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Burnaby Now July 14 2010


  • A02 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Burnaby NOW

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    Last weeks questionAre you concerned about oiltankers in Burrard Inlet?YES 54% NO 46%

    This weeks questionAre waste-to-energy incinerators agood way to deal with garbage?

    Vote at: www.burnabynow.com

    4 Lessons in lifesaving 5 Big bucks for city staff 11 A new start in business

    Burnaby residents will haveone final chance to speak toMetro Vancouver representativesregarding the regional wastemanagement draft plan tonight.

    The meeting takes place atMetro Vancouvers office at 4330Kingsway, in the second-floorboardroom at 7 p.m. Registrationis at 6:30 p.m.

    The issue of whether a landfill

    or incinerator would be best forthe region has been a hot topic asMetro Vancouver has conductedpublic consultations in its inte-grated solid waste and resourcemanagement plan.

    Metro Vancouvers initialmanagement plan draft favours awaste-to-energy incinerator, andthe regional government bodyhas responded to worldwide crit-icism of the incinerators on itswebsite.

    Burnabys waste-to-energy

    incinerator has not been a prob-lem for the city, Mayor DerekCorrigan said.

    Its had a relatively lowimpact, he said. There havebeen no problems.

    He pointed out the city hashad the incinerator for about 20years, and it has not been a healthhazard.

    It is generally an acceptedtechnology, he said.

    Landfills, on the other hand,create long-term problems and

    adversely affect air quality,Corrigan said.

    However, an eight-monthreview of the waste plan, writtenby seven University of BritishColumbia environmental sciencestudents, states that adding awaste energy project that wouldtake in approximately 500,000tonnes of garbage per year, assuggested by the waste plan,would increase emissions of mer-cury, lead, cadmium and dioxins,as well as nitrogen oxides, which

    can generate smog.The Waste Solutions for Metro

    Vancouver review recommendeda different approach, primarilya waste reduction and diversionsolution, with increased recyclingand composting in the region.

    They also recommend a PayAs You Throw disposal system,which would charge residentsto dispose of waste, and anextended producer responsibilityapproach, which would pressure

    One-man teamOne-man teamOne-man teamOne-man team

    Connecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com

    Tom Berridges Blog

    Rants, ravesand communitysports nuggets

    Summers back and thatmeansits time to enjoy the bounty of theBurnaby farmers market.

    The market runs Saturdays inthe north parking lot at BurnabyCity Hall, 4949 Canada Way, from9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturdayuntil the end of October.

    The market features producefrom farmers, with both conven-tional and organic offerings, aswell as a selection of jams and pre-serves, other foods, crafts, plantsand more.

    A kids play area, a communitytent for non-profit groups, a usedbook exchange and a games tableare all part of the fun, and enter-tainers are also on hand to offer uplive music for the Saturday shop-pers to enjoy.

    For more on the market, visitthe website at www.artisanmarkets.ca.

    Summertime: Above, Andrew Gangte plays for the crowd at the Burnaby farmersmarket. Top left, Stan Yuen teaches his kids, Rex (left) and Max how to playChinese checkers. At left, some of the produce on sale at the market.

    Photos by Jason Lang/burnaby now

    To market,to market

    Have your say on the future of garbage

    Waste Page 5

    Janaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporter

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 14, 2010 A03

  • A04 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Burnaby NOW

    Corrigan is now the fourth best-paidmayor in the region, coming in belowVancouver, Coquitlam and Surreysmayors.

    Vancouvers mayor, Gregor Robertson,makes $140,001, Coquitlams RichardStewart makes $118,945 and SurreysDianne Watts makes $115,178.

    In previous years, the mayors pay ratehas been determined as city councillorsraises are, by taking inflation, provincialwage increases and union wage increases

    into account.The indemnities are traditionally calcu-

    lated by averaging the amount of the con-sumer price index increase, the B.C. aver-age weekly wage increase and increasegiven to the citys unionized employees,members of the Canadian Union of PublicEmployees, Local 23.

    Corrigan made $95,029 in 2008 and$92,857 in 2007.

    The indemnity committee also suggest-ed each councillor get a vehicle allowance,which council approved.

    Previously, only the mayor received an

    annual vehicle allowance.The committee has suggested a month-

    ly allowance of $300, or $3,600 per year, foreach councillor.

    The allowance is taxable, the reportsaid.

    Vancouver, Coquitlam and Delta alsoprovide councillors with annual vehicleallowances, the report noted.

    Vancouver councillors annual allow-ance is $3,700.44, Coquitlams is $3,542.76and Deltas is $7,248.48.

    Surrey provides its councillors with amileage provision of 53 cents per kilome-

    tre, up to 5,000 kilometres, after which theyare reimbursed 47 cents per kilometre.

    Councillors also saw a pay increase,though at the more modest rate of 1.66 percent, as calculated by averaging the threeprovincial increases, noted above.

    Councillors now make $44,017, alsoretroactive to Jan. 1 2010, up from $43,298last year.

    The next indemnity review is slated forthe spring of 2011, and recommendationsfrom that review will be effective for thenext mayor and council, following the2011 election.

    Local teachers are taking CPR lessons sothey can teach their students how to savelives.

    On June 21, 34 Burnaby teachers fromaround the district spent the day learningCPR as part of an Advanced CoronaryTreatment Foundation program. The foun-dation partnered with the B.C. AmbulanceService and the provincewide paramed-ics union to bring the program to schoolsacross the province.

    B.J. Chute is the paramedics unionspokesperson and a volunteer instructorwith the program.

    First we brush them up on their CPRskills ... then we run them through scenariosso they can both practise their CPR skillsand teach the skills ultimately to their stu-

    dents, he said.The training means teachers can deal

    with emergencies like choking, severe aller-gic reactions and heart attacks. The programis tremendously helpful for the students,Chute added.

    It gives students lifesaving skills theywill have with them for the rest of theirlives, he said. We know, as paramedics,the earlier CPR is performed, the better thatpatients chance of survival is.

    Having the Burnaby teachers trainedmeans they can pass the knowledge onto 1,700 local students. The CPR trainingis aimed at Grade 10 physical educationclasses. In all, the foundation expects 50,000B.C. youth will be trained in CPR each yearthrough the program.

    Pharmaceutical companies fund thefoundation, and the instructors volunteeredtheir time to lead the workshop.

    Lifesavers: Above, SFU student teacher Gareth Tilt and Liana Greiner get somehands-on practice with CPR. Above right, Elizabeth Bentley and Gary Leunglearn from Troy Gienger of the B.C. Ambulance Paramedics Local 873. They wereall in training at Burnaby North Secondary School.

    Local teachers getlifesaving lessons

    Jennifer Moreaustaff reporter

    Photos by Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Mayor: Corrigans pay now fourth among Lower Mainland mayorscontinued from page 1

    the shooting, or the shooting itself, to comeforward.

    Anybody who may know anythingabout what occurred up to the shooting orwho saw anything suspicious should callthe IHIT information line, Thiessen said.

    The RCMP is trying to determine thecolour, make and model of the vehicleinvolved in the incident, as well as otherdetails.

    The RCMPs IHIT information line canbe reached at 1-877-551-4448 (IHIT).


    continued from page 1

    Shooting: Police seek information

    Community conversationsCommunity conversationsCommunity conversationsCommunity conversations

    Connecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com

    Jennifer Moreaus Blog

    Lets talk. From the personal to political. Life in Burnaby

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  • producers of products to reduce theirenvironmental impact.

    The students who wrote the reviewfor the environmental science directedstudies course are Anthony Ho, JessicaMacDonald, Clement Lam,MonikaDean,Joseph Lai, Nan Lu and Nari Sim.

    On July 8, Vancouver city councilapproved a staff recommendation askingMetro Vancouver to have an indepen-dent review conducted of the impact of

    mass burn incineration.Burnaby city council submitted its

    recommendations regarding the plan inearly June but did not specify whether itsupported a waste-to-energy incineratoror a landfill option to deal with MetroVancouvers trash disposal problems.

    For more information on the proposedwaste plan, go to www.metrovancouver.org, and click on Consultation onthe Draft Solid Waste Management Planunder Whats New.

    A photo that appearedon the front page of theJuly 7 Burnaby NOW wasincorrectly identified.

    In a photo of the cere-mony celebrating the open-ing of a new Hindu templein Burnaby, the man identi-fied as Deo Nand Prasadwas in fact Vishnu Prasad.

    continued from page 3

    Waste: Final chance tonight forresidents to offer input on plans

    For therecord

    A growing number of city staffers areearning more than $100,000.

    In 2009, 73 staff members made morethan $100,000, up from 65 in 2008.

    The number of staffers in the $100,000club has risen steadily in recent years, upfrom 50 in 2007.

    The city recently released its annualreport detailing staff salaries and claimedexpenses as part of its annual financialstatements.

    By law, the city must publish details ofthe salary paid to each employee earningmore than $75,000, as well as expenses,and a total of salaries paid to all other

    employees earning under $75,000.The highest paid employee was Bob

    Moncur, city manager, whomade $217,304and was paid $1,088 for expenses.

    The other top five paid employeesinclude: Chad Turpin, the deputy city manager,who made $185,594 and did not claimexpenses; Lambert Chu, the director of engineer-ing, who made $165,393 plus $6,516 inexpenses; Rick Earle, former finance director andcurrent deputy city manager, who made$165,393 plus $1,537 for expenses; Basil Luksun, director of planning andbuilding, who made $165,344 plus $6,186for expenses.

    Other city staff members making morethan $100,000 include department direc-tors such as parks, recreation and cultural

    services director Dave Ellenwood, whomade $145,566 plus $7,033 in expenses,and human resources director KimMunro,who made $140,338 plus $5,391 inexpenses.

    Managers of the departments,including parks and recreationmanager Heather Edwards, alsomade more than $100,000 lastyear.

    A number of members ofBurnabys fire department alsomade more than $100,000 lastyear, including fire captains andthe deputy fire chief of opera-tions,DougMcDonald,whomade$130,263 plus $1,406 in expenses.

    A number of assistant fire chiefs mademore than $100,000, as well. Tom Foremanmade $122,755 plus $110 in expenses;WardRossiter made $117,615; Darrell Smith

    made $122,745; Les Strangemade $121,738;George Whitehurst made $122,974; andMark Wilson made $115,484.

    Fire captains in the $100,000club include: Mark Fletcher,who made $104,964 plus $110 inexpenses; Ken Moore, who made$112,083 plus $453 in expenses;Barry Mawhinney, who made$101,966; and Greg Mervin,who made $100,198 plus $110 inexpenses.

    The total amount for staff sala-ries over $75,000 paid out by thecity in 2009 came to $35.35 mil-lion, with $450,044 for expenses.

    All staff salaries under $75,000came to a total of $79.77 million, plus$268,465 for expenses.

    According to the report, there were noseverance agreements for 2009.

    More city employees hit the $100,000 mark

    Bob MoncurCity manager

    Janaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporter

    Highest paid city employeeearned $217,000 last year

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 14, 2010 A05

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  • A06 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Burnaby NOW

    The legislature is a fairlyquiet place these days, asour politicians are scat-tered far and wide for the sum-mer. But their absence hasntended the main political guess-ing game in this province.

    That game isabout trying to figureout if there is anyhope of a revival ofB.C. Liberal fortunes, and if so,who is going to create it.

    A lot of names have beenkicked around, but it wouldseem only one person has arealistic hope of breathing lifeinto the party and returning it tocompetitive status come the 2013election.

    That persons name?Carole Taylor.Of all the potential heirs to

    Gordon Campbells leadership,only Taylor can separate herselffrom the current government,particularly over the issue of theHST.

    When she was finance min-ister, she opposed bringing theHST to this province. Amongher reasons was a refusal to giveup all kinds of exemptions tothe tax and reluctance to cedeauthority over the sales tax tothe federal government.

    But her potential strengths gomuch deeper than that.

    As finance minister sheracked up some hefty budgetsurpluses and gained a repu-tation as an able, pragmaticand non-ideological politician

    (although there are likely manypeople who never really viewedher as a politician in the trad-itional sense of a partisan com-batant).

    Her public image is one builton achievement, likability and

    even glamour. On allthese fronts, she scoresmuch better than anyother potential leader-

    ship candidate.But a key strength is her abil-

    ity to go to the voters with cleanhands, to make the argumentthat she had nothing to do withthe things that made the B.C.Liberals so unpopular over arelatively short period of time.

    Speculation abounds overGordon Campbells future.Personally, I think he willannounce sometime next year orearly 2012 that he wont be run-ning again.

    Of course, if theres a mir-acle turnaround in the polls an eventuality that appearsextremely remote he may wellchoose to stick around. But heonce told me that he thought 10years in the premiers chair wasa good benchmark of politicalsuccess, and that means the duedate is May 2011.

    His departure would theor-etically mean a leadership racein the party. But there doesnthave to be one.

    The NDP, for example, optedto let Mike Harcourt fresh from


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    Blunt message carries a needed reminderBeach towels usually feature colour-

    ful patterns that reinforce our idea ofbeing near the ocean as time spent beingfree, on vacation, without a care in theworld.

    But the beach towels anon-profit group is leaving atVancouvers Kits Beach areanything but warm and fuzzy.Their fabric may be soft, but their mes-sage is hard-hitting. Emblazoned acrosseach towel is the slogan, Youre prob-ably not expecting to drown today.

    We hope the message doesnt put adamper on anyones trip to the beach,now that Julys hot, sunny weather isfinally here. If it helps prevent just onedrowning or other water-related fatality,

    however, the message will beworth the minor stress it maycause beachgoers.

    The Community AgainstPreventable Injuries (www.preventable.ca), the organization leaving the towelson the beach, claims about 60 people ayear die in B.C. from drowning half of

    them children and youth.With recent headlines including a

    fatal crash involving a houseboat anda speed boat on Shuswap Lake and astring of drownings in Ontario, the mes-sage of safety on the water obviouslyneeds to be heard.

    The beach towel approach is blunt,but so are the Mothers Against DrunkDriving and Counterattack ads we seeon TV each Christmas. Theyre unpleas-ant to watch but surely save lives byreminding people to think about safety

    and how their actions can impact others.For years, weve used the term acci-

    dent to refer to car crashes, drowningsand other incidents that cause people todie.

    The Community Against PreventableInjuries reminds us that many so-calledaccidents didnt need to happen andthat the best time to think about con-sequences is before taking action, notafter. With that in mind, enjoy your timeat the beach but dont forget to packyour common sense.

    Liberals best bet:Carole Taylor

    Seniors care funding upDear Editor:

    In regards to a recent article about fundingincreases for residential care and New Vista CareHomes assertion that they are being underfunded,Id like to offer a few points for your readers infor-mation.

    Fraser Health has made significant investmentsover the years in residential care for seniors, andthat has meant better, more appropriate resident-focused care for our citizens. Almost half-a-billiondollars per year is invested in residential care acrossthe Fraser Health region thats about $1.25 millionevery day of the year.

    New Vista has an excellent record of providing

    care for Burnaby seniors, and they are receiving$71,000 more funding this year than last year. Totalpublic funding for New Vista has risen by 42 percent since 2002/03.

    Like governments, health authorities, or yourown household, care providers need to balanceproviding the services they do within the budgetsthey have. In the health sector, budgets have beencontinually growing, and New Vista has receivedsignificant increases. This year, they will receiveabout $11 million in public funding, plus more than$2 million in residents fees.

    Were working to ensure that all care serviceproviders in Fraser Health operate under a standardcare delivery model. This means that residents and

    OUR VIEWBurnaby NOW


    IN MY OPINIONKeith Baldrey

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    Race Page 7 Consistent Page 7

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    Vancouver city hall takeover the party leadershipunopposed in 1987. TheNew Democrats weremindful how much dam-age a messy leadershipfight can do to a party,particularly when thingsdont go as planned and along-shot candidate whomno one really wantedas leader ends up beingjust that (remember BobSkelly?).

    The B.C. Liberals, how-ever, seem to have no endof people whose ambitionmay lead them to reach forthe leaders position.

    Cabinet ministers suchas Rich Coleman, KevinFalcon, Mike de Jong,Shirley Bond, GeorgeAbbott and even the belea-guered Colin Hansen allget mentioned when talkturns to a party leadershiprace.

    But they appear toall be hamstrung by thefallout over the HST, andeven if the public grudg-ingly accepts the tax, Imnot sure theyre goingto forgive the politiciansresponsible for it.

    Surrey Mayor DianneWatts is also talked aboutas leadership material,and certainly the fact shesnot one of them putsher in good stead. Buther inexperience at theprovincial level may cre-ate enough doubts to nix awinning candidacy.

