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Being out of work is stressful enoughwithout sexual abuse flashbacks, post-traumatic stress disorder or an abusivepartner.That is why the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. BridgingEmployment Program for Women wasestablished three years ago to help femaleabuse survivors rebuild their lives.But the program comes to an end today,as the provincial government is merg-ing employment programs throughoutthe province into its new EmploymentProgram for B.C.Lisa Sanders, who recently moved toBurnaby from Calgary, was one of theBridging Employment Programs final 17clients.These guys have the skills to help uswomen who are going through these trau-matic and post-traumatic situations, waybetter than anyone couldve at a regularemployment program, she said. Whichis why were sad that we dont get to doour real employment part here with thesegirls.Sanders was sexually abused as a childand witnessed violence in her biologicalfathers house, she said, and was lateremotionally and physically abused by herchildrens father.She has experienced more recent losses,aswell hermother passed away sixweeksago, and she was served with divorcepapers three weeks ago, she added.My husband was a dream, it is justfinancial circumstances that brought us towhere we are, she said, adding that theprogram has helped her cope with all theadditional stress.These guys have been a godsend atthis time, let me tell you, she said.Sanders recently returned to the LowerMainland after living in Calgary for 10years and is looking for work in her field,Your source for local sports, news, weather and entertainment! >> www.burnabynow.comThe wormy wonderof red wigglersPAGE 13Mom runs insons memoryPAGE 3Burnabys first and favourite information source Delivery 604-942-3081 Friday, March 30, 2012Janaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporterReady, aim Members ofthe BurnabyArchers Clubwere hostinga 3D course a type ofrecreationalarcheryusing foamanimal targetsat varyingdistances atBurnaby Lakerecently.City program helped abuse survivors find jobsBiggame inBurnabyJason Lang/burnaby nowProgram Page 5THESE GUYS HAVE BEEN A GODSEND AT THIS TIME, LET ME TELL YOUwww.BrianVidas.comYOUR BURNABY REALTORcentre realtyBRIAN VIDAS604.671.5259Brian Vidas Personal Real Estate Corporation 3010 Boundary Road, Burnaby2961 Norland Avenue, Burnaby604-299-3121TVs, Computers , ElectronicsTVs, Computers , Electronics& Small Appliances& Small AppliancesIN THIS EDITIONSee the imaginativeadvertisements created byBurnaby Elementary StudentsDESIGN ADan20122012A02 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW604.205.7127FirmaByBoffo.cathis is not an offering for sale. such an offeringcan only be made by a disclosure statement. e&oe.now sellingpresentation centre suite 310 4570 hastings streetopen daily (expect fridays) 12 5pmimmediate occupancyArmy & Navy*BCIT*Loblaws*Old Navy*M&M Meats*Buy-Low Foods*Fair Market** not in all areas6 Opinion13 Community14 Here and Now19 About Kids44 Top 553 Sports57 ClassifiedsLast weeks questionDo you think Burnaby Villageadmission should remain free?YES 80% NO 20%This weeks questionIs Thomas Mulcair the right choicefor the federal NDP leader?Vote at: www.burnabynow.com7Letters9Cruelty-free clothing11Luxury condo sellsSimone Harty was sleeping in theearly morning of June 13, 2007,when police came to her NorthBurnaby home asking questions abouther son.Is this where Elliott Harty lives? Does heown a motorcycle? Where is he?Simone thought her 17-year-old boywas asleep in bed, when police asked tosee his motorcycle.I was horrifiedwhen I saw thebike wasnt there,she says. It wascomplete disbelief,that they must havehad the wrong per-son.Her son, Elliott,who had been outwith friends anddrinking earlier that night, had returnedhome and quietly slipped out againaround midnight on his new motorbike.No one saw the accident, but shortlyafter Elliott left, a motorist called policeto report that a lamppost was blockingBarnet Highway. When police respond-ed, they found Elliott in a ditch. He wasrushed to Royal Columbian in criticalcondition. Simone, a single mom, was athis bedside praying, talking to her onlychild and watching his vital signs buthours or surgery could not repair theboys broken body.It wasnt till the next day that theneurologist came to speak to us, shesays in a soft, quivering voice. He wassaying to us that there was no brainactivity and that really there was no morethey could do.Then came a conversation aboutwhether Simone would like to make thegift of life and donate her childs organs.Simone had never spoken with Elliottabout organ donation, but she thoughtits what he would have wanted.Burnaby North Secondary studentshuddled together in the hospitals hall-ways for a chance to say goodbye to thetall, gangly fun-loving teen, who playedpiano and loved cooking curry.Elliotts kidney and liver were saved,as were some islet cells from his pancre-as, which can help people with diabetes.Five years later, Simone is still rawwith grief, but she smiles and remembersher son fondly, as she flips through analbum of mementos. There are severalnewspaper clippings from the accident,photos of a Elliott, and an anonymous,hand-written letter on yellow paper fromone of the recipients of Elliotts organdonation. The writer is thankful after suf-fering through 10 years of kidney disease.I will cherish and take care of mynew kidney and treat it like my baby andpart of my body, the letter says.Whats hard for me is I dont knowmuch about this person, Simone says.In Canada, theres a wall of anonym-ity between families of organ donors andrecipients, and Simone knows nothing ofthe person who now carries Elliotts kid-ney. But I do know its a hard letter towrite, she says. I understand the com-plications of receiving a gift like that.Simone has done a lot in the wakeof losing her child. Shes shared herstory publicly and encouraged people tobecome organ donors, and shes joineda dragon boating team of transplantrecipients and paddled alongside EvaMarkvoort, the young, vibrant NewWestminster woman who passed awayafter a double lung transplant. She alsoattends a support group for parents whohave lost their children and has mademany new friends since Elliotts death.On Sunday, April 1, Simone will beone of more than 150 participants in atransplant trot at Burnaby Lake Parkbenefitting the Canadian TransplantAssociation. Organizers behind the runare raising awareness about organ dona-tion in hopes more people will register.The trek starts at 10 a.m., and partici-pants can run or walk five kilometres oreight. Registration is $20, and transplantrecipients register for free. Simone will bethere for Elliott.Im just a person who will run. I willrun with my sons button in his honour,she says.Simone had spoken to her son aboutdrugs, teen pregnancy and jail, but neverorgan donation.I think its important to have thoseconversations, but Im sure I made thechoice he would have made, she says.Its one of those important conversationparents need to have with their children.Simone hopes people register as organdonors and have these conversations not beside deathbeds, but as part ofeveryday life. Simone is also hopeful oth-ers will receive that bittersweet gift oflife.I didnt realize the degree in whicha gift like this can change someones life,from being sick to not being sick, shesays. If something good can come outof a tragedy like this, then its a gift Imhappy I was able to give other people,and I know my son would feel the same.To sign up for the run, go to www.http://bit.ly/TransplantTrot or callMargaret Benson at 604-985-6628 or emailwinniethepooh@telus.net. To become anorgan donor, go to transplant.bc.ca.ELLIOTT HARTYS TRAGIC DEATH HELPED SAVE A STRANGERS LIFEMother joins transplant trot to help causeON MY BEATJennifer MoreauOnly child: Simone Harty holds an album full of mementos of her son, Elliott.The Burnaby North student died in a motorcycle crash in 2007, and his organswere donated. Simone hopes others will sign up to become organ donors.It wasnt until the next day that the neurologist came to speak to us. He was saying to us thatthere was no brain activity and that really there was no more they could do. SIMONE HARTY, Elliott Hartys motherJennifer Moreau/burnaby nowVisit www.burnabynow.comFFaammiillyyttiieessConnecting with our community onlineChristina MyersBlogBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A03A04 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWFREEDESIGN IDEASFREEEXPERT SERVICEFREEIN HOME MEASURE+ + Great prices the best deal in town! Quality Products, selection and service Free designs + expert advice Yes, we deliver + install Yes, we do countertops Canadian owned, operating for more than 30 years We care, our employees share in the companys successWHY CHOOSEEURO-RITE?We believe that customer loyalty is won byproviding the best customer service & valuefor your money in cabinet industry.Bill Longman FounderA+RATINGScan this QR code withyour smart phoneKITCHENS BATHROOMS CLOSETS + MOREPORT COQUITLAM1610 Industrial Ave.,Port Coquitlam, BC9am - 6pm l Mon - SatLANGLEY102, 6375 202nd St.,Langley, BC9am - 6pm l Tues - Satwww. e u r o r i t e . c omBURNABY BOY CELEBRATES 30 YEARS OF SUCCESSIn 2012, Bill Longman will celebrate 30 years of running thecompany he founded, Euro-Rite Cabinets. Its a considerableachievement for a man who started making cabinets in hisgarage, and delivered some of his rst orders in a car he boughtfor $20.Bill and his siblings were raised in Burnaby by a single mom onwelfare. From her, early on, Bill learned the value of money, hardwork, strong ethics, and respect for elders. It wasnt alwayseasy but those values have served him well and helped pushhim through many setbacks.In high school Bill was given the smallest paper route availableand within two years, he had the largest. Out of school hedelivered bread for Venice Bakery and grew his territory. Laterwhile working for the Vancouver Fire Department he soldcabinets door to door to help pay off his mortgage. Longmanhas always had a passion for sales and Euro-Rites success is atribute of his determination to meet his goals.Today Euro-Rite is well past the garage days. The company hasgrown from a one-man venture to a multi-million dollar business,with 120 employees and 110,000 square feet in operationsspace. Bill has long since retired from the re department and isenjoying Euro-Rites success but has never forgotten his roots.He now works to help others succeed by giving back to thecommunity. Euro-Rite Cabinets supports over a dozen charitiesannually.Bills generosity doesnt end with charitable donations. In2007, he had the company valuedand formed the Employee TrustFund. The trust fund allows allEuro-Rite Cabinet employees, bothcurrent and retired to share in anyincreased value to the company. Thesuccess of the company is shared byall who contribute to it, so Euro-Riteemployees strive for success, everyday.Bill Longman with his rst pantry cabinet from 1982(604) 464-5060Checkwww.Burnabynow.comfor breaking news, photo galleries, blogs and moremarketing and promotion.But she is facing many additional chal-lenges, from the physical an injury toher right hand, when she is right-handdominant to educational, as she is 46 anddoesnt having a marketing degree as manyyounger applicants do.These guys have been helping me pres-ent myself based on things like my expe-rience and the old-school way of doingthings, she said of the program.But she will not be able to finish the26-week program shell be going on toanother program as of next month.It is going to be really, really tough,Sanders said. It is going to be a really hardtransition for me.Many of the clients need the stabilityof the program at this point in their lives,she added, saying its been completelyessential.I dont think any of us wouldve beenable to be walking and talking and smil-ing, she said.Diana Delgado has been the BridgingEmployment program manager since itbegan in January 2009.She will continue working withS.U.C.C.E.S.S. but is mourning the loss ofthe program, which she doubts can be rep-licated in a merged format.The province has merged provinciallyand federally funded programs within itsnew Employment Program of B.C., whichis replacing the B.C. Employment Programon April 2.The new program is a one-stop shopconcept, according to Delgado.The people who got the contracts aresuper experienced, and I know they aretrying their very best, Delgado said. Butthe Bridging programwas truly an amazingprogram.She is concerned the new programswill not be intense or involved enough toaddress the needs of the clients her pro-gram served.The legacy of this program is the factthat many women were able to realize thattheres life after, and they dont deserveto tolerate any type of abuse, she said.The fact that they learn to break the cycle,especially the ones that have children areable to say the violence stops here, and Ican give a better life to my children, that isamazing.Even those clients that could not com-plete the program were helped, she added.Even if they dont achieve the employ-ment outcome, or they have to go back toschool, they realize they can heal and thereis life beyond whatever relationship theyleft, Delgado explained.The Bridging Employment Program hadtwo arms, one for aboriginal women, shesaid and received funding through the pro-vincial Ministry of Social Development.The Building Employment counsellorsworked with more than 100 clients dur-ing the three years it ran, according toDelgado.Now that the program is ending, thecounsellors will help the final 17 clientstransition to new programs during themonth of April.Our job is not done until they are allconnected at the other end, Delgado said.The Ministry of Social Development wasnot able to set up an interview or provide astatement regarding the program changesbefore deadline.continued from page 1Program: Really, really tough lossThe Burnaby RCMP announcedThursday afternoon that they have locatedthe body of Yu Lan Rou Lin, the Burnabysenior who has been missing since March15.Her body was found by a passerby in awooded area near the 6200 block of NinthAvenue in South Burnaby.At this time, the police are not treatingthis as a suspicious death, RCMP Cpl.Rick Skolrood said in a press release. Thefamily is requesting privacy during thisdifficult time.Chief Supt. Dave Critchley offered con-dolences to the family, and the RCMPthanked the public and the volunteers whohelped in the search for the senior. Alfie LauMissing seniors body foundWhat was once tentative is now a donedeal. Burnabys unionized school sup-port workers have finalized an agreementwith the B.C. Public School EmployeesAssociation and they did it under thegovernments net-zero mandate.The workers are mostly education assis-tants, custodians and clerical workers andare represented by the Canadian Union ofPublic Employees, local 379.Spokesperson Bill Pegler said the newdeal offers recognition and respect foreducation assistants unpaid work.The assistants, because of the wayhours are structured, they end up doing alot of unpaid work. We were able to get adedicated pot of money provincewide thataddressed that, and it was a major, majorwin, he said. 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The publicusually doesnt have anopinion on information or itsimportance to them until suchinformation is made public andthey have a chance to read it.This may seem obvious tomany readers.After all, most readers under-stand that reporters collect andpresent information in newsstories. Readers seldom phoneor email me asking how theycan file Freedom of Informationrequests, or how to pry informa-tion out of city hall.They assume, quite under-standably, that reporters aresupposed to be doing that forthem.But apparently, there arestill politicians who believe thatreporters are just digging upinformation for the heck of it.Consider Burnabys decisionnot to put election campaignexpense forms online.Burnaby is, perhaps, the onlycity in the Lower Mainland thathas not, or is in the process of,putting the disclosures online.Coun. Sav Dhaliwal told ourreporter that he hasnt heardmuch complaint or feedbackfrom the public asking for theelection disclosures to be postedonline.No, probably not. Peoplerightly expect the informationwill be made public via themedia. It is our job.Dhaliwal also said, Otherthan newspaper reporters, Iwonder if anybody looks atthem. Staff hasnt brought it upto us as a major issue.Im not sure if Dhaliwal isdeliberately missing the point orif he is part of a concerted effortto make it as difficult as possiblefor the media to access the infor-mation. Its hard to tell.Surely he understands thatfewer people will potentiallylook at them if the documentsare not online. Surely he alsounderstands that staff giventhat they are employees are aptnot to fight for easier access todocuments that reveal what theirpolitical bosses may not want tobroadcast. (Oh, and not to sug-gest that theres any connection,but the citys CUPE union local the one that many staff aremembers of donated $20,000 tothe ruling partys election cam-paign.)Dhaliwal also said, I thinkthere are a few other thingsahead of this that I believe aremore of a priority for taxpayers.Is he suggesting that the stafftime to put election campaigndenrThe Burnaby NOW is a Canadian-owned community newspaper published and distributed in the city ofBurnaby every Wednesday and Friday by the Burnaby Now, 201A3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby,British Columbia, V5A 3H4, a division of Glacier Media Group.Brad AldenPublisher2008 WINNERPUBLISHER Brad AldenEDITOR Pat TracyASSISTANT EDITOR Julie MacLellanSPORTS EDITOR Tom BerridgeREPORTERS Janaya Fuller-Evans, Christina Myers,Jennifer MoreauPHOTOGRAPHER Larry WrightDIRECTOR, SALES AND MARKETING Lara GrahamADVERTISING REPS Cynthia Hendrix,Cam Northcott, Domenic Crudo, Veronica WongAD CONTROL Ken WallRECEPTIONIST Fran VouriotPRODUCTIONMANAGER Gary E. SlavinPRODUCTION STAFF Ron Beamish,Kevin Behnsen,Lynne Boucher, Nola Bowling, Rona Eastman-Magee,Doug McMaster,Laura Powell, Tony ShermanGRAPHIC DESIGNER Helen-Louise KintonREGIONAL CLASSIFIED MANAGERCatherine AckermanCLASSIFIED SUPERVISOR Dawn JamesCLASSIFIED REPS Darla Burns, John Taylor,Michelle VilliersACCOUNTING Judy SharpSALES ADMINISTRATOR Janeen WilliamsTHE BURNABY NOW www.burnabynow.com#201A - 3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5A 3H4MAIN SWITCHBOARD 604-444-3451CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 604-444-3000EDITORIAL DIRECT 604-444-3020FAX LINE 604-444-3460NEWSPAPER DELIVERY 604-942-3081DISTRIBUTION EMAIL distribution@burnabynow.comEDITORIAL EMAIL editorial@burnabynow.comADVERTISING EMAIL production@burnabynow.comCLASSIFIED EMAIL DTJames@van.netCopyright in letters and other materials submitted voluntarilyto the Publisher and accepted for publication remains with theauthor, but the Publisher and its licensees may freely reproducethem in print, electronic or other forms.Women officers deserve their day in courtAs a pundit once said, theres justiceand then theres the law.So, its any legal beagles guess as towhether the justice system will accepta class action lawsuit filed on behalf offemale RCMP officers allegingsexual harassment and sex dis-crimination in the police force.But we sure hope the judgewho gets to make this decisionis one who leans towards justice.While it can take up to two years forthe courts to certify such action, if it iscertified, it will be of some relief to thewomen who say they have experienceddisgusting sexual pranks, lewd com-ments and constant discrimination.Sandy Merlo, a former NanaimoRCMP member, is the only named indi-vidual on the claim, but law-yers filing the lawsuit say theyhave up to 150 other womenwho are ready to join the suit.Merlo told CBC that shehad tried to get her supervisors to takeher complaints seriously and had senta letter to the commissioner. But shewaited 25 months for a reply, and nohelp was offered.Merlos long list of alleged griev-ances reveal a brotherhood of maleofficers who have a fascination withdildos and a critical dislike of pregnantwomen.It may not be surprising given whatis largely a paramilitary system, but itis astounding that supervisors who cov-ered up the harassment or, basicallyignored it never thought that whatthey were doing was not only dishon-ourable, but also a violation of basichuman rights.The new head of the RCMP, com-missioner Bob Paulson, pledged inNovember 2011 that sexual harassmentallegations do not represent the forcethat I joined and this condition cannotstand.We dont know what force he joined,but the one that Sandy Merlo and otherfemale officers joined is one that needsa real shake-up.If Paulson was sincere, he needs tosupport the call for a class action lawsuitso that the women can have their day incourt and so can the RCMP.Financial infoshould be onlineIs cleanliness guaranteed?Dear EditorIt is good news indeed that an all-out cleanuphas stopped the contagion of C. difficile at BurnabyHospital. It is not good news that I have to beconcerned that the housekeeping staff might beresponsible for my demise should I need to visit thefacility.When I attend such a facility, I usually need help,expert and sometimes urgent help. My usual goodhealth is somehow in need of repair. Until now, Ithought the basic cleanliness, the floors, the walls,the linen, the furnishings was being taken moni-tored and looked after. My concerns always werefocused on the excellent care my family and I havealways experienced at Burnaby Hospital.Now, it seems my refuge and source of well-being has itself become a danger. How can it be thatthe medical staff must blow a whistle to expressconcern about mortalities? There surely must be asystem to assess the cleaning in the building. Willthe sudden short burst of cleaning be continued orrenewed? Have steps been taken to avoid returningto a time of peril?Mark Proctor, BurnabyTeachers have right to chooseDear Editor:Re: Teachers deserve recognition, Letters to theeditor, Burnaby NOW, March 9.Im writing in response to the writers commentsOUR VIEWBurnaby NOWLETTERS TO THE EDITORLETTERS TO THE EDITORThe Burnaby NOW, a division of Glacier Media Group respects your privacy. We collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Statement which is available at www.burnabynow.com or by calling 604-589-9182.UNION LABELCEP SCEP200026City hall Page 7Teachers Page 7EDITORS LETTERPat TracyThe Burnaby NOW welcomes letters to the editor. We do, however, edit for taste, legality and length.Priority is given to letters written by residents of Burnaby and/or issues concerning Burnaby. Pleaseinclude a phone number where you can be reached during the day. Send letters to: The Editor, #201A-3430Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5A 3H4, fax them to 604-444-3460 or e-mail: editorial@burnabynow.comNO ATTACHMENTS PLEASELetters to the editor and opinion columns may be reproduced on the Burnaby NOW website, burnabynow.comThe Burnaby Now is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing theprovinces newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct ofmember newspapers. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverageor story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go towww.bcpresscouncil.org.LETTERS TO THE EDITORexpense disclosures onlineonce every couple of yearsis going to derail someimportant business at cityhall? It boggles the mind.And just in case readerswonder why only Coun.Dhaliwal spoke to thequestion well, appar-ently, most of council wason a junket to sister cityMesa, Arizona this pastweek.Freedom of informa-tion is essential to ademocracy. And freedomof information doesnt justmean that the informationis available if you havethe resources and timeto spend copying suchinformation by hand incity hall it also meansthat there is a level oftransparency and acces-sibility that does not deterinformation seekers. Cityhalls, organizations orinstitutions that purportto model accountability ortransparency while mak-ing it as difficult as pos-sible for folks to simplyaccess information, aresurely missing the point.Patrick Smith is an SFUpolitical science professorand current director of theInstitute of GovernanceStudies.He said: Burnabyshould know better. Theytalk about how they werevoted best managedmunicipality (by MacleansMagazine), but I dontknow how this can beconsidered a best prac-tice.I agree.Making the public (orreporters) go to city hallto copy documents is,simply, backward.In the olden days onehad to actually go to cityhall in person to paytaxes. Nowadays one canpay online. Thats as itshould be.The failure ofBurnabys one-partygovernment to simply dowhat makes sense unfor-tunately fuels its politicalfoes claims that it is try-ing to obstruct easy accessto politically sensitiveinformation.Why, one wonders,would the BurnabyCitizens Association,want to hand opponentsammunition? After all,its not as if theres somegrand principle behindkeeping such documentsoffline. At least nobodyhas told us there is.Could it just be a dis-play of stubbornness inthe face of criticism?I hope not.Pat Tracy is the editor ofthe Burnaby NOW and itssister paper, The Record.continued from page 6City hall: Transparency neededregarding the teachers strike.She says that the government net-zero policy shows us they think publiceducation is a business, for the reason thatonly in a business, money in must equal orbe greater then money out.Really? I am not a math expert, but itseems to me that, when it comes to finance,regardless if its in reference to a business,a household, government etc., if money inis less than money out, it will equal debt.In the governments case, more debtequals more taxes, more taxes equals morepeople on or below poverty level, morepeople below poverty level equals lesscirculation of money, less circulation ofmoney equals higher unemployment, andI could go on, but Ill go straight to the bot-tom line, and that spells disaster.The writer says that it really comesdown to respecting teachers and the workthey do for the community and the prov-ince. Yes, and the same goes for police,firefighters, nurses etc.We all do a job, we all contribute toour community in some form or other. Allequally important. We all get paid for theprofession we choose and execute. Ourvaluable freedom of choice gives us theopportunity to choose whatever profes-sion we want and the right to change it atany time we so desire.Frank Di Cesare, BurnabyYouth for tan-free futuresDear Editor:The Ministry of Health has justannounced that the B.C. government willbe banning indoor tanning for youth underthe age of 18. We thank the B.C. govern-ment for taking this step towards protect-ing the health of B.C.s youth. According tothe World Health Organization, any use ofindoor tanning equipment before the ageof 35 has been found to increase the riskof melanoma by 75 per cent. Melanoma isone of the most common and deadly formsof skin cancer for young people, eventhough it is mostly preventable.We are two of the Tan FreeGradLeadersfor the Canadian Cancer Societys TanFree Grad Challenge at Burnaby NorthSecondary. At present, students can stillaccess indoor tanning beds, which is whywe want to raise awareness about thishealth issue and encourage students atour school to own their own skin tone forgraduation.Our goals as advocates of this cam-paign is to have all of our fellow Grade 12students pledging to be tan-free for promand to educate our peers about the dan-gers of UV radiation.For more information about Tanningis Out, join the Tanning is Out Facebookpage,www.facebook.com/TanningIsOutor visit www.cancergameplan.ca.Valerie Lang and Akira Xu, Tan Free GradLeaders, Burnaby North Secondarycontinued from page 6Teachers have a choiceBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A07DELTABURNABYHOTEL AND CONFERENCE CENTREEBO Restaurant is located in the Delta Burnaby Hotel and ConferenceCentre (adjacent to the Grand Villa Casino)4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby BCCheck Out Our full Easter Brunch at www.eborestaurant.comFor reservations call 604.453.0788Follow us on andDont forget Mothers Day Sunday,May 13th! 