, starting at 8am.Bristols tech talent are invited to

    use the firms programminginstructions and look for ways ofimproving its app. Ideas fromprevious events have been used byJust Eat, including using near fieldcommunication-enabled posters.Chief technology officer, Carlos

    Morgado, said: The regularhackathons weve been running atour central London offices areessential to our innovation process,enabling us to learn from those bothinside and outside the company.

    Now, with our new technologyinnovation hub in Bristol, we canaccess the brilliant pool of techtalent based throughout the SouthWest. Im looking forward to seeingthe results from the day.Anyone taking part gets a 20

    voucher and the best idea wins aradio-controlled drone. Registeronline at w w w. m e e t u p . c o m /J U S T- E AT- B r i s t o l / e v e n t s /194104862/.Inward investment agency Invest

    Bristol & Bath worked with the firmon its move to the city.

    Firm wins contract tosupply energy plant A BEDMINSTER firm has won acontract to supply a control systemfor a new waste energy plant.GPS, which employs 80 people,

    will supply the technology to ImtechWater for the anaerobic digestionplant being built by Tamar Energy inH e r t f o rd s h i re .GPS motor control centres will

    monitor and control mixing,pre-treatment and the digestionprocesses used to produce biogasfrom food waste.The firm previously made a similar

    system for Wessex Water to use atits Avonmouth treatment plant.

    Te c h n o l o g y

    Te c h n o l o g y

    Microprocessor firm wins 15minvestment from major players

    A GREEN film set company is thelatest business to move into the BottleYard film studios in Hengrove.More and more film and television

    projects are being shot at the formerbottle plant and as a result an eco-system of businesses is beginning tobuild up around it.The latest firm is Drsd, an in-

    novative company that clears setsand then re-uses, recycles or sells onthe materials to production houses,interior designers and charities.It also offers event production and

    office re-fit services making good use

    of its salvage haul. It is based atPinewood Studios with awarehouse in Essex butfounder Lynn McFarlane(p i c t u re d ) said it alwayshoped to set up regionalb a s e s.

    It's always been ourintention to have re-gional bases located con-veniently around the UKto service the demands ofour customers, she said. Soto open a new centre at The BottleYard Studios so soon after moving

    into our new headquarters isheartening for us as a busi-

    ness, and also speaksvolumes about the grow-ing demand amongstour domestic broadcastindustry to deliver sus-tainable productionsfrom concept to wrap.Fiona Francombe,

    managing director of TheBottle Yard Studios added:

    We re so pleased to welcomeDrsd to our growing production

    h u b.

    Sustainability in the broadcast in-dustry is something we care deeplyabout, and having Drsd on site per-manently is a great boost to the stu-dios ongoing drive to reduce waste.

    Departing productions will beable to send less waste to landfillwhilst incoming productions willhave the chance to benefit from whatis left behind by others.

    Its a win-win situation and onetha