    This brings us back toCarole Taylor.

    She hasnt actually saidshed even be interested intaking the job, but thats tobe the expected responseas long as Campbell is stillthe boss.

    And with Campbelllikely to remain leaderfor another year or so, it

    is premature for the B.C.Liberals to allow any pub-lic speculation by theirown people on the leader-ship issue.

    But privately, youknow theyre all thinkingabout it. And if they wantto survive, they had betterhave a game plan.

    It appears the best suchplan would see all thoseleader wannabes checktheir egos at the door andallow Taylor to win byacclamation.

    That could set up anhistoric fight in 2013:Carole versus Carole. Notonly would that guaranteean elected female pre-mier in this province forthe first time ever, but itwould likely ensure thisprovince sticks close to thepolitical centre.

    Keith Baldrey is chiefpolitical reporter for GlobalB.C.

    continued from page 6

    Race: Carole vs. Carole in 2013?

    Consistent quality of care

    their families can be assured no matterin which facility they or their loved onereceives care, the high level of quality theyexpect is consistent.

    New Vista and Fraser Health will con-tinue to work together, and Im confidentthat by working together, they will beable to provide the high-quality residentialcare services that the people of Burnabydeserve.

    Harry Bloy, MLA, Burnaby-Lougheed

    MS patients need treatmentDear Editor:

    Thankyou for the storyabout thewomanwith MS (Family seeks hope in Mexicanhospital, Burnaby NOW, July 10) seekingtreatment for chronic cerebrospinal venousinsufficiency (CCSVI) in Mexico morepublicity is needed to show the unfairness/discrimination of B.C. and Canadian healthauthorities.

    The treatment for blocked veins is avail-able in Canada just not for people witha diagnosis of MS. Even though one ofthe principles of the Canada Health Act isuniversality. The act says: The provincialand territorial plans must entitle all insuredpersons to health insurance coverage onuniform terms and conditions.

    People with MS are not allowed toreceive this venoplasty/angioplasty that is

    used on others (such as heart and kidneydialysis patients) every day. Why?

    Please try to find out for me I dontunderstand, and I have been asking every-body I can think of. Nobody will admit tofoot-dragging because it would affect thebottom line for neurologists who will losepatients and pharmaceutical companieswho wont be raking in huge profits forbasically ineffective drugs.

    They keep trying to call it experimen-tal, but it has been performed in Canadasafely for more than 30 years. When theysay its because its not usually done inthe jugular veins, I think of all the dialysispatients whose jugular veins have becomeblocked because of repetitive use. Howwould they feel if they were told theycouldnt have this procedure done? Butthey can. I wonder if they could receive itif they also had MS?

    The small amount ofmoney put forwardby the MS societies of Canada and the U.S.for trials ($2.4 million combined) is onlybeing used to see if CCSVI is more com-mon in people with MS. It shouldnt matterif CCSVI is related to MS or not. CCSVI isa condition recognized by the InternationalUnion of Phlebology, of which Canada isa member, and according to the Handbookof Angioplasty and Stenting Procedures, 303Techniques in Interventional Radiology, anysymptomatic venous narrowing can be con-sidered an indication for venoplasty andvenous stenting. It doesnt say except forpeople with MS.

    Lori Batchelor, Burnaby

    continued from page 6

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 14, 2010 A07

    Are your eyes getting the attention they need?

    604.526.3937#102 - 7885 6th St. Burnaby

    Dr. Amit Mathur,OD I Dr. Jason Q Lau, BSc, ODDr. Joseph King,MDwww.omnieye.ca

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    Hair Restoration Laser Spider Vein Removal GenesisTM Laser SkinRejuvenation

    TitanTM Skin Tightening IPL Photorejuvenation Lipodissolve & Mesotherapy BotoxTM & Migraine Therapy RestylaneTM & Fillers Microdermabrasion Chemical Peels Laser Hair Removal

    Free Consultations.Call now to book your appointment.

    3959 Kingsway, Burnaby 604-435-5441Open Tues.-Sat., 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


  • A08 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Burnaby NOW

    Come and discover Burnaby at the citys largest out-door festival this weekend.

    The Discovery Day Festival takes place at Deer LakePark on Sunday afternoon. It will be the official openingof the newly renovated festival space at Deer Lake.

    The event includes the official opening of the citysSpirit Square, in front of the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts,and the unveiling of Vitality, a sculpture commissionedfrom Coast Salish artist Thomas Cannell.

    The piece, part of the Lower Mainland public artNecklace Project, is representative of a family journey,according to the artist.

    There will also be performances for adults and childrenalike, and arts and crafts make and take projects for thekids.

    We have a very exciting schedule this year, saidJulie-Anne Slade, special events officer for the city.

    There is a discovery zone for kids, with a climbingwall, mini-golf, lantern making and circus fun with jug-gling workshops and stilt walking.

    There will be various performances for the children onthe Discovery Stage, including performances of Chroma by

    the Burnaby Summer Theatre.Chroma, a world of colour, is

    under attack by The Shade, playedby Alex Rose, who consumes all thecolours and keeps them in his wellof darkness. Superheroes Dasos,played by Dustin Freeland, andNeela, played by Adele Noronha,must free the colours.

    The small cast all students ofLangara Colleges Studio 58 theatreprogram has created a piece thatdeals with classic themes such asgood versus evil, as well as genderdiscrepancies and violence in clas-sic superhero story lines.

    The Spirit Square Stagewill havemore adult-oriented performances,such as capoeira performed byAche Brasil.

    There are also performances taking place in the studiotheatre in the Shadbolt throughout the day.

    The Discovery Day festival started 26 years ago as anenvironmental initiative between the Greater VancouverRegional District (now Metro Vancouver) and Burnabysparks, recreation and culture department, according toDenis Nokony, assistant director of cultural services.

    The first Discovery Days took place near BurnabyLake, moving to Deer Lake Park and becoming more arts-oriented once the GVRD stopped being involved, accord-ing to Nokony.

    Over the years it morphed into a much larger event,he said.

    The festival gives Burnaby groups the opportunityto showcase their activities and wares to the public, headded.

    It provides a needed community fair, Nokony said,adding the cost of exhibiting at the event is subsidized.

    In the past, the event has been tied into the VancouverSymphony Orchestras Symphony in the Park, which tookplace last weekend.

    But this year the city decided to separate the twoevents, Nokony said.

    The demographics are a little different, he explained,adding the festival is more of a family event. Theres anemphasis on family fun.

    Discovery Day goes from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday,July 18, at Deer Lake Park. Admission is free, but parkingis very limited, so those wishing to attend should makealternate transportation plans if possible.

    The Spirit Square opening ceremony will take placefrom 1 to 1:40 p.m.

    Discovery Dayat Deer Lakethis Sunday

    Festival includes opening of new SpiritSquare and unveiling of sculpture

    Janaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporter

    What: Discovery Dayfestival, with a day offamily activities, artsand crafts, entertain-ment and more

    When: Sunday, July18, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. atDeer Lake Park. SpiritSquare opening 1 p.m.

    More details:Admission is free, butparking is limited usepublic transit or makealternate arrange-ments if possible.


    Discoveringthe arts:A visitor triesout potterymaking duringa demonstrationat last yearsDiscovery Dayfestival at DeerLake Park. Thisyears editionof the festival isset for Sunday,July 18, runningfrom 10 a.m. to4 p.m. It featuresfamily activities,arts and crafts,entertainment andmore.

    File photo/burnaby now

    BURNABY 2282 Holdom Ave. (604) 291-6922 www.arlenes.comperfect fit. perfect fabric. perfectly fabulous.

    Choose from a large selection of whites and TruGrain finished in 2 or 2V slat sizes. These fauxwood blinds are guaranteed not to fade, warp or crack perfect for high heat or humidity areas.

    EverWood faux wood blindsYou wont believe these arent real wood blinds!


    Optional PowerRise motorized headrailwith remote control operation


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  • A Simon FraserUniversity professor isrecommending Canadaditch the one-size-fits-allapproach to managinghealth problems associatedwith marijuana use.

    New research led bySFUs Benedikt Fischerargues that universal pro-hibition is ineffective andshould be replaced with apublic health frameworkthat includes interventionstargeted at a minority ofearly and high-frequencyusers who face the greatesthealth risks.

    Fischer and his team ofresearchers investigatedmore than 1,300 pot usersin Canada and identified

    four classes based on usingfrequency, age when theystarted and reason forusing pot either social ormedical.

    They found that thosewho started using pot earli-er on, at age 15 or younger,who smoked nearly everyday, were more likely thanthe others to face healthrisks.

    This group was dis-proportionately linked tokey harms, including usingother illicit drugs, drivingwhile intoxicated, sub-stance abuse problems andmedical issues, Fischersaid in a press release.While most cannabis usersin Canada use the druginfrequently and presum-ably without major healthrisks, its apparent that

    public health concerns riseacross the identified userclasses. There is thereforea pressing need to targetinterventions at this sub-population of users.

    Fischer recommendshealth-focused educationalinitiatives aimed at school-aged children, effectivemonitoring strategies toidentify young high-riskusers and guidelines forlower-risk cannabis use,similar to whats already inplace for alcohol. He alsowants new or more acces-sible treatment options anda selective application oflaws aimed at cannabisuse.

    Fischers studywas pub-lished in the InternationalJournal of Methods inPsychiatric Research.

    Young, chronic potsmokers more at riskJennifer Moreaustaff reporter


    City has surplus funds from 2009The citys finance department has

    reported a $5,614 surplus in 2009s operat-ing funds.

    The library had a surplus of $407,633,which has been carried forward to coverthe librarys 2010 budgetary needs, as perthe Library Act.

    The waterworks utility had a surplusof $2.049 million, and the sanitary sewerfunding surplus was $1.216 million.

    The utilities surplus is being retainedin the respective funds, according to thefinance departments report.

    Janaya Fuller-Evans

    One-man teamOne-man teamOne-man teamOne-man team

    Connecting with our community online Visit www.burnabynow.com

    Tom Berridges Blog

    Rants, raves and community sports nuggets

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 14, 2010 A09

    For dayslike today

    7200Market Crossing,BurnabyMonday to Saturday 9-9 | Sundays 9-6

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  • A10 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Burnaby NOW

    6038 Kingsway, Burnaby






    DRIVE-THRUDRIVE-THRUSun-Thurs... 8am-midnightFri & Sat............8am-1am

    DINE-INDINE-INSun-Thurs........8am-10pmFri & Sat..........8am-11pm

    FREEFREE Original Burgerwith purchase of any burgeror chicken comboExpires August 1, 2010. Not to be combined with any otherpromotional offer. No cash value. Not valid on Tuesdays.Toppings and combo up extra charges apply.Limit 1 coupon per visit. Original ad only - no photocopies.Valid only at Triple Os, 6038 Kingsway, Burnaby.



  • Burnabys LiveWell Yoga is hold-ing outdoor yoga

    classes this summer toraise money to fight breastcancer.

    The classes areTuesdays, Wednesdays,Saturdays and Sundaysand are by donation.

    Lululemon sponsorsWednesday classes, andMy Yoga Online sponsorsall classes.

    The classes are atSumas Park on Tuesdays

    from 7 to 8 p.m., on thelawn in front of BurnabyCentral Library onWednesdays from 7 to8 p.m., and on Saturdaymornings from 10 to 11a.m., and at Sumas Parkon Sundays from 10 to 11a.m.

    Classes are weather-dependent, but confirma-tion will be posted onLive Wells Facebook

    page and Twitter feed upto the hour, according toinstructor Cielo English.

    Those interested shouldjoin Live Well Yoga onFacebook and RSVP forthe classes there, or go towww.livewellyoga.ca formore information.

    Classes are not heldduring bad weather orwhen the grass is wetfrom a heavy rain.

    Seeking artistsThe B.C. SPCA is look-

    ing for original artworkfrom kids up to the age of13 to grace the Paws for aCause T-shirt.

    The 2010 Scotiabankand B.C. SPCA Paws fora Cause Kids T-shirtContest runs until mid-night on July 23.

    The winning artwork

    will be featured on thefront of more than 5,000T-shirts.

    Youth from all acrossthe province will bewearing these T-shirts,said Denise Meade, theB.C. SPCAs director ofdevelopment, in a pressrelease. Alone, thatspretty special, but the win-ning young artist of this

    15 CSI at BCIT 18 Cherry picking13 Paper postcards

    Latin style: Jaquelin Gutierrez owns Moda Curuba, which recently opened in Lougheed Town Centre. Gutierrez fled her home in Colombia after shereceived death threats and came to Canada five years ago. The former nurse runs the colourful clothing store.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    Shop owner survived death threats

    Tucked away in a corner of LougheedTown Centre is a small Latin-Canadianclothing boutique.

    Moda Curuba is just steps away fromthe entrance to Wal-Mart. The clothingstore is a blast of colour and warmth next

    to the Old Dutch Bakery.Bright summer blouses, plaid dress

    shirts, jeans, bags, lingerie, shoes and jew-elry festoon the walls and shelves of thecramped space, watched over by ownerJaquelin Gutierrez.

    Gutierrez opened the shop just onemonth ago.

    Moda Curuba carries a different,unique style of clothing, Gutierrez says.Nobody has it.

    The clothing is colourful and daring.People is going to look more sexy, she

    says of her customers.

    Her clothes come from Los Angeles,Brazil, Panama and Colombia, she says,adding that the jeans are specially designedin the Latin American style, to lift andshape the backside.

    Themodest shop, and Gutierrezs life, isvery different from her life in Colombia.

    Gutierrez, who immigrated to B.C. fiveyears ago, was a nurse who managed clin-ics throughout the country, spending mostof her time in the capital, Bogot.

    But she had to flee with her husbandand two daughters when FARC (theRevolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)

    guerrillas threatened her life.A decade ago, Gutierrez discovered

    people in the company she was work-ing for were stealing antibiotics and giv-ing them to FARC. She reported it andreceived threatening phone calls.

    I refused to give in, Gutierrez says.The scenario was evocative of her

    fathers experience as a politician.Gutierrezs father, who was once

    mayor of Florencia, in the Caqueta regionof Colombia, found that some of his

    Janaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporter

    Yoga classes help raise money to fight cancer

    Survivor Page 12

    MOVERS AND SHAKERSJanaya Fuller-Evans

    Moda Curuba owner fledColombia to save her life butbrought Latin flavour with her

    Movers Page 12

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 14, 2010 A11

  • Want to be featuredin Paper Postcards?

    Take a copy of theBurnaby NOW alongwith you on your nexttrip.

    Take a photo ofyourself in front ofa scenic backdrop orlandmark, holding thenewspaper.

    Send your photosby e-mail to postcards@burnabynow.comor by mail to theBurnaby NOW, 201A-3430 Brighton Ave.,Burnaby, B.C., V5A3H4.

    Include a fewdetails about your trip.


    Out of Africa: Noelene Ahern and her son Camerontook the paper to the new Durban airport, after theirholiday in South Africa, just prior to the World Cup.

    Contributed photo/burnaby now



    GO TOFor breakingnews in Burnaby...

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 14, 2010 A13

    Fits YourFamily


    S U M M E R


    O N N O WEnds Sunday, July 18th

  • A14 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Burnaby NOW

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  • Most kids come back to school inSeptember to pen their What I didon my summer vacation essay andwrite about video games, bike ridesand family trips.

    But 16 Lower Mainland highschool students will have a chance todescribe the grisly crime scene andthe murder they solved instead.

    The British Columbia Instituteof Technology held its annual CSIBurnaby summer camp this pastweek, training students from Grade10 up to those who graduated thisyear, in forensic science.

    The program is so popular that

    camp manager Steen Hartsen hasbeen contacted by people outside theLower Mainland who want to sendtheir kids, as well as people up to 40years old.

    We have to tell them we donttake anyone older than a Grade 12grad, he said, laughing.

    The camp also cant take anyonewho cant return home at night, asthere arent accommodations avail-able, Hartsen added.

    Each of the 16 participants hadto submit a 200-word essay explain-ing why they were interested in thecamp, Hartsen said.

    The camp teaches students finger-printing, crime scene analysis, foren-sic photography, and forensic videoand surveillance analysis, as well asthe importance of DNA evidence.

    At the end of the week, studentshad to don forensic suits and go overa crime scene, gathering, processing

    and analyzing evidence to solve asimulated murder.

    Its a lot of fun, Hartsen said.We try to have a good time aswell.

    He shows the students episodesof CSI, the crime scene investigationTV show, at lunchtime, and expertsfrom the field come in and explainhow the work is different from theshow, he said.

