building youth for the future @ ... to attract, develop, engage & retain youth by offering them...

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  • Building youth for the Future @OPAP

    Katerina Charmantzi Talent Acquisition Manager

    2nd of July 2019

  • “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Our 2020 Vision To establish OPAP as a world-class gaming entertainment company

    Part of our Mission as People Team: Younger Appeal To attract, develop, engage & retain Youth by offering them a unique customer experience with innovation and new ideas

  • We listen to Gen Y&Z expectations & develop a social media dialogue

    Talent Sourcing

    New Values


    Social Recruiting

    Employer branding

    Candidate Engagement

    Internal Career Dev/ment


    New Tech Trends

    Customer Experience

    Job security

    Attractive Benefits

    Work-life Balance

    Interesting Job Content

    Pleasant Workplace

  • We open our doors to the New Gens (Attract)

    19; 2%

    643; 49%642; 49%

    51% under 40y

    Gen Z Gen Y Other

    OPAP Staff 1304



    More than 25% of our Managers are under 40y

    Managers in Gen Y & Z (24-39y) Managers In other Gens 61%


    2019: We keep investing in Youth

    Gen Y&Z hired in 2019 Other Gens

  • We create our new employer branding (Attract)

  • οpapinternship program - get in the game!

     2000 Applicants  166 Interns on board  23 Hired (14%)

     Hands-on experience through projects  20 Universities & 85 Departments

     91% Satisfaction Rate from participants

    The last 2 years…

    We believe in real Internships (Attract)

    Technology/ Digital Manager

    “…His contribution was crucial”

    PLAY Games Intern

    “True meaning of team effort, persistence & dedication to goals..”

    Finance Intern

    “…Pleasant working environment, new technologies, hands on experience”

    Retail Manager

    “Innovative ideas..”

  • 51 Internal movements (38%)

    140 Placements 44 Career Opportunities

    published Internally

    In 2019

    176 Applicants (15% of OPAP staff)

    We create opportunities for everyone (Develop)

    Opapacademy, Classroom Training, Online development Centers

  • Modern Facilities

    Digital communication channels

    Wellness initiatives

    E-learning platform

    We enjoy our modern working environment (Retain & Engage)

  • Talent Management

    Graduate Schemes

    Succession Planning

    Flexible working hours

    Our next steps

  • Thank you!


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