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PRICES ONLYCoupon valid from April 9 - June 30, 2012MENS ORBOYS HAIRCUTSPECIAL$599APRIL 6, 7, 8A08 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWB.C.s #1 Super StoreMORREY NISSAN OF BURNABY877.864.7118morreyauto.com*0%/0%/0%purchasefinancingforupto84/84/84monthsavailableon2012AltimaSedan/VersaHatch/Roguemodels.RepresentativefinanceexamplebasedonSellingPriceof$25,093for2012Altima2.5S,FWD(T4RG52AA00),manualtransmission,financedat0%APRfor84monthsequals$299permonthwith$0downpayment.Costofborrowingis$0foratotalobligationof$25,093.$11,000CashDiscountisonlyapplicabletothepurchaseorleaseofnew2012TitanCCSV4X4(3CCG72AA00),automatictransmissiononapprovedcreditthroughNissanCanadaFinanceforalimitedtime.CashDiscountvaluevariesbymodelandwillbedeductedfromthenegotiatedpricebeforetaxes.Thisdiscountisbasedonnon-stackabletradingdollarsandwillbedeductedfromthenegotiatedpricebeforetaxes.Conditionsapply.SeeyourNissanretailerfordetails.$500PerformerPlusDiscountisincluded.XThe$500PerformerPlusDiscountofferappliesonthepurchaseorleaseofnew2012AltimaSedan/VersaHatch/RogueandTitanmodelsonapprovedcreditthroughNissanCanadaFinanceforalimitedtime.Thisdiscountisbasedonstackabletradingdollarsandwillbedeductedfromthenegotiatedpricebeforetaxes.Conditionsapply.SeeyourNissanretailerfordetails.Financeoffersarenowavailableonnew2012Altima2.5S(T4RG52AA00),manualtransmission/2012VersaHatch1.8S(B5BG52AA00),manualtransmission/2012RogueSFWD(W6RG12AA00),CVTtransmission.SellingPriceis$25,093/$14,645/$24,928financedat0%/0%/0%APRequals$138/$80/$137bi-weeklyfor84/84/84months.$0downpaymentrequired.Costofborrowingis$0/$0/$0foratotalobligationof$25,093/$14,645/$24,928.$1,000StackableFinanceCashon2012VersaHatch1.8S(B5BG52AA00),manualtransmissionisincluded.Thisdiscountisbasedonstackabletradingdollarsandwillbedeductedfromthenegotiatedpricebeforetaxes.Conditionsapply.Extra$500PerformerPlusDiscountisincluded.SeeyourNissanretailerfordetails.^$25,093/$14,645/$24,928SellingPriceforanew2012Altima2.5S(T4RG52AA00),manualtransmission/2012VersaHatch1.8S(B5BG52AA00),manualtransmission/2012RogueSFWD(W6RG12AA00),CVTtransmission.$1,000StackableFinanceCashon2012VersaHatch1.8S(B5BG52AA00),manualtransmissionisincluded.Extra$500PerformerPlusDiscountisincluded.VModelsshown$33,693SellingPriceforanew2012Altima3.5SR(T4SG12AA00),CVTtransmission/$22,345SellingPriceforanew2012VersaHatch1.8SL(B5RG12SU00),CVTtransmission/$35,928SellingPriceforanew2012RogueSLAWD(Y6TG12AA00),CVTtransmission/$41,728SellingPriceforanew2012TitanCCSL4X4SWB(3CFG72AA00),automatictransmission.$10,500non-stackableCashDiscounton2012TitanCCSL4x4SWB(3CFG72AA00),automatictransmissionisincluded.*X^VFreightandPDEcharges($1,595/$1,467/$1,650/$1,630),air-conditioningtax($100),certainfeeswhereapplicableareincluded.License,registration,insuranceandapplicabletaxes(includingexcisetaxandfuelconservationtax,whereapplicable)areextra.FinanceoffersareavailableonapprovedcreditthroughNissanCanadaFinanceforalimitedtime,maychangewithoutnoticeandcannotbecombinedwithanyotheroffersexceptstackabletradingdollars.Retailerorder/trademaybenecessary.Retailersarefreetosetindividualprices.OffersvalidbetweenMarch29th,2012andApril2nd,2012.PreferredCustomerProgram:IfyoucurrentlyleaseorfinanceyourNissanvehiclethroughus,youmayalreadybepre-approvedtoleaseorfinanceyournextnewNissanmodel.The1%PreferredCustomerReductioniscurrentlyavailableonnew2011Quest;2012Sentra,AltimaSedanorCoupe(exceptHybrid),VersaHatchbackorSedan,andTitanmodels.Incentiveprogramrateadjustmentscannotreducetheleaseorfinanceratebelow0.0%andwillapplytotherateofferedbyNissanCanadaFinanceatthetimeofthetransaction.PleasecontactyourNissanDealershipforNissanCanadaFinancepre-approvaltermsandeligibility.$500IN DISCOUNTSXAN EXTRAINCLUDESPLUSCrew Cab SL 4X4 model shownV1.8 SL model shownVSL AWD model shownV2012 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5 S2012 NISSAN VERSA HATCH 1.8 S$14,645^$11,000STARTINGFROM$1,000 STACKABLEFINANCE CASH INCLUDEDIN CASH DISCOUNTSON SELECT 2012 MODELSSTARTINGFROM$80 0% $084WITH WITHDOWNBI-WEEKLYFORFINANCING MONTHS*freight & PDE incl.2012 NISSAN TITAN CC SV 4X42012 NISSAN ROGUE S FWD$24,928^$137 0% $0$50084WITHWITHDOWN IN DISCOUNTSXBI-WEEKLYMONTHS*FORFINANCINGfreight &PDE incl.INCLUDESAN EXTRA3.5 SR model shownV$25,093^STARTINGFROM$138 0% $084WITH WITHDOWNBI-WEEKLYMONTHS*FORFINANCINGfreight& PDE incl.$500IN DISCOUNTSXINCLUDESAN EXTRA$500IN DISCOUNTSXAN EXTRAINCLUDESP R E S E N T STHEON OTHER SELECT MODELSIN DISCOUNTSFINANCINGFOR UP TOMONTHS*OR UP TO%ON SELECT MODELSINCLUDESAN EXTRAOFFERVALIDLIMITEDTIMEOFFERMARCH 29THTO APRIL 2ND$IN DISCOUNTSX1% PREFERRED CUSTOMER RATE REDUCTION AVAILABLE TO ELIGIBLE RETURNING CUSTOMERS.Lougheed HwyWillingtonTransCanadaHwy.1On WillingdonJust North ofHighway #1Following in the footsteps of veganfashion designers like Stella McCartney,Burnaby resident Nam Hee Kim is debut-ing her 100 per cent animal cruelty freeclothing line VEO at the annual Kwantlenfashion show next Tuesday.If youre not willing to eat the animals,then how can you possibly think of wear-ing them? Kim said in a press releaseregarding her first VEO collection, RawBeauty.Kim, who emigrated from Korea toCanada with her family when she was10, is completing her bachelors degree infashion design and technology at KwantlenPolytechnic University this year.The 24-year-old, who has lived inBurnaby for three years, went to theUniversity of the Fraser Valley after highschool and transferred her fashion designdiploma credits to Kwantlens degree pro-gram.Kim used eco-friendly and organic fab-rics, as well as recycled materials, to createthe three outfits in her womens collec-tion.For the red jacket in the collection sheused heavy 100 per cent cotton moleskin,and plant-based materials for all the otherclothing, she said.It took me awhile to find material thatdoesnt contain anything that even has ani-mal glue, she said, even just a little bit ofanimal product that was the main issuethat I had when I was looking.Kim is currently applying for jobs butalso hopes to travel to New York beforesettling in Vancouver, she said.The Show, Kwantlens annual fashionshow, takes place April 3 at the River RockShow Theatre in Richmond.For more information on Kims fash-ions, go to namheekim.com.For tickets to the show, go totheshow2012.eventbrite.com.Burnaby designeroffers up vegan clothesVegandesigns:NamHee Kimdisplaysone of hercruelty-freefashioncreations.Her workis beingfeatured inthe annualKwantlenfashionshow thiscomingweek.Students work featured inKwantlen fashion showLarry Wright/burnaby nowJanaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporterBurnaby North MLA RichardLee is calling attention to the con-tributions the Chinese communityhas made to the province.In a private members state-ment delivered in the legislaturerecently,Leehighlightedhistoricalcontributions Chinese Canadianshave made.While the economic contribu-tions to our province by BritishColumbians with British, Dutchand Russian origins are often doc-umented, the history of those withAsian ancestry, especially Chinese, is notwell known, Lee said.Some of his examples included the 1850sGold Rush, which was linked to a surge inChinese migration, and construction of theCanadian Pacific Railroad.The commitment to build theCPR was a precondition of BritishColumbia joining Canada, and thisshould have been a source of pridefor all who worked uniting ourcountry and creating an economiccorridor that linked the AtlanticOcean to the Pacific Ocean, Leesaid.Lee also dropped some bignames from the Chinese commu-nity: David Choi, CEO of RoyalPacific Realty; Cindy Lee, CEO ofT&T Supermarkets; and renownedarchitect Bing Thom. He also mentionedH.Y Louie, a company that startedwithHokYat Louies general store in VancouversChinatown. It is now the second-largestfamily-owned business in B.C. Jennifer MoreauRichard LeeMLALee lauds Chinese pioneersBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A09Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Province of B.C. Gaming Branch5)&7"("#0/%1-":&3413&4&/5EJSFDUFE CZJacqollyne KeathMarch 15th UPApril 14th, 2012BU The Bernie Legge Theatre2VFFOT 1BSL /FX 8FTUNJOTUFS3FTFSWBUJPOT XXXWBHBCPOEQMBZFSTDB$BSPMJOF 4NJUIB DPNFEZ CZ74thSeasonTD Waterhouse Financial Planning is a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc., a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund./ The TD logo and other trade-marks are the property of the Toronto Dominion Bank or a wholly-owned subsidiary, in Canada and/or other countries.M00952 (0511)With a TD Waterhouse Financial Planner, you get custom tailored financialadvice to help you plan for your future.Casey ChessaFinancial Planner604-654-3674casey.chessa@td.comTogether, we can create afinancial plan thats right for you.Call me today to get started.TD WaterhouseCreating a plan thats right for you.A10 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWMETRO VANCOUVERS NEW PEAK*Prices are subject to change without notice. Renderings are an artists interpretationonly. This is not an offering for sale, any such offering must be made by disclosure statement. E&OESALES BEGIN THIS SATURDAYMARCH 31 AT 12 PMHOMES FROM $259,900REGISTER NOWREGISTER FOR VIP EARLY SELECTION OF OUR 1, 2 +3BEDROOM TOWER HOMES ATOP BURNABY MOUNTAIN .At 1,300 feet above sea level, the towersofAltitude rise higher thananyothers inMetroVancouver.Here, on one of the last, best view locations on Burnaby Mountain, residents will enjoy a uniquecombination of views, high quality interior nishings and the intellectual stimulation ofSimon Fraser University, recently rated #1 in Canada by Macleans magazine for the 9th year.ALTITUDE SALES CENTRE8955 University High St, BurnabyOpen daily as of March 31 126 pm (except Fridays)hungerfordgroup.com | 604.456.8883Most real estate listings rely heavily onone or two main highlights: a great loca-tion, updated renovations or proximity toschools.In the case of a recently listed pent-house condo in the heart of Burnaby,there are simply too many highlights toname just a few and thats reflectedin its record-breaking listing price andits description as the most luxurious,spacious and expensive penthouse everoffered in Burnaby.The penthouse at the Savoy Carleton,southofKingswaynearEdmondsSkyTrainstation, was listed in mid-February for $2million.I looked back on the public MLS sys-tem, and the closest (condo listing) I couldfind was $1.3 million, said real estateagent Ian Watt.But, he said, its certainly worth everypenny.The size, for one thing, is phenom-enal, he said.The unit which has views extendingfrom Mount Baker to the Gulf Islands has 2,877 square feet inside over twofloors, with another 1,100 over two patios(not to mention the four parking spac-es and additional ground-floor storage),which gives it far more space than mostsingle-family homes, notes Watt.Its really a one-of-a-kind property,he said.Thats not just lip service: the pent-house was originally built as two separatebut adjacent units in 1992 but four yearsago was overhauled and renovated tobecome one larger two-floor home.They combined the two (penthouses)into one it was a major job, but it turnedout beautifully, he said.The unit has three bedrooms and fourbathrooms, including a massive mastersuite with a gas fireplace, marble andgranite bathroom ensuite with a Jacuzzitub and a private deck.Theres also a sauna, a built-in soundsystem throughout the house and customlighting.The 200-square-foot kitchen has cus-tom cherry wood cabinets and millwork,high-end Sub Zero and Dacor appliancesand a built-in wine fridge.Watt typically only works withVancouver properties but said his reputa-tion for working with high-end penthous-es and his previous experience workingwith the owners led him to representthis property.And after just a few days, he hadalready had a few bites.We just showed it people from thisarea looking to downsize from a biggerhouse, he said.Hes confident the price is a reasonableone given its size, location and amenitiesand comparable properties he recentlysold the neighbouring unit, at half thesize, for about $800,000.Its a different world its beauti-ful up there. We were up there whenwe had all that fog rolling in, and it wasamazing like being in an airplane abovethe clouds, he said. You can look in onedirection all the way to Mount Baker andin the other direction to the Gulf Islands,parts of downtown. Its stunning.www.twitter.com/ChristinaMyersARoom with a view: This penthouse unit off Kingsway has views that extend fromMt. Baker to the Gulf Islands.Most luxurious salePeek inside: House-sized kitchen inpenthouse unit in Burnaby.Penthouse unit with dramaticviews in Burnaby is priciestcondo listing in city historyChristina Myersstaff reporterContributed/burnaby nowContributed/burnaby nowBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A11Hop in to Charlie'sHop in to Charlie'sBasketsBaskets$60000--$$191950503746 Canada Way, BURNABY (604) 437-8221Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm#2-1770 McLean Ave., Poco (604) 941-3811Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 pmwww.charlieschocolatefactory.comPocoPocoSpecialSpecialSaturday OpeningSaturday OpeningMar. 31 & Apr.7Mar. 31 & Apr.79:30am - 4:30pm9:30am - 4:30pmEnter to Win a Giant Chocolate BunnyEnter to Win a Giant Chocolate BunnyDraw to be held at 4pm Good Friday, April 6/12. One entry per person.Please drop off to Charlie's Chocolate Factory with original coupon from this paper.Name:Name:Address: Phone:Address: Phone:$125 Value$125 Value2~Tone Bunny2~Tone Bunny$$557575Surprise EggsSurprise Eggs$$117575--$$17170000Hen on NestHen on Nest$$550000--$$10100000OpenOpenGoodGoodFridayFridayExtended HoursApril 4 & 5 - 9am - 8pmBurnaby OnlyLarge selection of chocolates suitable for DiabeticsMade with genuine Callebaut Chocolate from Belgium119 - 6100 McKay Avenue, Burnaby604.438.6888Metrotown Station Square (next door to Save-On-Foods)OPEN 7 DAYS, EASY PARKING, WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER WORLDWIDEHAPPY CURRENCY EXCHANGE INC.HAPPY CURRENCY EXCHANGE INC.OVER 50 FOREIGN CURRENCIESA12 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWWWW.KEYWESTFORD.COMAPPOINTMENTS & DIRECTIONS TOLL FREE1.866.549.8503301 Stewardson Way, New Westminster SALES SERVICE PARTS FLEET & LEASE GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES !DEALER #7485DEALER #7485ALL REBATES TO DEALERCOLOURS NOT EXACTLY AS SHOWN OFFER EXPIRES APRIL 3, 2012COLOURS NOT EXACTLY AS SHOWN OFFER EXPIRES APRIL 3, 20122012 FORDFOCUS TITANIUMHatchback Stk# 1201562$$22,88822,8882007 FREESTARMINIVANStk# 2719367$$10,88810,888Choose from over 400+ Used Vehiclesin one location with as low as 2100 kms!Demos Factory VehiclesFleet Returns Trade-Ins Lease DisposalsRates on Financing start at 4.99% (OAC) Manufactures warranties transfer to you AT NO COST!ALL VEHICLES COME WITH:Full Mechanical/Safety Inspection Full Disclosure Car Proof No Cost 6 Month Warranty$10,000,000ONE LOCATION!ONE LOCATION!PRE-OWNED INVENTORYSPRINGinto one of 400+ USEDVEHICLES in 1 LOCATION!SHOP24/7@KEYWESTFORD.COM2007 FORDSPORT TRAC4X4, Well Equipped. Stk# 275129X$$18,95018,950THE EASY ROAD IS AHEAD!THE EASY ROAD IS AHEAD!HASSLE FREE FINANCING!HASSLE FREE FINANCING!ONLY A FEWONLY A FEWCLICKS AWAY ...CLICKS AWAY ...and youll beon your way!www.idrive.ca/BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH OUR!30 DAY 2000 KMEXCHANGE POLICYWecarrythefollowing: FORD: Grand Marquis E150, E250, E350, Contour, Cougar, Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explore, F150, F250, F350, Fiesta, Flex, Ford 500,Focus, Freestar, Fusion, Mustang, Roush, Ranger, Taurus. LINCOLN: LincolnLS, Mks, Mkxl, Mkz, Navigator DODGE, JEEP CHRYSLER: Caliber, Caravan, Challenger, Compass, Dakota,Durango, Cherokee, Liberty, Magnum, Neon, Nitro, New Yorker, Pacica, Patriot, PT Cruiser, Ram Pickups, Wrangler, Jeep YJ, Sebring. CHEVY, PONTIAC, BUICK, GM, SATURN: Avalanche,Aveo, Blazer, Cavalier, Cobalt, CTS, Express Van, GI, Grand Prix, H3, Impala, Malibu, Montana, Outlook, Regal Safari, Savana Van, Sierra, Silverado, Torrent, Vibe, Vue, Wave, Yukon, Aveo.Imports:128i, 135i, Accord, Altima, Cayenne, Corolla, Civic, Elantra, Entourage, Grand Vitatra, Juke, Kempressor, Matrix, Pathnder, Rabbit, Range Rover, Rav4, Rio, Rouge, RX8,Sentra, Sienna, Soul 4U, Sportage, Tucson, Vera Cruz, Versa, X-Trail, X3, X5, XC70, XKR2005 NISSANALTIMAStk# 2591411$$8,9888,9882011 FORD F150SVT RAPTOR6.2L of muscle. Stk# 1111669$$53,88853,8882011 FORD EDGEAWD, Loaded. Stk# 1111681VISITOURAUTOSHOWVISITOURAUTOSHOWBOOTHAPRIL3-8BOOTHAPRIL3-8TOWINPRIZESTOWINPRIZES&SEEOURPREMIUMEDITIONHYPERSERIESROUSH2nightsinWhistler,VIPNightOut,CanucksPlayofftickets,achancetoridewithJackRoushJr.inourRoushMustang$$29,88829,88819All about kids44Top 5 around townSECTION COORDINATOR Jennifer Moreau, 604-444-3021 jmoreau@burnabynow.com16Market helps womenTheres a mound of worms in BintoroGunadis hand and a grin on hisface: here is a man who knows whathe loves to do and is doing it.The worms, to the uninitiated, lookrather like those youd find in the garden in other words, squirming and wrig-gling.But these are special worms, known tothe scientific community as Eisenia andreiand Eiseniafetida, or morecommonly, redwigglers.And Gunadihopes that some-day these littlecreatures will befound in homes,schools, busi-nesses and anywhere else they can dotheir magic work of composting waste.From afarGunadi is originally from the island ofJava, in Indonesia, and came to Canadathree years ago, landing in Halifax andthen spending some time working in theU.S.He, his wife and his son have settled inBurnaby, and for the last few years, hesbeen working with greenhouses south ofthe river.Hes an expert in soil biology and,specifically, these worms, having spenthis lifes work in the field but, as far asGunadi is concerned, his academic his-tory comes second to the wigglers them-selves.They are the focus, he says.Hes recently launched Burnaby RedWigglers, an effort to get more wormsinto the hands of more people and,hopefully, into large-scale sites like uni-versities, businesses and governmentalbodies.The mission is simple: to contribute tothe development of contemporary modelsof urban and suburban sustainability.If thats a mouthful, heres the transla-tion: finding a way to deal with wastethat is simple, cost-effective and mostimportantly, good to the earth and thepeople who live on it.That may sound like a tall order, butthe wigglers are impressive enough tomake it happen.Wiggling aroundIf you have one pound of worms andone pound of waste, it will become ver-micompost in a couple of days, Gunadisays.In fact, the worms can actually convertslightly more than 100 per cent of theirown body weight in a day, eating every-thing from kitchen waste to wet paper,and changing it into a rich compost forthe garden.Vermiculture-vermicomposting (theformer refers to producing the worms, thelatter to the compost itself) can be doneon a small scale in a home or on a largescale at a major facility.Both are safe for the environment andthe community, he says.The worms produce an antimicrobialprotein that will eliminate human patho-gens and suppress plant diseases. Andtheres no chance that the worms will getinto the local biology theyll simply dieif put into the soil.They can only live in organic wastes,he said.They may look like simple creatures,but they have impressivequalities: they can doubletheir population in twomonths in the right condi-tions, and they make idealfish and animal feed.They also have promis-ing aspects for medicine for example, they have anenzyme called lumbrokinasethat can prevent blood clotsin humans.More amazingly, notesGunada, researchers inBelgium recently discoveredthat composting worms can form herdsand make group decisions, throughtouch, to communicate a discovery thatchanges the idea that worms are lackingin social behaviour.Its really, really interesting, saidGunadi.His face lights up while talking aboutthe worms, but its when he shows off hiswigglers that he really getsenthusiastic.Inside a series of smallStyrofoam coolers, Gunadisworms are busily compostinghis household kitchen waste.You can tell theyre happybecause they reproduce, hesays, showing a small Petridish with more than a dozenseed-like cocoons.Each cocoon can becomefour to six worms.They have to have theright environment, he says.Not too wet, not too dry, and plenty ofthe right kind of food no dairy or meat.And thats where education comesin something he hopes to give to thepeople who set up their own worm com-posting systems.Get the wormsGunadi has started supplying wormsto individuals through his website atwww.burnabyredwigglers.jimdo.com.I stay in touch to help them with it,maybe theres a problem with the condi-tions too wet or something so I wantto make sure they do well and teach themabout it, he said.He says B.C.s mild climate is ideal forvermiculture/vermicomposting, and hehopes to see it developed throughout theprovince.Theyre great, they make (the) bestcompost. They take the waste, and thenwe dont have to throw it out, he said.With his enthusiasm for the worms,and his expertise, Gunadi may just be theman to bring the wigglers into the main-stream.www.twitter.com/ChristinaMyersAON MY BEATChristina MyersThe wormy wonder of red wigglersWorm man: Bintoro Gunadi is a soil expert who specializes in red wigglers. Theunique worms, top and bottom right, can compost everything from kitchen wasteto wet paper. Middle right, cocoons hold four to six worms each.Photos by Larry Wright/burnaby nowTheyre great,they make thebest compost,they take thewaste, and thenwe dont have tothrow it out.BINTORO GUNADIsoil expertBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A13A14 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWBurnaby studentSarah Savic-Kallesoehas her sights set60,000 metres above Earth.The 15-year-old ByrneCreek Secondary studentis ranking high in a world-wide Metro News contest,where the grand prizeis trip to space valuedat $100,000. Contestantssubmit applications andgarner votes online.The winner gets aone-hour flight at 60,000metres above Earth andwill go through two daysof training to prepare forthe weightlessness.Sarah submitted apoem, called Keep ThisBeauty Intact, about creat-ing environmental aware-ness.Her submission wasranked 14th for Canada(excluding Quebec), and atpress time she had 12,962votes. To see her submis-sion, go to http://bit.ly/GY8TAG.Student film festBurnabys student rep-resentatives are holding afilm festival this April toraise money for charity.The district studentadvisory council is orga-nizing the Burnaby SchoolsFilm Festival, featuringmultimedia creations fromlocal students based on thetheme: Burnaby: Who WeAre.The festival is onWednesday April 4, at 7p.m. in the Michael J. FoxTheatre at Burnaby SouthSecondary.Tickets are $7 each ortwo for $12, and the goal isto raise $3,500.Proceeds go to PacificAssistance Dogs Society,which trains dogs tohelp people with hearingimpairments or mobilitychallenges. To get tickets,email dsacfilmfest2012@gmail.com.Trip to AfricaTheres also a fund-raiser on at Cariboo HillSecondary to help sent stu-dent Allison Graham on avolunteer trip to Kenya tohelp build a school.The fundraiser willshowcase live music, the-atre and poetry. The eventis Thursday, April 5, from6 to 8 p.m. in the cafeteriaat Cariboo Hill, at 858016th Ave.Tickets are $7 for stu-dents, $10 for adults. Emailalliee.graham@gmail.comor call 604-522-4351 fortickets.Free bookWe have a few morebooks to give away, sokeep your eyes on thiscolumn. This week, I havea copy of Yesterdays Dead,by Pat Bourke.This one is gearedtowards young readersand is set at the end of theFirst World War.Thirteen-year-oldMeredith, whose dream isto become a teacher, mustleave her small town tohelp support her familyby working as a servant,when the Spanish Flu epi-demic hits.The first person toemail me with YesterdaysDead in the subject linegets the book. You haveto pick it up at our office,from Monday to Friday, 9a.m. to 5 p.m.Organ donationA correction is inorder for the interviewwe ran on Friday, March23, with Cecilia Ferreira,also known as Miss TeenBurnaby. The beautypageant contestant saidshe was working with theOrgan Transplant Societyto raise awareness aboutthe issue, but the correctname of the group is theB.C. Transplant Society.Do you have an item forHere & Now? Send ideas toJennifer, jmoreau@burnabynow.com. You can alsofollow her on Twitter, @JenniferMoreau, or see herblog at www.burnabynow.com.Budding poet aims for spaceHERE & NOWJennifer MoreauCheckwww.Burnabynow.comfor breaking news, photo galleries, blogs and moreREGISTER TODAY604.523.0733onni.comThis is not an oering for sale. Any such oering can only bemade byway of disclosure. Prices andspecications subject to changewithout notice. Illustrations are artists concept. E.