    One of the most interesting thingsthe participants learn is how to deci-pher clues from knots.

    A knot can say a lot about the per-son who tied it, Hartsen explained.

    The camp was held previously fora few years, and started up again lastyear, he said.

    About 80 per cent of participantsgo into related fields, such as forensicscience or law enforcement, accord-ing to Hartsen.


    Its CSI Burnaby at BCITCamp introduces highschool students to forensicscience techniquesJanaya Fuller-Evansstaff reporter

    Forensicscience:Top,aCSIBurnabycampparticipantprepares a diagram. Middle, a camp participantexamines human bones. Above, camp participantsexamine the crime scene for evidence. The photos arefrom the camp in 2009.

    Photo courtesy BCIT forensics department/burnaby now


    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 14, 2010 A15

    GVCasino Grand Villa Casino

    JULY 12 31

    You could win $50 Cash or Prizes everyMonday, Wednesday and Saturday

    Hourly Hot Seat Draws 1pm - 10pm

    Double the Cash for BC Gold Members

    Play Slots or Tables and feel the burn!

  • A16 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Burnaby NOW

    THURSDAY, JULY 15A day in White Rock,mini-bus trip with ConfederationSeniors Centre, 10 a.m.to 3:30 p.m., $14 plus tax.Register at 604-294-1936 (bar-code 211148).

    Spaghetti dinner, hostedby Beulah Rebekah Lodge,6 p.m., IOOF Hall, 7228Edmonds St., includes silentauction, new-to-you, baketable and crafts. Tickets $10at door. For reservations callEdna Brown at 604-522-2559or Jean Murray at 604-942-5878.

    FRIDAY, JULY 16Kool Down at Kensington,free swim for youth aged 12to 16, 8 to 10 p.m., KensingtonPark Pool. Hot dog and bever-age $1. Info: 604-671-1000.

    SATURDAY, JULY 17Willingdon CommunityChurch, parking lot flea mar-ket, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., 1491Carleton Ave. Info: 604-299-1446.

    Show & Shine, 11 a.m.,Willingdon Church, 1491Carleton Ave., rain or shine.Includes cars, dent removaldemonstrations, clean andpolish demonstrations, roastpig meal for $10, hot dogs forthe kids.

    Free nature walk at BurnabyLake Regional Park, 10:30 to11 a.m. Topic: aquatic plants.Info: metrovancouver.org orcall 604-420-3031.

    Burnaby Farmers Market,featuring Christmas in July Santa, presents, decorations,games. Classic pop music byRon Ulrich. Includes fish, jam,vegan baking and much more.9 a.m. to 2 p.m., 4949 CanadaWay at Deer Lake Parkway.

    Yukata Kitsuke, learn howto put on your yukata andlook good, National NikkeiMuseum and HeritageCentre, 6688 Southoaks Cres.,Burnaby. $10. Register athttp://www.jcnm.ca/specialevents/yukata-kitsuke-jul-17.

    MONDAY, JULY 19Health Alert, at BonsorSeniors Centre, 6550 BonsorAve., with drop-in servicesfrom 9:30 to 11:15 a.m. includ-ing blood pressure, weightmonitoring, health info, mas-sage, socializing and relax-ation, exercise at 10:15, pre-sentation at 11 a.m. on Howto Take Care of Your Thyroid.Info: 604-439-1456.

    SATURDAY, JULY 24St. Margaret of ScotlandAnglican Church, womens fel-lowship parking lot sale, 1020Sperling Ave., 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.Includes lots of home baking.

    MONDAY, JULY 26Health Alert, at BonsorSeniors Centre, 6550 BonsorAve., with drop-in servicesfrom 9:30 to 11:15 a.m. includ-ing blood pressure, weightmonitoring, health info, mas-sage. Info: 604-439-1456.

    ONGOINGPlus-size womens swim, joina small group of plus-sizewomen who rent a Burnabypublic pool on Saturdaymornings to paddle around,swim lengths, float and relaxin public. Info: Gertie at 604-737-7830 or rubioalabau@telus.net.

    LiveWell Yoga, outdoor class-es until Aug. 31. Donationstoward helping those withbreast cancer: Info: www.


    Burnaby Central grads of1980, reunion Sept. 18 at theExecutive Inn. Contact GlennRenney at GlennRenney@Remax.net or call 604-526-2888.

    Bonsor 55-plus day trips,offered over the summer.Trips include a Vancouvergarden tour, a trip to SaturnaIsland, the Cloverdale fleamarket, driving tours andmore. Info: 604-439-5517.

    Burnaby Farmers Market,Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2p.m. at the Burnaby City Hallparking lot, 4949 Canada Way(at Deer Lake Parkway) withproduce, baking, flowers,spices, wool, herbs, hangingbaskets, jewelry, coffee, piesand much more, as well asbook exchange, kids playtent, games table, newspaperreading area and entertain-ment. Call Lyn, 604-318-0437or see www.artisanmarkets.cafor more.

    Seebaz cricket and kanga ballcamps at Burnaby Lake, forboys and girls aged six to 13.Second camp from July 19 to23. No experience necessary.Contact Melissa at 604-299-7001 or e-mail seebazcricketcamps@live.com.

    Miniature train rides, at 120North Willingdon Ave., 11a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays,Sundays and holidays, withmore than two kilometres oftrack. Book your birthday par-ties and private functions. Forinfo, call 604-291-0922.

    Bonsor 55-plus bingo, forseniors, at Bonsor RecreationComplex, Wednesdays from2:30 to 4 p.m. Info: 604-439-5510.

    Parent support circles featurefree, confidential, anonymous,weekly meetings of parentswho want to learn new waysto nurture and protect theirchildren. Burnaby circlesare available in English andCantonese. Info: 604-669-1616,1-877-345-9777 or http://www.parentsuppportbc.ca.

    Seniors book club,meetsat 10 a.m. on the fourthTuesday of the month in theMcGill branch of BurnabyPublic Library, offered byConfederation Centre. Info:Barbara, 604-415-0410.

    Multiple Sclerosis Societyof Canada, Lower Mainlandchapter, has 16 different sup-port groups running aroundthe Lower Mainland. For infoon the one closest to you, call604-689-3144 and ask for theLower Mainland chapter.

    Girl Guides of Canada, unitsmeet weekly around Burnabyand New Westminster. Girlsaged five to 18 and women 19and up can join all year round.Call 1-800-565-8111.

    Bonsor 55-plus dances, atBonsor Recreation Complex,Tuesdays from noon to 3p.m., Thursdays from 7:30to 10:30 p.m. Admission $5members, $6 non-members.Light refreshments served,live band. Info: 604-439-5510.

    TOPS (Take Off PoundsSensibly), a non-profit supportgroup, meets Wednesdaysfrom 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. atMaywood Community School,in the library, 4567 Imperial St.Info: Mary, 604-299-4149.

    Fresh Fridays at Edmonds,with unique lunches pluslive entertainment, offeredon Fridays at EdmondsCommunity Centre for 55-plus, 7282 Kingsway. Lunchmenus and list of entertainersavailable at the centre.

    Musicians wanted, to accom-

    pany Cameron SeniorsRecreation Centres SunshineSing-along, running everyother Monday from 1:30to 3:30 p.m., September toJune, at 9523 Cameron St.Instruments can be providedfor pianists and drummers;other musicians must bringown instruments. Must beable to play music from the1950s, 60s and 70s. Call 604-420-6478.

    Edmonds Wii group,meetingevery Monday from 2 to 3:30p.m. at Edmonds CommunityCentre for 55-plus, 7282Kingsway, giving people achance to try out virtual sportswith the Nintendo Wii. Info:604-525-1671.

    Burnaby Metrotown RotaryClub,meets Wednesdaysfrom 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. atthe Holiday Inn ExpressMetrotown. Info: Gloria TomWing Staudt, club president,604-523-6268.

    Edmonds Computer Club,for those interested in learn-ing more about computersand the Internet and keepingin touch with friends andfamily through e-mail. RunsWednesdays, 10 a.m. to noonand Thursdays, 7 to 9 p.m., atEdmonds Community Centrefor 55-plus, 7282 Kingsway.Call 604-525-1671.

    Telespeakers Club, aToastmasters group, invitespeople to improve their pub-lic speaking. Group meetsFridays from 7:30 to 9 p.m.at the Burnaby Room, on thesixth floor of the Telus build-ing, 3777 Kingsway. Info:www.telespeakers.com.

    YMCA Connections, is look-ing for adults, couples andfamilies who are interestedin volunteering their time tohelp new immigrants settle inCanada. Matches meet threetimes a month for six months,times and days flexible. Info:www.vanymca.org/NoFrame/Employ/Connections.html ore-mail janice.ho@vanymca.org.

    TOPS No. 320, offers diet andgroup support, with meetings11:45 a.m. Wednesdays atSt. Timothy Anglican Church,4550 Kitchener St. Call Elsie,604-299-4600.

    Edmonds Seniors Golf Club,for players of all levels, withgames at either Central ParkPitch & Putt or KensingtonPark Pitch & Putt. For informa-tion and schedule, call Pat at604-433-2072.

    Netherlands Association,speak Dutch with others and

    celebrate your heritage. Visitwww.dutchnetwork.ca orcontact Edie, ediebijdemast@telus.net or 604-536-3394.

    Burnaby HorsemensAssociation, 9080 AvalonAve., invites those interestedin horses to join the groupand share their interest with

    a membership that spans allages. Info: burnabyhorsemensassociation@gmail.com.

    Send non-profit event listings tocalendar@burnabynow.com. Allowat least three weeks advancenotice. Also, check out our onlineversion of the events calendar atwww.burnabynow.com.


    Paul KwiatkowskiActive junior player and volunteer at the Burnaby Open and

    Vancouver Lawn Masters Tournament Burnaby, British Columbia



  • How we think ofourselves and ourworld shapes howwe interpret the events ofour lives, relate to othersand realize our potentialfor happiness.

    Our self-conception canbe dependenton our phys-ical selves. Ifwe identifyourselves withour youthfulselves, the pro-gressive chan-ges of agingcan becomea perpetualsource ofunhappiness.In WilliamButler Yeatspoem,WhenYou Are Old,the narratorrecognizes the pilgrimsoul in another thebeautiful spirit he lovesthat is more than skin deep.

    Yeats wrote:When you are old and gray

    and full of sleep,And nodding by the fire,

    take down this book,And slowly read, and

    dream of the soft lookYour eyes had once, and of

    their shadows deep;How many loved your

    moments of glad grace,And loved your beauty

    with love false or true,Burn one man loved the

    pilgrim soul in you,And loved the sorrows of

    your changing face;We must each recognize

    the true self thatis more thanour ever-chan-ging appear-ance, the clotheswe wear, andour stage andstation in life.

    Our self-conception canbe influencedby our healthwhen thediagnosis of achronic condi-tion such as dia-betes or heartdisease causes

    us to label ourselves as lessthan healthy.

    Of course, this is farfrom the truth.

    Today, knowledge ofa chronic condition canmobilize the individualinto seizing control of theirown health and engagingwith the health-care pro-viders ready to work withthem to optimize theirhealth.

    We may passivelyaccept a self-conceptionperpetuated by others,those who have adopted aposition of dominance, con-trol or abuse over us. Wecan feel stuck in a role ofinferiority, subservience or

    passivity. We may believetheir put downs, labels andinsults.

    While self-esteem isassociated with confidenceand may be specific toparticular skills, socialsituations or your stage ofdevelopment, self-worthinvolves the core of youridentity.

    Self-worth is about feel-ing good about yourself,believing that you aredeserving of happinessand love, living accord-ing to your highest val-

    ues because you respectyourself, and being true toyourself, your feelings andyour needs.

    Our own behaviourcan diminish our ownsense of self-worth. In avicious cycle, trappingus in a downward spiralof self-deprecation, pasttrauma and abuse fostersan impaired self-concept,and we live the role of oneunworthy of respect andcare, we abuse our bodieswith drugs, alcohol, reck-less behaviour, excess and

    risky choices.We may choose a life-

    style out of step with ourdeeper needs and values.We may choose relation-ships that perpetuate ourdiminished role and are farless than what we deserve.We may even reject loveand happiness because webelieve we do not deservethem.

    Dr. Davidicus Wong is afamily physician. His Internetradio show can be heard onPositiveWorldRadioNetwork.WeEarth.com.

    Happiness shaped by howwe see ourselves

    We may pas-sively accept aself-conceptionperpetuated byothers, those whohave adopted aposition of domi-nance, control orabuse over us.DAVIDICUS WONGfamily physician


    HEALTHWISEDr. Davidicus Wong

    Community conversationsCommunity conversationsCommunity conversationsCommunity conversations

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    Lets talk. From thepersonal to political.

    Life in Burnaby

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    Summer is a wonder-ful time of the yearwhen it comes to theabundance of fresh fruitthat is available, and cher-ries are one of my utmostfavourites.

    I believe that we allhave some fond memoryfrom our childhood of eat-ing cherries in the hot sum-mer sun; either raw andfresh by themselves or in afavourite family dessert.

    The part of the worldwhere cherries originatedis very difficult to pinpoint,as they have supposedlybeen in existence since pre-historic times. Today, how-ever, cherries are found allover the world.

    Birds love cherries, andso it is believed that dueto their migration habits,they were the factor mostcontributing to the spreadof cherry trees.

    We tend to see and con-sume only one or two var-ieties of sweet cherries thatare sold in our markets androadside stands. However,there are many differentones that are cultivatedaround the world. Cherriesare divided into two clas-sifications sweet cherriesand sour cherries. There

    are more than 500 varietiesof sweet cherries and morethan 250 varieties of sourcherries worldwide.

    Three examples ofsweet cherries that wouldbe the most familiar to uswould be Gean, Bing andBigaroon.

    Gean cherries are themost common. They areeither red or black andvery sweet. Bing cherrieshave skins that are usuallynot as dark and their fleshis substantially more pale,but they tend to be juicer.Bigaroons are somewhatheart-shaped and their firmflesh can either be red oryellow.

    When buying cherries,make sure that they arefully ripe. Cherries do notripen on their own afterharvesting. Also make sureto buy cherries that stillhave their stems attached.Cherries without stemstend to spoil faster as thestem cavity will expose apart of the inner flesh.

    Cherries can be kept atroom temperature, but aswith most fruit, they willalways deteriorate moreslowly if kept in the refrig-erator.

    Cherries can be frozenwhole or pitted, but freez-ing will affect their flavourquality and firmness.Frozen cherries are bestused for cooking.

    Pitting cherries can bedone with either a knifeby cutting them in half, orwith a cherry/olive pitter.These manual mechanical

    devices look almost likea pair of hand pliers. Oneend has a round compart-ment which holds thecherry or olive, while theother end is equipped witha spike that inserts intothe flesh to push the pitthrough the opposite end.

    Cherries jubilee is prob-ably the most famouscherry recipe. It is recipethat consists of soakingcherries in a cherry liqueur,cooking them in a sugarsyrup and igniting themwith brandy. They areboiled down until the saucethickens. More cherryliqueur can be added atthis point, and then servedover ice cream or cake.

    One of my favouritechildhood recipes is onethat my mother made forour family every cherryseason. She calls it cherrysoup. It is whole cher-ries cooked in a sweet, redcherry broth with curdsmade out of flour. It maysound odd, but it is verydelicious and can be servedeither hot or chilled.

    Dear Chef Dez:I just recently bought a

    whole case of cherries becausethey were on sale for a greatprice. What are some ideasthat I can do with them otherthan making jam?

    Ron S.Abbotsford, B.C.

    Dear Ron:There are many great

    ways to serve cherries.They add a great contrast-

    ing colour and flavour togreen salads and are alsodelicious in custards, sor-bets, ice cream, fruit saladsand pies. Black forest cakeis another famous dessertwith cherries. You can also

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  • 24 T-Men fall Sr. Lakers 24 Lax builder to Hall 25 Provincial lax scoresSECTION COORDINATOR Tom Berridge, 604-444-3022 tberridge@burnabynow.com

    Crosby novices bring back the smiles

    Coquitlamsteppedbackon the podium at the 25thannual Jack Crosby novicememorial all-star lacrossetournament in Burnaby.

    The Coquitlam goldteam outscored OntariosOakville Hawks 10-7 in anentertaining gold-medalfinal in the advanced divi-sion at the Bill CopelandSports Centre Sunday.

    Eric Bouma scored fourgoals, including the firstof three third-period goalsthat iced the associationsfirst win since 2006. DanielMiller potted the game-winner for the gold, cap-ping a three-goal surge inthe opening minutes of thethird period.

