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2nd half day of using EPRA/DART formative assessment information to guide instruction - classroom scenarios from Burnaby classrooms, K-7.


<ul><li> 1. Planning from ResultsBurnaby Elementary Schools February 4th, 2013 Faye Brownlie www.slideshare.net </li></ul> <p> 2. K Building Connections/Responseto Reading Prac?ce making connec?ons Choose a symbol Talk about how this helps our reading Read together and make connec?ons Students show their connec?ons by drawing and wri?ng with Jessica Chan, Burnaby 3. Strong Na?ons Publishing 4. M meaning Does this make sense? S language structure Does this sound right? V visual informa?on Does this look right? 5. Making Inferences Backgrounder and predict Model with picture: inference, evidence In groups, with an image and a cap?on, infer and evidence Share images, inferences, evidence Read the text, no?cing the changes in thinking With Jody Torrance, Gr. 6, Gilmore, Burnaby 6. Main Idea/Supporting Details Showing what you know from reading What do you know about: NYC, barge, landll 90 second write your predic?on Read What will happen next? Read Here are some details from the text. Can you add to them? 4 minute write. With Saru Sharma, Gr. 4/5, Windsor, Burnaby </p>