&O.E.NewWestminstersBest TowerValue Set within the 65 acre Victoria Hills Master Plannedcommunity, featuring over 40 acres of public greenspace & direct connection to Queens park via theMcBride pedestrian overpassA contemporary 22 storey highrise with a collectionof townhomesHomes feature stunning views from the Fraser Riverto Mount BakerComing Early SpringPriced From$249,90099ththANNUALANNUALSAVE THE DATE!Get involved in your community!BurnabyBurnabyFestivalFestivalofofVolunteersVolunteersSaturday, April 14th 10am-5pmBrentwood Town CentreBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A15(APPLEWOODKIA16299FRASERHWY.FRASERHWY.HIGHWAY#1152ST.FRASERRIVERPORT MANNBRIDGEPATTULLOBRIDGEKINGGEORGEBLVD176ST.#10 HIGHWAYONLYA20-MINUTEDRIVE!RICHSALESSELINASALESBRADSALESDANIELLESALESGURPREETSALESANDREWSALESJAGSALESNICKFINANCIALSERVICE ADVISORIts all good at Applewood!APPLEWOOD KIAWWW . A P P L EW O O D . C A1-877-275-6023D10659D3072819764 Langley BypassFri.-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 11-5TW O S T O R E S T O S E R V E Y O U1629916299 Fraser Hwy.Fraser Hwy.604-635-3010604-635-3010 Mon.-Thurs. 9-8, Fri.-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 11-5040312RICKCREDIT SPECIALISTA+ RATINGOFFICIAL PARTNER0% Purchase nancing available on all 2011 and 2012 Kia models on approved credit (OAC). Term varies by model and trim. Financing and lease rates vary by vehicle and are valid on approved credit (OAC) only. Dealers may sell for less. See dealer for full detail. Purchase nancing offers include Delivery and Destination fees of up to $1,650. Other taxes, registration, insurance, licensing fees, and PPSA of $79 are excluded. DontPay for 90 Days on select models (90-day payment deferral) applies to purchase nancing offers on select 2011 and 2012 models on approved credit (OAC) (Sportage/Sorento/Sedona/Borrego excluded). No interest will accrue during the rst 60 days of the nance contract. After this period, interest starts to accrue and the purchaser will repay the principal interest monthly over the term of the contract. Loyalty Bonus offer avail-able on 2012 Kia Optima HYBRID at a value of $1,250 for any current Kia owners towards the purchase or lease of a new 2012 MY Optima HYBRID models only. Loyalty Bonus offer applicable to cash purchase, lease and purchase nancing only before April 2, 2012. Offer is transferrable within same household only (must provide proof of address). Limit of one bonus per customer or household. Certain restrictions apply. Available atparticipating dealers. See dealer for details. ECO-Credit for 2011 / 2012 Optima HYBRID is $1,000 and is applicable to the purchase or lease of a new 2011 / 2012 Kia Optima HYBRID. Available at participating dealers. Certain restrictions apply. See dealer for details. Cash purchase credit and Loan credit available on select models and varies by model and trim. Credits are deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes andcannot be combined with special lease and nance offers. Cash purchase price includes cash credit, delivery and destination fees and other government taxes. Other taxes, registration, insurance and licensing fees are excluded. Available at participating dealers. Other lease and nance options are also available. Dealers may sell for less. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Prices are subject to change without notice. Certainrestrictions may apply. Offers may change, may be extended without notice, and are for examples only. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. See your Kia retailer for full offer/program details. All offers are subject to availability. Offer ends April 2, 2012. 2011 Optima $148 bi-weekly payments based on the selling price of $22,700 stock #OP0007 over a 60/84 month term at 1.49 interest rate the cost of borrowing is $1007 and theresidual is $7417 OAC. The cash price for the 2011 optima #OP0007 is $19,500 includes $3,000 and $500 conquest on any trade. See dealer for complete details. 2012 Forte $120.38 bi-weekly payments based on the selling price of $18,500, stock #FO7526 over a 60/84 month term at 1.49% interest rate the cost of borrowing is $1015 and the residual is $6167 OAC. 2012 Soul $139 bi-weekly payments based on the selling price of$20,300 stock #SO7483 over a 60/84 term at 2.9% interest the cost of borrowing is $2198 and the residual is $6998 OAC. 2012 Sorento $159 bi-weekly payments based on the selling price of $24,350, stock # SR5641 over a 60/84 term at 1.49% interest the cost of borrowing is $1336 and the residual is $8108 OAC. 2012 Sportage $168 bi-weekly payments based on the selling price of $25,600, stock #SP3769 over a 60/84 term at 1.9%interest the cost of borrowing is $1643 and the residual is $8500 OAC. 2012 Rio 4 door $99.99 bi-weekly payments based on the selling price of $15,300 stock #RO2597 over an 84 month term at 2.9% interest the cost of borrowing is $1738 OAC... Conditions do apply. All gifts and giveaways are only available on the selected stock #s noted in this ad only. Offers are not combinable. All prices and payments are OAC...Please see dealerfor complete details on all promotions. In store promotions expire March 31st, 2012. Only 1 gas card to be won. Chances of winning depends on number of entries!PLUS YOUR CHOICE OF:$300GAS CARDGAS CARDONLY 1 LUCKY WINNEONLY 1 LUCKY WINNER THIS WR THIS WEEKENDEEKEND2012 KiaSportage2012 KiaRio2012KiaSorento2012 KiaSoulREDTAGEVENT!ENTERTOWIN AFRIDAY,SATURDAYANDSUNDAY!APPLEWOODKIA SURREYSAPPLEWOODKIA SURREYS0%FINANCINGONALL2012MODELSTERMS MAYVARY$99PAYMENTSSTARTING ATBIWEEKLYWHILESUPPLIES LAST!ENDENDOFTHEOFTHEMONTHMONTHiPAD 2WHILE SUPPLIES LASTWHILE SUPPLIES LAST40 SONY BRAVIALCD DIGITAL TVOROR#OP0007#FO7526#RO2597#SR5641#SO7483#SP37692011KiaOptima2012KiaForte$12038BIWEEKLY$99$999999BIWEEKLY$159$159BIWEEKLY$139$139BIWEEKLY$168$168BIWEEKLY$148BIWEEKLY$19,500$19,500CASHPRICEDONTMAKEANYPAYMENTSFOR90DAYSONSELECTMODELSA16 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWTheres a new market intown, one that aims to helpimmigrant and refugeewomen develop some busi-ness acumen while earninga living.Burnaby resident LubnaAbdelrahman started thecommunity market, whichruns every last Saturdayof each month in the gymat Edmonds CommunitySchool.Most of my clients whobook the tables are new-comers, she said. We tryto empower them.Abdelrahman is hopingto give women who arenew to Canada a hand upthrough the market. Peoplecan rent tables for $25to $35, but new vendorsget a break on the fee. Aspart of the vendor experi-ence, Abdelrahman offerswomen basic businesstraining, including how tohandle cash flows, lines ofcredit and taxes.Saturday, March 31 isthe second market ses-sion, and Abdelrahmansaid there will be all kindsof items for sale: Africandresses, Islamic clothes,jewelry, traditional ethnicfood, perfumes and hand-crafted items.The idea for us is notthe money, she said. Itshow they can exist in themarket. I want to preparethem for the farmers mar-ket.Abdelrahman holdsherself up as an example.The local resident cameto Canada in 2004 fromSudan. She sells Sudaneseproducts around the LowerMainland and online.I need them to see:If there are other womendoing it, you can do it.Even if you do not speakEnglish, you can do some-thing to improve your lifein Canada, she said.To get involved, callAbdelrahman at 778-919-1208. Visit www.bitmakalyweo.blogspot.ca.Opening doors for womenLarry Wright/burnaby nowNew market helpsimmigrant womenJennifer Moreaustaff reporterNewmarket:LubnaAbdel-rahmanis startinga newmonthlycommunitymarket forimmigrantand refugeewomen tosell theirproductsand gainbusinessexperience.COMMUNITYJillian Almeida, Mobile Mortgage Specialist604 314 8356 | jalmeida@ wscu.comwscu.com/mortgageWhether youre a first-time buyer orready to renew, well work together tofind the mortgage thats right for you.Scan thisto emailme today.Mortgage advice on-the-go.I make mortgages easy with expert advice where and when you need it.4-year fixedrate mortgage3.19%Dr. Jiwani, B.Sc, NDNaturopathic Physician255-5152Expertise in Science-BasedNatural Health CareLicensed Naturopathic Physicianin B.C. since 1997 Female & Pediatric Health Menopause, Osteoporosis,PMS Immune Deficiency,Autoimmune Homeopathic Medicine Food Allergy Blood Testing Intravenous Vitamin Therapy Infertility, Recurrent Miscarriages Heart Disease Injuries, Chronic Pain Allergies, Burnout Pre & Post Dental AmalgamTreatment Comprehensive Lab Tests Acupuncture Anti-Aging Muscular Weight Gain Arthritis Cancer Treatment Natural Hormone Balancing Diabetes Chronic Fatigue Smoking Cessation Chelation Therapy Male Health Extended Plans Accepted Available Evenings, SaturdayWhat Patients Say...Excellent results have been obtainedfrom following Dr. Jiwanis naturopathicadvice... my health has improvedtremendously - strongly recommendedRoxanne - PatientWhen I had my stomach removed fivemonths ago for cancer, I was unable toeat, digest any food properly and I was atotal wreck. Thanks to you for developinga treatment plan I am now free of anysymptoms and have never felt better!Carl, 67 - PatientNEW WEBSITE: www.gethealthynow.caSICK of being Sick...FREE*30 MinuteInitial ConsultationFREE*30 MinuteInitial ConsultationFREE PARKING*Approximately 30 minutes. 030612LIVE MUSICNO COVERADM RALP U B & G R I L L4125 Hastings St.(@ Gilmore) Burnaby604.298.7158www.admiralpub.caBOOK YOUR PRIVATE PARTY, CORPORATE EVENT OR FUNDRAISER!WATCH ALL YOUR SPORTS HEREBIG SCREEN EVERY GAMEEVERY GAMEINCREDIBLEFOODSPECIALSEVERY DAYEVERY DAY50%OFFPASTAALL DAY THURSDAY DINE IN ONLY NO COUPON REQUIREDKARAOKEMONDAYMONDAYSOLO ARTISTWEDNESDAYSWEDNESDAYSVOTEDVOTEDBURNABYSBURNABYSBEST PUB!BEST PUB!March 30 & 31GROOVE N TONICGROOVE N TONICIts BYE BYE BELLY timeSHRINK YOUR FATUp to 20% intreated areasNO surgery,NO downtimeCALL TOFIND OUT MOREPhysician DirectedServicesJust a few minutes awayCall 604.580.2464 www.bclaser.ca040312Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A17Sears Travel Burnaby is a group of certied travelconsultants and Accredited Cruise Counsellors with over50 years combined travel industry experience. They havetravelled extensively around the world and explored over80 countries from the colonial streets of La Habana Viejato the daring modern skyscrapers in Dubai, from Thailand,the land of smiles to the temples of a once-mighty empire.With their rich destination knowledge they bring the Worldto you and help you to make your dream vacation cometrue. They have agents who speak Polish, Mandarin andCantonese to make you feel at home.It is one stop shopping at Sears Travel. Not only will yourtravel needs be met here, but you will also get the peaceof mind from the different insurance coverage offered.Needing pounds when shopping for the latest fashionson Oxford Street in London? Looking for some Yuanwhen cruising down the Yangtze in China? Sears Travelhas them all. More than 100 currencies are offered herewith delivery at the branch within 48 hours. Wanting toget the Heys Fashion Collection Spinner for your dreamcruise? Stop at the luggage department on your way outand dont forget to grab a new swim set for your lazy daysat sea!If a knowledgeable team and one stop shopping is notconvincing enough, Sears Travel Burnaby is also whereevery trip has its rewards. Travel on points and pointsfor travel! You earn Sears ClubTM Points when bookingtravel on your Sears FinancialTM Credit Card and you canredeem the points to pay for your next trip. Currently, theyhave a promotion where you earn $100 in Sears ClubTMPoints when you redeem $10 in points towards a Europeanvacation. Take up to 2 years to pay. No money down, Nointerest. It is available until April 30th.Did you know Sears Travel matches the lowest price?Guaranteed! Let them know if you nd a better pricein a Canadian competitors ad or travel website. Theywill match their prices on all sun vacations, tours andpackages.Wanting to travel to that country on your bucket list butworry about the language or logistics? Why not leavethat to Sears Travel? They are specialized in organizingescorted tours. Since last year they have successfullyescorted over 160 people to experience the ancient andmodern wonders of China. The next two escorted groupswill depart on April 24 and May 15, where you spend 17amazing days visiting modern Shanghai, ancient Xian,the capital city Beijing, and cruising the Yangtze River ona deluxe new cruise ship.For more information, visit Sears Travel Burnaby in person.They are located inside Sears on the main oor acrossfrom Fragrance. Or call them at 604-659-5420. They areopen 7 days a week to serve you. Sears Travel Burnabylooks forward to assisting you with your next vacationplanning!SEARSTRAVELBURNABYWhere every trip hasits rewardsMETROPOLIS AT METROTOWN (By Zellers) 604-437-5600PARK ROYAL NORTH (By the Bay) 604-925-9756WOODGROVE CENTRE (Nanaimo, BC) 250-390-2821HANEY PLACE MALL (Maple Ridge) 604-466-6405www.astepaheadfootwear.comSpring into comfort...Spring into comfort...25% OffJapaneseStraighteningor SmoothingBlowout TreatmentConsultations required.Call to book an appointment Expires April 26, 2012 Available with participating stylists and esteticiansAura at Sets Salon Spa604-435-6894Revolutions604-435-9696book online at www.aurahairgroup.comMetropolis at MetrotownManiManiPediPedi$$3939PROMOTIONPROMOTIONRenovations are complete...Renovations are complete...WERE OPEN!WERE OPEN!SALE!SALE!Natural FactorsBonus SizesMetropolis @ Metrotown(2nd level SkyTrain entrance, next to Starbucks)604-430-0501*Offer applicable to new bookings made with select participating suppliers made on a Sears Credit Card from January 1 to December 31, 2012. A $64.99 billing fee (excluding Quebec), applicabletaxes, service charges and purchase price will be billed to your Sears Credit Card account in 12 equal monthly installments. Payment options are on approved credit and offer details may be changedor discontinued at any time without notice. Some restrictions apply. Contact Sears Travel for complete terms and conditions. 2011 Thomas Cook Canada Inc. d.b.a. Sears Travel Service. B.C. Reg.No. 3597. Ont. Reg. #50010226. Quebec Permit Holder OPC #702734. 75 Eglinton Ave. E. Toronto, ON, M4P 3A4. The Sears MasterCard and Sears Card are issued by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Sears is a registered trademark of Sears, licensed for use in Canada. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered Trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.EXPERIENCECHINAWITHANAMEYOUCANTRUSTMetrotown, 4750 Kingsway, Burnaby 604-659-542017 Day EscortedDeluxe Tour Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuhan, YangtzeRiver, ChongQing, XiAn and BeijingApril 24, 2012 & May 15, 2012 FromVancouver Includes Air, Hotel, Meals, Guidedsightseeing, cultural shows and more$2690Per person+ $530 Tax$50/persondiscountfor 60+FIND YOURSELF A FRIENDFIND YOURSELF A FRIENDCHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR ALL THE CURRENT PROMOTIONSMETROPOLIS AT METROTOWN 604-433-2913WWW.PETHABITAT.CA Metropolis at Metrotown metropol isatmetrotown .comD I S C O V E R I N GD I S C O V E R I N GMetropolis at MetrotownTo promote your businessTo promote your businesswithin the Burnabywithin the Burnabycommunity please contactcommunity please contactVeronica Wong - yourVeronica Wong - yourMetrotown MarketingMetrotown MarketingSpecialistSpecialist604-444-3026604-444-3026vwong@burnabynow.comvwong@burnabynow.comA18 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWAn award-winningCanadian recording artistwill be at Shadbolt Centrefor the Arts this weekend.David Myles, an indiefolk-pop performer fromNew Brunswick, will beonstage in the ShadboltsStudio Theatre at 8 p.m.Myles has six albums tohis credit. His most recentrelease, Into the Sun, show-cases his love of experimen-tation as he combines pophooks with great songwrit-ing and a return to his firstinstrument, the trumpet.The album takes lis-teners onto a journey intoBrazilian and Africanmusi-cal sounds.His unabashed joy atbeing on stage is infectious,and his enthusiasm, alongwith a tendency to regaleaudiences with humor-ous anecdotes, has madehim a favourite whereverhe plays, a press releasepromises.Tickets for the show are$32 regular, $27 for stu-dents and seniors, or $10for youth 12 and under.Call the Shadbolt boxoffice at 604-205-3000 or seewww.shadboltcentre.com.Find out more abouthim at his website, www.davidmyles.com.On stage: Award-winning recording artist David Myles is performing at theShadbolt Centre for the Arts this Saturday.Photo contributed/burnaby nowMusician takes Shadbolt stagePERFORMANCEGET THE LOWEST PRICEON TIRES,GUARANTEED.*Unbeatable prices on top name brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, Firestone, Toyo and more.ABBOTSFORDTHE HONDAWAY604-857-1430 D8292CHILLIWACKMARV JONESPERFORMANCE HONDA604-792-2724 D8441PORTMOODY/COQUITLAMWESTWOOD HONDA604-461-0633 D5933WHITE ROCKWHITE ROCK HONDA604-536-2111 D6911LANGLEYJONKER HONDA604-530-6281 D8825MAPLE RIDGE/PITTMEADOWSMARV JONES HONDA604-465-5464 D5108VANCOUVERCARTER HONDA604-736-2821 D7713VANCOUVERKINGSWAY HONDA604-873-3676 D8508VANCOUVERVANCOUVER HONDA604-324-6666 D8185SURREYSURREY HONDA604-583-7421 D10482RICHMONDRICHMOND HONDA604-207-1888 D5597ABURNABY SOUTH/NEWWESTOPENROAD HONDA604-525-4667 D7825BURNABY NORTHHAPPY HONDA604-294-2111 D5692NORTH &WESTVANCOUVERPACIFIC HONDA604-984-0331 D5583HRnGa GeaOerZiOO PaWcK an\ cRPSeWiWRrs Srice Rn an iGenWicaO Wire. 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SCANDINAVIAN COLLECTABLES 1pm Sat. CHILDRENS GAMES 2:00-4:00pm SCANDINAVIAN FOLK MUSIC CONCERT7:30pm Sat., by donation SCANDINAVIANS ON THE TITANIC1pm SundayEvent Schedule:scandinaviancentre.orgLearn to makeSMORGASBORD SANDWICHESwith Kate Praegel $10FREEGENEOLOGYRESEARCHCOFFEEHERITAGE PHOTO EXHIBIT10AM to 4PMFREEFUNACTIVITIESFORKIDS&FAMILIESNORDIC SPIRIT FESTIVALNORDIC SPIRIT FESTIVALCelebrating life in the Scandinavian Countries 1850 - 1950Celebrating life in the Scandinavian Countries 1850 - 1950MARCH 21 & APRIL 1 10AM-4PMMARCH 21 & APRIL 1 10AM-4PMFREE RECEPTION 11:30AM SATURDAYFREE RECEPTION 11:30AM SATURDAYwww.burnabynow.comGO TOFor breakingnews in Burnaby...AboutAboutAboutKIDSKIDSKIDSALLDo you have some information to share about parenting or kidsservices or events in Burnaby? Email it to cmyers@burnabynow.com make sure you put All about kids in the subject line.SECTION COORDINATOR Christina Myers, 604-444-3002 cmyers@burnabynow.com twitter.com/@ChristinaMyersAReducing eco impacts one baby bum at a timeEvery parent knows:when it comes tobabies, theres noth-ing you go through fasterthan diapers.Growing interest inmaking green parentingchoices has sparked a re-birth of the old tried-and-true cloth diaper in recentyears but with modernfabrics, easy-to-use fea-tures and a rainbow of col-ours, todays cloth diapersare not just functional,theyre also fun.Burnabys Sarah Bradeis helping moms find theirperfect cloth-diaper fitthrough her online store,Baby Footprints, whichships across Canada. TheNOW caught up with herthis week to learn more:Question: Can you tellus a bit about yourself?Answer:My name isSarah Brade, my husbandKelcey and I have livedin South Burnaby for fiveyears. We have two kids Milo, 2, and Rooney, sixmonths.Q:What inspired you tostart this business?A: A couple of yearsbefore I had my son I cameacross cloth diapers on theinternet (I really have noidea what I was googlingthat led me to them!), andjust the appeal of a prod-uct that was healthier forbabies, less expensive thandisposables and better forthe environment was com-pelling enough for me toregister a business name,buy the domain, and tellanyone that would listenwhat a great idea I thoughtthey were.It took me until Iwas pregnant with myson to get serious aboutreally putting my idea intoaction. The name BabyFootprint comes from theidea of keeping our carbonfootprint small.Q:Whats the range ofservices and products youoffer?A: Right now we stockthe leading cloth diaperbrands: BumGenius,Bummis, GroVia, Flip,FuzziBunz, Mother-Ease,Thirsties and Tot Bots, aswell as all the cloth diaperaccessories you need tocloth diaper effortlesslylike wetbags to store them,cloth-diaper friendlylaundry soap, cloth wipes,flushable bio-liners foreasy clean up. We alsohave a few breast feedingaccessories and cloth train-ing pants, too.Q: For someone who hasconsidered cloth-diapering,how would you encouragethem to check it out?A: If you are pregnantand considering clothdiapering I highly recom-mend our newborn clothdiaper rental kit its $20per week for minimum sixweeks (maximum 10) andit gives you the opportu-nity to try out our mostpopular cloth diapers to seewhich system you like best,as well as use the newbornsizes (6 to 12 pounds) withlittle monetary output.If you have been usingdisposables and are becom-ing frustrated by theamount of money (andtrash bags) going out thedoor for diapers, I wouldencourage you to start withmaybe six pocket diapers orall-in-ones and use duringdays at home. A trial pro-gram is also in the works.Q: How about cost?A: The cost savings ishuge, conservatively about$1,000 using cloth over dis-posables. Here is some real-ly simple math: The averageDiaper Page 20ON MY BEATChristina MyersBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A19Proud members of the BurnabyCommunity for 25 years.300 - 4789 Kingsway, BurnabyPhone: 604.432.7874www.oceandental.comDr. Anderson Dr. Pidzarko Dr. BeckieDr. OBrienDear families!Graham Montessori School is proud to announce the openingof a new location as a result of its long-standing success withinthe Burnaby and New Westminster communities.The brand new Montessori Daycare is located in the beautifulGlenbrook Amenity Centre at #110-76 Jamieson Court, NewWestminster. Our facility is only within walking distance fromVictoria Hill area. It is a luxurious, unique, and peaceful centre,which is situated in a natural park setting.Among the trees, one can nd ower gardensand waterfalls there - a true storybookplace. The school has a spacious andnaturally lit classroom, a private well-equipped playground for the students toenjoy, as well as a large parking lot.On a daily basis, we offer a fullMontessori curriculum with thefollowing extra-curricular activities:English (reading, writing,vocabulary), French, Music, Science,Geography, Art, and ThematicCircles.Our professional and experiencedstaff are Montessori and ECEcertied. The spaces are limitedand we can accommodate up to 25children at the center.Please join us at our Grand Openingon April 3rd, 2012 at 3:00pm.#110-76 Jamieson Court, New Westminster.If you have any further questions please do nothesitate to contact us at 778-397-0191or 604-544-7751.A20 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWAboutAboutAboutKIDSKIDSKIDSALLDo you have some information to share about parenting or kidsservices in Burnaby? Email it to cmyers@burnabynow.com make sure you put All about kids in the subject line.baby toilet trains at two-and-a-half. Average number of diapersper day is seven (remember theyare going through upwards of 12during the first three months!), sothat is 6,500 give or take in theirlifetime. Cheap or sale priceddisposables cost about $0.25 each that is $1,600. A cloth diapercosts between $5 and $30. Mostof the popular pocket and all-in-one diapers cost between $20 to$25. You could buy two dozencloth diapers (enough for two tothree days use) plus the necessaryaccessories for about $600. Voila $1,000 (saved)!If you plan to have more kids,the savings continue to add upsince you already made the initialinvestment.Q: Is this your full-time job(on top of parenting!)? Wherewould you like to see the busi-ness in five years?A: I also work in humanresources, although currently onmy mat leave with my six-month-old daughter. I love my job, I lovemy business, and I love my fam-ily life is full, to say the least.I am blessed to have a husbandthat works weekends so he hastwo to three weekdays off, aswell as a mom that helps out too.I will also hopefully be taking ona WAHM (work-at-home mom)partner in the coming months. Infive years, I would love to havea bricks and mortar store inSouth Burnaby.Q:What has been the number1 best thing about cloth diaperingfor you?A: No late night trips to thestore when I am out of diapers,and cases of diaper rashes that Ican count on one hand.Check out Sarahs site at www.thebabyfootprint.com for more info.Diaper: Hoping for brick and mortar storeMom in the know: Burnaby resident Sarah Brade, here withRooney (left) and Milo, runs a cloth diaper business.continued from page 19Contributed/burnaby now1600 Cliff Avenue,Burnaby 30 months to 5 years old Full & Half Day (am or pm) Certied Montessori staff Outdoor Playground Music, French & ItalianProgramCall604-294-0240GROUP CHILDCARETRAINWITH BCS LARGEST ANDMOST RESPECTED CAREER TRAINER EARLY CHILDHOODEDUCATIONPOST BASIC*Evening Courses Available in NewWestminster COMMUNITY SUPPORTWORKER HEALTHCARE ASSISTANT PRACTICAL NURSINGJOIN US ON:www.sprottshaw.comNew Westminster Campus:New Westminster Campus:604-520-3900604-520-3900BeeBeeHouseHouseMontessori GroupDaycare(Ages 3-5) French Music French Music7283 Nelson Ave., Burnaby(Before & After School Care)3855 Sunset St., Burnaby604-817-4584604-517-1117MERSEYSIDEMONTESSORIOfferingQualityPreschoolandFull-TimeDaycareApply Nowin QueensboroughMontessori Childcare#36 - 8650 Cinnamon Dr., Bby.