    Oakville, a winner ofthe intermediate divisionat the Crosby tourney in2008, got goals from sixindividual players, includ-ing team MVP ConnorPickford who potted apair of counters in the finalframe.

    Daniel Sudiro tallieda hat trick for the win-ners. Gabriel Procyk, witha goal and one assist, wasCoquitlams MVP in thegold-medal final.

    Burnabys advanced

    team finished third, behindOakville and Coquitlamgold, with a record of 2-2in the blue pool.

    Burnaby defeated Juande Fuca 5-4 in a fifth-placeconsolation match onJacob Fetchkos game-win-ning tally.

    Michael Hajdu, AidanGuld, Trevor OReilly andBasil Cooper, who wasnamed to the advancedall-star team, also scoredin the crossover match.

    Port Coquitlam defeat-ed New Westminster 8-3in the bronze medal game.

    Josh Van Os, TravisPeterson and CameronHusband scored for NewWest.

    Burnaby 2 finishedwithout a win in the inter-mediate tier 1 division.

    Burnabys Tyler Eckertscored two goals and

    Nicolas Fernandes also tal-lied in a 7-3 loss to Saanichfollowing pool play. DylanBondi was named to thetier 1 all-star squad.

    Colorado, coached byformer senior A Burnaby

    West beats East inthrilling advancedgold-medal finalTom Berridgesports editor

    Larry Wright/burnaby now

    All-stars all: Oakville, Ont. Hawks runner Josh Dawick leads the Coquitlam gold team on a merry chase inthe opening period of the gold-medal final at the 25th annnual Jack Crosby novice all-star lacrosse tournamentat the Bill Copeland Sports Centre Sunday. Coquitlam won the advanced division final 10-7 over Oakville.

    Juniors bow out of first round for first time in ages

    The Burnaby Lakers wentdown with a lot of fight in them.

    After a dispiriting 18-6 loss inthe opening game of the play-offs, the junior A Lakers gave alast glimpse of the playoff prow-ess that inspired a generation oflacrosse players in Burnaby.

    TheLakers lost the best-of-threeB.C. Junior Lacrosse League play-off series to the Delta Islandersin straight games, falling 9-7 atthe Bill Copeland Sports CentreSunday.

    But it was not a gentle sendoffby the former 13-time Minto Cupfinalists.

    Jackson Decker, who playedthe playoff of his life last sea-son, forcing a fifth and final gameagainst the eventual championCoquitlam, led the Lakers again

    in a desperate attempt to force adeciding game.

    The clever right-hander scoredfour goals and helped out on afifth to lead all scorers, but itproved not enough despite a widedisparity in shots in Burnabysfavour.

    The Lakers outshot theIslanders 56-35, but Delta keep-er Zack Boychuck stopped 49 ofthem to stymie the comeback.

    Its just disappointing leavingthe playoffs in the first round. Lastyear was way more fun, challeng-ing the No. 1 team, said Decker,who has one more season aheadof him in Burnaby.

    Its tough having a lot ofchanges in the dressing room. Weall knew we had to step up andtake the roles on.

    But while the Lakers defencegave a better account of itself ingame 2, the goalkeeping and lack

    of supplemental scoring provedthe difference.

    Decker accounted for morethan half of the teams goals inBurnabys two-game post season.

    Decker said the team wantedto show that it was still a forcedespite the loss of three of its topplayers at the trade deadline.

    Sadly, the playoffs proved oth-erwise.

    Burnaby opened the playoffswith a whimper, falling 18-6 to theIslanders in Delta Saturday.

    Decker led the club with a hattrick in an otherwise lacklustrestart to the post season.

    Delta scored six times in thefirst period, including four in arow in a two-minute span, to takethe lead for good. The Islandersthen opened the middle framewith a 7-1 run that put the gamewell out of reach.

    Blake Duncan got the win in

    goal for the Islanders, stopping34 shots.

    Patrick Bayliss was chasedfrom the net by the Delta shootersfor a second straight game andwas replaced by Devon Winters.

    Chase Clark added fourassists for Burnaby, while BlakeMattinson chipped in with a goaland two helpers.

    Three individual Delta playersscored hat tricks for the winners.

    Still, even now, I think theLakers are one of the strongestplayoff teams. It felt good on thefloor, but it did not go our way atthe end, Decker said, adding heis hopeful for next season. I justwant my last year to be a goodyear. I know Ill be giving it myall.

    Nanaimo and Victoria playedTuesday (after NOW deadlines).If necessary, a Game 3 will beplayed on Thursday.

    Tom Berridgesports editor

    The defending provin-cial and league junior girlslacrosse champions were agoal away from a double.

    The Burnaby Lakers fin-ished a roller-coaster pro-vincial tournament with a7-6 loss to Nanaimo in thegold-medal match in PortMoody Sunday.

    Burnaby came backfrom a 10-1 shellacking byNew Westminster to knockthe pool winner into theconsolation bracket with anavenging 8-3 win in thesemifinals on Saturday.

    IvanaBilicwasadomint-ing factor in both games.She was later named to theall-tournament junior team

    (Bilic) was just a killerin that (final) game. If shedidnt score fiveor sixgoals,Id be surprised, said headcoach Kim Adlington.

    Defender MontanaAdlington, goalie NicoleKelly, Jessica Yi andCourtney Rushworth werealso key contributors.

    The Burnaby peeweegirls had to settle for afourth-place finish follow-ing a 9-6 loss to Coquitlamin the consolation final atthe provincials.

    Carly Spagnuolo pickedup her second game starof the provincials in thebronze-medal match.

    Sarah Kuhn, Fair Playwinner Lizzie Morrison,Kayla Chua and provincialall-starNicoleComack,withthree goals in Burnabys 8-1 win over Nanaimo, werealso named game stars.

    The peewees upsetleague runner-up PortCoquitlam for a berth intothe provincials.

    Its credible and com-mendable, but you want tohave something tangible atthe end of a tournament,said Burnaby peewee headcoach Paul Kuhn.

    The Burnaby bantamteam also finished in fourthplace after losing to RidgeMeadows 8-3 in the bronze-medal final.

    Jolene Robinson wasnamed to the all-bantamteam, while Cassidy Ringwon the Fair Play award.

    Juniorgirls winsilver at

    provincialsTom Berridgesports editor

    Crosby Page 24

    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 14, 2010 A21


    Golf BurnabyRiverway Golf Course& Driving Range9001 Riverway PlacePhone: 604-280-4653

    Burnaby Mountain GolfCourse & Driving Range7600 Halifax StreetPhone: 604-280-7355

    Central ParkPitch & Putt3883 Imperial StreetPhone: 604-434-2727

    Kensington ParkPitch & Putt5889 Curtis StreetPhone: 604-291-9525

  • A22 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Burnaby NOW


    MOSAIC AVENUE DEVELOPMENTS LTD. is working with SFU CommunityTrust and the City of Burnaby on a development proposal for Parcel 28 atUniverCity, SFU, on Burnaby Mountain.

    A building comprising approximately 80 residential apartment homes isproposed, consistent with the parcel-specic Development Guidelines andnew CD Zoning for the future development of Phase 3: West Highlands atUniverCity, SFU.

    We will be holding a Public Open House to introduce the developmentproposal and gather feedback.

    DATE: Tuesday, July 27th, 2010TIME: 5:00pm to 7:00pmPLACE: Lobby, SFU Community Trust

    Suite 150, 8960 University High StreetBurnaby, BC



    REGISTER ONLINE!www.douglas.bc.ca/campus-life/youthcamps/summercampsFor more info., please call 604-527-5757 or email summercamps@douglas.bc.ca

    SPORTS CAMPSBadminton, Baseball, Basketball,Multi-Sport, Soccer, Track & Field,

    Volleyball, Beach Volleyball

    COMPUTER CAMPSComputer 101,

    DigiArt, Intro toProgramming,Sports & Computers,

    Website Design,Video Games, YUPpies

    OTHERSFilm production andcreative writing

    NEW!!Floor Hockey andTable Tennis

    HOT LUNCHES availableat affordable prices


  • A24 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Burnaby NOW


    Lakers playoffhopes axed byTimbermen?TheBurnabyLakersmay

    have just cooked their pro-verbial goose in theWesternLacrosse Association.

    The senior A Lakersdropped a pair of key back-to-back contests against for-mer fellow cellar-dwellerNanaimo Timbermen lastweek.

    Burnaby was unlucky tocome away without at leasta point at the Bill CopelandSports Centre Friday, fol-lowing a 9-8 loss to theT-Men at home. They thenlost a 13-10 decision the fol-lowing night in Nanaimo.

    The two losses left theLakers alone in last placein the league basementtwo points behind but withtwo games in hand on theLangley Thunder.

    The twin defeats alsomean Burnaby would nowhave to finish higher thanNanaimo in the final leaguestandings to earn a possibletop-four playoff spot.

    That poses big problemsfor the 4-8 club, which facesthe top three clubs, NewWestminster, Victoria andCoquitlam, in five of its lastsix regular season games.

    We control what wedo now, said Lakers headcoach Bob Johnston afterFriday nights defeat. Thisis our playoff, right now.

    On Friday, Burnabyplays host to the first-place New WestminsterSalmonbellies at the BillCopeland centre.

    The Lakers then travelback to Nanaimo to finishup their three-game seasonseries against the T-men onSunday.

    Last Friday, Burnabyheld a three-goal advan-tage at one point in boththe first and second peri-ods, but failed to hold ontothem.

    Third-star Calvin Craigand Dane Stevens weresilenced in the final frameafter posting a hat trick anda five-point night, includ-ing a pair of goals, respec-tively.

    Perennial Nanaimo firststar Lewis Ratcliff led theTimbermen rally, tying thecontest 7-7 with his hat-trick goal on a nifty base-line move.

    Lakers transition runnerCam Bergman got that goalback on a breakaway passfrom Eric Sage, burying hishard shot past Nanaimokeeper Matt King.

    But Ratcliff potted a pairof goals in the final min-ute of play, scoring firstwith King on the bench fora sixth attacker and thenstealing a victory for thevisitors with a goal off aBurnaby turnover at mid-floor with just 17 secondsleft.

    We broke down therelate in the game, saidJohnston. We had a cou-ple of chances to get twogoals ahead, but we didntget it.

    With the score tied 8-8, apass upfloor from Bergmanto Chris Manwaring thatled to the last-second turn-over probably shouldnthave been made, Johnstonadded.

    That was effort, tryingto make a play, and unfor-tunately it wasnt the play.It wasnt a clear chance.

    The Lakers had a secondopportunity in Nanaimoon Saturday but swappedseven-goal periods in thefirst two stanzas, beforewinding up on the shortend of a 13-10 decision.

    Neil Tyacke stopped 34shots, while Cam Sedgwickled Burnaby with a five-point night. Scott Tinningalso added a hat trick.

    Scott Ranger was the biggun forNanaimowith three

    Tom Berridgesports editor

    Jason Lang/burnaby now

    Silver finish:Burnaby juniorDanika Kujala,left, slips a checkfrom a Nanaimoplayer withthe help fromNo. 5 OrchidKamron duringthe provincialgirls lacrossechampionshipsin Port Moodylast week. Thedefendingchamps finishedsecond this yearto Nanaimo.

    Bob Stewart of Burnaby was oneof nine new members named tothe Canadian Lacrosse Hall of FameThursday.

    Stewart, who is better known inrecent decades for his work withthe New Westminster Salmonbelliesorganization, was named as abuilder along with Terry Lloyd ofOshawa, Ont.

    Stewart devoted more than 60years to the game as a player, coach,general manager and administrator.

    As a player, Stewart began inNorth Burnaby in 1947 and latershared in three provincial champi-

    onships and two Minto Cups in 1954and 56 with the PNE Indians andMount Pleasant Legion junior teams.He later coached in South Burnabyin the 1970s.

    Stewart returned to lacrossein 1986 as the GM of the juniorSalmonbellies, a post he held until1992.

    He then took over the GM jobwith the senior A Bellies, whichlasted for the next four seasons.

    Stewart has remained active inthe Salmonbellies executive to thispresent day.

    Alsoearning induction in theplay-

    er category is current Salmonbelliesassistant GM Ken Thomas.

    Thomasspenttwoofhis13seasonsin the Western Lacrosse Associationwith the Burnaby Lakers.

    Joining Thomas in the box playercategory was Tyson Leies of Victoriaand Ken Webb of Surrey in the vet-erans category.

    The formal induction banquetand ceremony will take place at theFirefighters Club in Metrotown onNov. 13.

    Hall of fame dinner tickets maybe purchased by calling Sohen Gillat 604-421-9755, ext. 5.

    Builder newly named to lax hall of fame

    Laker Steve Govett, eas-ily won the tier 1 gold18-3 over PoCo in the finalgame. Saanich finishedwith the bronze.

    In the tier 2 bracket,Burnaby 1 lost the bronzemedal 6-4 to Kamloops.Shea Janke and ColeMalmquist both scored apair of goals for the homeassociation.

    Burnaby advancedto the semifinals againsteventual championCowichan Valley with a7-6 win in overtime over

    Saanich. Malmquist, withthree goals, and tier 2 all-star Devin Prasad, witha pair, did most of thescoring.

    Burnaby goalie BraedenOHanley was also namedan all-star.

    Cowichan defeatedNew Westminster 10-4 inthe final game. All-starColton McKenzie tallieda hat trick for the silvermedallists.

    The novice Salmon-bellies edged Kamloops3-2 in the semifinal gameon goals by Liam VanKalsbeek, Max Sverdrup

    and Hunter Moe.In the novice girls divi-

    sion at the Crosby memo-rial, pool winner Burnabyfell out of the medalsfollowing a 7-3 loss toCoquitlam in the bronzefinal. Nicole Kuhn led thehosts with one goal andone assist.

    The girls, 3-0 in poolplay, lost in the semifinalsto the eventual gold med-allists Port Coquitlam 7-6in sudden-death overtime.

    Game stars for Burnabyincluded Kaylee Colville,Emma Reagan, LaurenComack, Jaime Richards

    and Gigi Janes.Colville, a New

    Westminster pickup byBurnaby, was chosen tothe girls all-star team.

    Although this was thethird all-star tournamentsince JackCrosbyspassingin January of 2008, its stillan emotional and excit-ing time, said son MikeCrosby after the event.

    Its about the kids,Crosby said.

    To see this tournamentto be as successful as it ismakes those feelings goaway, replacing the tearswith the smiles.

    continued from page 21

    Crosby: Its still an emotional time, says son

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  • Game of theWeekWESTERN LACROSSE ASSOCIATIONThe Burnaby Lakers take on last years Mann Cup finalist New Westminster Salmonbellies @ BillCopeland Sports Centre, Friday, July 16 at 7:45 p.m.


