Bunker Hill And Breed’S Hill

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  • 1. Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill

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  • At night, Patriots dug trenches into Breeds Hill.
  • To fortify hill
  • By morning soldiers and trenches were covered
  • Had little gunpowder
  • Werent well trained
  • Made every shot count by waiting until they saw the whites of their eyes

4. The Battle of Bunker Hill

  • Took place on June 17, 1775, as part of the Siege of Boston during the American Revolutionary War.
  • General Israel Putnam was in charge of the revolutionary forces, while Major-General William Howe commanded the British forces.
  • Although the battle is known as "Bunker Hill", most of the fighting actually took place on the nearby Breed's Hill.

5. British Victory?

  • British suffered more than 1000 casualties.
  • On their third assault, the British forces overran the revolutionaries' fortified earthworks on Breed's and Bunker Hill.
  • Afterwards, British General Henry Clinton remarked in his diary that"A few more such victories would have surely put an end to British dominion in America."


  • Demonstrated that the Americans were willing to stand up to a pitched battle.

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