(by SFU & Lougheed Mall) INFANT/TODDLER DAYCARE PRESCHOOL MONTESSORIFrench, Music, Science, Math& Outdoor ActivitiesSPACE AVAILABLE604-421-7267KnoxOutofSchoolCareLocatedat 403-East ColumbiaNewWest.Hours 7 am - 6 pmDrop off and P-Upfrom McBride School.Spotsstillavailable604-524-3880DADAYCARESYCARESFamily Drop InsParenting ProgramsCall604-659-2200www.burnabyfamilylife.orgBurnaby Family LifeBurnaby Family LifeA place to go . . . a place to grow!A place to go . . . a place to grow!9887 Cameron St. Bby(Lougheed Mall Area)Group Daycare With a Preschool Program Full & Part-Time Ages 2 to School Age Limited Space, Register Now604-444-3302Childrens CentreCHILD CARE CENTRENear Columbia / 4th St. SkyTrain Affordable child care Integration of special needs and typicalchildren 2 12 years old335 Carnarvon Street, New West. 604-515-82122201 8th Avenue, New West. 604-515-9755ANGEL CHILDCAREConnaught Heights Openings for 2 years to 12 years After School Care ECE Qualied Staff2010 Celebration of Business Excellence2010 Celebration of Business ExcellenceDaycare, Preschool, Kindergarten, Out of School CareFull Montessori CurriculumMath, English, French, Music, Art, Science, Geography, Letterland,Mandarin, Russian & Korean Classes (upon request)www.grahammontessorischool.comEmail: grahammontessorischool@gmail.com3 LOCATIONS:Burnaby: 7772 Graham Avenue tel: 604-522-6116New Westminster: #2-1001 Royal Avenue tel: 778-397-0191New Westminster: 76 Jamieson Court tel: 604-544-7751NEW GROWTHCentre for Child and Family DevelopmentDeer Lake Preschool5135 Sperling Avenue Burnaby (South side door of the United Church)Phone: 604-294-4988 email: cronedjc@shaw.caA safe, fun and responsive environmentthat invites active engagement andexploration for all children.Registration Open Now!!Deer Lake PreschoolMonday, Wednesday & Fridays9:15 to 11:45 or 12:30 to 2:45Tuesdays &Thursdays 9:15 to 1:00New Growth School Aged Centre,(Coming September 2012) with pickup from Buckingham Elementary.Come meet the staff andobserve our classroom335 Sixth StreetNew West 604-516-0336www.mykidskloset.caBUY TWO TOYSGET ONEFREEBaby/Toddler ClothingEducational Toysand MoreA Local Guide for Preschools,Childcare,Activities, Lessons, Education andmore!Kids on the GGOAboutAboutAboutKIDSKIDSKIDSALLDo you have some information to share about parenting or kidsservices in Burnaby? Email it to cmyers@burnabynow.com make sure you put All about kids in the subject line.Tell usabout itFrom newborns to high schoolstudents, toddlers to tweens,theres plenty of kids and theirfamilies in Burnaby. And theNOW wants to hear about whattheyre doing.Share your stories, fromunique community contributionsto challenging situations, fam-ily-friendly events to kid-focusedbusinesses with reporter ChristinaMyers for possible inclusion inan upcoming All About Kids sec-tion, or in her ongoing column,Family Ties. Send tips by email tocmyers@burnabynow.com.And keep an eye on www.burnabynow.com for all the latestnews, and follow us on Twitterfor instant updates on what wereworking on. Find us at www.twitter.com/BurnabyNOW_News.Were also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BurnabyNow.Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A21BURNABY MONTESSORISCHOOLSwww.burnabymontessori.com3 Locations in Burnaby3 Locations in BurnabyWe offer full day and half dayWe offer full day and half day604.298.1661604.298.16613410 Boundary Road604-437-6942(Close to Highway 1)(Close to Highway 1)Two Burnaby Locations:Two Burnaby Locations: 4 Hour Preschool Classes 4 Hour Preschool Classes Junior Kindergarten Junior Kindergarten School Age Care School Age CareLearn, Play & Grow with USLearn, Play & Grow with USST. ANDREWS CHILDCAREMixed Curriculum: Montessori, Reggio, TraditionalAges 2 - 12 years5855 Imperial Street604-437-8252(Close to Royal Oak SkyTrain)(Close to Royal Oak SkyTrain)Somewhere toGrow MontessoriPreschool & KindergartenFull Montessori CurriculumMusic & French ProgramsAges 2.5 to 6 years1320 7th Ave., New WestCall 604-517-0241Full Montessori CurriculumFull Montessori Curriculum Music Mandarin Music Mandarin French Programs French Programs-Day Preschool-Day PreschoolAll-Day Group Child CareAll-Day Group Child Care57 Seventh Ave., New West. &57 Seventh Ave., New West. &4415 Fitzgerald Ave., Burnaby4415 Fitzgerald Ave., Burnabywww.cambridgemontessori.cawww.cambridgemontessori.ca778-668-7188Parent Participation3 & 4 year oldsRegister Now604-432-1323www.bflp.org6060 Marlborough Ave.,BurnabyFrogFrogHollowHollowMontessori HouseMontessori HouseCentralNew WestminsterFull Montessori Curriculum & Full Day ProgramsPreschool & KindergartenOut of School Care604-521-1355604-521-1355PreciousMindsMontessoriSchool1630 Edinburgh St., New West. Ages 2 - 6 Years Old Preschool & Kindergarten Full Montessori Curriculum604.516.7777Com m unity M usic SchoolSum m erM usic Cam psPrivate & Group M usic LessonsRegisterany tim e!604-527-5469douglascollege.ca/cm s ECE Qualied Staff Daycare Kinder Care School Aged Care Serving Kitchener, Gilmourand Confederation ParkSchoolsPUDDLE JUMPERS4304 Parker St., North Burnaby604-294-4413PUDDLEPUDDLESPLASHERSSPLASHERSCHILDCARE SOCIETYCHILDCARE SOCIETYDaycare & Out of School604-291-2410Preschool778-371-75567231 Frances Street, North BurnabyLocated at the w. ft. of SFU Hill, (4 blks from Barnet Hwy.,)103 - 7355 Canada Way(Canada Way & Edmonds)604-527-1031stmatthewsdaycare.comNon Prot Since 1979 Infant, Toddler & 3-5 Years Light Breakfast Before & After School Care Snacks School Age Summer Program Hot Lunch AM & PM Preschool Experienced certied ECE staff Large, colourful, well-equipped programs providing avariety of fun and educational activities and eld tripsMaplewood Farm is a great local destination. Theresplenty of free parking, a chance to see and interact withdomesticated animals up close and learn about farmingpractices old and new. Its an unbeatable family day out.Open 10AM - 4PM Every Day (Rain or Shine)LOOKING FORSOMEWHERE TOTAKE YOUR FAMILY?405 Seymour River PlaceNorth Vancouver(just off Dollarton Hwy., east ofIronworkers Memorial Bridge)www.maplewoodfarm.bc.ca604.929.5610Maplewood Farm, where childrens story book characters come to life.Comevisitme!A Local Guide for Preschools,Childcare,Activities, Lessons, Education andmore!Kids on the GGOBRENTWOODMONTESSORIPRESCHOOLExperienced, Certied ECE StaffAges 2.5 to 6 yearsAcademic Morning & Afternoon Classes4 days per week#101 - 1950 Bellwood Ave.Burnaby Enrol Now 604-294-2671HEY KIDSEnter to win a one year family membership to Maplewood Farm,where childrens story book characters come to life!Contest Closes April 18, 2012Name: __________________________Address: ______________________________________Phone: ________________Age: _______Drop o at or mail to Burnaby NOW#201A - 3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby V5A 3H4 or Fax: 604-444-3460A22 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWCARTERBURNABYCHEVROLET GMC BUICK CADILLACCHEVROLET GMC BUICK CADILLAC1-888-703-85501-888-703-85504550 LOUGHEED HWY,BURNABYwww.cartergm.com*OAC. All payments are plus taxes and $395 documentation fee. See Dealer for details. 2012 SONIC: T.P. $17,316 2012 MALIBU: T.P. $25,552 2012 ORLANDO LS: T.P. $22,050 2012 REGAL: 3% LEASE 84 MO, T.P. $33,785 2012 EQUINOX: T.P. $27,451 2012 CRUZE: T.P. $17,316 2012 BUICK ENCLAVE: 3% 84 MO., T.P. $44,989 2012 GMC SIERRA 1/2 EXT. CAB: 3% 84 MO., T.P. $25,046 2012 CHEVY TRAVERSE: 3% 84 MO., T.P. $37,258 2012 GMC TERRAIN: T.P. $35,499 2012 ESCALADE:3.4% LEASE 48 MO 2012 CTS SEDAN: 0.9% LEASE 48 MO. 2012 AVALANCHE LTZ: 3% LEASE 84 MO., T.P. $61,533 2012 SRX: 1.9% LEASE 48 MO. 2012 ESCALADE EXT. PICKUP: 3.4% LEASE 48 MO. 2012 GMC ACADIA: 3% 84 MO., T.P. $40,017CARTERGME. HASTINGSLOUGHEED HWY.WILLINGDONVAN. BURNABYBOUNDARYNO.1FREEWAYDL# 5505THE CITYS BEST SELECTION CHOOSE FROM OVER 600 VEHICLESCompareandfindCompareandfindthe6differencesinthe6differencesinthese2photos.these2photos.NEW 2012 MODELSNEW 2012 MODELSAT 2011 PRICES!AT 2011 PRICES!GM Card Holders receiveGM Card Holders receivean additional $1,000 off.an additional $1,000 off.Ends this month!Ends this month!0%FINANCINGfor 72 mo. on selected models2012 GMC ACADIACARTERPRICED$35,485 /$219*R2-31020,MSRP $40,580 BI-WEEKLY2012 CHEVY TRAVERSECARTERPRICED$32,999 /$205*Y2-42580,MSRP $38,125 BI-WEEKLYSPOT THE DIFFERENCE!SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!2012 CTS SEDANCARTERPRICED$38,688 0.9%3.0L, 6 Spd. Auto., Bluetooth/OnStar/XM, C2-12440,MSRP $40,5902012 GMC 1/2 TON EXT. CABCARTERPRICED$21,995 /$138*0%82-68430,MSRP $31,455 BI-WEEKLYDEMO2012 ESCALADE EXT. AWD PICKUPCARTERPRICED$79,999 3.4%Leather, 6.2L Vortec, OnStar, BlueTooth, Auto. Climate, C2-12450,MSRP $92,875LEASE48 MONTHS2012 CHEVY MALIBUCARTERPRICED$24,998 /$164 0%M2-96690,MSRP $25,670 BI-WEEKLYFINANCING72 MONTHS2012 CHEVY CRUZECARTERPRICED$16,888 /$111*0%J2-28450 BI-WEEKLYFINANCING72 MONTHS2012 SRXCARTERPRICED$42,795 1.9%3.0L 6 Spd. Auto, XM/CD/MP3/RDS, C2-82060,MSRP $43,795LEASE48 MONTHS2012 ESCALADECARTERPRICED$84,710 3.4%6.2L Vortec, Leather, 6 Spd. Auto. Climate, C2-91080,MSRP $97,515LEASE48 MONTHS2012 CHEVY AVALANCHE LTZCARTERPRICED$54,888 /$338*3%L2-31680,MSRP $68,495 BI-WEEKLY2012 CHEVY ORLANDO LSCARTERPRICED$21,490 /$170*0%U2-40560 BI-WEEKLYFINANCING60 MONTHS2012 GMC TERRAINCARTERPRICED$29,865 /$191 0%72-18960,MSRP $57,115 BI-WEEKLYFINANCING72 MONTHSLEASE48 MONTHS2012 CHEVY SONICCARTERPRICED$16,888 /$111 0%32-09450 BI-WEEKLYFINANCING72 MONTHS2012 BUICK ENCLAVECARTERPRICED$39,965 /$248*E2-72610,MSRP $45,580 BI-WEEKLYFINANCING72 MONTHS2012 CHEVY EQUINOXCARTERPRICED$26,888 /$176 0%Q2-43190 BI-WEEKLYDEMODEMOFINANCING48 MONTHSAVAILABLE1.EXTRADAISYUNDERCARONRIGHT2.GRASSISSHORTERONEASTERBUNNY3.EXTRAGIRLONLEFT4.CLOUDONRIGHTISSMALLER5.SIDEVIEWMIRRORISMISSING(CARONRIGHT)6.EXTRAEGGINBASKET2012 BUICK REGALCARTERPRICED$29,888 /$186*3%62-69720,MSRP $31,335 BI-WEEKLYLEASE84 MONTHSLEASE84 MONTHSBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A43Taste the difference quality makes4058 E. Hastings, Burnaby604-291-0674 www.valleybakery.comSamanthaM.,ArmstrongElementarySchool,Grade5Burnaby RefinerySelinaT.,CapitolHillElementarySchool,Grade5COCKNEY KINGS FISH & CHIPS6574 Hastings Street @ Kensington, Burnaby604-291-1323HOURS: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Fri. 11am-9pm, Sun. 1-8pmSarahL.,BrantfordElementarySchool,Grade5DESIGN ADanan2012Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A23A24 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADananMaddie,KitchenerElementarySchool,Grade4BURNABY TEACHERS ASSOCIATION#115 - 3993 HENNING DRIVE, BURNABYPh: (604) 294-8141 Fax: (604) 294-9846Email: bta@bctf.caTo foster thecreativity of allBurnaby students,throughout theyear the City ofBurnaby partnerswith Burnabyschools, teachers,students and theBoard of Educationto offer dozensof innovativeprograms.Did you know:At the Burnaby Village Museums &OR THE TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE MUSEUM IN ADMISSION WASFREE WITH OVER ATTENDING UP OVER MAKING FOR MORESELFDIRECTED LEARNING OPPORTUNITIESs )N STUDENTS PARTICIPATED IN HANDSON IMMERSIVEREGISTERED PROGRAMS ABOUT THE HISTORY OF "URNABY AND "#s 3INCE THE MUSEUM HAS HOSTED THE ANNUAL h2IVERS TO 3EA(ERITAGE &AIRv WITH "URNABY SCHOOLS BEING ACTIVELY INVOLVED 4HEMUSEUM SUPPORTS STUDENTS AND TEACHERS THROUGHOUT THE YEARTO DEVELOP PROJECTS ON #ANADIAN HISTORY AND HERITAGE THAT ARESHOWCASED AT THE MUSEUM EACH SPRINGAt the Burnaby Art Gallerys &OR OVER YEARS THE "URNABY !RT 'ALLERY HAS WORKED WITH3CHOOL $ISTRICT FOR THE POPULAR h!RTS !LIVEv PROGRAM4EACHERS LEAD STUDENTS THROUGH A THEMEBASED ARTEXPERIENCE WHERE SELECTED STUDENT WORKS ARE DISPLAYEDANNUALLY ACKNOWLEDGING THE CREATIVITY OF "URNABY STUDENTSs 4HE GALLERY OFFERS A hCAREER PROGRAMv IN WHICH STUDENTSENGAGE IN AN ARTIST APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM AND LEARN ABOUTCURATORIAL WORK AND INTERCITY EXCHANGESs 4HE h"AG IN A "OXv PROGRAM PROVIDES CLASSROOM RESOURCESFOR LEARNING IN THE VISUAL ARTS FOR 3CHOOL $ISTRICT In Burnabys 4HE #ITY AND "OARD OF %DUCATION SUPPORT SEVENCOMMUNITY SCHOOLS THAT ARE OPEN TO THE COMMUNITYAFTER HOURS FOR CREATIVE PROGRAMS SUPPORTED THEADDITION OF COMMUNITY SPACE AT THE (IGHLANDS%LEMENTARY 3CHOOL SUPPORT THE -ICHAEL * &OXTHEATRE WITH OPERATING COSTS AND FUNDRAISING AIDs !RTS PROGRAMS ARE OFFERED AFTER HOURS AT COMMUNITYAND OTHER ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS THROUGHOUT THE #ITYFor more information, visit www.burnaby.ca.Congratulations from Burnaby City Council to this years Design an Ad program participants.Your creativity helps make Burnaby a great place to live, work, learn and play!CITY OF BURNABYOFFICE OF THE MAYORThats one of thereasons our annualDesign an Adspecial supplementcontinues to bepopular in Burnaby.The Burnaby NOW, local businessesand organizations, and the Burnaby SchoolDistrict, team up and ask city studentsto design newspaper ads for the specialsection.The students come up with their ownadvertising designs and ideas and createan advertisement that can run in theBurnaby NOW.Every year, the students produceinsightful, creative, thoughtful andoften humourous advertisements thathighlight the strengths of their subjectsand often carry compelling messages.The businesses and groups get tochoose which students advertisementthey want to run in the section and ourphotographer visits the students whilethey are working on their ads. The ads andthe students photos are put together by adesigner at the Burnaby NOW and anotherDesign an Ad section is complete.The ads are also on display at LougheedTown Centre from March 26 April 8.I would like to thank all of the students,teachers and participating advertisers whocontinue to make this annual project areal success! I hope you enjoy looking atthe students ads and the photos of themworking as much as we enjoy helping tomake this section happen.Lara GrahamDirector of Sales and MarketingCreativity and children its a great mix Par t ic ipat ing Schools Armstrong Elementary Brantford Elementary Cameron Elementary Capitol Hill Elementary Chaffey-Burke Elementary Confederation Park Elementary Douglas Road Elementary Gilmore Elementary Inman Elementary Kitchener Elementary Lakeview Elementary Lyndhurst Elementary Second Street Elementary Twelfth Avenue Elementary Westridge Elementary Taylor Park Elementary2012DESIGN ADanan2580 Gilmore Avenue, Burnaby 604.437.1111Niko,InmanElementarySchool,Grade4Niko,InmanElementarySchool,Grade4OliviaC.,SecondStreetCommunitySchool,Grade3Educationand learningis one of themany influencesshaping a childsfuture. Our district strives to makethat educational experience the bestever. But we cant do it alone. It is acollaborative effort where dedicatedteachers, administrators, staff, andan engaged parent community worktogether to guide teach and supportour learners.We also rely on the expertise andsupport of many generous communitypartners.The Burnaby RCMP helps us ensurethat our schools are safe & caringlearning environments.The City of Burnaby enrichesneighbourhoods by supporting ourcommunity schools.The Fraser Health Authoritycoordinates community healthprevention programs. ImmigrantSupport Services ensure that basicneeds of families new to Burnaby aremet. Burnaby Public Libraries andLiteracy Now, Burnaby support theliteracy needs of our students.The Burnaby Firefighters providenourishment through a healthy snackinitiative in several of our schools.BC Hydro and Fortis BC support usin our efforts to go green.The Burnaby Now features successstories of student achievements.And multiple businesses providesecondary students with workexperience, apprenticeship andindustry training opportunities thatcontribute to their post secondary andcareer success.This is just a fraction of thecommunity support that enablesus to provide the best educationalexperience possible for all of ourstudents. Thank you for helping usprepare and support an inclusive,caring community of learners for thechallenges of a changing tomorrow.Larry HayesChair, Burnaby Board of EducationCommuni ty Mat ters A message from Board Chair, Larry Hayes Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A25A26 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADanan4600 E. Hastings St.,Burnaby604-299-0666ChristineC.,ArmstrongElementarySchool,Grade5NORBURN LIGHTING& BATH CENTREWE DELIVER 2280 HOLDOM AVE. Burnaby 604-299-9388LOUGHEEDHWY.HOLDOMXAmishaR.,2ndStreetCommunitySchool,Grade4Windsor PlywoodAbove from left, Megan, 9, Juan, 9, and Selina, 10, of Mrs. Armstrongs class atCapitol Hill.Below from left, Eron, 10, Dante, 10, Jiordano, 10, and Jacob, 9, of Mrs.Armstrongs class at Capital Hill.Lisa King, Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADananwww.parkinsurance.caBurnaby OfceHighgate Village115-7155 KingswayPhone: 604.659.4300E-mail:burnaby@park.caVancouver Ofce102-2828 East Hastings St.(near Renfrew)Phone: 604.659.4800E-mail:vancouver@park.caAbove from left, Erin, 10, of Venus Bakshis class at Brantford.Below, from left, Parm, 11, and Lisa 10, of Cassandra Darbyshires class atArmstrong.Lisa King, Burnaby NOWAbove, Thomas, 10, of Venus Bakshis class at Brantford.Soa,TwelfthAvenueElementarySchool,Grade4Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A27A28 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADanan7200 Market Crossing,Burnaby604.451.5088Marine DriveMarket CrossingByrneRoadNathanC.,GilmoreCommunitySchool,Grade5NathanC.,GilmoreCommunitySchool,Grade53600 E. Hastings, Vancouver604-298-6494 www.vaglio.caDorisL.,StoneyCreekElementarySchool,Grade5104-3433 North Road,Burnaby (at Cameron)604-415-0312www.shoppersdrugmart.caMatias,CameronElementarySchool,Grade4Matias,CameronElementarySchool,Grade4Above from left, Jawad, 11, and Jacob, 12, of Cassandra Darbyshires class atArmstrong.Below from left, Jacob, 8, Taylor, 8, Asina, 8, Ashieka, 8, Lily, 8, and Abby, 9, ofDebbie Dubinskys class at Lyndhurst.Lisa King, Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADananTaste the difference quality makes4058 E. Hastings, Burnaby604-291-0674 www.valleybakery.comSamanthaM.,ArmstrongElementarySchool,Grade5FIND YOURSELF A FRIENDMetropolis@Metrotown604-437-3822www.pethabitat.comFIND YOURSELF A FRIENDAliciaK.,ArmstrongElementarySchool,Grade4Above from left, Kendra, 9 and Stephanie, 9 of Debbie Dubinskys Class atLyndhurst.Below from left, Sasha, 9 and Edona, 9 of Mrs. Eng Class at Gilmore.Lisa King, Burnaby NOWBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A29A30 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADanan3995 Hastings St., Burnaby 604-291-6666www.hastingsvet.comDr. Jangi Bajwa & Dr. Amardeep BajwaHastings Veterinary HospitalHealing is a team effortMichelleF.,WestridgeElementarySchool,Grade54156 & 4142 Hastings Street, Burnaby(604) 291-9373www.cioffismeatdeli.comMarcelleriaSalumeriaMeat Market & DeliIn the of the Italian community!MiguelM.,BrantfordElementarySchool,Grade6Burnaby RefinerySelinaT.,CapitolHillElementarySchool,Grade5Above from left, Nathan and Gurjyot of Mr. Androsoffs class at Second StreetCommunity School.Below from left, Kennedy, 9, and Julia 10, of Mrs. Engs class at Gilmore.Lisa King, Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADananRichard T. LeeMLA Burnaby NorthOfce: 1833 Willingdon Ave., BurnabyPhone: 604.775.0778 Fax: 604.775.0833Email:Richard.Lee.MLA@leg.bc.cawww.richardleemla.bc.caAlice,KitchenerElementarySchool,Grade5Alice,KitchenerElementarySchool,Grade53746 Canada WayBurnaby604-437-82212-1770 McLean Ave.Port Coquitlam604-941-3811LiviaC.,TaylorParkElementarySchool,Grade5LiviaC.,TaylorParkElementarySchool,Grade5GENUINE CALLEBAUT CHOCOLATEwww.charlieschocolatefactory.com7788 EDMONDS ST. (at Canada Way)BURNABY 604.525.0244EDMONDSTHE APPLIANCE STORETimothy,ArmstrongElementarySchool,Grade5T H E A P P L I ANC E S TO R EEDMONDSAbove, Anvith, 9, of Mrs. Eslers class at Inman.Below from left, Max, 9, Louie, 10, Tiffani, 9, of Renee Kerlukes class atWestridge.Lisa King, Burnaby NOWBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A31A32 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADananKathy Corrigan, MLABurnaby-Deer LakeCommunity Office: 150 - 5172 Kingsway St., BurnabyTel: 604-775-2414 Fax: 604-775-2550www.kathycorrigan.ca email: kathy.corrigan.mla@leg.bc.caJenniferW.,ChaffeyBurkeElementarySchool,Grade5JordenT.,LyndhurstElementarySchool,Grade4For more information or to donate call 604-431-2881 www.bhfoundation.caAbove from left, Suliesha, 10, Ivan, 9, Devin, 10, Francesco, 9, and Richard, 9, ofBrian Millers class at Confederation Park.Lisa King, Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADananRaj Chouhan, MLABurnaby-EdmondsCommunity Office: 5234 Rumble St., Burnaby V5J 2B6604-660-7301 (p) 604-660-7304 (f)email: Raj.Chouhan.MLA@leg.bc.caFelicia,SecondStreetCommunitySchool,Grade4BURNABY 8 RINKS6501 SPROTT ST., BURNABY604-291-0626www. icesports.comTheBestFamilyValue...AndTheMostFun!JewelN.,DouglasRoadElementarySchool.Grade5JewelN.,DouglasRoadElementarySchool.Grade5Above from left, Sarah, 11, and Holly, 11, of Greetu Parmars class atConfederation Park.Below from left, Maddy, 10, Hannah, 12, and Julia, 12, of Greetu Parmars class atConfederation Park.Lisa King, Burnaby NOWBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A33A34 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADanan4260 E. Hastings St.BurnabyTel: 604-299-6636RickyY.,CapitolHillElementarySchool,Grade44658 Hastings Street, Burnabykennedystewart.ndp.cakennedy.stewart@parl.gc.ca604 360 4921Katelynn,InmanElementarySchool,Grade4InmanElementarySchool,Grade4Above from left, Jakeob, 10, Lovely, 10, and Brandon, 10, of Mrs. Kirks class atInman.Below from left, Cassie, Radhika, 10, Alexis, 10, Jordan, 10, Katrina, 10, Tristan,11, and Daniel, 10, of Mrs. Kirks class at Inman.Lisa King, Burnaby NOWHannahP.,ConfederationParkElementarySchool,Grade6FIRE PREVENTION604-294-7195www.burnabyre.com2012DESIGN ADananMetrotown Centre604-434-2070Guildford Town Centre604-583-1316Coquitlam Centre604-464-8090GalenP.,LakeviewElementarySchool,Grade6Best of Burnabyfor 13 years7501 Market Crossing, Burnaby, BC V5J 0A3 604.433.4816 3433 North Road, Burnaby, BC V3J 0A9 604.415.5111 JoannD.,CameronElementarySchool,Grade4JoannD.,CameronElementarySchool,Grade4METROPOLIS@METROTOWNUpper Level, by Zellers604-437-5600PARK ROYAL NORTHBy The Bay604-925-9756Your Favourite Shoe StoreWeronikaB.,ArmstrongElementarySchool,Grade5WeronikaB.,ArmstrongElementarySchool,Grade5Above from left, Denelle, 10, and Bashar, 11, of Lisa Loceys class at Armstrong.Below from left, Isabella, 9, Brendan, 10, and Kimberly, 11, of Brian Millers classat Confederation Park.Lisa King, Burnaby NOWBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A35A36 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADananCARTERBURNABYCHEVROLET GMC BUICK CADILLACCHEVROLET GMC BUICK CADILLACCARTERGME. HASTINGSLOUGHEED HWY.WILLINGDONVAN. BURNABYBOUNDARYNO.1FREEWAYDL# 5505THE CITYS BEST SELECTION CHOOSE FROM OVER 600 VEHICLESTHE CITYS BEST SELECTION CHOOSE FROM OVER 600 VEHICLES1-888-703-85501-888-703-85504550 LOUGHEED HWY, BURNABYwww.cartergm.comNatashaM.,LyndhurstElementarySchool,Grade52012DESIGN ADananHarry Bloy,MLABurnaby-Lougheedharry.bloy.mla@leg.bc.cawww.harrybloymla.bc.ca#220-3355 North RoadBurnaby, B.C.V3J 7T9Phone: 604.664.0847Fax: 604.664.0815TiaD.,CameronElementarySchool,Grade5From the bottom left: Stephanie, 9, Jenny, 9, Ceilidh, 10; middle row: Sara, 9,Evan, 9, Saahil, 9, Amy, 9, Luke, 9; top row: Elias, 9, William, 9, Anthony, 10,Jenna, 9, and Soorsh, 9, of Ms. Silvas class at Inman.Lisa King, Burnaby NOWMakea difference!For more information on how you can get involved please visit or callwww.RotaryBurnaby.org 604-764-1234www.RotaryBurnabyDeerlake.org 604-420-0038www.BurnabyMetrotownRotary.org 604-323-6756SERVICE ABOVE SELFLuca,GilmoreElementarySchool,Grade4Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A37A38 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADananCOCKNEY KINGS FISH & CHIPS6574 Hastings Street @ Kensington, Burnaby604-291-1323HOURS: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Fri. 11am-9pm, Sun. 1-8pmSarahL.,BrantfordElementarySchool,Grade5604-522-9727ABC Recycling8081 Meadow AvenueBurnabyYukieH.,TwelfthAve.ElementarySchool,Grade4Above from left, Stephanie, 10, and Natasha, 10, of Janine Smiths class atLyndhurst Elementary.Below from left, Anikih, 9, Rachael, 10, and Jason, 9, of Monica Tangs class atArmstrong.Lisa King, Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADanan8697 - 10THAVENUE, BURNABYPHONE: 604-522-8050POST OFFICE: 604-521-5100FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERYFREE PARKINGOPEN 7 DAYS A WEEKFULL SERVICEFULL SERVICEPOST OFFICEPOST OFFICECRESTPLAZASarahH.,LakeviewElementarySchool,Grade6SarahH.,LakeviewElementarySchool,Grade62282 HoldomAve. (just south of Lougheed) Burnabywww.arlenes.com 604-291-6922Vancouver 604-608-1177 Langley 604-539-8544NiemaA.,ArmstrongElementarySchool,Grade5Above from left, Marko, 9, Baptiste, 10, Eliza, 11, Katie, 10, and Benita, 9, of Mrs.Wilsons class at Capitol Hill.Lisa King, Burnaby NOWBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A39A40 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADananKaeden,InmanElementarySchool.Grade34664 Lougheed Highway, Suite 240, Burnaby, BC, V5C 5T5Phone: (604) 299-4001 Fax: (604) 299-0329Email: info@posAbilities.cawww.posAbilities.caLovelyR.,InmanElementarySchool,Grade5Above from left, Sajjan, 9, and Kurtis, 10, of Mr. Youngs class at Twelfth Avenue.Below from left, Brendon, 9, Zyrie, 9, and Sophia, 9, of Mr. Youngs class atTwelfth Avenue.Lisa King, Burnaby NOW2012DESIGN ADananNORTH ROAD & LOUGHEED4075 North Road (Lougheed Hwy.)(604) 421-4620www.whitespot.caDaniel,KitchenerElementarySchool,Grade4604-473-9363#220 - 2250 Boundary Road, Burnaby B.C., V5M 3Z3www.neilsquire.caEmilyH.,ConfederationParkElementarySchool,Grade4Above from top, Annasofie, 10, and Gina, 10, of Mr. Youngs class at Twelfth Avenue.Lisa King, Burnaby NOWBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A41A42 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWFind us onFACEBOOKFollow us onTWITTERA44 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWAs we turn our calendars tothe fourth month of 2012 thisweekend, were continuingwith our popular feature our staffsTop 5 (Or More) Things To Do ThisWeekend.This week, we have some greatoptions for the second full weekendof spring in the city. Heres our Top5 for this weekend:1Get grooving on Saturday,March 31 to David Myles atthe Shadbolt Centre for theArts, 6450 Deer Lake Ave. Myles,an award-winning recording artist,showcases his love of experimenta-tion as he combines pop hooks withgreat songwriting and a return tohis first instrument, the trumpet.The shows at 8 p.m., with ticketsand info at 604-205-3000 or online atwww.shadboltcentre.com.2Get Scandinavian on bothSaturday, March 31 and Sunday,April 1 for the Nordic Spirit Festivalat the Scandinavian CommunityCentre, 6540 Thomas St., runningfrom 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.The plethora of events avail-able includes a talk by Scott Larsen,Scandinavians on the Titanic, onSunday at 1 p.m.; smorgasbordsandwiches with Danish cook KatePraegel on Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m.;Scandinavian card weaving withLinda Woodcock on Saturday from2 to 4 p.m.; and the ScandinavianMinority Folk Musicians Concert onSaturday night at 7:30 p.m. For moreinformation, go to www.scandinaviancentre.org.3Get cheering for Burnaby teamsin the Round of 16Coastal A cup matches tobe held at Burnaby LakeWest on Sunday, April 1.While matches go on allday, Burnaby teams arescheduled to be on thepitch at noon, when theu-14 girls play and at 2p.m., when the u-15 girlsplay. For a full schedule,go to www.bccoastalcup.com/index.htm.4Get into the spirit ofgardening by takingthe Land Conservancy ofB.C. workshop on organicvegetable gardening. Expert ArzeenaHamir will talk about the process ofplanning and growing a vegetablegarden. The course takes placeon Saturday, March 31 from 10 to11:30 a.m. at Eagles Estate HeritageGarden at 5655 Sperling Ave. It costs$20 or $15 for members. Pre-reg-istration is required by contactingthe Conservancys head gardenerLynsey Dobbie at 604-733-2313 orldobbie@conservancy.bc.ca.5Get drinking and eating for theHop & Vines Long Table DinnerNo. 