    Coquitlam 19 1 1 256 132 39New West 16 3 2 212 136 34Victoria 11 9 1 190 183 23Delta 11 10 0 215 191 22Burnaby 9 10 2 160 176 20Nanaimo 9 12 0 191 179 18Port Coquitlam 3 16 2 144 237 8Langley 2 19 0 144 278 4

    Final BCJLL ScoringG A Pt

    Tyler Digby NW 34 55 89Casey Jackson Vic 40 48 88Mike Mallory Del 40 47 87Cody Bremner Nan/NW 36 41 77Reegan Comeault Lan 33 40 73Karsen Leung Vic 25 47 72Mark Negrin NW 34 34 68Mark Matthews Coq 35 31 66Trevor Evans Poc/Del 31 34 65Darcy Cummings Poc/Del 24 41 65Leif Mydske NW 27 35 62Matthew Dinsdale Coq 25 37 62Jeff Sproule NW 13 48 61Brandon Bertoia Coq 25 35 60Mackenzie Davis Bby 25 27 52



    Burnaby 13 1 1 175 91 27Tri City 13 2 1 198 92 27Ladner 11 3 1 193 96 23Nanaimo 10 6 0 135 100 20Royal City 8 8 0 191 146 16Valley 7 7 1 155 140 15North Shore 5 11 0 134 175 10Langley 1 13 0 89 232 2Chilliwack 0 15 0 64 262 0

    WCSLA ScoringG A Pt

    Jarrett Dorman TC 57 30 87Kyle Goundrey Lad 23 61 84Jim Nishiyama Val 30 40 70Russ Heard TC 21 47 68Dan Roberts RC 32 23 55Trent Smalley Lad 28 25 53John Bowles RC 31 19 50Rob Brommer Bby 25 24 49Pat ODwyer Nan 23 25 48Sean Kelly Lad 22 26 48James Unger RC 21 26 47Quinn Waddington Bby 22 14 36Marcus Wooden Bby 22 13 35Travis St. Germain Bby 18 14 32

    Leading GoaliesGAA

    Matt Morehouse Ladner 4.88Chad Miller Tri-City 5.27Danny Walters Nanaimo 5.79Kevin Hill Burnaby 6.08Rob Cook Ladner 6.98Andrew Leyshon Tri-City 7.35

    PACIFIC COAST LEAGUEPremier Mens Division

    W L T GF GA PtVcr T-Birds 11 1 2 29 9 35Khalsa Sptg 9 4 1 28 19 28Okanagan 7 6 2 21 17 23Vic Highlder 5 6 5 29 20 20Kamloops 3 6 6 18 26 15Victoria Utd 4 8 2 24 28 14Athletic Club 1 9 4 16 32 7

    *Premier Womens Division

    WCaps Pros 15 0 0 84 9 45




    BC JUNIOR BOYS1 2 3 4 Total

    Adam Svensson 70 69 69 72 280Khaled Attieh 71 68 74 73 286Yohann Vora 70 72 73 72 287Cameron Davison 77 70 73 68 288Conner Kozak 70 73 70 75 288William Deck 71 77 72 69 289Kevin Ko 72 74 71 72 289Ben Froese 75 72 73 70 290Brian Jung 76 75 70 71 292Kevin Kwon 71 76 74 72 293Jared Hundza 75 74 70 74 293James Fahy 74 80 71 69 294Sunny Li 76 75 72 72 295Mike Belle 73 75 75 76 299Lucas Gatto 76 77 75 74 302Wyatt Racette 80 71 79 76 306Kevin Vigna 81 72 77 77 307


    New West 11 4 0 151 132 22Victoria 10 4 0 156 130 20Coquitlam 7 8 0 167 170 14Maple Ridge 7 9 0 145 146 14Nanaimo 6 8 0 149 159 12Langley 5 9 0 145 156 10Burnaby 4 8 0 92 112 8Sat Burnaby 10 (Scott Tinning 3g1a,Cam Sedgwick 2g3a), Nanaimo 13Fri Nanaimo 9, Burnaby 8 (CalvinCraig 3g, Dane Stevens 2g3a)

    WLA ScoringG A Pt

    Lewis Ratcliff Nan 30 49 79Dane Dobbie Coq 38 39 77Cory Conway Coq 30 47 77Scott Ranger Nan 33 35 68Jarrett Davis MR 24 43 67Garrett Billings Lan 23 36 59Jeff Shattler Vic 18 36 54Jason Jones Coq 21 31 52Daryl Veltman Coq 22 29 51Rhys Duch Vic 27 23 50Alex Turner Lan 21 27 48Dean Hill Vic 14 33 48Joel Henry Nan 16 31 47Callum Crawford Nan 21 25 46Ryan Benesch Vic 21 21 42Cliff Smith NW 17 25 42Joel McCready Lan 26 14 40Joel Dalgarno MR 19 21 40Scott Tinning Bby 18 15 33

    Leading GoaliesGAA %

    Ron Schibild MR 8.16 0.803Matt Roik NW 8.28 0.811Scott Lowe Bby 8.63 0.796Tyler Richards NW 9.34 0.802Kevin Croswell Lan 9.60 0.791


    Langley 28 8 .778 Vic Mariners 27 9 .750 1.0North Delta 29 12 .707 1.5Fraser Valley 24 14 .632 5.0Abbotsford 22 13 .629 5.5Coquitlam 23 17 .575 7.0Vancouver 22 18 .550 8.0Nanaimo 18 19 .486 10.5North Shore 15 24 .385 14.5Parksville 14 23 .378 14.5Okanagan 13 27 .325 17.0Victoria Eagles 8 30 .211 21.0White Rock 5 34 .128 24.5


    Langley 29 11 .725 North Shore 24 16 .600 5.0Abbotsford 24 16 .600 5.0Victoria Eagles 20 19 .513 8.5Vic Mariners 19 20 .487 9.5Okanagan 19 21 .475 10.0Coquitlam 19 21 .475 10.0North Delta 19 21 .475 10.0Nanaimo 18 22 .450 11.0White Rock 15 25 .375 14.0Vancouver 13 27 .325 16.0



    Brandon Ngai, Jennifer TongGrade 11 Athletes of the Year

    Lorenzo Robiso, Tracy ToJunior Athletes of the Year

    Brandon Luu, Emma Fingler, SophiaChenJuvenile Athletes of the Year

    Nikhil Prakash, Wyatt Lew, MichelleLin

    Bantam Athletes of the YearDamien Yeo, Peitra Gant


    Leading GoaliesGAA %

    Frank Scigliano NW 5.76 83.43Zach Boychuk Nan/Del 7.67 83.31Dan Lewis Coq 6.36 83.18B Macdonald Bby/Coq 7.68 82.94Chris Seidel Coq 5.90 82.03

    First Round PlayoffsSun Delta 9, Burnaby 7 (JacksonDecker 4g1a)Sat Burnaby 6 (Decker 3g1a), Delta18Delta wins series 2-0

    #Sat Nanaimo 11, Victoria 9Tue Victoria @ Nanaimo*Thur Nanaimo @ VictoriaNanaimo leads series 1-0* If necessary

    Two-hander:BurnabysRyan Heard,in green, takesa check fromthe eventualintermediateTier 2 championCowichanValley at the25th annualJack CrosbyMemorialNovice All-Star LacrosseTournamentThursday.

    Larry Wright/burnaby now


    W L T GF GA PtNew West 16 4 0 220 98 32Delta 14 4 2 203 132 30Port Moody 14 4 2 199 132 30Coquitlam 13 4 3 177 111 29Port Coquitlam 11 6 2 176 149 24Burnaby 11 8 1 142 153 23Richmond 8 11 1 114 152 17Surrey 6 11 3 135 162 15Ridge Meadows 6 12 2 155 139 14North Shore 2 16 2 85 212 4Langley 1 18 1 57 223 2


    New Westminster 9, Port Coquitlam 3Bronze Medal

    Coquitlam 8, Juan de Fuca 7A2 Gold Medal Game

    Kamloops 15, Comox Valley 2Bronze Medal

    Richmond 6, Coquitlam #2 3B Gold Medal Game

    Shuswap 4, Peninsula 9Bronze Medal Game

    Semiahmoo 9, Port Coquitlam 2C Gold Medal Game

    Comox Valley 4, Alberni Valley 8Bronze Medal

    Port Coquitlam 6, West Kootenay 8


    Junior Gold Medal FinalNanaimo 7, Burnaby 6

    Bronze MedalNew Westminster 8, Coquitlam 1

    Midget Gold Medal GameNew West #1 7, Coquitlam 1

    Bronze MedalNew West #2 3, New West #3 8

    Bantam Gold Medal GameNew Westminster 3, Coquitlam 2

    Bronze Medal GameRidge Meadows 8, Burnaby 3

    Peewee Gold Medal GameNew West #2 3, New West #1 4

    Bronze MedalBurnaby 6, Coquitlam 9


    Coquitlam 10, Oakville, Ont 7Bronze Medal

    Port Coquitlam 8, New West 3Intermediate T1 Gold Medal FinalColorado 18, Port Coquitlam 3

    Bronze MedalRidge Meadows 5, Saanich 10Intermediate T2 Gold Medal FinalCowichan Valley 10, New West 4

    Bronze Medal GameKamloops 6, Burnaby 4

    Girls Gold Medal GamePort Coquitlam 8, Langley 3

    Bronze MedalBurnaby 3, Coquitlam 7

    Vic Highlder 12 2 0 52 6 36NS Eagles 9 5 0 35 29 27Fraser Valley 8 3 2 31 29 26Chilliwack 6 6 2 20 25 20CMF Xtreme 4 9 1 13 28 13Okanagan 3 10 1 16 51 10TSS Academy 2 10 3 18 54 9Richmond 0 13 1 2 39 1

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    Happy Birthday!Bobby Erickson

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    Love from allyour family.

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    3508 Dogs3508


    Just arrived from the PACIFIC PALISADESHOTELMattresses, Headboards, Nite Tables, Dressers,

    Sofa Beds, Banquet Chairs, Desks, Lamps, TVs, TV Armoires,Carpets, Drapes, Bedspreads, Linen...andmuchmore!

    250 Terminal Ave@Main St, VancouverHours: Mon to Fri 9-5 +Sat 10-2VisitANIZCOLiquidators

    www.anizcofurniture.com 604-682 -2528

    2010 Appliances2010

    LIKE NEW!Fridge $249 Stove $199Washer $199 Dryer $149

    Warrantyand Delivery



    2055 Food Products2055

    BISSETT FARMS2170Westham Island RdDelta (big blue barn)

    U- PickStrawberries, gooseberries,

    blueberries, tayberriesReady Pick

    Strawberries, raspberries &blueberries

    7 days 8am - 6pm604-946-7471

    We accept cash, interac,Mastercard & Visa


    Fresh, locally grown, dukeblueberries available forpurchase in North Burnaby.Minimum order of 19pounds. Please bring yourown container. Email at:blueberriesinburnaby

    @hotmail.comor call

    604 299 2890 or 604 603 3291

    2060 For Sale -Miscellaneous2060A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE- Get Your First Month Free. BadCredit, Dont Sweat It. No Depos-its. No Credit Checks. Call Free-dom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464.

    CANT GET UP YOUR Stairs?Acorn Stairlifts can help. CallAcorn Stairlifts now! Mention thisad and get 10% off your newStairlift. Call 1-866-981-6591.

    NEW NORWOOD SAWMILLS -LumberMate-Pro handles logs34 diameter, mills boards 28wide. Automated quick-cycle-sawing increases efficiency up to40%. www.NorwoodSawmill-s.com/400OT - FREE Informa-tion: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.

    2075 Furniture2075

    BEST Deal Restwell Matt Sets.Full wrty, Dble $319. Queen $339King $559. Will deliver. 722-3636

    2095 Lumber/BuildingSupplies2095STEEL BUILDING SALE... Go-ing on NOW! CanadianManufac-turer Direct. Great pricing onABSOLUTELY every model,width and length with up to 50%OFF skylights, vents and servicedoors. Pioneer Steel Manufactur-ers 1-800-668-5422.

    2135 Wanted to Buy2135CUTLERY SET made by Interna-tional China - pattern is calledHeartland. If you have any piecesplease give me a call at604-217-0262.

    FRANKLIN MINT Carousel 1988animals and carousel top. Pleasecall if you have any pieces in exc.cond. w/no chips. 604-217-0262.



    July 17 & 18 9 to 41700 Block Howard Ave.

    (1740 Howard). . . off Halifax & Holdem

    NORTH BURNABYDownsizing Sale!Saturday Only!July 17 9 to 3

    5508 Cedardale Court,Meadedale@Parker/HoldemBikes, Furniture, Household

    175 tables of Bargains onDeluxe 20th Century Junque!Sunday JULY 18 10am-3pmCroatian Cultural Centre

    3250 Commercial Drive, Van.Info: 604 980-3159 Adm: $4.00

    PETS&LIVESTOCK3507 Cats3507



    3507 Cats3507TORTOISE SHELL cat, 5 yrs old,f r e e t o a g o o d h om e .778-239-7087

    3508 Dogs3508

    ALL SMALL breed pups local &non shedding $400+ 604 590-3727www.puppiesfishcritters.com



    Fun By The NumbersLike puzzles?

    Then you'll love Sudoku.This mind-bending puzzle

    will have you hookedfrom the moment yousquare off, so sharpenyour pencil and putyour Sudoku savvy

    to the test!

    Here's How It Works:Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must ll eachrow, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row,column and box. You can gure out the order in which the numberswill appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes.The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

    1. Mutual savings bank (abbr.)2. Polite interruption sound3. Actor ___ Malek4. A way to scold5. Sacred Buddhist writings6. Von _____, rocket scientist7. March 15th8. Extremist religious group9. A composer of fables10. Talisman11. Where wine ferments(abbr.)12. Heat unit13. Whisky21. One and only22. Venom injector25. Romaine lettuces26. Squash bug genus

    27. 12-inch measuring stick28. Strongboxes29. Small social insects30. Wooly indris genus31. Rajahs wife32. Chinese monetary unit34. A large cotton bundle37. Convent superior40. Obtain by salvaging43. Tennis star Kournikova46. Pro and con discussion47. Ice cream served with atopping48. The outward ow of thetide50. A drop of moisture52. ____ Bene (Latin)53. Fall to a lower place

    54. One train track55. A castrated male cat56. Cubic feet per minute(abbr.)57. Openings58. A waterproof raincoat61. Charge for a service

    1. Designer Jacobs5. Invests in little enterprises9. _____ Castell, makers of pens14. Ex-ruler of Iran15. Widely used Pakistanilanguage16. Niche near the altar17. Chancel area18. Asian weight unit (1.3 oz)19. A protruding part20. Suspicious23. Comparative conjunctive24. Brew

    25. Tooth decays28. Hygienic33. Feeling of blame34. Sudden loud noises35. Sixth Hebrew letter36. Food from orchid tubers38. Astern39. Ethiopian lake41. Midway between E & SE42. Rattling breaths44. Blue goose45. Pilchards47. Football league ____ A

    49. The longest division ofgeological time50. Swollen lymph node51. Berlin gate56. Unconsciousness59. Anglo-Saxon currency60. An inexperienced person62. Male social clubs63. People of southern India64. A jeering remark65. Staffs66. A domed or vaulted recess67. Or ____

    SUDOKUGOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPS,p/b ready now, dewormed & vetchecked, $700. 604-924-8014

    3035 Childrens Camps3035

    COMSHARECAMPNorth Burnaby

    YOUTHSummer CAMPJuly 5 to Aug 13 Ongoing Registrationmost weeks available.


    COMSHARECAMPNorth Burnaby

    YOUTHSummer CAMPJuly 5 to Aug 13 Ongoing Registrationmost weeks available.


    3040 Daycare Centres3040

    7283 Nelson AvenueBefore & After School Care

    Grades 1-4 Openings

    3855 Sunset StreetDaycare Ages 3-5 Years

    Montessori DaycareMontessori Daycare604-817-4584604-817-4584

    3045 Nanny Agencies3045CARESOLUTIONS INC.

    Professionally screened Nannies& Caregivers. pt/ft 604-682-4688

    3050 Preschools/Kindergarten3050

    Precious MindsMontessori School1630 Edinburgh St., New West. Ages 2 - 6 Years Old Preschool & Kindergarten Full Montessori Curriculum


    BICHON FRISE, CKC reg, P/B,Vet , tattooed, non-shedding,$650-$750. 1-604-823-0021

    BORDER COLLIE puppies 2female each with one blue eye.$400.00 Phone 778-552-0299

    BOSTON TERRIER puppiesOnly 2 Left shots dewormedParents to view. Ready to go$1500. 604-542-1411

    FILA/MASTIFF GUARD DOGSowners best friend. Intruders

    worst nightmare. all shots, $2000each. ready now! 604-817-5957

    GRAHAMMontessori SchoolPreschool, Daycare &

    KindergartenFull Montessori CurriculumF r e n c h , M u s i c , A r t ,Computers, Science, PhonicsEnrol Now ForSummer Program&Sept

    Call 604 522-61167772GrahamAve, BbyCanadaWay & Edmonds

    ( 2nd flr E.Bby United Church)

    Foster homes urgently reqd forrescued, abandoned & neglecteddogs. Many breeds 778-688-6340abetterlifedogrescue.com


    778-552-5366 or 778-298-5758Mon-Sat 11-8/Sun 12-6


    (%+ )%-+#$#%' * (,))#/,+%' * '%&.-!%'BREED M F

    LHASALIER $695MORKIE $795 $895HAVANESE/PUG $695 $795GOLDEN RETRIEVERS $695(,") Registered, 1 left!)HAVENESE Registered $795 $895SIBERIAN HUSKY $1050MIN PIN $595 -MINI PUGGLE $595 $695SHIHTZU/PUGS $695 $795PAPILLON Registered $695PEKEPOO $695 -POODLE Registered $795 -SHELTIE Registered $795 $895BICHAPOO $695 -YORKIE Registered $795 $895

    *** SPECIALS ***Shihtzu-Poodle X $275Maltese-Pekingese X $275Pomeranian Registered, M/F $395Yorkie-Poo $395Pekingese $395Maltese $495


    9613 192ND Street


    LAB PUPS silver/charcoal , PBRARE! vet chd, social, quiettemp. $875. Chwk 778-549-8621

    PIT BULL puppies male & female8 wks 1st shots, dewormed. Viewparents. $400. Ph 604-701-1587

    3540 Pet Services3540

    JET PET RESORT because yourpet deserves a vacation too! Next toParkn Fly www.jetpetresort.com

    PETURINERemoval TreatmentFor Carpet, Upholstery, Mattress.

