Building the habit: Walking 30 minutes a day

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My interview summary of how 3 different people built the habit of walking 30 minutes a day after an event. In all the cases, the event was work. Kai Kight CS 377T, Behavior Design Stanford University


<ul><li> 1. Walking 30 minutes aday...after an eventKai KightCS 377T</li></ul> <p> 2. Interview #1Walks home after classes all the wayto Oak Creek 3. Interview #1Case of Necessity1. Her bike broke and she never fixed it.2. She got a ride in the mornings3. Began walking back to listen to music4. Sold her old bike 4. Interview #2Goes for a walk after taking metro home fromwork in Washington, DC 5. Interview #2Case of Preparation1. Before leaving work, he changes intowalking attire.2. He leaves shorts, sneakers near his door.3. New to the city, so he enjoyed seeing newthings.4. At his stop, he gets off to see monuments5. Friends started coming too to build habit 6. Interview #3Walks on the treadmill for 30 minutes afterwork everyday at the gym 7. Interview #3Case of Convenience/ reciprocity1. Her work built gym close to her office2. Her friend convinced her to sign up fortrainer3. She ended up not committing to trainer4. She felt obligated to at least walk becauseshe has to pass by the gym every day5. Admits its not the strongest habit 8. SummaryHow people built habits of walking after work?Case 1: NeccesityCase 2: PreparationCase 3: Convenience and Reciprocity</p>