29 with Green Flash Brewing.The events on Saturday, March 31at 7 p.m. at 1601 Burnwood Dr. TheHop has been hoppingwith this innovativenew foray into culinaryexperimentation, as chefRenaldo Decembrinipairs up craft brews withsome of his signaturedishes. The events areknown to sell out quick-ly, so even if you cantattend this one, thereare monthly events atthe Hop & Vine. Ticketsare $40 plus tax and areavailable at the bar oronline at www.hoplong-table.eventbrite.com. Formore information please visit www.hoptaphouse.ca or call 604-421-1092.Email your Top 5 ideas to calendar@burnabynow.com or send them to alau@burnabynow.com. You can also checkout our full arts and events calendarlistings on our websites homepage atwww.burnabynow.com. compiled by staff reporter Alfie LauCheck www.Burnabynow.com for breaking news, photo galleries, blogs and more5(ormore)Things to dothis weekendEVENTSWhats up this weekend?In the spotlightIn the spotlightIn the spotlightIn the spotlightConnecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.comJulie MacLellans BlogA blog about the local arts and entertainment sceneOR TAKE TAX-FREE CASH!WIN THIS CAR!CAR BONUSPRIZE!DEADLINE MIDNIGHTTONIGHT!Deadline Midnight March 30&KDQFHV DUH LQ WRWDO WLFNHWV IRU VDOH WR ZLQ D JUDQG SUL]H %& *DPLQJ (YHQW /LFHQFH 3UREOHP *DPEOLQJ +HOS /LQH .QRZ \RXU OLPLW SOD\ ZLWKLQ LW WR SOD\ZZZEFUHVSRQVLEOHJDPEOLQJFD604-697-8946WROO IUHH 1-877-WOW-UWIN (969-8946)BUY AT:ORDERONLINE!VARIETYLOTTERYCAFor details & rules of play: varietylottery.ca Winner will choose 1 prize option; other prize options will not be awarded.WEDNESDAYAPRIL 182012 | 7 PMVANCOUVERCONVENTIONCENTREDISCOVERTHE BEST OFCALIFORNIAWINE$75*SINGLETICKET*$65GROUPOF6ORMORE-/"0"+1"! 6THE 32ND ANNUAL WINE TOUR COMES TO VANCOUVERProblem Gam bling Help Line 1-888-795-6111 www.bcresponsiblegam bling.caKnow yourlim it,play within it.Chancesare 1 in 1,100 (totalticketsforsale)to win a grand prize.BC Gam ing EventLicence #412100"" ,2/ 4"0&1" #,/ !"1&)"! -/&7" !"0 /&-1&,+0 /##)" /2)"0 ,# -)6 +! /"01/& 1&,+04&+" #&/ 0-,+0,/0ARTSCLUB.COM /EVENTS604.687.1644AN ARTS CLUB THEATRE COMPANY FUNDRAISERCALIFORNIAWINE FAIRSINGLETICKETTHREETICKETS$20$50Win a vacation to a California wineryin our Great Escapes Raffle)&*&1"! 1& ("10-2/ %0" 1,!6Buy one entre and two beverages and receive the second entreof equal or lesser value for FREE. Up to a value of $10.00.BURGER HEAVEN77-10th St., NewWestminster 604-522-8339www.burgerheaven.ca FRANCHISE TERRITORIES AVAILABLE Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 11:00 a.m.-9 p.m.; Fri. & Sat. 11:00 a.m.-10 p.m.BBY2 FOR12 FOR1ALL DAY - EVERYDAY WITH THIS ADCOUPON RULES Dine in only One coupon pertwo people Present couponwhen ordering Coupon not validwith any otherpromotion Coupon valid untilApril 30/12CASH99ththANNUALANNUALSAVE THE DATE!Get involved in your community!BurnabyBurnabyFestivalFestivalofofVolunteersVolunteersSaturday, April 14th 10am-5pmBrentwood Town CentrePSYCHIC ANGELINASpecializing in:Palm, Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball, Rune Stone, Past Regression. Solves allPalm, Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball, Rune Stone, Past Regression. Solves allproblems of life. Will call your enemies by name. She will read you likeproblems of life. Will call your enemies by name. She will read you likean open book. Angelina has been a gifted psychic for over 35 years andan open book. Angelina has been a gifted psychic for over 35 years andsolves all problems in areas involving love, business, job, health, fertility,solves all problems in areas involving love, business, job, health, fertility,drugs & alcohol addictions. She can remove bad luck, negative energy,drugs & alcohol addictions. She can remove bad luck, negative energy,the evil eye, karma, jadoo, etc.the evil eye, karma, jadoo, etc. GUARANTEED RESULTS FOR APPOINTMENT ONLY604.653.5928Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A45March 30, 2012newhomesBurnabyMountains LongAwaitedViewTower - Sales StartMarch 31stHomesstartingat$259,900Theres a good reason for its name. Altitude, Hungerfords latest development steps from Simon Fraser University on Burnaby Mountain, will soon become the highestrising towers in Metro Vancouver. Topping out at 1,300 feet above sea level, the towers offer 360-degree views of Burrard Inlet, down Indian Arm, the North Shoremountains and the twinkling lights of downtownVancouver.Situated on one of the last premium view properties that will ever be offered at Burnaby Mountain, the development is part of the award-winning, master plannedcommunity called UniverCity. One of the most sustainably-designed neighborhoods in Metro Vancouver, it is surrounded by 1,400 acres of pristine forest and walkingdistance to SFU, one of Canadas premier educational facilities recently rated #1 by Macleans for a ninth year. Altitudes residents have access to the universitys competitionsized pool, library and the multi-level, 12,000 sq ft fitness centre.Altitude offers a stimulating mix of views, recreation, award-winning learning and premium interior finishes,says Michael Hungerford. Residents will be part of anincredible community at prices that people can afford. Close to transit hubs the bus comes every 7 minutes and connects to the Millenium Line and the upcomingEvergreen Line Altitude will target students, professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and investors. Altitude will offer 1,2 and 3 bedroom homes with premium interiorfinishes from the mid $200,000s.Some interior highlights include wide-plank oak flooring, stone kitchen countertops, frameless glass showers with custom tiled shower base, modern fixtures by Groheand chef-inspired GE Caf appliances. Altitude also offers a 8,000 square feet of amenity space including a beautifully-landscaped,sustainable courtyard featuring a childrens play area, bench seating and picnic tables. Theres also a state-of-the-art cardio centreand owners lounge that has been designed for practical entertaining and learning. The owners lounge equipped with comfychairs, desks and big working tables,WiFi, an outdoor BBQ and kitchen where students and families can work and play.FOR FURTHER INFORMATIONON THIS PROPERTYPLEASE CALLALTITUDE SALES TEAM604.456.8883OR EMAILaltitude@hungerfordgroup.comSALES OFFICE HOURS:12-6 Except Fridays8955 UNIVERSITY HIGH STREETA46 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWMowing the lawn too early in the spring is both unnecessary andpotentially harmful to the lawn.Photo contributed{T H E U L T I M A T E G U I D E T O D O M E S T I C B L I S S I N B U R N A B Y}One of the best thingsabout the dawn ofspring and the returnof warmer weather isthe chance to get outof the house and getsome fresh air.For homeowners, this is theperfect opportunity to assessany damage the previousmonths did to yards and developa plan to restore properties. Dont jump the gun. The firstwarm day of spring might seemlike a great time to get out in theyard and get your hands dirty.But its best to wait until thegrass has completely dried outbefore getting to work. Rakingon wet grass increases the riskof tearing out grass, which cancause bald spots and the growthof weeds down the road. Inaddition, stepping on the grasswhile the ground is still wet cancompact the soil, which canslow drainage and block thelawns roots from breathing. Patience should prevail withregard to mowing the lawn aswell. A lawns roots will notstart to grow until the averageeveryday temperature routinelyreaches 4.5 C, so mowingtoo early is both unnecessaryand potentially harmful to thelawn. When the temperaturesregularly reach 10 C, thenhomeowners will likely start tosee their lawns growing. Remove debris thats piledup. Debris has a tendency toinfest a yard over the courseof the winter months. Fallenbranches, stones and eventrash can accumulate in ayard, putting those who spendtime in the yard at risk ofinjury once the warm weatherreturns. For instance, bits oftwigs and pebbles that areblown across the yard during awindy winter can be embeddedin the yard, making the yardless of a haven and more ofa hazard. Once the grass isdry enough to walk on, walkaround the property andremove any debris thats piledup over the last few months. Remove thatch. Once thegrass has dried, you can beginto remove thatch thats builtup over the winter. Thatch ispotentially very harmful tosoil, blocking sunlight, air andmoisture the soil needs toensure a lawn looks lush andhealthy. Thatch removal doesnot necessarily need to be anannual task. If thatch buildupis insignificant, then it can bedone every other year. Just usea de-thatching rake to makethe job much easier. Aerate, particularly if theyard is a heavy traffic areaonce the warm weatherarrives. If your yard transformsinto a childs wonderlandupon the arrival of spring andsummer, you might want torevive the soil by aerating.When the yard gets heavyusage, its easy for soil tobecome compacted, whichmakes it hard for air and waterto reach the lawns roots.That can eventually make fora less-than-appealing lawn.So if your yard is the place tobe come the warmer months,aerate in the spring to loosenthe soil and make it easierfor the lawn to withstand themonths ahead.No matter how harsh thewinter months might havebeen, spring is a great timefor homeowners to restore theproperty around their homes.Restoringyour propertyafter a longwinterSpruce up theyard after winterBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A47UNIVERSITYDREUNIVERSITYCRESUNIVERSITYHIGHSTREETTOWERROADSIMON FRASERUNIVERSITYOffering affordable studios and onebedroom suites next to world classeducation at SFU, Highland Houseis a great rst home and a smartlong-term investment.This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering may only be made with a disclosure statement. E.&O.E.LIBERTYHOMES.CAHIGHER LIVINGAT UNIVERCITYCONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATIONNOW SELLINGA48 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWwww.kitchencraftvancouver.comBURNABY2148 Douglas Road604.298.9277LANGLEY210-19700 Langley Bypass604.534.7273CanadianMadePURCHASE YOUR CABINETS BETWEEN NOW ANDMAY 1...AND WELL PAY THE HST!TAX SEASON IS HERE AGAIN...BUT KITCHEN CRAFT CAN EASE YOUR PAINWELL PAY THE HST!ON CABINETS YOU PURCHASE BETWEEN NOW AND MAY 1CanadianMade{T H E U L T I M A T E G U I D E T O D O M E S T I C B L I S S I N B U R N A B Y}Time to take the home buying LEAPYouve decided its time tobuy a home of your own.But the decision to buy a home isntjust about whether or not you canafford the purchase price. It alsomeans taking on responsibility forall the other costs (both anticipatedand unexpected) that come withhomeownership.How can you know if yourefinancially ready to become ahomeowner? Canada Mortgage andHousing Corporation (CMHC) offersthe following tips to help you figureout your current financial situationand the maximum home price thatyou should consider:Before you begin shopping for ahome, its important to know howmuch you can afford to spend onhomeownership. In addition to themortgage payments and interest,other significant expenses willinclude heating costs, propertytaxes, condo fees, and regularhomemaintenance and repairs.To answer this question, startby calculating howmuch yourealready spending each month onhousehold expenses. To help youtake a realistic look at your currentmonthly expenses without leavinganything out, use CMHCs currenthousehold budget worksheetor household budget calculator,both of which are available free ofcharge on the CMHC website.Next, figure out howmuch debtyoure carrying. If you decide to buya home, this information will be oneof the first things mortgage lenderswill ask to see.Once youve calculated yourhousehold and debt expenses,there are two affordability rulesthat can help you figure out howmuch you can realistically pay fora home. The first affordability ruleis that your total monthly housingcosts shouldnt be more than 32per cent of your gross monthlyincome. Gross monthly income isthe amount of income everyonein your household brings home,before taxes and other deductions.Housing costs include mortgageprincipal and interest payments, aswell as property taxes and heatingexpenses (or PITH for short).The second affordability rule isthat your entire monthly debt loadshouldnt be more than 40 percent of your gross monthly income.Your monthly debt load includesyour housing costs (PITH) plus allyour other debt payments, such ascar loans or leases, student loans,credit card payments, lines of creditpayments and so on.The maximum home price that youcan realistically afford depends ona number of factors, in particularyour household gross monthlyincome, your down payment andthe mortgage interest rate.For many people, the hardest part ofbuying a home especially their firstone is saving the necessary downpayment. Use CMHCs mortgageaffordability calculator to figure outthe maximum home price you canafford, the maximummortgageamount you can borrow, and yourmonthly mortgage payments(including principal and interest).There are many up-front costswhen you buy a home, from thedown payment and deposit to legal,property and home inspection fees.Early planning will help make surethings go smoothly.To help you learn more aboutyour financial readiness and allaspects of buying a home, CMHCsHomebuying Step by Step: AConsumer Guide and Workbook willlead you through the homebuyingprocess in five simple steps, fromthe moment you decide to buy ahome of your own to the day themovers carry the first box throughyour new front door.Get your free copy at www.cmhc.caor call 1-800-668-2642.Photos:dreamstime.comBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A49 Hardwood Laminate Tile & stone Carpets Vinyl Area rugs Countertop Installation Home renovationMon - Fri 8:30 - 6:00 Sat 9:30 - 5:00 Closed on Sun & HolidaysHastingsBoundaryIngletonMacDonaldWillingdonGilmoreONE STOP FLOORINGooring.ca604-558-1878Free estimates. No obligation.Burnaby South Slope, #2106-6888 Station Hill, 2 bed/2 bath$438,800LARGE SUNNY KITCHEN WITH VIEWSDo you like to enjoy breakfast in a large, sunny kitchen? Thenbe sure to bring your decorating ideas to this seldom available,SOUTHEAST CORNER, 1167 sq. ft. suite in the prestigiousSavoyCarlton featuring 180 degree breathtaking, reach out and touchviews of Mt. Baker and beyond. Features include a huge covereddeck,9 ft. ceilings, oor to ceiling windows, laminate ooring plus adining area friendly to house size furniture. The 1stclass amenitiesinclude an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, theatre, billiard room & tnesscentre. Located within a 2 minute walk to Skytrain, only 20 minutesfrom downtown Vancouver. The Savoy Carlton has recently beenprofessionally upgraded & is full of wonderful neighbours.OPENSat. Mar. 31 & Sun. Apr. 12-4 p.m.$389,900604.916.5047www.bridgettegarrett.cominfo@bridgettegarrett.comBridgette GarrettMacdonald Realty Ltd.THE HUB711 9009 CornerstoneMews, BurnabyTOP FLOOR TOP FLOOR ONE BEDROOM + DENONE BEDROOM + DENSpectacular views from this neverbefore lived in unit. Concrete construc-tion, south facing top oor. Great oorplan with 9ft ceilings, stainless steelappliances, quartz countertops. Builtto LEED silver standards. EXCELLENTINVESTMENT. Rentals allowed.OOpen House Sunday, April 1stpen House Sunday, April 1st2 42 4 pm.pm.$389,900$389,900A50 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWDear Tom and Ray:Ive been a fan for years. Ihad a great 2000 Ford CrownVictoria, which I always hadserviced at a local muffler/repair shop. Last year, I gavethe car to my daughter inMichigan.When she took it to herown mechanic for a tuneup,he discovered that all eightfuel-injector clips had brokenoff and the fuel injectors wereheld in position by plastic zipties! My repair-shop owner istelling me that there is a prob-lem with these clips, that theytend to break off, and that itis standard to use zip ties tohold them in place.He never mentioned thisduring the nine years he ser-viced my car. My daughtersmechanic says my guy isblowing smoke, and he hasnever seen anything like thisbefore.Who do I believe? I amvery leery about returningto my old guy now with mynewer 2005 Mercury. Whatdo you fellows think? Wouldyou go back to him? DorothyTOM: No. Hes endanger-ing your life, Dorothy. Andhes trying to cover up hisbad judgment with a songand dance.RAY:We used to try that,but very quickly, we ranthrough the entire 20thCentury Songbook, andour feet were killing us.TOM: Those clips do breaksometimes. Weve seen ithappen when you removethe fuel injectors to makea repair. But if you breakone, or two, or eight, youbuy new ones. Theyre soldseparately by dealers, andtheyre cheap. Very cheap.RAY: So the only reasonto use zip ties would belaziness. Theyre not anacceptable substitute.TOM: Theyre plastic, sotheyre not designed totake the high underhoodtemperatures in the middleof the engine compart-ment, which can be severalhundred degrees. Andover time, the zip ties willget brittle and fail. If onebreaks, a fuel injector cancome flying out, sprayinggasoline at high pressureall over the engine.RAY: And that leads towhat? Fire. So, to summa-rize: bad idea!TOM:We use zip ties allthe time to group bunchesof wires together, or holda wire out of the way ifits at the periphery ofthe engine compartment and if the zip ties failurewould not result in any-thing dangerous happen-ing. But wed never useone to hold an injector inplace.RAY: To say that its stan-dard to use zip ties tosecure fuel injectors is nuts.Its standard to use zip tiesto close kitchen garbagebags, Dorothy. And if yourguy doesnt know that, itstime for a new mechanic.Got a question about cars?Email Click and Clack by vis-iting the Car Talk website atwww.cartalk.com.WHEELSWHEELSWHEELSDealsDealsDealsANDNo, zip ties arent a proper car partChange your driving habits and save yourself moneyWith no end in sight to rising gasprices, consumers who modify their driv-ing habits and properly maintain theirvehicles will get more kilometres per litre.Be Car Care Aware Canada recommendsthe following ways to drive smart andsave gas money: Observe the speed limit. Fuel efficiencydecreases rapidly above 100 km/h. Avoid excessive idling. Idling gets zerokilometres per litre. Warming up the vehi-cle for one or two minutes is sufficient.Avoid quick starts and stops. Aggressivedriving can lower fuel efficiency by 33 percent on the highway and five per cent inthe city. Consolidate trips. Several short tripstaken from a cold start can use twice asmuch gas as one longer multi-purposetrip. Dont haul unneeded items in the trunk.An extra 45 kilograms in the trunk reducesfuel efficiency by one to two per cent. Check the gas cap. Damaged, loose ormissing gas caps allow gas to vaporizeinto the air. Replace dirty or clogged air filters onolder vehicles to improve fuel consump-tion by as much as 14 per cent. Replace dirty spark plugs, which candecrease fuel efficiency by 0.85 kilometresper litre. Change oil regularly to gain an addi-tional 0.5 kilometres per litre.Keepyour car properly tuned to improvefuel consumption by an average of fourper cent.Keep tires properly inflated and improvefuel consumption by three per cent. 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ChevroletBuick GMC Cadillac604-291-2266CoquitlamEagle RidgeChevrolet Buick GMC604-464-3941North VancouverCarter ChevroletBuick GMC Cadillac604-987-5231LangleyPreston ChevroletBuick GMC Cadillac604-534-4154RichmondDueck ChevroletBuick GMC Cadillac604-273-1311SurreyBarnes WheatonChevrolet Buick GMC604-594-2277South SurreyBarnes WheatonChevrolet Buick GMC604-536-7661VancouverDueck on Marine ChevroletBuick GMC Cadillac604-324-7222VancouverDueck DowntownChevrolet Buick GMC604-675-790055Day 1 swims at trials56Wrestlers to Olympics56Phantom to regionalsSECTION COORDINATOR Tom Berridge, 604-444-3022 tberridge@burnabynow.comFirst nats for ringette teensBowls bunch secondin Hong KongJames MacGowan ofBurnaby and a team oftwo Canadians and anAustralian won a silvermedal at the 84-team TigerBowls International inHong Kong on March 18.The Canadian indoorbowls team squeaked intothe top-38 qualifying teamson the opening day butwon all five matches inthe championship round,including an 8-0 shut-out over the Hong Kongnational team to advance tothe semifinals.We had an incredibleday. the luck was on ourside and we just destroyedteams, including the HongKong national team. Weactually skunked them,taking eight skins, saidMacGowanIn the semifinals, theCanadian team, includingThe wait is almost over for threeBurnaby/New Westminster ringetteteens.Defenders Danielle Wall andMya Lopez of Burnaby and NewWestminster goalie Tara Stevens willbe kicking off the Canadian ringettechampionships at the Bill CopelandSports Centre on April 9 to 14.The Lower Mainland AA under-16 skaters will be taking on London,Ont. in their opening match at theweek-long national championshipshosted by the local association.The championships will alsoinclude the top u-19 and NationalRingette League teams in a build-upto the championship finals.Ive been waiting for this forfour years now, said Stevens, whohas been playing in goal for the pastsix seasons.The New Westminster SecondarySchool junior remembers in 2010winning the provincial gold medalin overtime on the same day andwith the same 3-2 score as CanadasOlympic hockey team.Last year, Northern B.C. turnedthe tables on the Mainland all-starsin OT, giving incentive to makeamends with the nationals comingto town.Yeah it was, especially since wealmost made it (last season). It waskind of heartbreaking in overtime.We were pretty motivated to winit this year, said Wall, the teamsco-captain. We thought it would bepretty cool to make it. It might be theonly time in my career.With a mixture of first- andsecond-year players, the LowerMainland AAs are pretty solid in allpositions, said Wall.We all want to do well. We havea lot of different strengths ourgoalies are really, really strong. Were pretty good at getting thering out of our zone. Our coachesencourage us to go in the scoringend, Wall said.This year, the AA teens have for-mer player Nicole Tjedkema as theteams first female coach.Stevens said Tjedkemas play-ing experience and medal record atprevious nationals is something theplayers can identify with.Wework well on the ice, and ourcoaches do so much for us. TheyreSimon Fraser UniversitysSammie Olexa was namedthe Great Northwest AthleticConference womens softballplayer of the week on Monday.The Clan third baseman had astellar weekend, slapping sevenhits in 13 at-bats, including back-to-back walk-off home runs ina doubleheader sweep of theCentral Washington Wildcatsat Beedie Field in Burnaby lastweekend.Olexa finished SFUs four-game sweep with nine runsbatted in and a 1.385 sluggingpercentage, doubling twice andgoing deep three times.Its so exciting to be namedplayer of the week, said Olexa ina Clan press release. I was reallytrying to be more aggressive atthe plate last weekend. I wantedto do a better job with pitch selec-tion and just find a pitch that Icould drive.Olexa appears to be doingjust that. To date, the sophomoreinfielder is currently batting 0.438with 20 RBIs and five homers.Sammie has been workinghard on her swing of late, and itpaid off in having a great week-end on the diamond by any mea-sure, said Clan head coach MikeRenney in the same release. Iexpect two walk-off home runsin the same day will bea memory that will bewith her for some time.She is a bright light inour program with sub-stantial upside. Beingin only her sophomoreyear, and being as goodas she was this week-end, we have yet to seethe best of her.Olexa clubbed thegame-winning ding-ers in SFUs 2-1 and8-5 wins over CentralWashington on Sunday to sweepthe weekend series.Olexa broke a pitchers duelin the opening game, smashinga two-run home runin the seventh inningto straightaway centrefield, cashing in bas-erunner Megan Durrantfor the win.In the second game,SFU overcame a 5-2 defi-cit in the bottom of theseventh, tying the scoreand sending the gameto extra innings follow-ing a solo homer fromLeah Riske and a two-run double by TrishaBouchard.In the following inning, KelseyHaberl walked and Riske singled,setting up Olexa for her secondstraight game-winning round-tripper.OnSaturday, theClan snappeda three-game losing slide with apair of wins against the visitingWildcats.SFU opened with a 12-1 winbefore taking the second game bya 3-1 score.Olexa smacked a bases-load-ed double in the third inningto stretch the Clans lead to 7-0.Starting pitcher Cara Lukaweskyallowed just one hit to post thewin.Tom Berridgesports editorTom Berridgesports editorClan infielder goes deep for double softball sweepSAMMIE OLEXAI was trying to bemore aggressive.Tom Berridgesports editorPhoto contributed/burnaby nowBurnaby bright: JamesMacGowan, delivering bowl,shared second place at the Tiger Bowls International.Golden girls: The Lower Mainland AA ringette team will represent B.C. in the under-16 division at theCanadian Ringette Championships in Burnaby beginning April 9.Photo contributed/burnaby nowSoftball Page 56Bowls Page 56Ringette Page 55Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A53A54 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW2011/2012 BMWModels Lease from MSRP NOW tochoose from2011 BMW323i Sedan$285/mo* 1.9% 48mos$40,100$31,600 11*Lease 48 months, $5,000 Down Payment, 12,000km/yr, COD $9,691. 