    Why live with urine odor?Guaranteed! 604-536-7627www.Emerald.ChemDry.ca

    YORKIE, P/B Male 3.5 yrs. 2.4lbs, avail for breeding. papersavail, 604-988-4575

    The Burnaby Now andNew West Record havepartnered with the BC SPCAto encourage responsible petguardianship and the humanetreatment of animals. Beforepurchasing a new puppy, ensurethe seller has provided excellentcare and treatment of the animaland the breeding parents. For acomplete guide to nding areputable breeder and otherconsiderations when acquiringa new pet, visit spca.bc.ca.



    3508 Dogs3508LAB PUPPIES ready to go vet dewormed & vac. Blk & Choc males& females $550. 604-997-5504




    Fun By The NumbersLike puzzles?

    Then you'll love Sudoku.This mind-bending puzzle

    will have you hookedfrom the moment yousquare off, so sharpenyour pencil and putyour Sudoku savvy

    to the test!

    Here's How It Works:Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must ll eachrow, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row,column and box. You can gure out the order in which the numberswill appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes.The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

    1. Mutual savings bank (abbr.)2. Polite interruption sound3. Actor ___ Malek4. A way to scold5. Sacred Buddhist writings6. Von _____, rocket scientist7. March 15th8. Extremist religious group9. A composer of fables10. Talisman11. Where wine ferments(abbr.)12. Heat unit13. Whisky21. One and only22. Venom injector25. Romaine lettuces26. Squash bug genus

    27. 12-inch measuring stick28. Strongboxes29. Small social insects30. Wooly indris genus31. Rajahs wife32. Chinese monetary unit34. A large cotton bundle37. Convent superior40. Obtain by salvaging43. Tennis star Kournikova46. Pro and con discussion47. Ice cream served with atopping48. The outward ow of thetide50. A drop of moisture52. ____ Bene (Latin)53. Fall to a lower place

    54. One train track55. A castrated male cat56. Cubic feet per minute(abbr.)57. Openings58. A waterproof raincoat61. Charge for a service

    1. Designer Jacobs5. Invests in little enterprises9. _____ Castell, makers of pens14. Ex-ruler of Iran15. Widely used Pakistanilanguage16. Niche near the altar17. Chancel area18. Asian weight unit (1.3 oz)19. A protruding part20. Suspicious23. Comparative conjunctive24. Brew

    25. Tooth decays28. Hygienic33. Feeling of blame34. Sudden loud noises35. Sixth Hebrew letter36. Food from orchid tubers38. Astern39. Ethiopian lake41. Midway between E & SE42. Rattling breaths44. Blue goose45. Pilchards47. Football league ____ A

    49. The longest division ofgeological time50. Swollen lymph node51. Berlin gate56. Unconsciousness59. Anglo-Saxon currency60. An inexperienced person62. Male social clubs63. People of southern India64. A jeering remark65. Staffs66. A domed or vaulted recess67. Or ____


    Its timefor bargainhunting!

    Browse our GarageSale section to nddeals near you.

    To Book Your ADin the Now ClassifiedsCALL 604-444-3000

  • 6030 Lots & Acreage6030


    Its timeto discover

    Refreshingly Clean Meticulously MaintainedSurrey Gardens Apartmentsfor your new one bedroom home

    www.GreatApartments.caOwner ManagedSorry, No Pets

    Call for details! 604-589-70401MONTHFREE*


    6508 Apt/Condos6508

    6508 Apt/Condos65081 BDRM apts avail now orAug.01. from $720.00 incl. h/w &basic cable ref. req. no pets 1 yr.lease. u/g park ing avai l .604-525-2599

    BBY, 4575 Grange, 1 or 2 BRApt, nice & spac, hardwood flrs,parking, across fr Metrotown, N/s,N/p. Call Ariana 604-616-2824

    BBY, across Lheed Mall, immac1 BD + den, cls to trans & amens,s/s appls, in ste laundry, lrg balc,u/g parking, incls h/w, $1100/mo,avail Aug 1, N/s, N/p, refs, leasereqd. Call Al 778-997-4786.


    1 Bdrm from $7992 Bdrms from $959

    50% OFF 1st month for 2 bdrm suitesInclude heat, hot water,

    D/W, gym & visual intercom.U/G parking & storage avail.

    Near transit/Skytrain& shopping.

    Call for details.

    1 & 2 Bdrmsstarting at $810

    Move-in bonus.Call for details.Followus on twitter.com/capreit

    Pet Friendly Community

    Include heat, hot water,D/W, gym & visual intercom.U/G parking & storage avail.

    Near transit/Skytrain& shopping.

    RENTALS 778-783-0258www.caprent.com



    Adult friendly building. Instelaundry, visual intercom,gated parking. Near shops& bus. No pets. Includeshotwater & storage.

    Call 604-522-3391

    ARBOURGREENE552 Dansey Ave, CoqExtra Large 2 Bedrooms.Close to Lougheed Mall &S.F.U.

    office: 604 939-4903cell: 778-229-1358

    AMBER (W)401Westview St, Coq

    Large Units.Near LougheedMall.

    Transportation & S.F.U.

    office: 604 939-2136cell: 604 805-9490

    AMBERROCHESTOR545 Rochester Ave, Coq

    Close to LougheedMall,S.F.U. & Transportation.

    office:604 936-3907

    BBY, Brentwood, Newly RenodSpac 1 BR, lam & ceramic tiles,$825 incls heat, hot water &hydro, quiet adult oriented bldg,ns/np, Immed. 604-841-6984

    BBY, HIGHGATE. 1 BR + den.Quiet bldg. 6 appl, u/g prk. Ns/np.$1200/mo. Immed. 604-341-0361

    BBY, Lough Mall. 2 BR, f/p, in-stev w/d, u/g prkg. N/p. $1050 +util. Avail Aug 1. 604-771-9825

    6508 Apt/Condos6508BBY, LougheedMall. 1 BR cornerunit, $825 incl heat & h/w. ns/np,Newly renod. U/grd prkg. stor-age, July 1. 604-779-3882

    BBY, NORTH. Lougheed Mall. 2BR, 1 1/2 baths. $1100/MO +utils. Avail Aug. 1. ns/np, newlyreno, 5 new appls, 604-671-4631

    BBY S. 1 BR $730, ug prkg, hw,net, hardwood, cat ok, nearMetro-town, Aug 1, 604-818-1129

    BBY SIMON FRASER APTS,7175 Pandora St, close to SFU,shops & transit, 1 Br $875 inclheat/hw, hardwood, new paint, 1yr lease, np, June 1, Call LorneDorset Realty 604-299-0803

    6508 Apt/Condos6508

    COQ 2 BR $825. 3 BR $1050.Now/Aug 1. Incls d/w, ht, prkg.Pet ok 604 523-9950 or 521-8249

    COQ AUSTIN & BLUE MTN.1 BR $720-$780. Rent incl h/w &u/g prkg. Bldg w/d. 778-865-6696

    Mix of Brand New&Renovated Apartments

    7155 Hall Road,Newton, Surrey

    (King George & 72 Avenue)

    Move in BonusLarge 1 BR& 2BRFrom $700/month

    New building has electric heat,wood lam. floors, carpet &childs playground. Some 1 BRhave electric f/p. Near busloop, Newton Wave Pool &Newton Sports Rec Centre.Quiet pets welcome.

    Call 604-596-5643

    MONTECITO TOWERS99-7360 Halifax St, Bby

    Bach, 1 BR & 2 BR

    604 420-5636www.montecitotowers.com

    VILLAMARGARETA320-9th St, NewWestBach & 1 BRAvailable.

    All Suites Have Balconies.Undergrd Parking Available.Refs Required. Small Pet Ok.


    EL PRESIDENTE220 7th St, NewWest

    1 BR $700. 2 BR $850. Rentincls heat & hot water, renodsuites with big patios. Byshops, banks, skytrain &college. U/grd prkg available.

    Call 604 519-1382Managed by Colliers International

    NEWWESTSt Andrews Street

    1 BR or 3 BR Apt, Largebalcony, updated, nr transit& amens, avail Aug 1, smallpet ok with pet deposit.

    Call 604-540-9300

    Middlegate ManorBy Highgate Mall in Burnaby

    1 BR from $780/month2 BR from $950/month

    Spacious, modern, clean bldg.Includes heat, h/w, basic

    cable & prkg. Quiet pets ok.Call Dan 604-728-2086

    MASSEYPLACEMcBride Blvd, NewWest

    Extra large 1 BR, 2 BR, 2 BR +Den & 3 BR Apts. Renovated,rent includes heat & hot water.

    CALL (604) 524-5840www.masseyplace.com

    KINGALBERTCOURT1300 King Albert, Coq

    Close to Transportation,Schools & S.F.U.

    office: 604 937-7343cell: 778 848-5993

    JUNIPERCOURT415Westview St, Coq

    Close to LougheedMall, allTransportation Connections,

    Schools & S.F.U.

    office: 604 939-8905cell: 604 916-0261

    BURNABYCENTREMetrotownArea - Bby

    Updated Studio & 1 BR Apts.Rental Incentives Offered.Rent includes heat and hotwater.

    CALL (604) 438-4544leasing@burnabycentre.com

    CALYPSOCOURT1030 - 5th Ave, NewWestNear Transportation &Douglas College.

    Well Managed Building.

    office: 604 524-8174cell: 604 813-8789


    815 - 5th Ave, NewWestBachelor suite, 1 BR & 2 BRapts. Incl heat, h/w & cable.U/grd parking avail. No pets.

    Call 604-521-2866 or604-619-5323

    CASEYMANOR325 Casey St, Coquitlam

    Large 1 BR Apt, from $760incls heat, hot water, cable &secure u/grd prkg. Clean,quiet, adult-oriented building.Small pets ok. View by appt.

    Call 604-339-2316

    Coquitlam918 Roderick Ave

    Lrg 2 BR condo. Newer appls.$950. Avail Aug 1. N/S. Lease& excellent refs a must.Al Dodimead ACD Realty

    (604) 521-0311view this & other properties@


    COTTONWOODPLAZA555 CottonwoodAve, Coq

    Large units somewith2nd bathroom or den.On bus routes, close toS.F.U. & LougheedMall.

    office: 604 936-1225

    Family Living


    1 BR, (80% adult bldg), $750.2 BR fr $895. 3 BR fr $1100.

    spac i ous apa r tmen t sheat, h/w, prkg, indoor poolball court, daycare availablenear skytrain, shopping and

    kids park. Sorry no pets.

    604 939-0944

    A Property Worth Seeing!Call Leigh Turnbull 604-530-4111

    Family Living at Its Best!$67


    27021-24th Avenue, Aldergrove!Get more for everyday family living space in this custom built home. Features large open oor plan,fresh designer colours, expansive kitchen island, media room, extra large master bedroom withlarge soaker tub, dual shower and walk in closet. Includes unauthorized rental suite, central air

    throughout, full security system, wired for sound, hardwood oors plus many other extras.Quiet undeveloped acreage across the street.

    OPEN HOUSESunday


    6020-14 Langley/Aldergrove6020-14

    Adam Lloyd 604-526-2888www.adamlloyd.ca Re/Max Advantage

    9258 Holmes Street, Burnaby Brand New Quality Constructed 3564 s.f. Lot Size 2142 s.f. Floor Area 4 Bedrooms 4 Baths 2 Kitchens

    PRICED TO SELL!$685,000

    6020-04 Burnaby6020-04

    We buy houses!We buy houses!Any condition or price range.Any condition or price range.Fast debt relief, quick cash.Fast debt relief, quick cash.No fees or commission.No fees or commission.

    For details call 604-800-0499 orFor details call 604-800-0499 orvisit www.to-move-on.comvisit www.to-move-on.com

    Sell your house as isSell your house as isfor a fair price on the datefor a fair price on the date

    of your choiceof your choice

    6020-01 Real Estate6020-01

    6052 Real EstateInvestment6052RENT TOOWN!

    If you have a small downpayment, I have a nice home foryou! Less then perfect credit OK.

    Call Kim 604-628-6598

    6050 Out Of TownProperty6050

    POINT ROBERTS Wash, US. NrTsawwassen. RANCHER 2200sf,renod, beautiful 70ft WaterfrontOcean!By Owner. 604-690-4979

    6035 Mobile Homes6035

    #34 - 7850 King George Blvd. 2BR. 55+ years old. 1 pet ok!$36,900. Lorraine Cauley, RoyalLepage North Star, 604-889-4874

    N. WEST. All services paid, incldsu/grd electrical, DCCs, survey &engng report. 33 x 130 lot. NoHST. $329,000. 604-726-0677.usellahome.com ID # 4711

    6025 Industrial/Commercial6025For Sale - Langley Retail Strata,New Construction, aprox 1040sf$416K. Drive by #106, 19909 -64th Ave Call Gord 604-649-6495

    6020-06 Chilliwack6020-062 BR, 2 bath, 55+, gated complex,Chwk. double garage, 1200sf,gas fp, updated, Low strata fees$269,900, 604-392-6608 msg

    6020 Houses - Sale6020

    6020-01 Real Estate6020-01

    uSELLaHOME.com$99 can sell your home 574-5243

    Abbotsford Reduced 1800sf 4br 2ba w/suite,quiet cul-de-sac $339K 859-4048 id5174Coquitlam 10,000sf lot w/1000sf 3br 2bahome, outbuilding $440K 778-859-0717 id4272Coquitlam Open House Daily 2-4 511, 3132Dayanee Springs Bv NEW top fl 650sf 1brcondo, view $299,900 778-285-9449 id5170Langley Price Reduced 1280sf 3br 2barancher, 7200sf lot, $470K 514-0608 id5129Langley renovated top floor 1161sf 2br 2bacondo, view $293K 778-996-3444 id5179Maple Ridge drastically reduced 4.9ac ser-viced vu acreage $440Kobo 722-3996 id4694Maple Ridge immaculate 1200sf 4br log home.37ac lot $539,900 778-240-1196 id5118Maple Ridge Open House Sat/Sun 2-4, #2711355-236st extra large 2757sf 4br 2.5batnhse, furnished, $394,950 778-229-0890id5180Mission, Owner Retiring, profitable framingstore & gallery $47,000 826-7993 id5176Mission, Hatzic Lake waterfront lot w/2007Class A motorhome $248K 826-2711 id5177

    * WEBUYHOUSES *Older House! Damaged House!Pretty House! Divorcing! Moving!Mortgage too high! Toomuch debt!Quick Cash! Convenient! Private!

    ( 604 ) 626-9647www.webuyhomesbc.com

    WEBUYHOMESAny Price, Any Condition

    Any Location. No Fees! No Risk !(604) 435-5555 OR (604) 786-4663www.HomeBuyingCenter.ca

    6020 Houses - Sale6020

    6020-01 Real Estate6020-01DIFFICULTY SELLING?Pymts Too High, Penalty, No Equity?WeWill Take Over Your PaymentUntil the Property is sold. No Fees.www.GVCPS.ca / (604) 812-3718

    SRY CLOVERDALE Brand newSt. Andrews Condo 2 BR + Den,2 baths, 1685sf, open flr plan, allss appls, granite, 2nd flr, northwest patio view, 2 prkg, storage.gym, pool, gamesrm, accomoda-tion ste. $675,000. MUST SEE !Ask for Kathy 604 574-3099

    SRY, 14909 32 Ave, 'Ponderosa'.Beautiful 2 BR, 2 baths town-house - rancher (no stairs). 2 f/ps,2 car garage. 1400+ sq ft. Gatedcommunity. Clubhouse has hottub. $539,000. Call 604-536-9368

    6008 Condos/Townhouses6008

    6008-30 Surrey6008-30

    #18 - 18839 - 69 Ave, Cloverdale.Sat, July 10, 11-4. Spacious 3 BR.$341,000. Sarah Vant Geloof,Homelife Realty, 604-657-9078

    6002 Agents6002NEEDAMORTGAGE -1st and 2ndMortgages,

    Self Employed, Refinancing,Forclosures, LowRates.



    DIAL-A-LAW OFFERS generalinformation on a variety of topicson law in BC. 604-687-4680( L o w e r M a i n l a n d ) o r1.800.565.5297 (Outside LM);www.dialalaw.org (audio avail-able).

