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July 23, 2014 edition of the Burnaby NewsLeader


<ul><li><p>page3 page6 page9PIPELINE COMPANY SEEKS HAMMER B.C. BACK IN BLACK, DEEP IN DEBT LOCAL TEEN LAST SEEN A MONTH AGO</p><p>www.burnabynewsleader.com</p><p>WEDNESDAY JULY 23 2014</p><p>SkyTrain chaos strikes again</p><p>For the second time in less than a week, a technical issue caused a major disruption with the SkyTrain system after service on two lines was shut down on Monday.</p><p>All SkyTrain cars on Metro Vancouvers Expo and Millennium lines were halted. </p><p>The Canada Line was not affected and was operating extra trains to help offset the problems on the other two lines, said the regional transportation authority. Bus bridges between stations were also added.</p><p>TransLink advised commuters to make other transportation arrangements while they dealt with the technical issue.</p><p>Last week, on Thursday night, SkyTrain service between Burnaby and Surrey was disrupted for several hours, affecting service for thousands of passengers.</p><p>TransLink offered an apology Friday morning for the delay.</p><p>We apologize to our customers for this unusual incident, which caused parts of our SkyTrain system to be out of service for such a lengthy period of time, said Fred Cummings, president of TransLinks B.C. Rapid Transit Co. subsidiary.</p><p>Huge boost to Burnaby economyWanda Chowwchow@burnabynewsleader.com</p><p>In many ways, the health of the local film industry was mirrored by the recent health scare of Ron Hrynuik.</p><p>Hrynuik, the general manager of Bridge Studios in Burnaby, was skiing at Blackcomb in February 2012 when he collapsed from a heart attack. </p><p>Luckily for him, the man skiing </p><p>right behind him happened to be a doctor visiting from Seattle. The doctor performed CPR until an automated external defibrillator (AED) arrived to jump-start his heart. </p><p>Hrynuik, 54, ended up having quadruple bypass surgery and was off work for a lengthy period of recovery.</p><p>That coincided with a downturn in the local film business when productions were slow to arrive at Bridge Studios. </p><p>They didnt miss me, the North Burnaby resident said with a laugh.</p><p>It was a far cry from 2007 and 2008 when productions were lined up for studio time one after the other. That was followed by a drop in business in 2010 when the Canadian dollar started going up, a jump in bookings in 2011 and then a really bad year in 2012.</p><p>Nobody saw it coming, recalled Hrynuik, who also serves on the board of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of </p><p>B.C. (MPPIA)Other jurisdictions, including </p><p>South Carolina and Louisiana, started offering higher tax credits for film shoots that located there. Ontario began offering a 25 per cent tax credit on all film shoot spending.</p><p>British Columbia, meanwhile, has maintained a 33 per cent tax credit on labour costs of local shoots, which generally make up about half of a productions location shoot budget. </p><p>Local film industry back on upswing</p><p>WANDA CHOW/NEWSLEADERRon Hrynuik, general manager of Bridge Studios in Burnaby, says the film industry is now back on the upswing after increased competition and a strong Canadian dollar slowed the number of productions coming to B.C. in recent years.</p><p>He was once B.C.s youngest-ever elected </p><p>official, and now he hopes to become an MP </p><p>in Burnaby.See Page A5</p><p>Please see PRODUCTIONS, A3</p><p>Looking for a Notary? Were here to help.</p><p>Your MARKET CROSSING NotaryLooking for a Notary? Were here to help.</p><p> Notary</p><p>604-558-0678 | sadhranotary.com | info@sadhranotary.com#210-7270 Market Crossing, South Burnaby (ABOVE LONDON DRUGS)</p><p>MEMBER</p><p>Sadhra &amp; AssociatesNotaries Public Corporation</p><p>Promotivate LP2300 Yonge Street, Suite 2800Toronto, Ontario M4P 1E4 T 416-929-2946 | Toll Free: 1-800-387-5527 </p><p>Colour InformationPrinting Inks: 4 Colours Sign Offs</p><p>Docket #: 14-393 Trim Size: 4.25" x 1.35" Cyan N/A Creative (Designer/AD/CD)</p><p>Description: Newspaper ad Burnaby Leader Live Area: XXX" x XXX" Magenta N/A</p><p>Client: Nandos Bleed Size: N/A Yellow N/A Account Executive</p><p>File Name: 14-393_Kingsway_Burnaby_Leader_News_ad_4i25x1i35_01 Folded Size: N/A Black N/A</p><p>Contact: Lauren Aubrey Scale: 1"= 1" | 100% Dieline/Foldmarks Inks DO NOT PRINT Studio/Traffi c/Production ManagerModifi ed Date: June 30, 2014 4:23 PM Trim Size (Build): XXX" x XXX" Foldmarks N/A</p><p>Due Date: June 30, 2014 Live Area (Build): XXX" x XXX" Dieline N/A MG</p><p>Studio Designer: dijon, clam Bleed Size (Build): XXX" x XXX" Perf Line N/A</p><p>NOTES: THIS IS NOT A COLOUR PROOF. 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Film. </p><p>Burnaby is home to 62 per cent of purpose-built film studio space in the Lower Mainland, which itself has 88 per cent of all such space in the province. </p><p>According to a 2013 city staff report, the industry injected at least $408 million in direct and </p><p>spinoff spending into the Burnaby economy in 2012. It directly employed at least 2,425 Burnaby residents as cast and crew, with combined earnings of more than $32.9 million.