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We respect them alot, and when you respectyour coaches, it makes usrespect each other and playas a team.That experiencewill come in handy, whenB.C. has to face the likesof Western powerhouseAlberta and the expectedstrength of the Ontarioteams.We just got to playour best game and adaptto whatever theyre doing.Its part of the game, saidStevens. We always wantto win, you dont want tohave any bad games. Theyjust might come back andkick you in the butt.Win or lose, Wall saysthe real winners will bethe spectators who takein the week-long action atlocal Burnaby and NewWestminster arenas.Honestly, I think theywill be quite surprised. Ithink they will be quiteimpressed. Ringette play-ers are quite fast. We donthave to focus on puckhan-dling as much, so we focuson skating, and we do excelin that category.The B.C. u-16 team takeson London, Halifax and ateam from Quebec in open-ing pool play. The schedulethen reverts to a crossoverformat to pare down the20 involved teams for theremaining four days of thecompetition. The medalgames will be held onSaturday.B.C.s u-19 team, includ-ing Kiah Duruisseau ofBurnaby, will follow a sim-ilar format to the juniorteam.The Lower Mainlandsenior team will faceWinnipeg, Rive Sud andOutaouais of Quebec in itspreliminary draw. Medalgames will also be heldon the Saturday at theCopeland centre.The national leaguedraw will follow a round-robin format from April10 to 13, with the LowerMainland Thunder playingtwo games per day withthe exception of Friday.Volunteer hereThere are still a fewopenings for new volun-teers for the upcomingCanadian ringette champi-onships in Burnaby April 9through 14.People are needed fordriving referees, sellingadmission passes, relayinggame statistics and specta-tor management are need-ed, especially between 8a.m. and 6 p.m.Volunteers contribut-ing more than 12 hours lreceive a free pass to allgames.All volunteers are alsoinvited to a barbecue onApril 15 at the BurnabyVillage Museum.The tournament beginswith the opening ceremo-nies at the Bill CopelandSports Centre on Sunday.To volunteer fill in theonline form at www.ringette.ca/crc or send dateand time availability andarea of interest to volunteers@crc2012.com.Ringette: Still room for volunteerscontinued from page 53Swimmers shine in Day 1 at Olympic trialsSherry Liu of Burnaby made the finalof the womens 400-metre freestyle at theCanadian Olympic swim trials in Montrealon Tuesday.Liu, who swims for Hyacks, finishedseventh in a time of 4:16.39.Simon Fraser Aquatics Sean Nugentwas fourth in the B final of the mens 100mbreaststroke.Hyack swimmer and Cariboo HillSecondary teen Stefan Milosevic was alsofourth in the B mens individual medley.Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A55Connect with yourcommunity.Anytime.Anywhere.Download it today!*Trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. 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Standard message and data charges apply.Sponsored byEnjoy THE BURNABY NOW news on any smartphone.Download the iPhone app or connect on m.burnabynow.comUp to 90%off every day!Go to SwarmJam.com and start saving!Brought to you byAre you a local Business?Need Cash Fast?Need Cash Fast?As a SwarmJam vendor, youll benet from: Free newspaper and online promotion No upfront cost Performance based payoutwww.swarmjam.comBurnabys only local group buying site.Heres how it works: SwarmJam promotes your deal to a databaseof local subscribers The deal is active when the pre-set minimumpurchases have been met You receive payment within 10 days after thedeal is doneBrought to you by theA56 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWTouchem up: Bart Given puts the tag on ballcarrier James Huynh in anorganized touch football game at Burnaby Lake-East last weekend.Larry Wright/burnaby nowskip Jurgen Fessler, MacGowan, throwing third as vice-skip, Kody Olthof and Aussie Lee Cook edged the UnitedStates with the last bowl in the final end.Trailing 7-6 in the seventh end and lying shot bowl,Fessler made the shot of the day with his last bowl, nudg-ing the jack on a difficult final throw near the boundaryline.It was a brilliant finish, a brilliant way to finish,MacGowan added.The Canadians lost in the final to the Philippines.It was incredible, such a nice feeling, especially toknow that no other Canadian team had finished so high,said MacGowan.Following the Hong Kong competition, MacGowanand company went to Mainland China for the ChinaOpen. There, the greens were particularly slow, makingthe shotmaking more difficult, MacGowan said.For us as individuals, it shows to selectors we canplay international bowls, said MacGowan. And any-time you can bring an international medal home, its quitean experience.The third-year chuckeralso posted wins in SFUstwo games on Sunday toboost her record to 12-3this season.Kelsie Hawkins got thestart in the second gameSaturday and earned hersixth win of the year.Lauren Mew stole homeon a passed ball in the thirdinning, while singles byCarly Lepoutre and Riskedrove in the winning runsin a two-run fifth.This weekend, the Clanhost an exhibition tour-nament with crosstownrival University of BritishColumbia and Great Fallsat Beedie Field, beginningat noon Saturday.continued from page 53Softball:continued from page 53Bowls: Best-ever finishFEMALE MIDGET HOCKEYPhantom blasts offMichelle Toor ofBurnaby helped the FraserValley Phantom to thePacific region AAA midgetgirls hockey final.Toor assisted on a goalin Fraser Valleys 6-1 vic-tory over the Thompson-Okanagan Rockets inGame 3 of the best-of-threeprovincial final in Langleyon Sunday.The Phantom openedwith a 2-1 win in overtimeon March 23.The Rockets edgedFraser Valley 4-3 on theSaturday to even theseries.The Phantom will nowhost the Alberta midgetchampion in Langley fromApril 6 to 8.Thewinnerof theregion-al final will advance to theEsso Cup national femalemidget championship inCharlottetown, P.E.I.The nationals run fromApril 22 to 28.Wrestlers book tickets to OlympicsThe Burnaby Mountain WrestlingClub will be sending at least three wres-tlers to the Summer Olympic Games inLondon.Super heavyweight Arjan Bhullar,Hasilan Garcia and male wrestler ofthe year Matt Gentry all qualified forLondon, winning gold medals at thePan-American Olympic Games qualify-ing meet in Florida last weekend.Garcia won all three of his matches at66 kilograms without giving up a point,while Gentry also won three bouts at74kg, including a match that went toa tiebreaker against Cubas YunierkiBlanco.Bhullar defeated a Venezuelen and aMexican grappler to advance.John Pineda lost his bronze-medalmatch and did not qualify.Second atSurrey clubAlanTolusso of Burnabyplaced second in the boys15 to 19 age group in theNike Golf junior series atHazelmere Country Clubon March 11.Tolusso, a St. ThomasMore student, was thefirst-round leader with atwo-under-par 70 but fin-ished with a 145 total oneshot behind Jordan Lu ofVancouver.COME SEE THE FASTEST GAME ON ICE!For the rst time in20 years, the LowerMainland is hostingthe CanadianNational RingetteChampionships!Come support ourlocal U16AA, U19AAand 18+AA teams!BC Adults 2-for-1 pricingWeekday (Mon.-Thurs.)two adult all-day passes are$10 for twoWeekday (Mon.-Thurs.)senior/kids all-day passes are$5BC Adults 2-for-1 pricingWeekend (Fri. & Sat.)two adult all-day passes are$20 for twoWeekend (Fri. & Sat.)Senior/kids all-day passes are$10Proof of BC residency and proof of agefor senior rate will be required.April 9-14, 2012(CHILDREN 5 AND UNDER ARE FREE)More than 200 games in 6 days!ALL GAMES TAKE PLACE IN BURNABY/NEW WESTMINSTER AT:Moody Park:768 Princess Street,New WestminsterBill Copeland Arena:3676 Kensington Avenue,Burnaby8 Rinks:850 Sprott Street,Burnaby1170Obituaries1170CAMERON, Bernice RosellaJuly 12, 1908 - Jan 05, 2012Bernice Rosella Cameron wasborn on July 12th, 1908 and sheleft us peacefully on Jan 5th2012 at the Kiwanis Care Homein New Westminster. Bernicewas predeceased by her lovinghusband Colin Cameron.Bernice and Colin were blessedwith a loving marriage lasting 57years. Bernice is survived by asister Viola Schmidt, a sisterDelores Harris and a brotherOmer Merwin. She is alsosurvived and will be missed bynumerous nieces and nephews.A service will be held at 12oclock noon on Saturday April7th at the Salvation Army Churchat 325 6th St. NewWestminsterB.C. The service will be followedby a reception in the adjoininghall. Bernices extended familywould like to thank the staff atthe Kiwanis Care home for boththe quality and loving care shereceived.HAPPY90THBIRTHDAYto our mother,grandmother,great grandmother andgreat great grandmother!A true family matriarch.You keep us together.Love family and friends.Ruth Ive(Oxtoby)Happy100thBirthdayRosa Niro MarinelliMarch 31, 1912 born Vinchiaturo,Campobasso, Molise Italy.Immigrated to Montreal, Canadaon May 23, 1969. Moved toVancouver May 3, 1970.Love fromSon Paolo Marinelli & Family.1122Birthday Greetings11221010Announcements1010A CR I M I N A L R ECORDPREVENTING YOU FROMT R A V E L L I N G ?ExpressPardons.com - CanadasFastest Pardon and WaiverService can help! Solutions from$49/mo. Apply Online/Toll FreeAt: 1-866-416-6772 now!CRIMINALRECORD?Canadian Record Suspension(Criminal pardon) seals record.American waiver allows legalentry. Why risk employment,business, travel, licensing,deportation, peace of mind?Free consultation1-800-347-2540FOREVERYOUNGMENS CLUBNew Burnaby non-profi trecreational social club lookingfor active members (50+) intohealth, friendship, nature andenriching lives. Club focus ismonthly meetings and outdooractivities.For more info call Kevin Adair,604-321-1077VNSCOIN FAIRSat Mar 31 10am to 5 pmSun Apr 1 10am to 4pmOAKRIDGEAUDITORIUM41st & Cambie VancouverCoins, Paper, Medals,Buy / Sell, Appraisals.RCMPCounterfeit DisplayAdmission $2 incls draw ticket1031Coming Events1031LEARN To PaddleOutrigger Canoes!Come on out to BarnetMarine Park and learn topaddle Hawaiian OutriggerCanoes in beautiful IndianArm! Check outwww.lotussports.com forcontact information anddetails on upcomingprograms and events. email:erika@lotussports.comCONNECTING COMMUNITIESCONNECTING COMMUNITIESINDEXCommunity Notices ....................................1000Announcements ...............................................1119Employment..........................................................1200Education .................................................................1400Special Occasions...........................................1600Marketplace ..........................................................2000Children ......................................................................3000Pets & Livestock ...............................................3500Health............................................................................4000Travel & Recreation ......................................4500Business & Finance .......................................5000Legals ............................................................................5500Real Estate ..............................................................6000Rentals .........................................................................6500Personals ...................................................................7000Service Directory .............................................8000Transportation ....................................................9000Classied Line Ad DeadlinesWed. Newspaper - Mon. 2:45pmWed. Newspaper - Mon. 2:45pmFri. Newspaper - Thur. 9:30amFri. Newspaper - Thur. 9:30amClassied Display Ad DeadlinesWed. Newspaper - Fri. 2:45pmWed. Newspaper - Fri. 2:45pmFri. Newspaper - Wed. 2:45pmFri. Newspaper - Wed. 2:45pmEmail:Email: classied@van.netclassied@van.netFax: 604-444-3050Fax: 604-444-3050Delivery:604-942-3081Sales Centre Hours:Sales Centre Hours:Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pmMon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm604-444-3000604-444-3000A division ofLMP Publication LimitedPartnershipjobscareersadviceworking.com driving.ca househunting.caburnabynow.comPlaceyouradonline24/7remembering.caTRAIN WITH BCS LARGEST ANDMOST RESPECTED CAREER TRAINER!sprottshaw.comsprottshaw.comCallNewWestminster:604.520.3900NEW WESTMINSTER502 Columbia St.604-526-4661IF YOU ARE60 PLUS!15%OFF EVERYTHING*You won't believe what's in storeSeniors DayTUES., APRIL 3RDAll items already reducedwill be further reduced*Exclusions:licences, gift certificates1085Lost & Found1085CHILDS BIKE, with trainingwheels found March 23 atConnaught Elementary School.Call & ID to claim. 778-397-5658I-PHONE FOUND on Feb 21st atNelson Ave/Bennett St, Burnaby.Call to identify, 604-433-7121PRESCRIPTION EYEGLASSES,small designer glasses. FoundMarch 17 on Pedestrian Over-pass near skytrain in New West.Call to ID. 604-544-6778WALLET FOUND on March 8 inBurnaby near Hastings &Gilmore. Call to ID. 604-299-5609All advertising published in this newspaper isaccepted on the premise that the merchandiseand services offered are accurately describedand willingly sold to buyers at the advertisedprices. Advertisers are aware of these conditions.Advertising that does not conform to thesestandards or that is deceptive or misleading,is never knowingly accepted. If any readerencounters non-compliance with these standardswe ask that you inform the Publisher of thisnewspaperandTheAdvertisingStandardsCouncilof B.C. OMISSIONANDERROR: The publishersdo not guarantee the insertion of a particularadvertisement on a specified date, or at all,although every effort will be made to meet thewishes of the advertisers. Further, the publishersdo not accept liability for any loss or damagecaused by an error or inaccuracy in the printingof an advertisement beyond the amount paidfor the space actually occupied by the portion ofthe advertisement in which the error occurred.Any corrections or changes will be made in thenext available issue. The Burnaby Now & TheNew Westminster Record will be responsible foronly one incorrect insertion with liability limitedto that portion of the advertisement affected bythe error. Request for adjustments or correctionson charges must be made within 30 days ofthe ads expiration. For best results pleasecheck your ad for accuracy the first dayit appears. Refunds made only after 7business days notice!BC Coroners ServiceMinistry of JusticeCoronerLower MainlandWe are seeking an individual who is interested in an opportunity to serve thecommunity in this unique position. Under the direction of the Regional Coroner,you will work as an as-and-when-requiredmedico-legal investigator.Youmust have completed a degree or diploma in a health, legal or social sciencesfield and have five yearsexperience in a related field or an equivalent combinationof education and relevant experience.This position is not open to current provincial government employees, currentcivilian employees or volunteers of any police force or health authorities, or anyposition which may create potential conflict of interest or perception of bias orinterfere with the impartiality of your role.This is not a salaried position. Pay is dependent on the number of cases and hoursworked and will vary in each community.If you have the necessary skills to serve in this interesting and challengingrole, and you reside in the Lower Mainland area, please forward yourcovering letter and rsum, clearly demonstrating how you meet eachof the qualifications above and in the job description, by April 16, 2012.Quoting Reference Number: 2012:LM0001, pleasesend your application to: Office of the Chief Coroner,Suite 800, Metrotower II, 4720 Kingsway, Burnaby,BC V7H 4N2; email: BC.Corser@gov.bc.ca; or fax:604.660.7766.We thank all applicants for their interest; however onlythose selected for an interview will be contacted.To learn more, please visit www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/coronersFEATURED EMPLOYMENTANNOUNCEMENTSFeatured Employment Continues on next pageAll advertising published in this newspaper isaccepted on the premise that the merchandiseand services offered are accurately describedand willingly sold to buyers at the advertisedprices. Advertisers are aware of these conditions.Advertising that does not conform to thesestandards or that is deceptive or misleading,is never knowingly accepted. If any readerencounters non-compliance with these standardswe ask that you inform the Publisher of thisnewspaperandTheAdvertisingStandardsCouncilof B.C. OMISSIONANDERROR: The publishersdo not guarantee the insertion of a particularadvertisement on a specified date, or at all,although every effort will be made to meet thewishes of the advertisers. Further, the publishersdo not accept liability for any loss or damagecaused by an error or inaccuracy in the printingof an advertisement beyond the amount paidfor the space actually occupied by the portion ofthe advertisement in which the error occurred.Any corrections or changes will be made in thenext available issue. The Burnaby Now & TheNew Westminster Record will be responsible foronly one incorrect insertion with liability limitedto that portion of the advertisement affected bythe error. Request for adjustments or correctionson charges must be made within 30 days ofthe ads expiration. For best results pleasecheck your ad for accuracy the first dayit appears. Refunds made only after 7business days notice!MINIMUM AD SIZE IS 1 COL X 1 - UNTIL APRIL 15, 2012604-444-3000Colouravailable-AskfordetailsBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A57A58 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWVERAS BURGER ( Vanc) hiringF/T Night Shift Food CounterAttendant $10.50 hr/ prev. exp. anasset but not mandatory.e-res: verakits@gmail.com1232Drivers1232DRIVERS WANTED AZ, DZ, 3 or1: - Terrific career opportunitywith outstanding growth potentialto learn how to locate rail defectsusing non-destructive testing. NoExp. Needed!! Plus extensivepaid travel, meal allowance, 4weeks vacation and benefits pkg.Skills Needed - Ability to travel 3months at a time, valid license,High School Diploma or GED.Apply online at:www.sperryra i l .com undercareers. Click here to apply,keyword: Driver. DO NOT FILL INCITY OR STATE. EOE1240GeneralEmployment1240CONCRETE RESTORATIONworkers needed. Expd in poly-urethane injection & membranes,waterproofing and swingstage.Valid D.L. Call 604-876-65611205Accounting1205ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTWe seek an administrative/accounting assistant.Email grsstt@msn.comMARPOLE TRANSPORThas an opening for a full timeJUNIORACCOUNTINGCLERK/ADMINASSISTANTat its Delta terminal.Responsibilities: Supportaccounting team, GL entries,A/R, A/P, reconciliations,data entry, filing and othergeneral office duties. Pastaccounting experience withexcellent communication,interpersonal, andadministrative skills a must.Competitive salary andbenefit package offered.Please submit resume tohr@marpoletransport.comHAS AIRCRAFTREFUELER POSITIONSAVAILABLEShift work, 24-hour operation.Operate ground support equipmentMUST HOLD A VALIDCLASS 5 DRIVERS LICENSEand VALID or PREVIOUSRESTRICTED AREA PASSEXCELLENT BENEFITS PACKAGEMEDICAL/DENTAL /HEALTH BENEFITSPAID TRAINING / UNIFORM /PARKINGYou must be a Canadian Citizen orLanded ImmigrantTo apply please forward your resume to:yvr.hr@am.servisair.comNo phone calls please. We thank allapplicants, however only successfulapplicants will be contacted.GlobeGroundFuel ServicesNow HiringFLAGPERSONS &LANE CLOSURE TECHS Must have reliable vehicle Must be certied & experienced Union Wages & BenetsApply in person19689 Telegraph Trail, Langleyfax resume to 604-513-3661or email:darlene@valleytrafc.caDRAFTSMENAGI-ENVIROTANK in Biggar,SK . r equ i r e s d r a f t smen .Relocation to Biggar required.$25-40hr DOE. Experience inoilfield tank assembly andautodesk inventor is an asset.Send resume to:info@envirotank.comor fax: 306-948-5263MAINTENANCE PERSONSwimming Pool Co needs amaintenance person to join ourbusy team.We are looking for a reliable,energetic individual with a pos-itive attitude, with good atten-tion to detail. Bondable.Must have car - in good work-ing order. Will train.Please reply to:poolwaters@gmail.comThank you for your interesthowever only those selected foran interview will be contacted.1240GeneralEmployment1240Cordeiro Maint. seeking F/Tl a n d s c a p e r . S e v y e a r sexperience a must! 20 hr.E-res: cordeirojobs@gmail.comNASITTUQ CORPORATIONTEMPORARY POSITIONS ATVARIOUS NORTHERN SITES(March to December 2012)E x c i t i n g e m p l o y m e n topportunities in Canadas Arctici n c l u d e : Bea r Mon i t o r s ,Labourers, Building Custodians,Heavy Equipment Operators,Cooks/Chefs, HVAC, Riggers,C a r p e n t e r s , P l u m b e r s ,Electricians, Vehicle/DieselMechan i cs , Powe r P lan tOperators, Weather Observers,Project Coordinators, SiteSupe r v i s o r s , Wa r ehou sepersons. For more information,v i s i t o u r w e b s i t e @www.nasittuq.comSubmit your resume to HRRecruitment by E-mail to:recruit@nasittuq.ca or Fax: (613)787-3888. Nasittuq is committedto employment equity andencourages applications from allqualified groups.STARTA CAREER AT?WhyNOW HIRINGfor exciting careers in engineering, operations,construction, supply chain management and more.Visit www.megenergy.com to apply today.We asked our employeesReason #41The opportunities are endless.Whether youre just starting your career or looking toadvance, MEG is growing and as we do, opportunitiesfor personal and professional growth are available.Dual Electrical & Instrument TechnicianChristina Lake Project, ABSite Materials Management Lead, ProjectsChristina Lake Project, ABField Measurement CoordinatorChristina Lake Project, ABFinancial AccountantCalgary, AB (Corporate)1266Medical/Dental1266Bros Dental Laboratory isseeking a Dental Technician.Completion of College program indental technology, 5 yrs or morerelated work exp. are required.Competency in English, Korean isasset. $25.00/hr, 40 hrs/weekEmail Resume to:dentaljob01@gmail.comor Fax: 604-677-79751290Sales1290AVONAVONLooking toEARN EXTRAEARN EXTRAMoney?Be an AVON independentSales Rep/Unit Leader.Call 604-430-4958Call 604-430-49581293Social Services1293Call 604-708-2628www.plea.caSome great kids aged 12 to 18who needa stable, caring home for a few months.Are you looking for the opportunity todo meaningful, fullling work? PLEACommunity Services is looking forqualied applicants who can providecare for youth in their home on afull-time basis or on weekends for respite.Training, support and remunerationare provided. Funding is available formodications to better equip your home.A child at risk is waiting for an open door.Make it yours.1300Teachers/Instructors1300JUNIORCITIZENSCARECENTRECoquitlam / Port MoodyHiring F/T & P/T 15.35/HourECE & Infant Toddler Educ.French, Mandarin & MusicEmail resume:juniorcitizens@shaw.caOr phone: 604-779-5437NEWHORIZONMontessori SchoolCOQUITLAMwww.nhmontessori.comAccepting Applicationsfor F/T & P/T positionsAvailable Immediately & SeptCertifiedECE&MONTESSORITEACHERApply within orEmail resume:nhmontessori@hotmail.com1310Trades/Technical1310Established InsulationCompany SeeksQual i f ied Insulators , F i reStoppers and Spray FoamApplicators. Vehicle required, toprates paid.Call 604-572-5288Or Fax to: 604-572-5278FEATURED EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENTFind yourdream Job.1310Trades/Technical1310ECONSTRUCTION Ltd. , a majorroad construction contractorserving Fort McMurray and areafor over 35 years, has careeropportunities available for theupcoming busy constructionseason:Pro jec t Manager ; Pro jec tS u p e r i n t e n d e n t ; P r o j e c tCoordinator; Estimator; Survey/Coordinator; Safety Coordinator;Crew Forman; All Asphalt PlantPersonnel; Base, Underground &Paving Personnel including: TopMan/Gradesman, Finish Grader,L o a d e r , P a c k e r , D o z e r ,Excavator, Tractor & Rubber TireBackhoe, Water Truck, Skidsteer,Paver/Screed, Roller, Pipelayer,Dump Truck, Vac Truck.GREAT WAGES & BENEFITS!E m a i l :Employmenteclfm@ecltd.caor fax: 780-743-5946.STANDARD GENERAL INC.Building Better Roads - We are amajor Road Const ruc t ionContractor serving the GreaterEdmonton Alberta Region. Werequire skilled staff for positions inconcrete, asphalt paving andbase preparation. Please reviewpositions and submit applicationsvia our web site availableemployment opportuni t ies:www.standardgeneraledmonton.caWELDERSAGI-Envirotank in Biggar, SK.requires journeymen welders.Relocation to Biggar required.$30hr DOE. Oi l f ie ld tankassembly experience would be anasset. Company offers acomprehensive benefit package.Send resume to:info@environtank.com or fax:306-948-5263.EDUCATIONFOODSAFE1 DAY COURSES ONLY $62!Burnaby: Apr 7 or 28Vancouver: Every Sat, Sun & MonAlso Coq Sry Rcmd P.Meadows LglyHealth Inspector Instructors!ADVANCE Continuing EducationBCs #1 Foodsafe Choice Since 2003!www.advance-education.com604-272-72131403Career Services/Job Search1403INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENTOPERATOR SCHOOL. Sites inAB & BC. Hands on real worldmachine training. NO Simulators.Start any Monday. Fundingoptions. www.IHESchool.com1-866-399-38531415Music/Theatre/Dance1415IN HOME OR STUDIO LESSONSPiano, Theory & other instruments.Allegro Music School 604-327-7765Study alternative health care at one of Canada's leadingTraditional Chinese Medicine training and clinicalinstitutions. Learn from experienced, licensed practitionersfrom around the globe and gain practical experience at ouron-site clinic and holistic healing center.PREPARE FORHelp others achieve balance andwellness through natural medicine.Programs:Spa practitionerAcupunctureEstheticianRegistered MassageTherapyDoctor of traditionalchinese medicineTraditional chinesemedicine practitionerTui na / AnmoA CAREERNATURALHEALTHINCall us Today1.800.764.1858van.pcucollege.caTRAINWITH BCS LARGEST ANDMOST RESPECTED CAREER TRAINERJOIN US ON:www.sprottshaw.comNew Westminster Campus:New Westminster Campus:604-520-3900604-520-3900 EARLY CHILDHOODEDUCATIONPost Basic*Evening Courses Available in NewWest COMMUNITY SUPPORT WORKER HEALTHCARE ASSISTANT PRACTICAL NURSING PAYROLL ADMINISTRATORTRUTH IN''EMPLOYMENT''ADVERTISINGGlacier Media Group makesevery effort to ensure youare responding to areputable and legitimate jobopportunity. If you suspectthat an ad to which youh a v e r e s p o n d e d i smisleading, here are someh i n t s t o r emembe r .Legitimate employers donot ask for money as part ofthe application process; donot send money; do not giveany credit card information;or call a 900 number inorder to respond to anemployment ad.Job opportunity ads aresalary based and do notrequire an investment.If you have responded to anad which you believe to bemisleading please call theBetter Business Bureau at604-682-2711, Monday toFriday, 9am - 3pm or emailinquiries@bbbvan.organd they will investigate.MECHANICS!!CommercialTransport /Heavy DutyInterprovincialRed Seal mandatory.Great career opportunityApply Now!West Coast Reductionlocated in eastVancouver.Very competitive wageand benets.Email resumes torpretorius@wcrl.comis seekingGrade Person/PipeShooterExcavator OperatorPipelayerLabourerwith experience in undergroundutility work. We offer competitivewages, great company benets.Grade Person/Pipe Shooterposition c/w company vehicle.Send resume via email to:rdinicolo@sandpiper.bc.caMainlineExcavator Operatorwith experience in undergroundutilitywork.Weoffercompetitivewages, great company benets.Full time position in a 2 yearlong project.lhandy@sandpiper.bc.ca2060For Sale -Miscellaneous2060SAVE 50% ON TOP QUALITYWALK-IN SAFETY BATHTUBSwww.bcseniorsafetyservices.com Professional InstallationCall: (604) 940-8814HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS.Best Price, Best Quality.All Shapes & Colors Available.Call 1-866-652-6837www.thecoverguy.com/newspaperJANOME 8000 Embroidery/Sew-ing Machine, memory cards, mir-acle stitcher/piping ft. Complete,all manuals. $650. 