    NOTICE IS Hereby Given thatCreditors and others, havingclaims against the Estate ofClement Wardrope Brown,formerly of Apt 1250-7550Cumberland St. Lower North,Bu rnaby , BC , V3N 2X5 ,Deceased, who died on February10, 2010, are hereby required tosend the particulars thereof to theundersigned Executor, c/oBeverly Misch, 6780 Ellis Rd.Prince George, BC, V2N 6E2 onor before November 15, 2010,after which date the estatesassets will be distributed, havingregard only to the claims thathave been received.

    5505 Legal/PublicNotices5505HOW CAN you reach 2.6 millionreaders in 120 newspapersthrough B.C. and Yukon? Placeyour classified ad with us. It paysto spread the word. Email your adto classified@van.net

    4051 Registered MassageServices4051TRAINEDMASSEUSE $55/hr,

    Call Kathy 778-885-5254www.massagebykathy.info

    4530 Destinations4530

    4530-10 Okanagan/Interior4530-10DELTA GRAND OKANAGANLakefront Resort. July 25 to Aug.1$1500 1br, kitch, balc, sleeps4,pool, spa, Casino, 604-948-5266

    5060 Legal Services5060#1 INPARDONS

    Remove your criminal record.Express Pardons offers the

    FASTEST pardons, LOWESTprices, and its GUARANTEED.

    BBB Accredited. FREEConsultation Toll-free:


    LAWYER REFERRAL Servicematches people with legal con-cerns to a lawyer in their area.Participating lawyers offer a 30minute consultation for $25 plustax. Regular fees follow once bothparties agree to proceed withservices. 604-687-3221 (LowerMainland) or 1.800.663.1919(Outside LM).

    5015 BusinessOpportunity5015#1 JANITORIAL FRANCHISE

    Customers, (Office Cleaning),Training and support. Financing.

    www.coverall.com604-434-7744 info@coverallbc.com

    BE YOUR OWN BOSS withGreat Canadian Dollar Store.New franchise opportunities inyour area. Call 1-877-388-0123ext. 229 or visit our website:www.dollarstores.com today.

    5017 BusinessServices5017#1 IN PARDONS. Remove yourcriminal record. Express Pardonsoffers the FASTEST pardons,LOWEST prices, and its GUAR-ANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREEC o n s u l t a t i o n T o l l - f r e e1-866-416-6772,www.ExpressPardons.com.

    5035 FinancialServices5035$0 DOWN & we make your 1stpayment at auto credit fast. Needa vehicle? Good or Bad credit callStephanie 1-877-792-0599.www.autocreditfast.ca. DLN30309.

    DEBT STRESS? Debts got youworried? End those phone calls.Avoid bankruptcy. Contact us fora no-cost consultation. Online:www.mydebtsolution.com or toll-free 1-877-556-3500.

    IF YOU own a home or realestate, ALPINE CREDITS willlend you money: Its That Simple.Your Credit / Age / Income is NOTan issue. 1.800.587.2161.

    WANT A VEHICLE BUTSTRESSED ABOUT YOURCREDIT? Last week 10 out of 14applications approved! We fundyour future not your past. AnyCredit. Want a VISA? www.coast-l i n e a u t o c r e d i t . c o m o r1-888-208-3205.

    Cut Your Debt by up to 70%DEBT Forgiveness ProgramAvoid Bankruptcy, StopsCreditor Calls. Much lowerPayments at 0% Interest.

    We work for You,not Your Creditors.

    Call 1-866-690-3328www.4pillars.ca

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    Call604-998-0218to place your ad

    Call604-444-3000to place your ad


    Burnaby NOW Wednesday, July 14, 2010 A29

  • A30 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Burnaby NOW

    COQ, Office Space for Rent,$1000/mo, 810sf + mezz, nr PortMann Bridge. 604-464-7590

    8010 Alarm Services8010


    Systems Ltd.

    8030 Carpentry8030* RENOS * Bsmt refinish * Drywall* Bath Tiles * Windows * Doors *Stairs. Call Norm 604-437-1470

    8035 Carpet Cleaning8035ROYAL STEAMCLEANINGCO.Carpet & Fireplace Cleaning.

    Call 604-765-8054

    8055 Cleaning8055HOUSE & OFFICE CLEANINGPressureWashing. Exp & Prof.Call Griselda 778-886-4900

    J & S CLEANING. Res/Comm.Move in / move out. 15% seniorsdiscount. 5 years exp. Reliable &guaranteed work. Free estimates.778-998-9127 or 778-239-9609

    JANEs House CleaningA thorough job every time!Call 778-800-9612

    SUNNY CLEANING Services,reas rates, honest & thorough,Call Andrea. 778-837-2942

    8090 Fencing/Gates8090DIRECT FROMTHEMILL6x8 Fence Panels from $27,Siding, Decking, Roofing,Shed, Split Rail, etc...

    We Install Chain Link &Cedar Fencing. Free Est.7753 Edmonds St, Burnaby

    Call 604 520-7792Timberlandforestproducts.com

    8110 Floor Refinishing8110

    Artistry of Hardwood FloorsRefinish, sanding, install, dustless604-219-6944We cover the HST

    INSTALLATION REFINISHING,Sanding. Free est, great prices.Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508

    8125 Gutters8125

    Full Seamless GutterInstallation/Repairs

    SoftsAll jobs Guaranteed.

    Fully insured/WCB coveredWill beat any

    competitors price


    8160 Lawn & Garden8160

    WILDWOODLANDSCAPINGHedge Trimmimg & TreePruning & Hedge Removal

    Spring Clean UpChaffer Control & Lawn

    Restoration. Comm/Strata/ResAerating & Power Raking.

    Free Estimates.604-893-5745

    A Gardener & A GentlemanLawn, garden, tree svcs. Pruning,yard clean-up, rubbish. 319-5302

    Lawn & Garden Clean-ups &Disposal, Gutters/Press WashingSeniors Disc. Al @ 604-783-3142 #1MOVINGEXPERIENCEWITH

    L&DENTERPRISES !!!Fast & Dependable Special RatesSeniors Disc. Call 604 464-5872PRESSUREWASHING,

    Gutter Cleaning and RepairsCall George 778-859-7793

    Aussie Excavations. Backhoe &mini excav. hire fast reliable sameday quote Tim 778-322-3002

    8087 Excavating8087


    BOBCATonemini, drainage,

    landscaping, stump / rock /cement / oil tank removal.

    Water / sewer line, 24 hoursCall 341-4446 or 254-6865

    YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 servicecall. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fastsame day service guaranteed. Welove small jobs! 604-568-1899

    LIC ELECTRIC. Comm & Res.Bonded. Reas Rates. Free Est.Professional Work. 604 719-8603

    #1 ELECTRICIAN in the CITY!Licenced Bonded Insured#99205. Call 604-636-1866

    #1167 LIC Bonded. Experttrouble shooter, sm job specialist,renos, panel changes. 617-1774.

    8080 Electrical8080

    Watt Power Electric Ltd Full renos Service changes New homes Lighting upgrades

    Quality electrical workdone right.

    No job is too small!

    Call ChrisWatt, 778-229-2617Lic. # 91746

    8175 Masonry8175STONE WORK Retaining walls,f a c i n g , c u l t u r e d s t o n e .604-603-2576 tymerstonework.com

    8060 Concrete8060DALLANTONIA CONCRETEPrompt, Professional, Family run40+yrs. Seniors % 604 240-3408

    AMI MOVING 3-5 ton cube.Starting at $39/hour. Local & longdistances. 24/7 604-617-8620

    Local 604Movers Reasonable Rates Large & small Moves Friendly well trained staff! Flat Rates Available.


    Local 604Movers Reasonable Rates Large & small Moves Friendly well trained staff! Flat Rates Available.


    Experienced Movers~ 2 Men $50 ~ Includes all Taxes Licenced & Insured Efcient & Reliable



    8185 Moving &Storage8185



    1 to 3 Men1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 TonFrom $45

    We accept Visa, Mastercard & InteracLicenced & Insured

    Local & Long DistanceFREE ESTIMATESSeniors Discount

    $30 P/HR. Abe Moving & Delivery& Rubbish Removal. Available24 hours. Abe at: 604-999-6020

    HOME SERVICESTo place your ad call


    LIC. ELECTRICIAN #37309Commercial & residential renos& small jobs. 778-322-0934.

    8080 Electrical8080#1113 Low Cost Electric 522-3435Comm/Res/Panel change Heat-ing/Appl Repair. Lic & Bonded.

    8075 Drywall8075*Drywall * Taping * Texture *Stucco*Painting * Steel stud fram-ing Quality Home 604-725-8925

    Mia Casa Drain Tile/Sewer LineWater Line Repairs / Replace-men t & C lean ing . V ince604-941-6060, Al 604-783-3142

    8073 Drainage8073

    DRAIN TILES&WATER LINESWithout Digging a Trench


    8070 Doors8070CHRISS GARAGE DOORSSERVICE: Special BrokenSprings Replacement. NewDoors & Openers. CompetitivePrices. Call (604) 970-0868

    Driveways, Sidewalks, Stairs,Floors, Forming, Landscaping,Any Renos, 778-881-0961

    8060 Concrete8060CONCRETE WORK of any kind.Third generation. Call Mike at604-945-8717 cel 604-318-3649

    Edgemont Gutters. Sales &Install 5 continuous gutter, minorrepairs, cleaning. 604-420-4800

    T.TRAN-604-723-2468, newlawns, garden/beds, weeding,clean up, pruning, trees. Reliable.

    OPERA LANDSCAPING Retaining walls, irrigation, paving,patios, fences, etc. 778-688-2444

    8155 Landscaping8155 AMAZING TOUCH LANDG Paving, retaining walls, turfing,planting. Call 604-889-4083

    8150 Kitchens/Baths8150BATHROOMS & much more. 40yrs on the North Shore. Workingwithin your budget. 778-387-3626

    Steves Gutter Cleaning & Re-pair from $98. Gutters vacuumed& hand cleaned. 604-524-0667

    8125 Gutters8125

    RAIN CENTRE LTD.(since 1968)

    4", 5" & 6 " continuous guttersVinyl & aluminium siding soffitsInstall repairs & cleaning.

    Free Estimates604 874-8158

    Check us out with the BBB

    CHAFFER BEETLE. Now is thetime for treatment! Landscaping,gardens & hedges. 778-885-6488

    8160 Lawn & Garden8160

    Res/Com Lawn MaintenanceYard Cleanup Lawn RepairsGardening Building ProjectsHedge Trimming Tree PruningBulk landcape material & delivery

    Free Est 604 779-6978

    COQ Unit 201-2080 Hartley Ave,1500 sf, a/c office, renod, greatlayout, 2 washrooms, kitchen, 4priv offices, large open area,$1300/mo + HST, gated cplex,ample prkg. 604 929-9493www.westrockproperty.com

    RENTALSTo place your ad call


    BBY 6994Greenwood St,Brand New approx 1800sf W/Hwith finished office, clean, largeO/H door, 3 phase power, availNow. Call 604 929-9493www.westrockproperty.com

    6620 Warehouse/Commercial662010 BAY bodyshop for rent rightacross the street from ICBC claimcentre. Lots of parking. Fulldowndraft spraybooth, air dryer,frame pulling system, air com-pressor etc.. avail if needed. Turnkey operation. Can be used forother purposes as well. $4500per/mo. Nick 604-351-6577


    Professionally managedfamily townhome complexon 28 acres located inbeautiful Port Moody.Spacious 2 BR & 3 BRunits, 5 appls, inste w/d,walk out bsmt, 1 parking.Cat friendly.

    Contact 604 939-0221woodland@rentmidwest.com

    6605 Townhouses -Rent6605

    METROTOWNGorgeous 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath

    townhome in Presidia. Walk toskytrain, shops, Central Park.Secure pkg, f/p, ensuite ldry.Immac $2200. Avail. Aug. 1st.

    CharlesWheaterRemax Crest Realty604-644-4550

    6605 Townhouses -Rent66052 BR +den, new kitchen, paint,near SFU & Lougheed Mall,$1250, avail Aug 1, 604-607-5445

    SASAMAT LAKE. Bach in Bel-carra. incl util/appl/W/D/mi-crowave N/S N/P $650. 936-9364

    PORT COQ. Spac 3 BR, 1.5baths. D/w, f/p, w/d. Near schools& bus. N/S, N/P. $1295/mo + 2/3utils, avail Aug 1. 604-818-7402

    PORT COQ, 1 BR ste. $785 inclheat & hot water. Avail Now.604 941-8344 or 778-855-4843

    POCO, RENOD 3 BR, main flr, 11/2 bth, quiet, shrd lndry, $1250 +2/3 utils, n/s, n/p. 604-728-7404

    POCO LRG 1 BR grd lev, ownw/d, $800 incls utils & cable. Aug1. NS/NP. 604-551-9123

    POCO EXEC. 1 BR ste, furn orunfurn, $895 + utils, f/p, d/w, w/d,N/s, N/p, covered patio w/hot tub,lots of fruit trees. 604-818-7402

    PO CO 4 BR upper, 2 full baths, 4appls, deck & shed. Aug 1. Refs$1450+ utils. 604-315-6611

    M. RIDGE central, 3 BR upper flr,2 bath, vaulted ceiling, 1500 sf,covered prkg, d/w, shared laun-dry, nr bus, shops, ns np. $1350incls utils. Aug 1. 604-460-8024

    COQ MAIN flr 1 BR ste + 1 BRstorage. Executive View home,f/p, deck. Suits 1 quiet person.$850+ utls. NS/NP 778-882-3959

    6602 Suites/PartialHouses6602COQ, 585 Alderson Av. 2 BR g/l,new paint & carpets, share w/d,alarm. $999 incls utils & cable. Avnow. N/S, N/P. 604-931-6269

    BBY NORTH 3 BR, Broadway/Sperling, nr SFU, quiet area, ns/np, $1650. Sep 1. 604-505-5039

    BAINBRIDGEPLACE3 BR, 1 baths, fridge/stove,laundry hook-up. $1,250/mo +utilities. Near Skytrain, schoolsand Lougheed Hwy in NorthBurnaby. Family-oriented

    complex. Immed. N/s, no dogs.Cats are welcome!Call 604-420-0763

    COQ Maillardville spac 3 BRupper, f/bath, w/d, new d/w, stor-age prkg, lrg deck view, $1400incl util. Aug1 ns/np 604 936-8732

    COQ, Blue Mnt/Como Lake, 2 BRg/lvl, 2 bath, shared w/d. $1000incls utils. By amens. Avail now.N/S & N/P. 778 859-1808

    BBY N./SFU 2 BR, 1000sf, bright& clean ste, share washer. $800 +50% utils. 1 yr lease. Av. now. N/S& N/P. Call 604 421-1196

    BBY, NORTH. 2 BR g/lvl, f/ba,shd w/d. N/P. $925/mo + util. 121North Warwick. 604-299-0403

    BBY N, Newly Reno 2 BR gl,1000sf, nr amens, shd ldry, $1050incl util, ns/np. 604 721-1607

    BBY METROTOWN UPPERDuplex, 1500sf, 3 BR, 2 bath, famroom, 5 appls, f/p, garage, stor-age, alarm. Near skytrn. N/S. Aug1. $1300 + utls. 604-451-7558

    BBY, METROTOWN. 3 BR mainflr, wd, np, $1280 + utils. AvailNow. 604-779-7524

    BBY, Govt Rd, New 2 BR glvl, nrSFU Skytrn, nr 2lvls schl, $1150incl util, ns/np. 604 721-1607

    BBY, Georgia/Boundary. 3 BR,grd/lvl suite. Garage, shd w/d.Suits small family. $1200 inclutils. Avail Aug 1st. 604-298-6261

    BBY E 2BR glvl, 1200sf, instew/d, f/yd, priv sundeck, ns/np,$900 + util, Sept 1, 604 290-2181

    BBY. Capitol Hill. Renovated 1BR. 900 sf. Priv laundry. $875/moincl hydro. Ns/np. 604-294-9830

    BBY, BRENTWOOD, 1 BR bsmtste. Avail Aug 1. NS/NP, no W/D.$800 incls utls. Jill 604-298-5668

    6602 Suites/PartialHouses6602BBY 2 BR g/lvl ste, n/s, n/p, $850incls utils/cable/internet. NrMetro-town, no w/d, 604-434-1422

    6602 Suites/PartialHouses66022 BR bsmnt ste, 1100 sf, cls to allamens, $950/mo + 1/3 utils,immed, N/s, N/p, Boundary &Imperial area. Call 604-790-8099

    6595 SharedAccommodation6595

    6595-20 Coq./Poco/Port Moody6595-20ROOMMATE NEEDED to share1800 sqft Townhouse in PortMoody, w/d, $650 incls utils,cable & internet, parking, indoorpoo l , Ava i l Aug 1 , Cal l778-846-5275

    6450 MiscellaneousRentals6450




    STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWNNoQualification - LowDown

    CHILLIWACK 9557 Williams St,3 bdrm, 1 bath, cozy HOUSE on49x171 lot, excellent investmentproperty in heart of town, close toshops & schools............... $888/MSOUTH SURREY/WHITE ROCK 15532 Madrona Dr., 3 bdrm,HOUSE, on Cul-de-Sac in quietfamily neighborhood, huge yard,new roof, double garage.. $1,688/MCall Kristen 604 435-5555 or 786-4663www.HomeBuyingCenter.ca

    NW Queenbh 4 BR, 2nd flr, w/d.Nr bus. Aug 1. $1100 + utls.604-515-7875 or 778-829-7675

    COQ Nr Lheed Mall, 3 BR up,fully fin bsmnt dwn, pets ok, w/d,$1800 + util, now. 604 727-2001

    6540 Houses - Rent6540

    COQ Ctre, by schools, College,5BR, 2 baths, lrg yrd, storage.Refs. $1750. Aug1 604-939-0273

    BBY LOUGHD Mall. 3 BRhouse, new flrs & paint. Avail now.$1500 + utils. 604 540-2046

    6540 Houses - Rent65403 BDRM split level, new reno, 1ba, $1550 + utils, lease, n/p, N/S,Nr Brentwoodmall, 604-312-8919

    6515 Duplexes - Rent6515BBY 5420 Dominion St. Lrg 2 BRdup, clean, lrg kitch w/eatg area, 4appls, lrg liv rm, 1000sf. Furnd.$980+50% utl. NP. 604-317-7686

    6510 Co-ops6510Queens Avenue

    136 10th St, NewWest3 BR Townhouse, $1218includes heat & hot water, w/dhookup & common laundry &u/grd prkg. $1200 sharepurchase.