</p><p>Hrynuik stressed Burnaby city hall has been hugely supportive of the industry, knowing what a difference it makes to the economy.</p><p>the B.C. AdvAntAge</p><p>Despite a highly publicized campaign for increased tax credits, the provincial government stayed put. But Hrynuik said in the end, the local </p><p>film industry is recovering based on what it has to offer Hollywood.</p><p>Film producers may have tried other locations and their incentives, but appear to be coming back, he said.</p><p>In addition to a favourable exchange rate, B.C. is closer to Los Angeles and in the same time zone, compared to Ontario, and the facilities and experienced local crews have a sterling reputation. </p><p>You can film every day of the year here. In Toronto, youre not going outside in January. </p><p>But in general, the industry is something of a </p><p>revolving door, Hrynuik said. </p><p>While business is brisk right now there are spaces available for bookings. </p><p>At Bridge Studios, last week four smaller productions started and one big production finished. </p><p>Two TV shows will be returningOnce Upon a Time for its fourth season and Motive, a Canadian co-production will be back for a third season. </p><p>Those shows take up 70 per cent of the site at Bridge. </p><p>Similarly, Paul Clausen, vice president of Mammoth </p><p>Studios in Burnaby, said by email that it is currently on a break between productions there.</p><p>Night at the Museum 3, a production which has been occupying the facility since September of last year and has just wrapped a few weeks ago. Prior to that we had Man of Steel shooting in there, Clausen said.</p><p>There are few sound stage facilities in the world that are large enough to accommodate the size of production like Night at the Museum, Man of Steel, or Planet of the Apes; we are proud to say that </p><p>Mammoth is one of them.Clausen said Mammoth </p><p>is uncertain what will be scheduled next but noted 20th Century Fox Features holds a long term lease on the facility which indicates their level of commitment to the province.</p><p>Hrynuik said the MPPIA is no longer calling for increased tax credits but is now seeking a full-time presence in Los Angeles to market B.C. to filmmakers.</p><p>We need to be proactive, we need to keep our eyes on [competition from] the rest of the world.</p><p>twitter.com/WandaChow</p><p>Kinder Morgan will ask NEB for order if necessaryJeff nagelBlack press</p><p>Kinder Morgan Canada will ask the National Energy Board to force a resistant City of Burnaby to give it access to study a possible tunnel through Burnaby Mountain for its proposed Trans Mountain oil pipeline.</p><p>President Ian Anderson said the company will also seek formal permission from Burnaby but hopes to secure an order from the NEB within weeks if the city doesnt relent.</p><p>Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan has indicated his city wont cooperate with Kinder Morgan unless its forced to do so. The city would have the ability to appeal any NEB order, potentially causing further delay.</p><p>My hope is that we can get the permission of the city, Anderson said in a media conference call Friday, adding he hopes to repair what has become a toxic </p><p>relationship with Burnaby as quickly as possible.</p><p>The company wants to conduct test drilling into the mountain as part of environmental and geotechnical work to assess whether either a bored tunnel or directionally drilled route is possible there that would avoid the need to run the twinned pipeline near homes to the west of the mountain to reach the Westridge Marine Terminal.</p><p>Anderson said he prefers a bored tunnel because that could let Kinder Morgan to deactivate the existing section of pipeline approaching the tanker terminal and relocate it through the mountain as well.</p><p>He said he wishes the revised route had been pursued sooner, but called the idea of drilling through Burnaby Mountain an engineering revelation that came to project planners as they gained more understanding of the sensitivities along the original route.</p><p>A tunnel would drive up the projects costs, but Anderson </p><p>could not say by how much.The proposed route change </p><p>unveiled this spring prompted the NEB to this month push back a final recommendation on project approval by seven months to allow more time for study. </p><p>That will take it to Jan. 25, 2016 past the next federal election but Anderson said he did not expect the delay to </p><p>threaten the project.I dont consider the election </p><p>cycle to be a determinant of the national interest on a project such as ours, he said, adding the proposed $5.4-billion pipeline would be buffeted by politics regardless.</p><p>The company has been under fire from intervenors including the provincial government and </p><p>Lower Mainland regional districts for failing to adequately answer numerous questions they have posed.</p><p>The province said it couldnt assess the projects risks without access to its emergency response plan, which Kinder Morgan had refused to publicly divulge as part of the NEB process over security concerns.</p><p>Anderson said the company will publicly table by Aug. 1 a sanitized version of the emergency plan thats stripped of priv...</p></li></ul>