604-435-02042075Furniture2075LEATHER SOFA & love seat,light peach $150; Sofa & loveseat, cream colors $115; both inexc cond. Queen size bedrm ste,incls bed frame, box spring,dresser with mirror, headboard, 2night stands w/lamps $50.604-961-4792MOVING Must Sell. Solid woodfurn/sofa/rocker/ love seat/ tables/chairs/ dining & bdrm ste/ hutch/buffet. Exc/reas. 604-299-17052080Garage Sale2080925 Duncan Avenue,ESTATE SALEFriday Mar 30-Sunday Apr 110:00 AM - 7:00 PM,Everything Must Go!Priced to Sell!Rain or Shine.CAREERS&TRAININGContact Kim DeWildt 604-998-1205 kdwildt@van.netTIPS & ADVICE BCs New Employment Centres CV or resume Dressing for an interviewCAREERS IN: CONSTRUCTION HIGH TECH LEGAL AEROSPACEFind your copy of NEXT at libraries,employment centres, SkyTrain stationsand post secondaryand secondaryschools.APRIL ISSUE COMING SOON!LEARN MORE GET THE JOBNext Issue:April 7Advertising Deadline:March 29Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A59A60 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW3025ChildrensActivities3025JUDY KILLEEN 604-833-8044Sutton Group West Coast Realty#2 - 50 RICHMOND ST., NEW WESTMINSTERImmaculate, freshly painted, 2-level, northeast facing,1642 sq. ft. townhouse. 2 patios, double-car garage, lotsof storage. Fabulous kitchen with eating bar, huge masterbedroom with walk-in closet. VACANT. MLS# V932602For Pictures, Videos, Floor Plans,visit www.mrsrealestate.caLIKE NEW 2-3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSEOPEN SATURDAY 2-4 PM $500,000Jason Luke 778-834-6873www.JasonLuke.ca Re/Max Advantage#303 3 K de K Court@ The NewWestminster Quay!Large 1 bed and den.Pets OK. Insuite laundry,2 minutes to SkyTrain.$338,800WATERFRONT VIEW! And DECK!Open House Saturday & Sunday, 2-4pm6005Real EstateServices6005EDGOSSPark Georgia RealtySELLING /BUYINGServing you for 28 yearswww.edgoss.comCall 604-644-01416008Condos/Townhouses60086008-18NewWestminster6008-181 BR. Uptown New West Condo,Best Price on MLS, $155,000Bright, Price reduced $8,800.Going to Calgary, 650 Sq. Ft. FullReno, Pool, Prkg, 7 Blocks toNew West Skytrain, big rooms,Dog OK. Call Cindy Gering at604-779-1292 Royal LepageN. WEST: 2 BR, sunny west exp,W/D, rentals/pets ok. $219,900.HIRA Sutton 604-318-94746008-28Richmond6008-28SAT/SUN, 2-4, Unit #514 - 9651Glendower Drive. 3 BR, 2 baths.Newly renod. Centrally located.Michael Lepore, Royal LePageWestside, 604-295-3974. Visitwebsite for photos & floor plans.www.AccoladeRealEstate.ca6015For Sale byOwner6015uSELLaHOME.com673 Homes 62 businesses FSBOSell your home, only $99. 604-574-5243Sry Boundary Pk immaculate 2340sf 4br2.5ba $789,900 778-218-9637 id5510Sry Centre ground level 1500sf 2br 2ba 45+tnhouse $254,900 868-7716 id5516Sry E Newton near new, 4200sf 6br 5.5baw/suite, $719K 778-846-8047 id55176020Houses - Sale60206020-01Real Estate6020-01WEBUYHOMESDamaged Homes! Pretty Homes!Any Condition! No Fees! No Risk!Quick Cash! Convenient! Private!( 604) 657-9422www.webuyhomesbc.com6035Mobile Homes6035Great Location &Quiet BROOKSWOODESTATEUnit 23 - 3931 - 198 St, Langley2 BR single mobile, OWN lot,storage shed, 55 + Park. Pets OK.RV Parking. Maint fee $100/mo.$139,900. Agents ok. Open toOffers. By Owner. 604-309-59746050Out Of TownProperty6050Fabulous Summer HomeTerrific Retirement HomeCountry Bed &Breakfast$537,500 USD* 2,750 sqft./ on .95 acres** 4 Bedrooms * 3.25 Bathrooms* Oversized 2 Car Garage* Carport & Outbuilding* Drive onto Beautiful SamishIsland, just North of Anacortes,Wa., to this custom Craftsmanhome with 25 feet of waterfrontwith adjacent road access. Parklike setting. Two level exoticwood deck with views of PadillaBay. Master with high ceilings,walk in closet, attached bath andsolid Carerra marble surfaces.Bonus room upstairs. Extensivehardwoods, solid fir doors, walk-in pantry, plenty of indoorstorage, maple cabinets.For more information pls call:Robert & Nancy Chaney,(for sale by owners)9418Marshall Rd, Bow,WA1-(360)395-5525.bubba@wavecable.com6065RecreationProperty6065Exclusive & Private Lake ShoreCottage, for all info:www.cottageonlake.ca $329,0006075Sunshine Coast6075MUST SELL!!! $217,000. 200ftocean front. Hardy Island, 10acres, sheltered bay, deepmoorage, drilled well, septicapproved, 5 min ot BC Ferry term,prop/fuel delivery, cell/internet,reasonable offers only. Call Rick604-582-6907 or 604-230-81176020Houses - Sale60206020-01Real Estate6020-01DIFFICULTY SELLING?Difficulty Making Payments?No Equity? Expired Listing? Penalty?We Take Over Payments! No Fees!www.GVCPS.ca / 604-812-3718www.bcforeclosures.com3 BR home from $18,500 down$1,710/mo. 604-538-8888, Alain@ Sutton WC Realty W. Rock6020-14Langley/Aldergrove6020-147243 199 Street, LangleyBeautiful 4 BR family homewithlegal bsmt ste, central location,$629,000. SuttonWest CoastRUPEMANN 778 240-79146020-34Surrey6020-34HOUSE ON 1/2 acre lot, rented,future developement, good in-vestment. $695K 604-324-06556025Industrial/Commercial6025Commercial Property KingswayBBY, 5% return, good investment.Price $1,595K. 604-324-06553507Cats3507BENGAL KITTENS, vet 1stshots dewormed, sweet natured,$600 Mission 1-604-814-1235CATS. Fixed - male and femalerescued cats. Free to good, n/sindoor homes only. 604-513-9310CATS for ADOPTIONRoyal City Humane Society.604-524-6447 www.rchs.bc.caPB RAGDOLL kittens, vet 1stshots, dewormed, health guar.,$450 & up Cel # 604-477-9961CATS&KITTENSFORADOPTION !604-724-76523508Dogs35086 YR old fem doberman black andtan, spayed, healthy, good withkids & people. Grt watchdog.$ 2 5 0 . 6 0 4 - 8 2 0 - 8 4 8 4604-626-5617ALL SMALL breed pups local &n o n s h e d d i n g , $ 3 9 9 + .604-590-3727 or 604-514-3474www.puppiesfishcritters.comCKC REG lab retriver pups black& yellow. Field champion stock.Shots, dew claws removed,wormed. $1,000. 604-454-8643Fila/Mastiff Guard Dog Pupsowners closest friend. Thievesworst nightmare. All shots. Readynow! 604-817-5957LAB PUPPIES yellow, males &females, view regd parents $550,vet checked,. Ph 604-701-1587REG/BELGIAN SHEPHERDMalinois pups, top Europeanworking bloodlines. Avail endAp r i l v e t c hecked , vac .1-250-333-8862weldonbay@gmail.com3540Pet Services3540PETS STAIN & SCRATCHon Wood, Granite, Stone, Grout?Call FIN Wood Stone Tile CARE778-889-7106, member BBB A+3015ChildcareAvailable3015SUSIES DAYCARE Burnaby/NWest, lge yd, playhouse, 25 yrs.Day or night. Ref. 604-526-54676008-18New Westminster6008-18BUNNY HOP!Burnaby North Sec. will behosting this event on 03/31/12for kids gr. K-3 with free gamesand Easter Egg Hunt. 11am-1pm3050Preschools/Kindergarten3050Precious MindsMontessori School1630 Edinburgh St., New West. Ages 2 - 6 Years Old Preschool & Kindergarten Full Montessori Curriculum604.516.7777Kids on the Gois a local guide for KidsActivities, Lessons, Education& Childcare If this tsyour business then thisis the perfect advertisingopportunity for you.This Feature runs the lastFriday of each month in TheBurnaby Now and New West.Record.To advertise callDarla604.444.3054Email: dburns@van.net5505Legal/Public Notices5505By virtue of theWarehousemans Lien Act,Mundies Towing, Storage & Service (1976) Ltd. will dispose of:1) 2004 CHEVROLETMONTECARLO VIN# 2G1WZ121949176268RO: ESTATE OF RICHARD ANTHONY SKORUPA.1) 2004 KIA SORENTO VIN# KNDJC733645330857RO: RONALD JAMES BARKER.Units may be viewed and bids to be submitted on MondayApril 2, 2012 at 5917 Thorne Avenue Burnaby, B.C.between 10:00am to 3:00 pm. All written bids to Mundies Towing,5917 Thorne Ave, Burnaby, B.C. V3N 2T8.5505Legal/PublicNotices5505I solemnly declare on behalf ofmyself and my wife and childrenand remitter issue whollyrenounce/ re l inqu ish andchange my former name ofSangeet Rajkumar and inplace thereof I do herebyassume from this date thename/surname asSangeet / Rajkumar.5505Legal/PublicNotices5505I solemnly declare on behalf ofmyself and my wife andchildren and remitter issuewholly renounce/ relinquishand change my Sons formername of Ian Rajkumar and inplace thereof I do herebyassume from this date then a m e / s u r n a m e a sIan / Rajkumar.LEGALSSAVE A LIFE. Wonderful rescuedogs from Foreclosed UponPets. Spay/neutered, regularv a c c i n a t i o n s & r a b i e s ,microchipped. $449 adoption fee,avail at your local Petcetera stores.YELLOW LAB p/b puppy. Nopapers. 1 male, 4 mo. Dewormed,1st shot. $400. 778-373-1234The Burnaby Now andNew West Record havepartnered with the BC SPCAto encourage responsible petguardianship and the humanetreatment of animals. Beforepurchasing a new puppy, ensurethe seller has provided excellentcare and treatment of the animaland the breeding parents. For acomplete guide to nding areputable breeder and otherconsiderations when acquiringa new pet, visit spca.bc.ca.Cares!5005Accounting/Bookkeeping5005INCOME TAX Returns: Delinquentor current. Small Business orPersonal Taxes. 20 yrs exp. Start$35 per return 604-420-1108Email: kalr@shaw.ca5005Accounting/Bookkeeping5005TAXRETURNSPersonal or Self-employedProfessional and ReliablePick up and DeliveryDisc. for senior & student778-989-6863R.Leung&Associates CGAAccountants with 20 yrs exp.Income taxes, bookkeeping,year end financial reports,consulting and financialplanning services.Ourmission:DO IT RIGHT andHelp BUSINESSGROW.604-568-5548Raymond LeungWe have recently moved to#9504 Erickson Dr, Burnabyemail: raymond@rleungassociates.comPERSONAL Tax ReturnsBrenda Lai & Company, CGA6669A Hastings Street, Bby(604) 299-7877TOADYS INCOMETAXsince 1998Personal & E-File ServicesFree Pickup & DeliveryPrompt Reliable ServiceLicensed.Please call Nick604-430-19815005Accounting/Bookkeeping5005 Fast, Accurate, Friendly Year-Round Service Accounting & Bookkeeping Instant Tax Refund US Tax & Corporate Tax Monday-Saturday 8am-7pmOfce Location:Burnaby: 4331 Hastings Street, Burnaby V4N 1L6604-293-1335 www.libertytaxcanada.caCall: 1-866-290-2222TAX TIMEREAL ESTATE4060Metaphysical4060TRUEADVICE! TRUEClarity!TRUEPSYCHICS!1-877-342-3032 or 1-900-528-6256or mobile # 3563 (18+)$3.19/min.www.truepsychics.ca4020Health Products& Services4020HERBAL MAGIC - With HerbalMagic lose up to 20 pounds in just8 weeks and keep it off. ResultsGuaranteed! Start today, Call1-800-821-8679BUSINESS SERVICES5017BusinessServices5017HAVE YOU BEEN DENIEDCanada Pension Plan DisabilityBenefits? The Disability ClaimsAdvocacy Clinic can help.Contact Allison Schmidt at:1-877-793-3222 - www.dcac.ca5035FinancialServices5035CUTYOURDebt by up to 70%DEBT Forgiveness ProgramAvoid Bankruptcy, StopsCreditor Calls. Much lowerPayments at 0% Interest.We work forYou,not Your Creditors.Call 1-866-690-3328www.4pillars.ca5060Legal Services5060CRIMINAL RECORD?Mo n e y - b a c k g u a r a n t e e .100,000+ Record Removalssince 1989. A+ BBB Rating. Only$45 . 50 /mon t h - Assu r e sEMPLOYMENT & TRAVELFREEDOM. Call for FREE INFOBOOKLET - 1-8-NOW-PARDON(1-866-972-7366)www.RemoveYourRecord.comPETS & LIVESTOCKCARM-ELLEAPARTMENTS815 - 5th Ave, NewWest1 BR apartments.Includes heat, h/w & cable.U/grnd prkg avail. No pets.Call 604-521-2866 or604-619-5323RENTALSRefreshingly Clean Meticulously MaintainedSurrey Gardens Apartmentsfor your new one bedroom homewww.GreatApartments.ca1MONTHFREE!Owner Managed.Sorry, No Pets.Call to view!604-589-7040From$670.006508Apt/Condos65081 bdrm from$8302 bdrm from$1056Include heat, hot water,D/W, gym & visual intercom.U/G parking & storage avail.Near transit/Skytrain& shopping.Pet-Friendly CommunityRENTALS 778-727-0188rentals@capreit.netwww.caprent.com1021 HOWAY ST.NEW WESTMINSTER6508Apt/Condos6508BBY EDMONDS skytrain. BrandNew 2 BR condo, 2 bath, Greatview! NS/NP. Refs, credit check.Avail now. $1800 604-773-27556508Apt/Condos650811 bdrm frombdrm from$$85085022 bdrm frombdrm from$$11001100Residential neighborhood.Close to parks and publictransit. Hardwood oors.1116 HAMILTON ST.NEWWESTMINSTERRENTALS 778-801-1613rentals@capreit.netwww.caprent.comRENTALS778-727-0209rentals@capreit.netwww.caprent.comBach fromBach from$$77077011 Bdrm fromBdrm from$$90090022 Bdrm fromBdrm from$$11701170Beautifully landscaped groundswith views of Fraser river.Outdoor swimming pool andclose to parks and shopping.810 ST. ANDREWS ST.810 ST. ANDREWS ST.NEW WESTMINSTERNEW WESTMINSTERMove In Bonus6508Apt/Condos6508700 PARK CRESCENT NewWestminster, 1 BEDROOM $925.Adult friendly building. visual in-tercom, gated parking. Nearshops & bus. Includes hotwater &storage. Sorry No Pets!!Call 604-522-3391AMBERROCHESTOR545 Rochester Ave, CoqClose to LougheedMall,S.F.U. & Transportation.office:604- 936-3907AMBER (W)401Westview St, CoqLarge Units.Near LougheedMall.Transportation & S.F.U.office: 604- 939-2136cell: 604-727-5178ARBOURGREENE552 Dansey Ave, CoqExtra Large 2 Bedrooms.Close to Lougheed Mall &S.F.U.office: 604- 939-4903cell: 778- 229-1358604-464-7548Port Moody Newport Vill,1BR+den Heritage Grand, g/lv,balc, inste w/d N/S, n/p. $1150H e r i t a g e M t n 2 B Rtownhouse, backs ravine, gasf/p w/d, garage. Cat ok. $1350.Westwood Plateau 2BR, 2 bath,outdoor pool/spa, walk-in closet,new carpet/paint, ns, np. $1350.COQ 2 BR, 2bath condo, instewd, d/w, fp, deck, gym/pool, recrm, u/g prkg, nr Coq Ctr, $1300,ns/np, May 1. Call 604 512-8725COQ 2 BR apartment $970, hotwater & parking included, quietcomplex, no pets. 778-316-4777.COQ, LOUGH MALL. Lrg, bright2 BR, top flr. 1,000 sf. N/p. $950incl heat, h/w & prkg. Nr Skytrain& SFU.Wanda, 604-939-0944 orAdam, 604-771-7148. Avail now.COQ PRESTIGIOUS - WEST-WOOD PLATEAU, BRAND NEWnot your average apt but aluxurious 1200 sqft living space. 2BR, 2 baths, f/p, covered patio,h/w flrs, kitchen is fully loadedwith high end appls, solid granitecounter tops, enste w/d, cls toshops, bu,s, schools, golf, AvailApr 1. $1550. 604-469-6990CALYPSOCOURT1030 - 5th Ave, NewWestNear Transportation &Douglas College.Well Managed Building.office: 604- 524-8174cell: 604 354-9112Tim Stephens' Astral Reections April 1-7, 2012Aries March 21 - April 19: Your energy, charismaand clout remain high, and now, at last (Wednesdayonward) you can charge ahead effectively, give orders,ask favours, impress the right/key people, and startimportant projects. (In doing so, remember that yourluck is high in earnings and sales, so a good projectwould be monetary: to earn more, sell, buy lock inmoney favour by starting a job, business, etc. now.) Agovernment or similar obligation (taxes) hangs overyou solve this. Romance calls Sunday/Monday answer! Tackle chores midweek. Relationships excite,confuse and climax, Thursday on.Taurus April 20-May 20: Lie low, rest andcontemplate. Wednesday onward, plan futureactions. This day ends recent delays, mistakesand indecisiveness. Lie low, rest and contemplate.Wednesday onward, plan future actions. This dayends recent delays, mistakes and indecisiveness.Your money picture looks better now into earlyAugust. Its an excellent time to seek employment,especially before mid-May and after late June. Settleinto home Sunday/Monday. Romance, pleasure,beauty and creativity lure you Tuesday/Wednesday.Tackle chores, Thursday/Friday. Someone wants youand doesnt want you, Saturday.Gemini May 21-June 20: Delays, mistakes andindecision end technically Wednesday, but it cantake you awhile to get back in the rhythm. By April10 youll be fully condent and ready to act, and bythe 13th(onward) your hopes will return solidly. Thatleaves the present week despite some uncertainties,you are beginning to radiate a new, gentle charm;this is the beginning of a four-month phase duringwhich others (Aries? Aquarius?) will be attracted toyou, even as mate material. Youre back on the rise,Gemini! (But dont push it before September.) Besttravel day: Sunday. Love day: Friday.Cancer June 21-July 22: Recent delays andmistakes end. They affected your career, prestige,legal, travel and intellectual pursuits. Your ambitionscome into sharp focus be ready to act on themnext week. (This week is best spent reconnoitring,planning.) Your inner life grows sweeter over the nextfour months old allies return, things go well withgovernment links, and you luxuriate in moments ofsolitude. Its a good phase to make family and propertydecisions. You might end things with a Libra to bothyour benet. Moneys lucky Sunday/Monday chaseit. Midweeks friendly. Caution Thursday p.m.Leo July 23-Aug. 22: Theres always a reason.When you contemplate the last 15 years and the lovedisappointments that might have occurred, rememberthis. When you contemplate the next 15 years, includetwo things: 1) sex gets better; 2) past deception ends.The four months ahead boost your popularity, yourhappiness and playfulness. Someones irting! A ratherbig wish involving travel or earnings will come true.Thisweek, recent delays and indecisions end (technically,Wednesday morning). Your energy and charismasoar Sunday/Monday. Chase money midweek. Travel,friends late week. Be home, Saturday.Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22: Delays and mistakes(especially in relationships) end Wednesday. Nowforward, chase new investments (or solve debtproblems) seek intimacy with someone compelling,charge into lifestyle changes, commitments, researchand (health, etc.) diagnosis. Youre going to take somesignicant action in one or more of these sectorsbefore July. Tuesday begins four months of unusualfavour from higher-ups, parents and VIPs proposea project or two. You might be promoted. Lie low,research and plan Sunday/Monday. Your energy andcharisma surge midweek. Money needs cautionThursday/Friday.Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22: Delays and indecision end.Youre free to proceed with new ventures, especiallyin work and relationships. The 15 months aheadpromote success with members of the oppositesex. (Sweet understandings now to August, cheerfulagreement September to June 2013. Marriagepossible but better if he/she shows after July3.) These 15 months also boost your success inlegal, international, higher education, cultural,publishing and far travel zones. Your popularity risesSunday/Monday. Someone irts. Retreat, rest andcontemplate midweek. Your energy, charisma surgeThursday/Friday.Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21: Tackle chores.Ambitionslucky Sunday/Monday. Recent delays and mistakesend. If an old ame reappeared lately, now it endsor proceeds. Huge love and sexual attractions loom,this April right into June 2013. Lust and love, lust andmarriage, are different things, with different motives.Great good luck and karmic tests mingle deeplyhere: so proceed, but realize everythings complex.Listen to clues, and check with your intuition. Onethings fairly simple: marrying (or divorcing) is luckyuntil June, and quite unlucky (bad karma) fromSeptember 2012 to February 2014.Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21: Recent delays andindecision melt away; youre free to advance. LovingVenus enters your sign of partnership and relocationTuesday, to stay until early August. Others will treatyou with grace and affection. In addition, luckyJupiter enters this same zone in June, to stay for ayear. Love and luck! Yet difcult karma inhabits thisarea until Aug. 30. Id wait. Partnering, relocation,fame, public interfacing, litigation all might bea sweet trap to August. Sunday/Monday is wise,loving. Be ambitious midweek. Popularity, optimismThursday/Friday. Retreat Saturday.Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19: Delays, mistakes andconundrums end (technically, Wednesday). Soon, too,a barrier will fall in a legal, educational, publishing,fame or international situation, perhaps one involvingreal estate, a family member, or putting an end tosomething. Messages that had been delayed or lostshow up now. Your work scene grows much morepleasant to August and health improves still, difcultkarma creeps through these zones, so accept gladlywhat comes, but dont pursue more. (This summerbegins a huge increase in work for you, to mid-2013.)Climb a career ladder Thursday/Friday.Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18: Delays, mistakes endWednesday. Fifteen years of indecision is also endingnow. Little by little, every month, every year for thenext 15, you will grow more rm in your convictionsand choices. Drug/alcohol use will abate. Back tonormal. Travel, talk, writing, details, errands surroundyou in April get going! Your romantic, creative,speculative and child-oriented zones glow withsweet affection Tuesday for four months. In June,even more good luck comes to these, for a year. It willbe hard to escape love! But a subtle trap might existhere until September: be patient.Pisces Feb. 19-March 20: Personal indecisionand outer delays end Wednesday, but it can take youa week or so to rmly nd your feet and directionagain. Next week (especially April 9, late, and 10) willbe a superb time to chase money and prestige. Thisweek, moneys a prime theme also, but a partner or anancial opportunity might be unstable, reluctant ordelayed: be patient. Your home, family, security andproperty zone lls with affection and luck Tuesday toAugust. And an even bigger luck comes this June, tomid-13. Still, karmic traps might lurk: be patient untilSeptember. Mysteries, late week.timstephens@shaw.ca Reading: 604-560-1269COTTONWOODPLAZA555 CottonwoodAve, CoqLarge units somewith2nd bathroom or den.On bus routes, close toS.F.U. & LougheedMall.office: 604- 936-1225CEDARCOURT&CEDAR LODGEClean 1 BR & 2 BR Apts.Mature oriented building nearGuildford Mall. Rent incl cable,heat, hot water. Prkg available.N/P. Resident Managers.604-584-5233 or 604-588-8850www.cycloneholdings.ca6508Apt/Condos6508NEW WEST 2 BR apt, nr allamens, laundry facils, inste f/p,NS/NP. $940/mo. 604-783-6003GARDENVILLA1010 6th Ave, NewWest1 BR & 2 BR Available.Beautiful atrium with fountain.By shops, college & transit.Pets negotiable. Ref required.CALL 604 715-7764BAYSIDE PROPERTY SERVICESJUNIPERCOURT415Westview St, CoqClose to LougheedMall, allTransportation Connections,Schools & S.F.U.office: 604- 939-8905cell: 604- 916-0261KINGALBERTCOURT1300 King Albert, CoqClose to Transportation,Schools & S.F.U.office: 604-937-7343cell: 778-829-3567VILLAMARGARETA320-9th St, NewWestBach& 1 BRAvailable.All Suites Have Balconies.Undergrd Parking Available.Refs Required. Small Pet Ok.CALL 604 715-7764Bayside Properties ServicesNEWWESTSt Andrews Street1 BR Apt, Large balcony,updated, nr transit & amens.Avail Now. Small pet ok withpet deposit.Call 604-202-2420SKYLINE TOWERS102-120 Agnes St, N.WestHi-Rise Apartment withRiver View & Indoor Pool.1 BR & 2 BR Available.Rent includes heat & hotwater. Remodelled Buildingand Common area. Gatedundergrd parking available.References required.CALL 604 525-2122BAYSIDE PROPERTY SERVICES6508Apt/Condos6508NEW WEST. Bachelor or 1 BRs.$650 - $825/mo. Nicely upgradedbuilding. Call 604-724-8353NEWWESTMINSTERSt Andrews StreetUpdated 1 BR apt, withbalcony. Near bus, mall &Moody Park. Small pet okaywith pet deposit. Avail now.Call 604-540-93006508Apt/Condos6508SUNSET PARK5870 Sunset StreetClose to Bus & BCITSTUDIO & 1 BDRMQuiet park-like settingNewly RenodHeat/hot water incld604-291-8197www.sunsetparkapt.comWHITGIFTGARDENS1 BR $775. 2 BR $950.3 BR $1200.Rent incls heat, hot water &prkg. Family Living. On sitedaycare available. NearCottonwood Park, BasketballCourt & Skytrain. No pets.604 939-09446508Apt/Condos6508ROYALCRESCENTESTATES22588 Royal Crescent Ave,Maple RidgeLarge units. Close to GoldenEars Bridge. Great view of Riveroffice: 604- 463-0857cell: 604- 375-1768Never Lived In CondosJust Completed!(13897 Fraser Hwy, Surrey)1BR $900. 1BR +Den $1050.2BR 1ba $1150. 2BR 2ba $1200Spacious, stylish, ss appls,w/d, lrg closets, f/p, 12 monthsfree cable & net, u/g prkg,storage locker, bldg gym, partyroom, community garden,playground. Off Fraser Hwy -no traffic noise, 2min to Skytr.778- 840-1644ROTARY TOWER25 Clute St, NewWestRenod concrete high rise.1 BR & Bach. By RoyalSquare Plaza, Safeway &transit. Rent incls heat, hotwater, hydro, cable. 55+ bldg.Contact Ana 778-859-0798Bayside Property 604-432-7774RentalsContinues on next pageTime to GetYourOwnPlace?Find your answer in theClassifieds in print and online!FORRENT1-BEDROOMAPT.Moveintomorrow.Affordablemonthlyrent.Go to http://www.burnabynow.comor call 604-444-3000.Burnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A61A62 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOW# 1 BACKHOE,EXCAVATOR&BOBCATonemini, drainage,landscaping, stump / rock /cement / oil tank removal.Water / sewer line, 24 hoursCall 341-4446 or 254-6865COPPERWORKS PLUMBINGWill doALL your plumbing needs.FREE Gift Card. 604-219-5555$69/HR Licd/Ins. Exp & friendlyClogged drains, plumbing, smalljobs OK! Call 24/7! 