    Email for applicationquacoop@gmail.com

    St. Andrews Court910 St. Andrews Street,


    Bach suite, $700/mo. Big 1 BRfrom $750/mo. Rent includesheat. Renod, new paint, h/wdflrs. Cat ok. Seniors special.

    Danny 604-728-2086

    SRY CLOVERDALE Brand newSt. Andrews Condo 2 BR + Den,2 baths, 1685sf, open flr plan, allss appls, granite, 2nd flr, northwest patio view, 2 prkg, storage.Lease 1-3 yr $2200/mo incl gym,pool, gamesrm, accomodationste. Avail Aug 1. Suits mature N/S& N / P . 6 0 4 - 5 7 4 - 3 0 9 9

    6508 Apt/Condos6508SILVER STAR Apts. 6125 SilverAve. Across St from Metrotown &skytrain, clean, quiet close to bus& shops, 1 br, $825, avail July 1,heat h/w incld, no pets, 1 yr lease,Dorset Realty John 604-439-9602


    22588 Royal Crescent Ave,Maple Ridge

    Large units. Close to GoldenEars Bridge. Great view of River

    office: 604 463-0857cell: 604 375-1768

    ROTARY TOWER25 Clute St, NewWest

    Age 55 or over. Beautiful view.B a c h h i g h r i s e a p t .Close to trans & shopping.Rent incl all utils. Refs req.

    Contact AnaCell: 778-859-0798

    Bayside Property Services Ltd.

    NEW WEST, Uptown - StudioApt, new lino & carpet. Bldglaundry, sec parkg. Low rise, nearall amens & transit. Perfect forone. N/P, N/S, Refs reqd. $695.Avail Aug 1. 604-526-1114

    6508 Apt/Condos6508

    NEW WEST. Newer 2 BR + den,2 f/baths. Granite, SS appl, in-suite w/d, u/grd prkg, gym, club-house room. $1350/mo. 1 block toS/train, Quay & Douglas College.Aug 1st or 15th. 778-960-8746

    POCO, 2 BR Condo for lease,wheelchair accessible, in stelaundry, u/g prkg, cls to all amens,WCE, N/s. $1200. 604-942-5493


    Available NOW.1 BR &Den 900 square feet

    7 appls, parking, storage.Rec & Amenity rooms. NS / NP.

    604- 983- 8046

    NewWestminster909 - 12th Street

    1 BR, newer appls. Avail Now/Aug 1. $625. N/S, cat ok.Lease & excl refs a must.Al Dodimead ACD Realty

    (604) 521-0311view this & other properties@


    SKYLINE TOWERS102-120 Agnes St, N.West

    Hi-Rise Apartment withRiver View & Indoor Pool.1 BR & 2 BR Available.Rent includes heat & hotwater. Remodelled Buildingand Common area. Gatedundergrd parking available.References required.


    BONSORAPTSRenovated high rise, concretebuilding. Penthouse, 1 BR &2 BR available. Very close toMetrotown, Skytrain & Bonsorswimming pool. Rent includesheat, hot water. Referencerequired.

    Contact Natalie778-230-9037

    or Bayside Property ServicesOffice: 604-432-7774

    NewWestminster814 Royal Avenue

    As new 2 BR condo, 6 appls.N/S, pet possible. Avail Aug 1.Lease & excl refs. $1250.Al Dodimead ACD Realty

    (604) 521-0311view this & other properties@


    GARDENVILLA1010 6th Ave, NewWest

    1 BR & 2 BR Available.Beautiful atrium with fountain.By shops, college & transit.Pets negotiable. Ref required.


    NEWWEST.Renod Bach & 1 BRNew Appls etc. No Pets, $675-$795 inc. HT/HW 604-724-8353

    6508 Apt/Condos6508NEW WEST: Moody Park 1 BR$640 + utils. Quiet. Aug 1. Cat ok.604-591-3628, 604-517-5593

    NEW WEST, Large 2 BR $1095,hdwd flrs, heat hot/water & cable.Cat OK. Close to transit, quietbldg. Av now. Jim 604-728-2086

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  • Ceramic & Stone InstallationBath Kitchen Floors DecksInt/Ext Free Est 604-789-5671

    1972 TR6 restored, new clutch,brakes, top, excellent condition.$18,500 obo 604-728-8042

    9125 Domestic91252005 SEBRING TOURING CAR,138,000 KMS, Silver. $9500. Call604-946-0293.

    9130 Motorcycles/Dirt Bikes91302010 YAMAHA BWs 125ccScooter, Perfect Cond., 895kms,$3199, Call 604-288-4376

    9145 Scrap CarRemoval9145

    (604) 209-2026

    FREEScrap/CarRemovalNo Wheels No Problem

    2 HOUR2 HOURFamily Owned & Operated

    Service From Call

    9155 Sport Utilities/4x4s/Trucks9155

    1997 GMC Yukon SLT, auto, ac,leather, fully loaded, tow pkg, exccond $3950obo, 604-946-5505

    9160 Sports &Imports9160

    2000 SUBARU Legacy Wagon,$5500, 163kms 2.5L AWD Auto,Good Cond., 778-233-9769

    2003 MERCEDES CLK430 Mint!black/black. WVan lady driven80,000k $24,999 604.729.0626

    9173 Vans91732004 TOYOTA Sienna CE,8 passenger package, 95 K, exccond, $16,000. 604-838-6353

    HOME SERVICESTo place your ad call



    FREE TOWINGup to $300 CASH Today!

    604-728-1965 John

    AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVALMinimum $100 cash paid for fullsized vehicles. 604-518-3673

    #1 FREEScrap Vehicle RemovalAsk about $500 Credit!!!

    $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

    9145 Scrap CarRemoval9145


    604-790-39002 HOUR SERVICE


    RV or BoatRV or Boat

    3 lines of text 4 consecutive issues add a photo for $10 extra lines of text $9/line

    Suburban Market:Abbotsford/Mission Times,

    Chilliwack Times, Surrey NowLangley Advance, Coquitlam Now,Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Times

    Urban Market:North Shore News, Burnaby Now,

    Vancouver Courier,Delta Optimist, Ricmond News

    New West Record


    Book your ad today!Book your ad today!


    ONLYONLY$$45.45.9090+GST+GST* this offer is only valid for

    private party/non-business clients.

    $50-$150 FULL TRUCK LOADSRubbish & Lawn &GardenWorkfast service Patrick 604-808-1652

    RUBBISH REMOVAL 24/7Affordable, same day service,Seniors discount. We recycle.

    Call Steve 604-807-0198

    DISPOSAL BINS10 - 40 yard bins. Lowest rates!disposalking.com 604-306-8599

    ASK DISCOUNT RUBBISHBest Prices, Yard, House/Const,Demo. 7 daysRay, 604-727-6153

    BENS RUBBISHREMOVAL$50-$150 a load. Yard clean up.Bby & N.West only 778-859-8760

    $30 P/HR. Abe Moving & Delivery& Rubbish Removal. Available24 hours. Abe at: 604-999-6020

    8255 Rubbish Removal8255


    ServiceAnything Goes!

    Anywhere Anytime!Free Estimates.7 days a week.

    Daniel 604-518-3688

    UNI ROOFING Co. Ltd. New &Re-Roofs, Asphalt, Shingle,Torch-on, Cedar & Tile. Res &Com. Free Est. 604-726-1928

    SSK ROOFING & SIDINGRe-roofing. Gutters. WCB / BBB604-787-4622 or 778 240-6513

    Roofing Experts 778-230-5717Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. Allwork Gtd. Free Est. Call Frank

    8250 Roofing8250

    ASave on Roofing - specialize inrefoof repair Fully Ins. Freeest. 10% discount 778-892-1266

    8315 Tree Services8315Wildwood Tree Services, ExpHedge Trimming and Removal &Tree Prun ing . F ree Es t .604-893-5745

    8335 Window Cleaning8335BOBSWINDOW

    Gets that Clean, Clear ShineNo Drops, No Drips, No StreaksRight into the corners! Servingyou for over 20 yrs. Also doGutters 604 588-6938

    Edgemont Building Mainten-ance.Window & Gutter Cleaning,Power Washing. 604-420-4800

    8315 Tree Services8315

    Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping,hedge trimming & stump grinding.

    Fully insured & WCB

    Jerry 604-618-8585

    $ BEST RATES $


    Andrew 604-618-8585

    8300 Stucco8300Quality Home Improvement

    Stucco All Kinds. No Job TooBig or Small. 604-725-8925

    8309 Tiling8309A to Z CERAMIC TILES

    Installation, Repairs, Fair PricesFree Est. 444-4715 cel 805-4319

    9110 Collectibles &Classics9110

    Treeworks 15 yrs exp. Tree/Stump Removal, Prunin & Trimin& ViewWork 291-7778, 787-5915


    8250 Roofing8250

    Member BBB - Member RCABCFull Liability Coverage and WCB

    Designated Project Managersand Third Party Inspections


    Residential RoongSiding andWindow Installations

    Aluminum Awnings and RailingsRain Gutter Replacements

    Drainage Installations and Repairs

    Call 604-327-3086for a free estimateQuote code 1969for a 5% discount

    SAVE THE HSTSAVE THE HSTHave Your Roof DoneHave Your Roof DoneBetween Now & Aug 31Between Now & Aug 31





    #1 Roong Company in BC

    All types of RoongOver 35 Years in Business

    Call for your FREE ESTIMATE


    A Eastcan Roofing & Siding LtdAll types of Re-Roof, Repair,Gutter. WCB. BBB. 604-562-0957

    A North West Roofing Specialistin Re-Roofing & Repair, Free Est10% disc, WCB, Liability Insured.

    Jag 778-892-1530

    Alive & still roofing after 50 years!!RCABCCertified Roofers.

    BILL the Roofer 604-522-8516

    8250 Roofing8250A Eastwest Roofing & SidingRe-roofing, Gutter, Free Est, BBBMember, 10% disc, Seniors Disc,604-812-9721, 604-783-6437

    Bath, Kitchen, Suites & Morewww. renorite.com 604-781-7695

    R & H Contractors PropertyServices, Construction, Painting,Tile, Janitorial, etc 604 506-5561

    8240 Renovations &Home Improvement8240Complete Bathroom RenosSuites, Kitchens,Tiling, Skylights,Windows, Doors, 604 521-1567

    PRESSURE WASHING, siding,gutters, tile, roof, treat moss. Gill,604-897-4204, 604-599-4204

    Edgemont Building Mainten-ance. Power Washing, Window &Gutter Cleaning. 604-420-4800

    ALINMaintenance ServicesPower Wash, Windows, GutterClean & Repair. 604-319-2229

    8225 Power Washing8225

    Grants HomeMaintenanceComplete PressureWashing:Roofs, Houses, Driveways, etcGutter Cleaning &Repairs.

    Residential & StrataPrompt Service. WCB Insured

    604 936-2808grantshomemaintenance@shaw.ca

    PACIFIC ACE PLUMBING INC.Repairs Installation InsuredFree Est. Call 778-836-8835

    NEED A LIC. PLUMBER?Plugged drain specialist. Leaky orbroken pipes. Hot water tanks.Free Est. Adam 604-916-1578

    LICENSED PLUMBER & Gasfit-ter. BBQs, ranges, etc. Repairs,renos. VISA ok. 604-830-6617

    HIGHMARKPLUMBING.COMHeating, Gas fitting, Drainage.Excavation. 604-945-6060

    PLUMBERSWater Lines (without digging)Sewer Lines (without digging)Install. Drain tiles. 604-294-5300

    CITY CTRPLUMBING Lic.10% disc all small jobs, faucets,toilets, sinks, etc. 604 562-4269

    10% Off with this Ad! AmansPlumbing Service, Lic. Gas Fitter,Reas. Rates. 778-895-2005

    8Plumbing 8Drain Cleaning8Hot Water Tank Specials8Seniors Discounts436-1005604

    Better Quality, Better Service


    Plumbing, Drainage,Repairs & InstallationMain sewer lines, water lines,

    camera inspections, plugged drains,hot water tanks and drain tiles.

    24/7 Emergency availableSat/Sun/Holidays.

    Licensed, Insured, Bonded.


    RED SEALDrainage & Plumbing Inc.

    8220 Plumbing8220

    8205 Paving/SealCoating8205ALLEN Asphalt, concrete, brick,drains, foundations, walls, mem-branes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187

    TOPPainting & PressureWashRes/Comm. Best Rates / Free EstTop Quality! Joe 604-782-1377

    Save 20%when you book yourinterior or exterior paint job byJuly 31/10.Marc 778 867-0179

    Good Day Painting Fully In-sured, Quality Work, Res/Comm,No Payment till Job is Completed!

    Call Thomas 604 377-1338

    CONFIDENT PAINTING LTDInt/Ext Specialist 20 yr exp. Reasrates, quality. Licensed, Ins, WCB

    Jean-Guy 604-626-1975


    Fully Insured20 years experienceFree EstimatesINTERIOR& EXTERIORSPECIALS




    Experienced crews are readyfor all of your job needs.Interior & exterior painting.

    Free estimates.15% seniors discount.

    Call Wilson at:778-688-9684


    Int/ExtExcellent $$$$Written Guarantee

    Free Est * Insured *WCB



    Int/ExtExcellent $$$$Written Guarantee

    Free Est * Insured *WCB


    KraftPainting & Decorating

    RUDIRUDI604-939-0697 or 778-838-2666

    Residential, Commercial,ApartmentsEXPERTS OF:EXPERTS OF:

    Drywall Repair Repaint TextureCeilings,Trim, Doors, Frames, CabinetsWalls & Floors, Colour Selectionetc.Special rates for ongoing maintenance painting.

    CANSTAR PAINTINGThe Quality You Trust!

    Interior & Exterior ProjectsProf. Crew of Master Painters

    Prof. Design & ProductConsultation

    Free Est./Written GuaranteeInsured/WCB


    8195 Painting/Wallpaper8195

    TANKTECHCertified Oil Tank Specialists

    Tanks - pumped, filled, removedres/com. Free est. 604-328-1234

    8193 Oil Tank Removal8193

    STORMWORKSOil Tank RemovalRecommended

    InsuredReasonable Rates604-724-3670

    TwoGuysWithATruck.caMoving, Storage, Free EST604-628-7136.Visa, OK


    Vancouver 604-377-2503www.popeyesmovingbc.com

    8185 Moving &Storage8185AAAADVANCEMOVING

    Experts in all kinds of Moving,Storage & Packing. Different fromthe Rest. 604-861-8885

    Planning onRENOVATING?Planning onPlanning onRENOVATING?RENOVATING?

    Check out the specialists in our Home ServiceDirectory of the Classieds and get started

    on your project today!

    To advertise your Home Service Businesscall Classieds 604-444-3000


    RV or BoatRV or Boat

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    New West Record


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