buncombe county schools working together as a team to survive the budget obstacle course

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  • Buncombe County SchoolsWorking Together As A TeamTo Survive The Budget Obstacle Course

  • Cook ConsultingFilteringFilter by Fund, then by PRCFund 1, PRC 061Roll Ups are in place in all PRC 061 accounts.Be aware that your budget at the State Purpose Function 5110 is for all your State PRC 061 accounts and your budget at Local Purpose Function 5110 is for all your Local PRC 061 accounts.

  • Roll Up Example

  • Fund 1 & Fund 2State and Local FundsDuplicate School Numbers School ReimbursementsInstructional Supply AccountsUsing School Funds to Pay for a Purchase OrderNew PRC 861Deadlines for Spending State and Local Money

  • Duplicate School NumbersDuplicate school numbers will make it easier for schools to monitor budgets. The following PRCs will have duplicate school numbers:High School Reimbursement PRC 854Middle School Reimbursement PRC 855Elementary School Reimbursement PRC 856State And Local PRC 061Local Athletic Supplies PRC 852Local Fund 7 PRC 340 Pisgah ForestLocal Fund 7 PRC 610 Hominy Valley

  • Duplicate School NumbersUser 1 field will now have the school number as well as the location field.

    X-XXXX-061-SCH-SCH-XXUser 1 field

  • School ReimbursementsPlease refer to the email that you received on July 13th for directions on the new procedures for paying additional school personnel with school funds.

    If you did not receive this email, please let me know and I will send you a copy.

    You will have access to see your Revenue Codes for these PRCs

  • School Reimbursement on Cook

  • State & Local PRC 061You will need to use duplicate school numbers on your purchase orders for all State and Local PRC 061 orders.Keep track of your PRC 061 balances. You will have a more accurate balance than I will due to warehouse orders and purchase orders in process that I may not be aware of. Communication between Media and Bookkeepers is important.Be aware of the accounts that Roll Up to the base account. For example:Account Number 1-5117-061-411-XXX-XXX-00 will roll up to 1-5110-061-411-XXX-XXX-00.

  • Roll Up Example

  • Using School Funds to Pay for SuppliesIf you wish to pay for your purchase order with school funds, please send the check with your purchase order. If it is E-procurement, please send the requisition number and vendor number with the check. Your purchase order will be held for approval until the check is received at the Central Office.

  • NEW PRC 861PRC 861 will be the new PRC that Purchasing and Accounts Payable will use when you send a school check to pay for a purchase order.

    EXAMPLE: 2-5XXX-861-411-SCH-SCH-XX will be how the purchase order is codedYou will be able to view the expense and revenue for PRC 861 on Cook because it will have the duplicate school number in the account code. Filter by Fund and by PRC in Cook to look at your PRC 861 balance.

  • DeadlinesAll State Funds & Federal Funds must be encumbered by December 18th 2009. Blue P.O. copies will be due by January 29th 2010.Local Current Expense Funds must be encumbered by April 1st 2010. Blue P.O. copies will be due by May 3rd 2010.

  • BUDGET?Local Instructional Supply budget has been posted. You will see your school budget when you log into Cook. As soon as we have State budget information we will post your budgets and notify you by email. At this time, do not spend any State Instructional Supply.Textbook transfers need to be done only when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY until more information is available from the State.School Allotment Checks will be coming soon

  • We are here to help!

    State (Fund 1) & Local (Fund 2):Jessica Martin828-350-2287jessica.martin@bcsemail.org

    I can run hard copy (blue bar) reportshow often?

  • Federal (Fund 3) & Local Fund 7Nilda Hillhouse828-255-5887nilda.hillhouse@bscemail.orgCapital Outlay (Fund 4) Bernie Sochia828-255-5907bernard.sochia@bscemail.org

  • Fund 3 & Fund 7

    Grants budgeted at school level

    Duplicate school numbers for:PRC 340 Pisgah ForestPRC 610 Hominy Valley

    Revenue code budgets will not show until they are reappropriated.

  • Fund 4 Capital OutlayNew budget code format similar to funds 1 & 24-5110-077-541-SSS-SSSDuplicate school numbers replace tag codesBudget rollup still at 541 object codeAllotment categories unchangedBudget control now at school Reduces need for split coded POs

  • Purchasing: Sloppin Through the Budget Deficit

  • Denise McLemore, Internal Auditor828-350-2293Denise.McLemore@bscemail.orgPlease check the employee website (the blue and green link on the main BCS website) for Finance Fast Facts and the Bookkeepers Manual. The updated manual will be available later today for downloading and printing.For Finance Fast Facts: Log in and go to > Employee Relations > Finance > Finance Fast FactsFor the Bookkeepers Manual: Log in and go to > Downloads > Finance > Finance FormsPlease send the Report of Tickets Sold form for any and all events to Diane Rumbough once a week.

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