604-805-248810%Off with this Ad! For all yourplumbing, heating & reno needs.Lic Gas Fitter, Aman. 778-895-2005WESTMORPlumbing LtdRes - ComProfessional ServiceFLATRATE 7 DAYS/WK604-551-8531Free EstLic - Ins - BondedWESTMORPlumbing LtdRes - ComProfessional ServiceFLATRATE 7 DAYS/WK604-551-8531Free EstLic - Ins - BondedAnvil Plumbing &Anvil Plumbing &Heating LtdHeating Ltd.. Licensed Plumber Licensed Plumber Gas Fitter Gas Fitter24 Hour Emergency Service24 Hour Emergency Service15% off all plumbing & heating calls604-782-4344604-782-4344HotWater Tanks, Pipes, Drains,Furnaces, Jacuzzi Installations24hr Emergency RepairsLow Cost Bathroom Remodeling604-433-9300 call 7days/wkwww.youradvantage.ca8220Plumbing8220METRO BLACKTOP CO. LTDCustom work for Driveways &new lane Aprons. Repairs/resur-facing. Call Gino 604-657-99368205Paving/SealCoating8205ALLENASPHALT concrete, brick,drains, foundations, walls, mem-branes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187QUAYSIDE PAINTING3 rooms$250.00(604) 727-0043MYTHREESONSPAINTING&DECORATINGCall Dad 604-780-8560DVKPAINTING LTD.Call DaveInt/Ext. Res/Comm. Quality work.Great rates. WCB. 604-354-2930DJ PAINTING, Int/Ext. Com/Res.Drywall repair. Free ests. Cell:604-417-5917, 604-258-7300D & MPAINTINGInterior/Exterior SpecialistMany Years ExperienceFully InsuredTop Quality, Quick WorkFree Estimate604-724-3832ALLQUEST PAINTINGALLQUEST PAINTINGQuality Work You Can Trust!Interior & ExteriorUNBEATABLE PRICESFree Est. / Written GuaranteeInsured/WCB778-997-95828195Painting/Wallpaper8195Spring Specials3 ROOMS 4 ROOMS$299$379Top Quality Quick WorkFree EstimatesMagic Star PaintingCall Now: 780-6510Int. & Ext. Specialist, 20 yrs exp.* Reas. Rates, High Quality *Fast, clean, with refsLicensed, Insured &WCBJean-Guy BottinCell 604.626.1975CONFIDENTPAINTING LTD.8195Painting/Wallpaper8195STORMWORKS Oil Tank Removal Recommended Insured Reasonable Rates604-724-36708193Oil Tank Removal8193Best West Moving.com fast, 7days/week, short notice moves,great rates. Call 604-319-1010AMI MOVING 5 ton cube.Starting at $49/hour. Local & longdistances. 24/7 604-617-8620$35/HOUR PER PERSON 24/7Abe Moving & Delivery andRubbish Removal. 604-999-6020778.322.2462FREE BOXESFor Your MoveFast, Careful,Friendly &AffordableCall us now!B&Y MOVING604-708-8850Experienced Movers~ 2Men$55 ~Over 10 yrs. Exp. Licenced& Insured Professional PianoMoversAFFORDABLE MOVING604-537-4140www.affordablemoversbc.com1 to 3 Men1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 TonFrom$45We accept Visa, Mastercard & InteracLicenced & InsuredLocal & Long DistanceFREE ESTIMATESSeniors Discount8185Moving &Storage8185THE LAWNBUTCHEROnly Prime Cuts will do!C a l l J i m 7 7 8 - 8 3 9 - 6 2 5 0Power rake/aerate/lawn mow/clean-up/garden/hedge/tr im/prune. Qual low $. 778-241-9706* MUSHROOM MANURE *P/U or delivery. Covered storage.(604) 644-1878LAWNS CUT, power raking, yardclean, aerate, fertilize, gardening,hedges, pruning, gutters, rubbish.Seniors 25% disc. 604-773-0075Lawn Maint, Comm/Res. 20 yrsexp. power rake, aerating. Freeest. Reliable Reas. 604-649-9965LAWN CUTTING from $20,power raking, trimming, yardclean up. Wesley 604 551-55478160Lawn & Garden8160JIMSMOWING604-310-JIMS (5467)www.jimsmowing.caA & W Landscape Clean-ups,Disposal, Pruning, GUTTERSSeniors Disc. Al @ 604-783-3142A Gardener & A GentlemanLawn, garden, tree svcs. Pruning,yard clean-up, rubbish. 319-5302604-723-2468; Tran the Gardener.Lawns, aeration, power raking, cutting,trimming, cleanups. 604-723-2468WILDWOODLANDSCAPINGHedge Trimmimg & TreePruning & Hedge RemovalSpring Clean UpChaffer Control & LawnRestoration. Comm/Strata/ResAerating & Power Raking.Free Estimates.604-893-5745GARDENINGSERVICEMany years exp Free Est Lawn cuts Garden maintainance. Tree topping & trimming Power raking, aeration.Call Mr. Van 604-726-9741GARDENINGSERVICEMany years exp Free Est Lawn cuts Garden maintainance. Tree topping & trimming Power raking, aeration.Call Mr. Van 604-726-9741FRIENDLYNEIGHBOURLAWNCAREIm a neighbour of yours...Lawn Contracts Full Service Weed Control Create Flower Beds The Vegetable Patch Yard Clean-upCall Dan 604-862-4678www.fnlc.caResidential and Commercial Lawn Mowing Gardening Power Raking Hedge Trim Pruning Lawn RepairsFree Est. 604-779-6978email: alljobs@telus.netLawnLawnCareCareServicesServicesCell:778-846-5014778-846-5014www.lawnnutt.comwww.lawnnutt.com8160Lawn & Garden8160D JGardenScape Lawn Maintenance Power Raking Moss Control Trimming Spring CleanupCall for ourSPRINGSPECIALS604-589-8527 604-771-4636D JGardenScape Lawn Maintenance Power Raking Moss Control Trimming Spring CleanupCall for ourSPRINGSPECIALS604-589-8527 604-771-4636 OPERA LANDSCAPING Bobcat, retaining walls, irrigation,paving, fences. 778-688-2444Greenworx Redevelopment Inc.Hedges, Pavers, Ponds & Walls,Returfing, Demos, Drainage,Jackhammering. Old Pools Filledin, irrigation. 604.782.43228155Landscaping8155CONSTRUCTIVELANDSCAPING Stonework.paving stones Cedar decks/fencing PergolasCall Danny 604-250-7824www.constructivelandscaping.comRenos & Home ImprovementsKitchen & Baths, Tiling, Electrical,Carpentry +. WCB. 604-518-29488150Kitchens/Baths8150PRP RENOVATIONS. Kitchen &Bath Renos. Water damage 24/7.Insured, WCB 604-764-0399HANDYMAN Int & Ext repairs &renos. Carpentry, Kitch & Bath,Plumbing. Walter 604-790-0842DINA DONE- Complete Renovations- Electrical & Plumbing- Kitchen Bath & Tiles- Laminate FloorsSubcontractor/Handyman778-371-4768/778-968-1786778-371-4768/778-968-1786Dinadone.sal@gmail.comDinadone.sal@gmail.comASemi Retired TradesmanFor Small Repairs & Alterations.Richard 604-377-2480778.233.0559Renovate & RepairCarpentry, Flooring, DrywallPainting, Exterios & more!Specializing in Small JobsQuality Work, Professional Service8130Handyperson8130PRESSUREWASHING,Gutter Cleaning and RepairsCall George 778-859-7793A1 Steves Gutter Cleaning &Repair from $98. Gutters vacu-umed/hand clean. 604-524-0667NO HST!til MARCH 31 Gutter Installation,Cleaning & Repairs Roong & Roof Repairs Moss Control,Removal & Prevention25 year WarranteedLeaf & Needle GuardWCB Fully Insured100% Money Back Guarantee604-340-7189atyourhomeservicesgroup.caAT YOUR HOME GUTTERSBURNABY8125Gutters8125INSTALLATION REFINISHING,Sanding. Free est, great prices.Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508Golden Hardwood & Laminate& Tiles. Prof install, refinishing,sanding & repairs. 778-858-7263Artistry of Hardwood FloorsRefinish, sanding, install, dustlessProf & Quality work 604-219-69448105Flooring/Refinishing8105Hardwood FloorRefinishingRepairs & StainingInstallationFree EstimatesCentury Hardwood Floors604-376-7224www.centuryhardwood.comHardwood FloorRefinishingRepairs & StainingInstallationFree EstimatesCentury Hardwood Floors604-376-7224www.centuryhardwood.com8090Fencing/Gates8090West Coast Cedar InstallationsNew or repaired outdoor cedar specialists since 1991604-270-2358 or 604-788-6458EXCAVATING &BOBCAT SERVICES Garage Teardowns Demolition Driveway Widening Concrete & Asphalt Removal Landscape Removal Yard Leveling & Clean Up Digging & Trenching Dirt Removal Retaining Wall 10-40 Yard Disposal Bins604-306-85998087Excavating8087YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 ser-vice call. Insured. Lic # 89402.Fast same day service guard. Welove small jobs! 604-568-1899D&WELECTRICALComm/Res/Ind. All electrical. Lic& Bonded. WCB. 778-862-0098#1113 LOW COST ELECTRICComm/Res/Panel change Heat-ing. Lic & Bonded. 604-522-3435Small Jobs to rewires,lighting control, new houses,repairs. Insured & bonded.Knob & tube replacementspecialist. Lic. #23726.Call Chris,604-788-3864 Construction Renovations Maintenance604-861-2647FCE ELECTRIC8080Electrical8080MYTHREESONSDRYWALLRenovations, Repairs, Texture.Call Dad 604-780-85608075Drywall8075*Drywall * Taping * Texture *Stucco*Painting * Steel stud fram-ing Quality Home 604-725-89258060Concrete8060DALLANTONIA CONCRETEFriendly Family Run Businessfor over 40 years. 604-240-3408TOO BUSY TO CLEAN?Leave it to us to clean your homeor office. $27/hour. 604-362-0962GOOD RATES! Exc ref. Reliable& immac work. 20 years exp. Res/Comm. $22/hr. 604-525-0688EZ CLEANING. Bonded/insured.$20/hour. Vancouver, Richmond,Burnaby/N. West. 604-505-0108EUROPEAN QUALITY House-cleaning, reliable, exp , refs avail,also Move In or Out, 604 760-7702EUROPEAN LADY will cleanyour home or office. Prof, honest,reliable. Refs avail. 778-866-3908A.S.B.A. ENTERPRISE. Comm/Res. Free Est. $25/hour includessupplies. Insured. 604-723-01628055Cleaning8055A QUALITY CLEANING -7 days/wk res/comm, senior discount lowrate 778-998-9127 778-239-96098035Carpet Cleaning8035ROYALSTEAMCLEANINGCarpet, house, window, move in/out cleaning 604-765-8054*STRUCTURAL CHANGES*,framing, finishing, repairs. Profes-sional & precise, 778-233-05598030Carpentry8030* RENOS * Bsmt refinish * Drywall* Bath Tiles * Windows * Doors *Stairs. Call Norm 604-437-1470604-463-7919ALARMSystems Ltd.8010Alarm/Security8010HOME SERVICESRENTALS6605Townhouses -Rent6605RIVERS INLETTownhouses(CoquitlamCentre area)2 BR& 3BR Townhouse2 levels, 5 appls, decorativefireplace, carport. Sorry nopets. Great Location!We also have apartmentsBachelor, 1 BR & 2 BR call foravailability.604-942-2012coquitlampropertyrentals.comPOCO, bright, 2 BR g/l ste, fullbath, patio, fncd yrd, w/d, alarm,nr amens, N/s, N/p, refs, $1000,Apr 1. 604-720-4910 aft 3pmNEW WEST, Queensborough.Lrg 1 BR. $750 incl util & sat tv.Np. 604-515-7875, 778-829-7675NEW WEST. Clean 1 BR, f/bath.Ns/np. Near Skytrain & bus. $650incl hydro. Immed. 604-525-3554LOUGH MALL. New, lrg 2 BR. NrSkytrain, schls, all amens. $900incl utils. NS/NP. 778-384-7509COQ WW PLAT Newly RenodBright 3 BR w/out bsmt, ownW/D.NS/NP. $1150/mo 604-512-9023COQ, North Road/Como Lake. 1BR. $800 incl hydro/cbl. Priv w/d.Ns/np. Near SFU. 604-936-0634COQ Near Lougheed Mall. 2 BR,5 appls. NS/NP. Avail May 1.$1000 + 1/3 utls. 778-988-4570COQ, MARMONT/MADORE, 3BR main floor, renod, shd w/d,deck, $1,100/mo + utils. N/S, nodogs. Avail Apr 1. 604-937-3534COQ, LANSDOWNE. 1 BR +den. 1,100 sf. Patio. $900/mo +13util. Immed. Ns/np. 604-338-5473COQ CENTRE. Big 2 BR. Privw/d. Nr bus. $1000/mo incl hydro.April 1st. Ns/np. 604-942-5380COQ 3121 Pattulo. 2 BR bsmt,f/bath, own w/d, all appl. $950 inclutil. 2 min to Coq Centre. Greatlocation! Immed. 778-688-2594COQ 2BR 1 bath bsmt suiteacross from Town Centre Park.Call Quay Pacific Property MgmtLtd for appointment to View604-570-2786 Quoting code T07COQ 1BR glvl ste, NS/NP, likenew, clean, nr Coq Centre, availApril 1st, shrd w/d, prkg, $725incls hydro, 604-941-4659BCIT, 2 BR upr ste $1100 incl util,1 BR bsmt $650 incl util, shd wd,ns/np, newly reno, 604 253-5731BBY S. High Gate area, 1 BRbsmt ste, close to school, bus,park. $850/mo incls utils. Availnow. N/p N/s. Call 604-970-8232BBY NR Royal Oak/Grange new-er 2 BR g/lvl, nr schools/bus, ns,np. $850 incl hydro. Apr 1.604-649-7737, 604-433-3829BBY NORTH. Newly decorated 2BR bsmt, w/d, utils incls, cbl notincls, $800. Ns/np. 604-299-0617BBY, N. SFU area. New, big 2 BRbsmt. 5 appl, own laundry, radiantheat, prkg. Ns/np. Includes hydro.604-420-3269 or 604-760-70436602Suites/PartialHouses6602BBY, N. Finished room for rent.Shd kitchen/bath & w/d. Ns/np.$500/mo. Also 2 BR finished suitefor rent. $950/mo. Both incl hydro/cable. Avail now. 604-299-3695BBY, EDMONDS. 7471 VistaCrescent. Large 2 BR, grd/lvl. Privent & alarm. Vaulted 9 footceilings! Ns/np. $1000/mo +13utils. Nr bus, Skytrain, schools,laundry & shops. Avail Apr 1.778-891-8944 or 604-521-8990BBY EAST, 1 BR Coach House,600 sqft, n/s, n/p, nr bus, $750incls hydro & gas, Immed.604-512-8196 or 604-722-4142BBY CENTRAL. Large, 3 BR, biglivrm, dinrm, f/p, w/d, 2 bath,carport, storage. Near BCIT,SFU, BGH, Metrotown & transit.May 1. N/S & N/P. 604-298-68746602Suites/PartialHouses6602BBY, 13TH Ave, nr skytrn/school/park, 1 BR or 2 BR, $700 - $750.Apr 1, NP/NS. 604-617-96886595SharedAccommodation65956595-40NewWestminster6595-40NICE HOME, Friendly & Funplace. $600 incl all. Workingperson ok. Byron 604-726-01536565Office/Retail -Rent6565STH BURNABY, 600-1200SFOffice space. $600 - $1200/mo allinclusive. Louie 604-817-77376450MiscellaneousRentals6450GATEDPARKINGAVAILABLENewWestminsterCALL 604 723-8215BAYSIDE PROPERTYSERVICESSTOP RENTING-RENT TO OWNNoQualification - LowDownCHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3bdrm, 1 bath, cozy HOUSE on49x171lot, Exc investment. $888/MLANGLEY - 4 - 20159 68th Ave,TOWNHOUSE, 3bd, bright, quiet,family end unit, garage...$1,488/MCall Kristen today (604)786-4663www.HomeBuyingCenter.caCOQ/BBY, near Lougheed Mall/bus/park, 5 BR house, 2 fullbaths, 2 kitchens, f/p. N/S, Ref.Avail now. Call 604-785-16996540Houses - Rent6540BBY 4 BR 2 bath family home15th - Canada Way. Call QuayPacific Property Mgmt Ltd forAppo i n tmen t t o v i ew a t604-570-2786 Quoting code P226535Homestay6535HOST FAMILY wanted. Pleasecontact us at 604-688-1811 ore-mail: globalstudyedu@gmail.com6510Co-ops6510NORTHBURNABYPine Ridge Housing Co-ophas opened its wait list for 1BDRM, 2 BDRM & 3 BDRMTownhouses, $729, $957, &$1123 with a $2,000, $2,800 &$3,300 share purchase.Located in quiet forest settingon Burnaby Mnt. Close toSFU, schools, transit &shopping. Enjoy the feel ofcountry living within minutesof the city. Sorry, no subsidiesa v a i l a b l e . Commun i t yi nvo l vemen t expec ted .Download our app form @www.pineridgeco-op.bc.ca orsend SASE to: #89, 8763 AshGrove Cres, Burnaby, BC V5A4B8 Attn: Membership Ctte.Home ServicesContinues on next page8240Renovations &Home Improvement82402008 SPORTSMEN 28 5thwheel, all equipd, spotless.$19,900 obo. 604-230-27282007 SALEM 27 RLSS traveltrailer, lge slide, sep bdrm, likenew, n/s. $18,500. 604-613-4370More pics: sideroads@mail.com2001 27 ft Ford Motorhome 450super duty, V10 pwr, island bed,ent ctre, slp 4, as new $21,000due to illness 604-929-75751996 ITASCA Class A M/H 28ft,new awning, exc cond. 100,000kms. $16,000 obo. 604-574-31419522RVs/Trailers95221979 MCI M/H, 40, new engine,ready to travel or live aboard, picsavail. $59,900. 604-856-2455Aluminum Boat Wanted, 10, 12or 14 ft, with or without motor ortrailer. Will pay $. 604-319-57209515Boats951512 BOAT, fibreglass, deep hull.15' transom, 2 oars, 2 life jackets,4 HP Johnson outboard motor,new plastic tank & hose. Safe andsolid. No leaks. Moving - mustsell! $800 obo. 604-527-7727CHEVY UPLANDER 2005. V-6,auto, 7 pass., grey, A/C, powerlocks & windows, cruise, tilt, 93Kkm. Runs very well. $6,400.604-241-2530 or 604-375-25702002 DODGE Caravan SE, 3.3L,105,844km, white, a/c, f/load, exccond, $4250, 604-988-12532000 PONTIACMontana, 6 pass,good cond, 138,000 km, $1,795obo 604-987-26919173Vans91731995 GMC Safari van, AWD, wellmaintained, aircared, loaded,272K kms $1995. 604-832-32831996 TOYOTA Corolla 257,000kms, Reliable, recently serviced;4 good snow tires on own rims;selling because I inherited anewer car, $2,700.Call: (604) 984-98272001 Volkswagen Golf GLS 4-door Automatic 205,000 kms,1lady owner, mint, pwr wnds/sunroof, heat seats, roof/bikerack $4,999. Call (604) 983-69678335Window Cleaning8335BOBSWINDOWGets that Clean, Clear ShineNo Drops, No Drips, No StreaksRight into the corners! Servingyou for over 20 yrs. Also doGutters 604 588-6938Wildwood Tree Services, ExpHedge Trimming and Removal &Tree Prun ing . F ree Es t .604-893-5745Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping,hedge trimming & stump grinding.Fully insured & WCBJerry 604-618-8585$ BEST RATES $A-1 TRI CRAFTTREE SERVICES (EST. 1986)Andrew 604-618-85858315Tree Services83158309Tiling8309My Three Sons ContractingCeramic & Porcelain tile install-ations. Call Dad 604-780-8560Quality Home Improvement Stucco All Kinds. No Job TooBig or Small. 604-725-89258300Stucco/Siding/Exterior8300J. PEARCESTUCCOCONTRACTING. 604-761-6079www.stuccocontracting.comPATRICKS Rubbish RemovalConstr/drywall/concrete. Garden/leaf clean-up. Call 604-808-1652John 778-288-800910% OFF with this adwww.studentworksdisposal.comTripsstart at$49$49B ins from 5-30 yards ava i l .StudentWorksDisposal & Recycling604-RUBBISH782-2474*We Remove & Recycle Anything*Free Ests Large or Small Jobswww.604rubbish.com10% OFF WITH THIS AD8255Rubbish Removal8255LOWCOSTRubbish Removal YARD & HOME Cleanup DISPOSAL Construction,Renos & Drywall / Demolition7 Days/Week Free EstsIsaac 604-727-5232SAVE onROOFING LtdReroofing / Repair / NewRoofFully Ins. WCB. 10% disc, WorkGtd, Free Est. 778-319-5001NORTH WEST ROOFINGRe-Roofing & Repair. WCB &liability insur. Jag, 778-892-1530A Eastwest Roofing & SidingRe-roofing, Gutter, Free Est, BBBMember, 10% disc, Seniors Disc,604-812-9721, 604-783-6437Tried & True Since 1902Call for a free estimate:1.877.602.7346Visit us online to receive a special discount:www.crownroofgutters.ca8250Roofing8250NO HST!til MARCH 31 Roong & Roof Repairs Duroid, Cedar, Torch-on Moss Control,Removal & Prevention Gutter Installation,Cleaning & RepairsWCB Fully Insured100% Money Back Guarantee604-340-7189atyourhomeservicesgroup.caAT YOUR HOME ROOFINGBURNABY8250Roofing8250HANDYMAN, Renos, Carpentry,H/W Flrs, Home Repairs, etc. Rob604-307-6715 (Bby/New West/Coq)HANDYMAN - framing, decks,tiles, hardwood, drywall, re-roof.Total additions & basements. Ken604-500-2426 or 604-455-0740D & M RENOVATIONS, Flooring,tiling, finishing. Fully Insured. Topquality, quick work 604-724-3832Complete Bathroom RenosSuites, Kitchens,Tiling, Skylights,Windows, Doors. 604-521-1567RENOS/Additions. Quality work.NewHomeConstruction25+ years exp. 604-936-0404ALLQUEST PAINTINGQualityWork You Can Trust!778 997-9582ALLEY LANE HOMES Renos,additions, bsmt suites, landscap-ing, decks, framing 778-320-5471A1 CONTRACTING. Bsmt, bath,kitchen cabinets, tiling, painting &decks. Dhillon, 604-782-1936A LOCAL HANDYMAN. Painting,renos, kitchens/baths & tile floors.No job too small! 604-307-8603PRPRENOVATIONSKitchen &Bath RenosTiling, flooring, painting,plumbing, wiring, guttersSmall jobs welcomeWater damage work 24/7 Insured,WCB604-764-0399Kitchen &BathRENOVATIONSHOME IMPROVEMENTSTiling Electrical CarpentryAll jobs BIG & small.Licensed Insured WCB- Pacific Core -604-518-2948MATCODESIGNAll Renovations & Additions,I n s . Q u a l i t y W o r k604-720-156430 yrs exp.matco@telus.netLOWCOSTCONSTRUCTION40 years experienceRenos, additions,kitchens, basement suites,drywall, tiling - LowCost604-377-3346LOWCOSTCONSTRUCTION40 years experienceRenos, additions,kitchens, basement suites,drywall, tiling - LowCost604-377-3346TOTAL HOMERENOVATIONSSince 1983FROM DESIGN TO FINISHComplete Renos & Additions, incl.:Kitchen & Bath Improvements Roofing Sundecks Door & Window ReplacementsBill 604-298-1222www.chrisdalehomes.comWEGUARANTEE IT!We can sellyour stuff.Give us a call.604.444.3000$491 photo auto ad, 3 lines in12 community papers.1 online auto ad,5 photos,many lines.It runs till you cancel,for up to one year.SPRING SPECIAL!UNBELIEVABLEDEAL!Praisethesuperherocapabilitiesofthisvehiclein3lines.Tightsandcapeoptional.Call604-444-3000.LICENSED PLUMBER & Gasfit-ter. BBQs, ranges, etc. Repairs,renos. VISA ok. 604-830-66178220Plumbing8220PLUMBER RenosRough-ins Fixtures H/W TanksGas Service. 778-227-1119HOME SERVICES2003 MAZDA Protege 5, 5 spd,140K km, new water pump, timingbelt & front wheel bearings,sunroof, pwr windows, locks,cruise, nice cond. $8,000.778-227-20109110Collectibles &Classics911030th ANNUAL SWAPMEETSunday Apr. 15th8:00 am - 2:00 pmCarsPartsCollectiblesMaple Ridge Fair Grounds( 105th & Lougheed Hwy )Admission $2.00Jake 604-941-77919125Domestic91251990 OLDS Ciera 6 cyl auto, veryclean, 115,000 km, a/c, $2,500obo 604-465-51031994 FORD Thunderbird, mint145,000 k loaded, 2nd owner,maroon, $3 700 obo 604-392-3996www.BurrellAuto.com3094Westwood St, Port Coq604 945-4999.2925Murray St, Port Moody604 461-7995.9129Luxury Cars91291995 FERRARI F355 GTB.Meticulously cared for. Canadiancar. Recent full engine outservice, new clutch and releasebearing, Tubi exhaust, Hyperflowcats, wheel spacers. Drives andlooks perfect! A must see!$54,900. Call 778-834-60691997 PORSCHE 911 C2S Widebody. Silver on black. Last of theair cooled, hand built 911s.Tiptronic. Mint cond. Many extras!117K km. $36,999. 604-630-25002005 ASTONMartin DB9. 'JamesBond style car!' Silver metallic.23,000 km. 6.0, V12, 450 hp. Newtires. 1 owner. You deserve thebest! $87,980. 604-781-7614.2007 BMW 525I, black, loaded,leather, sunroof, very clean,122K, $25,900. 604-999-40979130Motorcycles/Dirt Bikes91302010 KAWASAKI Vulcan 900custom, 5200km, mint, extras,wrty. $7000, 604 556-88629145Scrap CarRemoval9145NO WHEELS, NO PROBLEM2002 PONITAC Grand Am CE,120K, exc cd, new trans. Mustsee/drive. $3,200. 604-582-58152005 CAVALIER 59,000ks, 2 dr,5 spd, stnd, 1 owner, a/c, tilt, am/fm CD $3100. Ph 604-823-44222006 LINCOLN LS, 1 owner26,000K, garage kept, immac,loaded, dark wine colour ext, blkleather int, $18,500 + HST. Call604 584-4704 or 778 228-27212008 CHEVROLET Impala 93K$9,100 (604) 835-7655Clearwaybc.ca # 82912010 FORD Taurus SE model,mint with only 4,100 kms, local W.Rock car, priced to sell $18,950.Don 778-552-7388 DL# 76239125Domestic91252008 CHRYSLER 300 Touring$12,500. (604) 835-7655Clearwaybc,ca # 82912001 Acura CLFully loaded 2001 Acura CL ingreat condition inside and out,and runs really well. Black on black leather interior Power everything (seats, mirrors,windows, sunroof) Heated front seats 6 disc CD player with bose soundsystem Automatic transmission withtriptronic shifting Comes with winter, and allseason tires; both in great shape Air conditioning 109,000 km HID headlights Dual exhaustAsking $7,500Please call 604.316.4342AUTOMOTIVENEED CHEAP AUTOBODY ?www.cheapautobody.ca604-341-77382008 PONTIACWAVE, auto, 4 drsedan, high kms, runs great,white, $4500 firm. 604-538-92572007 PT CRUISER. Hot deal!Auto, low kms, very clean. Creamexterior, grey interior. A/C. Magwheels. Spoiler. Aircared. Rearwiper. $6,995 obo. 778-242-20182006 HYUNDAI TIBURON SE.103K km. Leather, mint, sunroof,a/c, CD, alarm. 2.0 L, 4 cyl. Noaccid. $10,900. 604-839-62532005 AUDI S4. Quattro (AWD).102,000 km. Blk leather. Incl 2 setof wheels & tires. 6 speed. Powereverything! Exc cond. $19,500.Call/text Rick @ 778-847-2975.9160Sports &Imports91602001 VOLVO C70, loaded,leather, turbo, $7600, John604-808-1945 Kitsilano1995 MERCEDES E320 CabrioletExc cond; local, 109K, NO accid.$15,800 Rare 778-773-13989160Sports &Imports91601994 PONTIAC Trans Am GT redwith grey int., well maint., ladydriven $4800. Serious inquiresonly. Ph 604-997-25832007 DODGERam 3500 Diesel$31,900 (604) 835-7655Clearwaybc.ca # 82912002 GMC Avalanche, SpecialEdition, 4x4, 5.3 Vortec, 130K,Alarm, Keyless Entry, DualClimate Control, A/C, Sunroof,Heated Mirrors, Rear Defrost,Heated Leather Seats, compass,New Tires, Tow Pkg, Backseatsfold into bed, ImmaculateCondition, Private Sale, $11,700or fair offer, Please call604-308-31671992 DODGE Dakota pick-up,extra cab, auto, a/c, V6, aircared,r u n s g o o d $ 1 1 0 0 o b o .604-984-75741991 FORD F250, 7.3 deisel extcab, 198K, incls camperette/hitch,1 owner, $4900, 604-430-55961990 GMC Suburban. 4 WD,underdrive, blue, well kept. NewBluetooth. $6,000. 604-584-03249155Sport Utilities/4x4s/Trucks91551988 TOYOTA P/U, ext, 5 sp, V6,4x4, $1675. 1992 TOYOTA P/U,ext, 5 sp, raised, V6, 4x4, $2350,D9921 in Abbts. toll free1-877-855-6522 FREE TOWINGup to $500 CASH Today!604-728-1965 JohnAAA SCRAP CAR REMOVALMinimum $150 cash paid for fullsized vehicles. 604-518-3673#1 FREEScrap Vehicle RemovalAsk about $500 Credit!!!$$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200THE SCRAPPERSCRAP CAR &TRUCK REMOVALCASH FOR ALL VEHICLES604-790-39002HOURSERVICE9145Scrap CarRemoval9145FREESCRAP CAR REMOVALNo Wheels, No ProblemMIKE: 604-872-0109CASH FOR SOME COMPLETE CARSOPEN 24 HRS. INCLUDING HOLIDAYS*Scrap Car Towing* Will pay atleast $150 4 your car/truck moreif...604-306-0356 cars4cash.bizBurnaby NOW Friday, March 30, 2012 A63A64 Friday, March 30, 2012 Burnaby NOWwww.choicesmarkets.comGrocery DepartmentMeat DepartmentDeli DepartmentProduce DepartmentHealth Care DepartmentBulk DepartmentRice BakeryBakery DepartmentWEEKLY SPECIALSPrices Effective March 29 to April 4, 2012.We reserve the right to limit quantities. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.100% BCOwned and OperatedLook for ourWOW!PRICINGWOW!PRICINGKitsilano2627 W. 16th Ave.Vancouver604.736.0009Cambie3493 Cambie St.Vancouver604.875.0099Kerrisdale1888 W. 57th Ave.Vancouver604.263.4600Yaletown1202 Richards St.Vancouver604.633.2392Rice Bakery2595 W. 16th Ave.Vancouver604.736.0301South Surrey3248 King George Blvd.South Surrey604.541.3902Choices atthe Crest8683 10th Ave.Burnaby604.522.0936Kelowna1937 Harvey Ave.Kelowna250.862.4864Olympic Yogurtassorted varieties2/5.00650g product of BCRice, Almond, Oat or Coconut Dreamassorted varieties2/4.00 946mlMaraNatha OrganicPeanut Buttercrunchy or smooth3.99 500g product of USASilver Hills Sprouted 100%Whole Grains Breadassorted varieties3.29 600-615gproduct of CanadaLatin Organics Direct Trade Organic Coffeeassorted varieties9.99454g product of CanadaCranberry Pecan Sourdough Bread1.99280gWOW!PRICINGHot Cross Buns3.99package of 6Rice Hot Cross Buns (new improved recipe)4.49package of 4WOW!PRICINGBen & Jerry'sIce Creamassorted varieties5.49500ml product of CanadaHot Kid Rice Crispsassortedvarieties2/3.98 100g product of ChinaR.W. Knudsen Sparkling Fruit Spritzersassorted varieties2/6.984 pack/311ml Product of USA+deposit +eco feeTerra Gourmet Vegetable Chipsassortedvarieties2/7.00170-226gproduct of USAPopcorn Indiana Popcornand Chip'insassorted varieties2/7.00205-297g product of USASo Delicious Frozen Coconut Milk Dessertsassorted varieties2/8.00500ml product of USASockeye Salmon Filletsvalue pack, previously frozen7.99lb/17.61kgWOW!PRICINGSpring Creek OutsideRound Baron of Beef4.99lb/11.00kgNew!Choices Own Cornish Pasties2.99each reg 3.99Jarlsberg CheeseRegular3.29/100greg 3.99/100gLight or Smoked3.49/100g4.29/100gStahlbush Island Farms Frozen Vegetablesassorted varieties3/4.98300-400g product of USAWolfgang Puck Organic Soupsassorted varietiesWOW!PRICING2/4.00398ml product of USAStahlbush Island Farms OrganicFrozen Grains and Legumesassorted varieties3/6.99283-454gTamari Organic Pumpkin Seedsbins or bags10% offregular retail priceLarge Hass Avocadoscertified organic,fair trade2/3.00Concorde Pearsfrom Harkers OrganicsB.C. Grown,Certified Organic3.983 lb bagWOW!PRICINGWOW!PRICING.98lb/2.16kgRed Tomatoes on the VineB.C. GrownOmega Nutrition Organic PumpkinSeed Protein Powder14.99 750gAmazing Grass Green Superfood29.99 241gAmazing Grass Certified Organic GreenSuperFood is a perfect blend ofalkalizing greens, antioxidant rich wholefood fruits and vegetables.High in protein, 100% vegetarianand gluten free. The newsuperfood of nutrition!VIP 2X Liquid Laundry Detergentassorted varieties4.99 1.5Lproduct of B.C.WOW!PRICINGSibu Sea Buckthorn Facial Care20% offregular retail priceOmega 3,6,9 and the elusive Omega 7complete this skin, hair and nail solution.Features a beauty drink, daily supplements andfacial care products made from premiumHimalayan sea buckthorn berries.Happy 5th Anniversary Choices Marketsat the Crest, 8683 10th Ave, Burnaby.Come and join us on Saturday, March 31, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.We will be hosting a donation barbecue along with cake and coffee and many in-storespecials. See you there!L'Ancetre Organic Cheeseassorted varieties6.99 325gproduct of Canada