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<p>Bunkerworld provides timely and incisive news that is invaluaBle for any regional or gloBal Bunker companyThomas Reilly, Ceo Chemoil</p> <p>Bunkerworld is the leading provider of market intelligence to the marine fuel industry and has the largest dataBase of prices and pricing trends.</p> <p>Controlling bunker costs has never been more important. staying informed is your key to understanding the issues. iFo 380 prices in singapore and other global hubs rose almost 25% between January and December 2011. Freight rates meanwhile, headed in the opposite direction. marine fuel can easily account for 60% of voyage costs. That compares with around 20% of voyage costs 25 years ago. your performance in the bunker market depends on insight gained from high quality, time sensitive information. With Bunkerworld you access unparalleled real-time prices in over 300 ports. Bunkerworld sends breaking news, analysis and bunker market commentary from bunker markets around the world direct to your desktop and mobile phone.</p> <p>BUNKeR CosTs</p> <p>a critical issue*</p> <p>&gt; Source Data: www.bunkerworld.com/prices</p> <p>the Best thing aBout Bunkerworld is the quality of the news section. it is the numBer one place to get important and relevant news that influences my day to day workterje cook, BUNKeR maNaGeR GRieG sTaR shippiNG</p> <p>The decisions you take are crucial for your business. you know that the marine fuel market is becoming more complex and that the stakes are growing higher. environmental regulations are set to transform the bunker industry. The changes, when they come, have major cost implications. The problem for market participants is knowing how to plan ahead. Now, more than ever, being informed is crucial. Decisions you take will help your company steer a course through issues ranging from low sulphur bunker premiums to distillate fuels, emissions abatement technology and liquefied natural gas (lNG). Bunkerworld can give you the knowledge-base to build a strategy that meets your needs. shipowners, charterers, fuel suppliers, brokers, traders and shippers all recognise that staying on top of developments in marine fuels is critical and provides a competitive edge. Now offering price reporting for over 300 ports worldwide.</p> <p>Bunker strategy*</p> <p>sUppoRTiNG yoUR</p> <p>planning is Bringing the future into the present so you can do something aBout it now.</p> <p>Joinshipowners, Charterers, marine Fuel suppliers, Traders, Brokers, shippers, Financiers, Consultants and other stakeholders within a dynamic, stimulating and thought-provoking environment. over 40,000 industry players per month visit Bunkerworld viewing 580,000 pages, making it the leading publication on marine fuels. These visitors rely on Bunkerworlds news, price and information resources to stay informed. Bunkerworld provides unbiased and objective news, prices and analysis. it is the most comprehensive marine fuels resource available, with global, around the clock coverage; archives going back to 1998; opinion pieces from experts; and powerful analytics and search functions. Bunkerworld delivers quality through its integrity and unique expertise.</p> <p>suBcriBers access:GloBal NeWsyou get more news</p> <p>pRiCesget prices for main fuel types now in over 300 ports</p> <p>a subscription provides you with 24/5 breaking news on subjects such as corporate, legislation and environment, markets, alternative fuels, and marine lubes. you can search archives going back to 1998. your Bunkerworld subscription also entitles you to free access to the news on: www.sustainableshipping.com, www.oceanintelligence.com and www.portworld.com Go to manage your account on www.bunkerworld.com to sign up to the daily e-mail and receive an overview of the latest headlines straight to your inbox.</p> <p>a subscription provides you with unlimited access to prices in over 300 ports. Track Bunkerworld indices, compare prices by ports, make historical price comparisons and make graphs. you can overlay price movements with Bunkerworld indices and trends for Brent or WTi crude oil prices. you can also access bunker surcharge information and a consumption calculator. Futures prices are available under a separate subscription.</p> <p>QUaliTyworldwide bunker fuel quality analysis</p> <p>allows you to track fuel quality alerts and performance to make more informed fuel sourcing decisions. The tool will allow you to monitor fuel quality and regional alerts, which will signal when you may need to consider carrying out appropriate additional fuel quality tests when bunkering.</p> <p>iNDUsTRy DiReCToRyan online company directory</p> <p>lists over 3,000 marine fuel supply side and supply infrastructure service companies and their employees. easily find companies by commercial activity or port anywhere in the world. Now with a new functionality that allows you to save all your contacts into your own my directory file.</p> <p>Bunker solution*BUNKeR BUlleTiN maGaZiNein-depth analysis and opinion</p> <p>ChoosiNG The RiGhT</p> <p>as part of your subscription you receive the bi-monthly Bunker Bulletin magazine, which includes: company news and people movements; news features; article contributions from industry experts; a Vip profile; events calendar; bunker market overview &amp; analysis; credit and risk section; commentary &amp; sector reports; and classifieds.</p> <p>FoR iNFoRmaTioN oN DoWNloaDiNG moBile phoNe appliCaTioNs, please VisiT BUNKeRWoRlD.Com/sToRe/moBileapps</p> <p>WiTh BUNKeRWoRlD yoU GeT </p> <p>price</p> <p>is WhaT yoU pay,</p> <p>value</p> <p>is WhaT yoU GeT</p> <p>*VisiT WWW.BUNKeRWoRlD.Com/sToRe to suBscriBe now</p> <p>the definitive word on Bunkers - providing Breaking news &amp; Balanced, crediBle information essential for any Bunker playertim tan, DiReCToR GolDeN islaND peTRoleUm pTe lTD</p> <p>the huB of Both the Bunker and shipping industry, connecting all market playersnick ladis, DiReCToR TRaNsoil</p> <p>FoR iNFoRmaTioN oN sUBsCRipTioN paCKaGes, pRiCes aND hoW To JoiN, please VisiT: www.Bunkerworld.com/store or contact us at sales@Bunkerworld.com FoR iNDiViDUal oFFiCe CoNTaCT DeTails Go To: www.Bunkerworld.com/home/contact</p> <p>WWW.BUNKeRWoRlD.Comlondon singapore miami vancouver mumBai</p>